last one out

february 22nd, 2008

I keep hearing about the pending and imminent demise of Conservatism, but I don't see any immediate signs of it; just what's in various liberal and moderate writers' tortured weekly copy. There's a huge amount of fractious talk and behavior on the Net, though I haven't heard of anyone succintly saying, "Last one out of the building, turn out the lights". That may not be too far off, however. Would the fact that the GOP's presumptive POTUS candidate — ala Bob Dole in '96 — has already been pre-chosen for us, and 80% of us had zero say in it, be a reason? Perhaps. Lots of PO'd people out there, I'm finding. My state's so-called "primary" is April 22nd; some fat chance I have of influencing anything now that "it's a done deal", for all intents and purposes. But also remember that many millions of Conservatives stayed home, and simply didn't vote, out of sheer anger. Just look at the vote totals. In all the primaries held so far, just the three top demokkkRAT contestants — Clinton, Obama and Edwards — amassed 25 million votes, as compared with >12.5 million for six Republican candidates. The Angry White Man either didn't vote by choice, or didn't get a chance to vote in that pre-election, primary-caucus circus. The GOP, a party now viewed as as the party of snake handlers and moonshiners, has thrown its Conservative base under the bus, embraced the moderate and liberal Republicans, and is plunging toward an abyss which makes them essentially indistinguishable from raging, incoherent liberals and leftist demokkkRATs. The GOP readily confuses Republican with Conservative, party with principles, and electoral wars with the cultural war. But there's another factor: one can readily confuse Conservative with Correct. The left is now defining the Right, and consequently they are not viewed as the Right, anymore. Wars are not won on defense, and the GOP, Republicans and Conservatives have been playing defense, while the left, liberal and demokkkRATs assail our Borders, Language & Culture™, unrelentingly. Instead of taking the Cultural War to the corrupt, criminal leftist filth, the GOP/Republicans have fought (if you can call if fighting) a holding action, delusionally thinking that delaying the left's ultimate win, was indeed a win for the Right. That's merely one step forward, and two steps back. The Right's been "playing pocket pool" with themselves, for the past 50 years. Total and complete dumbasses. Instead of destroying the evil of liberalism — "liberalism is a mental disorder™" — the GOP-Republicans appeased it and slowly allowed it to back America into a dark corner. After 50+ years of appeasement, there's hardly a dime's worth of difference between the two parties now, as I see it. The Right has compromised our way to tyranny. Turning on the Light of Truth, in either camp's kitchen, gets the cockroaches scurrying for cover. And there are plenty of cockroaches in both parties. The left needs a thorough eradication/killing, IMO, and the so-called Right needs a thorough disinfecting. Until both processes are done to "hospital standards", America remains infected with malware. Political victory rests on cultural victory, and changing the culture starts with changing our mentality. We have only two choices: We can be revolutionary, or we can be wrong. There are only two sides in this war. Pick one. And don't forget to turn the lights out, if you don't, as you leave the building.

Around The Garden Center

The tedium of getting ready for Spring continues, as we get ever closer. To me, it's tedium — this'll be my 18th year founding/owning/operating the GC&N — but to my employees and customers, it's exciting and nerve-wracking, all at once. I can't blame them, as it was for me too, for the first 6-8 years. After that, it simply became "old hat" and "another day at the office". My own success forced me to spend more and more time away from plants, soils, fertilizers, pruning, growing seeds, propagating plants, and more and more time in an office, doing LSCP Estimates, billing and a deluge of other administrative tasks. To wit: I spent last Friday working on all those minutiae — 12 different retail handout sheets detailing landscape installation, plant material (tree) installation options, varied hardscape installation options, landscape design costs, drip irrigation systems, delivery costs/options, rebuilding 10 of the corporate website pages, designing/writing the 6" x 9", 18th Open House (Sat, April 12th) notification postcard, faxing the weekly CATV "Weather Channel" ad copy into ComCast, Employee Weekly Timesheets, LSCP Jobsheets, T&E Forms, LSCP Drip Irrigation Spec Sheets — and so many more, that they're just a blur.

At 12:57am Saturday morning, I got a call from Choice Security, reporting that they had a burglar alarm in the Main Retail Bldg, and motion detector alarm in my Office. I declined to go down, thinking it was another false hardware alarm, like so many in the past 18yrs. It wasn't; it was real, as I found out at 7:45am after opening-up the complex. Here's the perp's "very small" point-of-entry in the Main GH, and here's the weird evidence he left behind. He probably though I had cash hidden in a coffee can, in the 'fridge. Nothing else was trashed or stolen in the Main Retail Bldg or Office. The PA State Trooper who investigated and fingerprinted/took the coffee can, was also stumped as to why nothing was missing. Young neighbor kid? Who knows. Next time an alarm comes in, I'm going down there at 60-70-80mph and "cap" the MFB. Film at 11.

Finally, I've got the majority of the "Ongoing Projects" pages live on my corporate website, except for two very large ones — Landscape & Boulders and Water Gardens & Water Features — which I'll have completed inside this week. Maybe.

Getting up early on Sunday, having coffee and breakfast, I went food shopping at Weis Markets in East York, and then down to the GC&N Complex to work on the remaining corporate website pages, plus do some other paperwork. I cranked-up the heat, and it got real warm and cozy, quickly. I didn't get much done, as I fell asleep for about 3hrs in my comfy, high-back, leather chair. Zzzzzzzz. My bad. Leaving at around 4pm, I stopped at the market and got a box of Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix, and made a huge stack of flapjacks when I got home. Mmmmmmm, great "comfort food". Thunder and lightening outside; raining hard. Time to sleep.

After logging-on, feeding the cats and making coffee and breakfast, I did a double-take at 6am, Monday: 59°F! Sunday night's stormy/rainy front passing through brought-in a warm front and made my "April-like" day, but not for very long. By 6pm, temps were headed down into the low-40s, and much colder air would be with us for the next 4-5 days. Bush is in Africa giving away $45 BILLION-PLUS of our hard-earned dollars, a refinery in Texas blew-up, half of America took President's Day off, and only the people who really Make America Work, didn't. Swell. I have some production/printing/mailing postage estimates to get for the 18th Open House Postcard Notification mailer. There are 3-4 LSCP site visits pending, for simple tree installations. Mark (J&M Systems), our Radiant-Synchronics POS (Point-of-Sale) retail/inventory software rep, came on Tuesday, to get some long-overdue and much-needed IT repairs/upgrades done, before Spring gets here. And finally, all the damned forms and paperwork are finished and copied for GC&N/employee usage.

On the way home Tuesday afternoon, I noticed that with oil prices at $100.10/bbl, gas prices had also jumped 30¢ at-the-pump, in one week: Unleaded Regular (87oct) is at $3.15/gal, Unleaded Premium (89oct) is now $3.25/gal, and Unleaded Super Premium (92oct) is up to $3.45/gal. I also noticed Diesel Fuel at $3.79/gal at two of the local stations. I told you so, just last week. Just wait until July or August; you ain't seen nothing yet!

Yikes! Haagen-Dazs and all other ice cream makers are in trouble, without enough honeybees? That just means fewer available flavors and much higher prices for whatever product makes it to market. Natch.

Reason #3 why I hate Winter: a 60°F condo when I get up at 4-5am, and it takes 15-20mins to warm-up to tolerable levels, for me. I'm already looking into getting a Honeywell Programmable Thermostat, and get this situation fixed.

It's Wednesday afternoon, I'm taking a break at the Office, enjoying a steaming mug of green tea, listening to some Pink Floyd, watching the snow come down, the cardinals, bluejays, juncos and pidgeons feed at the newly-replenished 20lb pile of birdseed just 15ft outside my window, and I now see two robins sitting in the nearby Copper Beech, waiting their turn at the pile. That's the "sign" I've been waiting for: Spring isn't very far away, now. In another week or two, more will arrive from their deep-woodland, Wintering-over habitat, and begin to strip-off the native berries, until the ground's workable and the earthworms migrate to the surface. Mirable dictu!

My mood always changes 180° when it snows. I could be in a foul mood, but all I have to see is *snow*, and I'm out of that "black funk" and into a "better place", mentally. Same with rain and thunderstorms; changes me 180°, in an instant. I've given-up trying to figure out why; I just accept it and appreciate the change. Maybe it's the awe I feel at witnessing things which I can't explain, but know are happening and not causing bad results. If I were living in a flood plain, or in Tornado Alley, I might feel differently, but I'm not.

No, I didn't see the total lunar eclipse on Wednesday evening; too cloudy. A snowstorm was just finishing-up with us and didn't clear-out in time. Maybe in 2010.

It was 6°F and -3°F windchill when I got up at 6:30 on Thursday, and the local weather folks were correct about the bitter cold moving into the region. As the condo heated-up, the hot oatmeal/sliced banana and coffee hit-the-spot. It's a very rare morning that my 18lb Turkish Bathrobe doesn't keep me warm and cozy, and I'm darned glad to have it on the Winter mornings. I saw the Winter Storm Advisory/Watch/Warning on my home machine, when I logged-on and it portended an ugly Friday with an ice/snow storm headed for the York (PA) area. I cancelled my Friday evening dinner plans with Jeff/Denise, and they rescheduled it for early March. I can handle the snow when driving, but not the ice. Being in an accident isn't my idea of a good time.

The 50s Replica Pay Phone I'd ordered for the GC&N Main Retail Building, arrived via UPS on Thursday. I have 3 more on the way: another 40s/50s Wall Phone, a desk model Italian Upright Table Phone, and a 50s/60s US Desk Phone. I'll probably wind-up taking the wall and a table phone home to my condo, since my phones there are 30+ years old, and showing their age. The other desk/table phone I'll use in my Office.

After checking several weather sites' radar maps for the coming ice/snow storm, I've decided to get up very early and get into work, get done what I need to, and them get the heck outta there before the ice/freezing rain hits us. I'm not worried about the 3-6" of snow they're calling for; it's the treacherous ice which worries me. From the various radar loops, it looks very ugly and I'm betting that late-morning/afternoon travel is going to be a real mess.

Mark My Words™.

A "little gov't birdie told me" that within 5 years, the liberal-demokkkRATs and RINOs will band together to code,tax and ban all ammunition, rather than try another direct assault on guns. The states' bills are being prepared now, for when Hitlery/Obama-Hussein-Osama take the White House and Congress. The gun ban will follow somewhat later, since "empty guns" will become virtually worthless. The Feds won't do this — though they'll enforce it, brutally — rather, it'll happen through the liberal states first, run by extremist gun-grabbers' schemes, who've had their noses bloodied on the federal level, too many times.

Soooo, the NIU Shooter went-off his meds, did he? Pfizer's Prozac® is a dangerous drug, and should be banned, IMO. The entire class of SSRIs — Celexa®, Lexapro®, Prozac®, Prozac Weekly®, Paxil®, Paxil CR®, Zoloft® — should be banned as "deadly to human health".

Instead of investigating all of the mall shootings/school slaughters related to anti-depressant drugs, the corrupt, criminal US Congress' Senate is holding hearings on steroid use by overpaid, spoiled baseball assholes. Henry "Nostril Man" Waxman's committee will spend $10-25mm on them, and not a thin dime on what counts to save US Citizens' lives.

When America gets hit by the next murderous, subhuman muslim-islamic-arab terrorist attack, it will be because of the treasonous, seditious, saboteur, liberal, hate-America bitch, Nancy Pelosi has committed an unconstitutional abrogation of responsibility — treason, sedition and sabotage — against our national defense. Congress is taking another vacation as it leaves us vulnerable to terrorism. Pelosi & Co, should stand summary trial and receive summary execution, IMO.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.

Politics professor Donald Hindley at Brandeis University, is in trouble for explaining the term "wetback", to his college class? Fuck that filthy liberal shithole of lower learning.

The Appellate Division of State Supreme Court of New York, declared that same-sex "marriages" be recognized as legal in other countries must be considered valid in the state for purposes of employee benefits. This homo-sodomite bullshit agenda should/must be appealed and reversed, immediately! Marriage's definition must stand, as is.

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.

No, US Military: those 275+ subhuman, pig-humping, camel-fucking lowlife dirtbag, murderous muslim-islamic-arab shitfilth that you have in "custody" at GITMO don't need language classes, a literacy program, humanities courses and communal areas for men; THEY NEED KILLING! Do you idiots seriously think you're going to "rehabilitate" them? What's wrong with the dumbass commander of Guantannamo's prison camps, shit-for-brains Army Col. Bruce Vargo, anyway? Headshoot the muslim-islamic-arab garbage/shit/trash/scum/crap, and throw them face-down into a pit full of pigshit! THEY NEED KILLING!

The pig rectum-licking, camel anus-sucking muslim-islamic-arab shits-scum-filth at CAiR, a known terrorist front/support group, and unindicted co-conspirator in an ongoing terrorist (un-Holy Land Foundation, Texas) trial, are now targeting Conservative Blogs for "hate speech"? Well, fuck you CAiR asshole bitches! The filth and garbage called islam, is hate speech, IMO.

Global Warming BS™.

Have you seen this video: "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was outright-banned from leftist, hate-filled, dirtbag lowlife scumbags,'s and's websites, by the mentally-ill, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be informed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.

Ready for the coming cold spell? Screw the global warming crap.

Read some of the left-wing wacko "Global Warming" crowd's screeds: no more "Global Warming"; it's now all about "Climate Change", to accommodate what's coming, very soon: very cold temps from the sun's inactivity in an 11-yr cycle. That way, they're never wrong, whatever happens. Get it?

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.

I was ecstatic to hear that lowlife liberal, hate-filled dirtbag, fat deviant scumbag, Bernie Ward, a mentally-ill subhuman piece-of-shit, was arrested and charged with child pornography charges. He was caught in a perverted chat room with kiddie porn. Ward needs summary trial and killing 25yrs in prison, IMO. Hopefully, he'll be raped nightly, tortured and murdered there, and normal society won't have that fat liberal pig drooling over innocent children, anymore. Sorry; I take that back. God will be Ward's Final Judge, and He will punish that subhuman filth, correctly.

Tell me, Sir Paul McCartney: what the fuck were you thinking when you married an ugly, skanky, slut-scum, one-legged, gold-digging, untalented bitch, Heather "I'd fuck a dog" Mills, you dumb Brit asshole? Worst piece-of-ass I could ever imagine. How was her stump, Paulie? And now you're having to pay millions to get rid of that lowlife slutbag, whoredog filth bitch? Serves you right, dumbass!

And speaking of lowlife, slut-skank, untalented, fugly, bitches, the hate-America, one-titted whore, Sheryl "I'd fuck a dead dog" Crow, is back with more inane drivel, boffo bullshit and abject stupidity. Read the empty-headed trash this Crow slut spouts.

Some People Just Need Killing™.

Subhuman piece-of-lowlife-shit, Diego Pillco, 20, an criminal, murderous, subhuman, illegal immigrant spic from Ecuador, needs summary trial and killing, IMO, for this: he recounted how he choked the wife and mother with a sheet, strung her body up from a shower rod and fled — hoping to make the murder look like a suicide. Kill the spic.

This site defines a Japander as "a western star who uses his or her fame to make large sums of money in a short time by advertising products in Japan that they would probably never use." Watch Hollywood stars from Dan "unfunny idiot" Aykroyd to Catherine "nice legs; no brains" Zeta-Jones shill for Japanese drinks, cars, and other products. Madonna-The-Whore-Skank-Slut-Filth wields a samurai sword and claims she's "pure" in support of some clear, drinkable product. A half-naked Harrison "put a shirt on, moron" Ford hangs out in a steam room and praises the taste of a good, cold frosty beer. Arnold "steroid RINO" Schwarzenegger plays mah-jong to promote "Genki" drinks. Leonardo "crap-boy" DiCaprio pushes credit cards and cars. Winona "the shoplifter" Ryder gets giggly in bed with her Caffe Latte packaged drink. And there are three full pages of Brad "empty head" Pitt - most clips find him hawking Edwin, which, I suspect, is a brand of jeans given how much the camera lingers on Pitt's posterior. Some might call them sellouts; I just call them stinking whores and prostitutes.