Riders On The Storm

february 29th, 2008

"are conservatives lulling themselves into a false sense of security regarding a Barack Obama-John McCain contest? A new theme has cropped up on several conservative-themed blogs and websites: that Americans will reconsider supporting Obama once they truly understand just how "progressive" he really is. This theme is based on the premise that, at bottom, American voters do not support left-wingers. Yet this premise is false. Bill Clinton managed to win two elections, albeit without receiving the popular vote either time. Al Gore was far more competitive than he had any right to be considering his ultra-liberalism. So was John Kerry. Under the right circumstances, a left-wing candidate can in fact go over. LBJ and Jimmy Carter exploited political turmoil to win in 1964 and 1976, respectively. Who's to say Obama can't? There's plenty of political unease for him to take advantage of. Let's face it, for many Americans a contest between Obama and McCain will be a fight between two anti-conservative candidates. McCain has been detested by his party for years (for legitimate reasons); the party's base will not suddenly fall in love with him now. If the GOP base stays home out of disgust with McCain, Obama will romp to victory. His hard-left political stances will not matter. Like Clinton in 1992, Obama does not come across to average Americans as a flaming liberal, even if his policy positions prove that he is. He walks, talks and acts centrist; he is so good in his performance that he could almost be considered the Daniel Day-Lewis of American politics. When you hear Obama speak, you don't think about the far-left judges he would put on the bench, the taxes he would raise, the weakness he would show in the War on Terror. It is virtually impossible to avoid being swept up in his rhetorical power. His words, while fundamentally empty, nevertheless manage to stir the soul. America has seemingly developed a crush on Obama, and this affection will allow him to crush McCain in the fall. Obama is the person we swoon over and want to get married to, without thinking about the personality conflicts that could lead to a painful, bitter divorce. He is an object of affection, a person we regard as angelic-a-person whose all-too-human flaws we deliberately overlook. This is why Obama will win: he has seized control of the popular culture, with a huge assist from the mainstream media. The press will effectively censor any conservative criticism of Obama, thus helping to preserve the image of Obama as a god-man. The Fourth Estate will relentlessly hammer home the idea that Obama is "the man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour" — and that McCain is just old and dour. Propaganda has a powerful effect on our political culture: the "Big Lie" theory is responsible for, among other things, the GOP's continued inability to attract large portions of the African-American vote. This fall, we will once again notice how effectively propaganda can dictate the outcome of an election. The "perfect storm" of anti-McCain sentiment and pro-Obama affection will have a Katrina-like impact on the Republican Party this fall. Perhaps, after the political levees break, the GOP will be able to rebuild, exploiting President Obama's lack of executive skill to score a Reagan-style victory in 2012. Obama may be a political Superman now, but his lack of experience and naive vision of world affairs could well prove to be his Kryptonite during his first term. When severe weather approaches, experience teaches us to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. At this moment, the clouds are building, the temperature is unstable, and the wind is beginning to howl for the GOP. However, if Obama fails as President, the Republican Party's forecast will certainly change. Is the party capable of waiting for the sun?" © By D.R. Tucker — 02-26-2008

Around The Garden Center™.

Though not absolutely necessary, I heartily-recommend that you download (very quickly; they're small files) and install (very easily; inside of 10secs) the two fonts — both Papyrus and the Orlando typefaces — which will make this Journal reading a whole lot more interesting, and which will add to MS-Word's typeface repertoire, when you use it. What typeface fonts you now see are what you have installed on your WinXP System, In MS-Word, courtesy of Microsoft. But there are so many, many more nice typefaces out there for you to choose, download, install and enjoy, it'd be a shame not to. Your choice.

It was snowing lightly, after I'd watered/fed the cats, logged-on at 4am on Friday, and it looked like we'd gotten 4-5" already, judging from what was around the condo. I decided to go ahead and go into the GC&N Complex, get my 3-4 hrs of paperwork done, and get back home before the predicted ice storm hit the area, around midday. I'd already canceled my evening's dinner plans. Actually, there's nothing "mission-critical" on my desk which won't wait another day, but I enjoy driving in the snow (not ice) and watching it fall and — truth be told — I also get a chuckle out of watching all those people line-up to buy "eggs, bread, milk and TP", in the convenience stores, thinking this is another "blizzard du jour" and they need to stock-up for Armageddon or some such. Ha! Okay, so it isn't all that funny. Personally, I never fell for that ruse, as I'm always well-stocked with the essential TP. The rest I can do without. So I laced-up my LLBean 10" Insulated Boots, donned my uber-warm parka, and headed-out into the "Winter Wonderland".

The ride into work on Friday morning, was mostly uneventful, with the odd tractor-trailer stuck on a hill, and the many 2WD units sliding all over the roads. The snowfall had stopped and we just had flurries. Hundreds of schools, day care and businesses were canceled for the day. Wimps. 4-5" of snow meant diddly-squat to my Family and others in Arlington Hts/Mt Prospect (ILL) in the 50s, and we all went to school, work or whatever. Nowadays, everyone is "sissified" and stays home on even cloudy days; God forbid there should be some snow. Blech. There was less snow at the GC&N Complex, by half, than at my condo, but it was still beautiful.

Saturday was another story. We'd been "iced" overnight, and everything was thoroughly-coated, once again. "Severe Weather Alerts" and "Winter Weather Advisories" were all over the local TV stations' websites, and the Weather Channel chimed-in with their warning, as well. After watering/feeding the cats, making some coffee and breakfast for myself, I re-checked the weather forecast and left for work. There were scores of branches and dozens of trees down, along the way. I opened-up the front drive's "ice rink" without falling on my butt, and made it up to the Complex' Main Bldgs. Bob and Arthur came in to shovel and plow. My Net connection was on/off all day, due to the ice. I had Verizon YP ad contracts to review and renew; get the front Retail Counter ready for the 50s Replica Pay Phone installation; faxes to answer regarding mulch and nursery stock prices; deal with a guy selling Butterfly Koi wholesale; give a brief tour to two Penn State/York botany professors who want my help with a project; and a bunch of other minutiae. I was glad to get out of there at 3:30pm, and go to Mom & Dad's for a visit, and then home.

Sunday was clear, sunny and cold, but that didn't stop me from going food shopping and down to the GC&N Complex to get some paperwork done. While shopping, I ran into the Stewart's Beverages Display, and got 2 Root Beer, 1 Cream, 1 Orange & Cream, 1 Grape and 1 Black Cherry Sodas (4-paks), for the office 'fridge. Mmmmmmmm, "comfort food" from the 50s and 60s. After getting a large Calif-Cheese-Steak & Fries from Frank's Italian Deli up the road, I had a root beer, sat back in my large leather chair, and promptly fell asleep for 2½ hours. Damn, I hate waking-up mid-afternoon, and not even remembering falling asleep. I packed-it-in for the day around 4pm, and headed home. Tomorrow's another day.

I guess that my getting-up early is good training for the coming Spring-Summer-Fall hours regimen, when I have to be at the GC&N Complex by 6am, to open-up and get the place running, so that when the Key Staff and Landscape Crews arrive at 7am, it's ready to accommodate them. I was in on Monday and Tuesday by 7am, so I'm working my way down to 6am. Dad, Jennifer, Bob and James were all in for a short while. I just remembered that I get more work done between 6-7am, (or after 5pm) before (after) other people arrive (leave), the phones start (stop) ringing and walk-ins start happening (end). I drove down to Saubel's Sure Fine in Stewartstown, and picked-up 5 x 20lbs bags of wild birdseed, as I'd run out on Saturday. Lee and I went to the Festive Board Deli, for lunch. James and I worked on the final two pages for my Corporate Website's "Ongoing Projects" Page. It all should be completed and up-and-running, by now. Good friend, Jock called about Iseli Nursery's April's 1st week delivery date. More rain/sleet/ice headed this way by mid-week; swell. A local wholesale nursery rep stopped by with his availability lists. The calls for estimates keep coming. Cold calls from various products' sales reps. Answer faxes for pricing/delivery. Etc.

Almost better than freezing rain or sleet, it was heavy fog and rain on Tuesday morning at 6am, 37°F and a nice rainy drive into work. The dense fog made it seem like sunset for most of the day. Arthur and I got the 50s Replica Pay Phone installed, cords and wires routed correctly, and the Front Counter re-arranged to better accommodate my retail customers. I spent the rest of the day on the nefarious, ubiquitous paperwork of every type and description. We got another inch of rain. Another replica phone arrived today: the 40s/50s Bellweather Wall Phone. Two wholesale nursery reps stopped by to chat and drop-off their latest availability lists. Later in the evening, long-time good friend, and "CSS-xHTML Wizardess", D•••• called, and we worked on CSS-xHTML for a couple of hours. My energy ran-out around 11pm, and I bagged it for the night.

Wednesday was another "groundhog day"; just more of the same of previous days, and I was glad to get home by 6pm and get some dinner, listen to part of The Savage Nation, and get to sleep early. I guess I'm officially tired of Winter now. Off to sleep, very early.

Even with oil hitting $102/bbl this week, gas prices "only" went up 4¢ at the pumps this week: Unleaded Regular (87oct) is now at $3.19/gal, Unleaded Premium (89oct) is now up to $3.29/gal, and Unleaded Super Premium (92oct) is now $3.49/gal. I also noticed Diesel Fuel at $3.89/gal at two of the local stations. I told you so, just last week and the week before, and the week before that. Just wait until July or August; you ain't seen nothing yet!

Thursday was darned bitter as yesterday's cold front moved through and gave us 16°F and a windchill of 5°F, at 5am. After feeding/watering the cats, and breakfast, I was into the Office by 8:15am and got right to working on the final copy of the Open House postcard mailer, Open House print ad, calling the York Mail Service Co for printing costs and postage rates, and heading-out to a 1:30pm meeting at Olivia's House, whom we're partnering with and donating two $500 LSCP Gift Certificates, for their 6th Annual Olivian Gala, on March 29th. I sropped at Brown's Markets for some German Potato Salad and peanutbutter fudge, and didn't get back to the Office until almost 4pm. Long day.

Oh crap, we've got snow coming tomorrow.

Mark My Words™.

Socialism takes another step in America, this time in the filthy, liberal stinking shithole called New Mexico. The fat turdboy Billy-Bob Richardson-of-a-bitch is the liberal-demokkkRAT gov down there, and his state mandates that you do what their New Mexico Human Rights Commission says you do. Or else. It's socialism and it's here.

The Bush Administration f*cks America, once again: the piece-of-shit, useless "virtual fence" will be delayed 3 years.

This martial law scenario is coming, all too soon, as soon as the murderous, subhuman muslim-islamic-arab filth attack us, again.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.

The Berkeley City Council voted early Wednesday to rescind a previous vote that said Marine recruiters are "not welcome in this city," but held tight to its anti-war stance. Fuck it; shoot all the traitors, seditionists and saboteurs, IMO.

Almost half the US is keeping their cars/trucks 11 years, with the median age for SUVs being 7.1 years? Did I read that right? Yep. My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, with 97k, is as nice as the day I picked it up in October '02. One new set of OEM (GoodYear) tires at 75k has been the biggest expense ($393), so far. I plan to keep it for 3-4 more years, or maybe longer, and though I probably won't hit 250k miles as I did with both of my 1988 & 1994 Grand Cherokee LTDs, it's still a great vehicle for my "needs". My "wants" are a completely different matter, but that's another story altogether.

White Americans are both genetically weaker and less diverse than their black compatriots, a uber-liberal leftist-wacko Cornell University-led "study" finds. Total bullshit. Whites account for 95% of all the advances in engineering, medicine, physics, music, poetry etc etc etc. Blacks are minor players in the world.

The United Methodist Church is complete dogshit and a waste of aqnyone's time. I left them many years ago, when they made a hard-left turn and became a political organ of the demokkkRAT-socialist party. Fuck 'em.

Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan formally denounced on Thursday, the Tennessee Republican Party's use of Barack Obama's full name in a recent news release questioning the Illinois senator's commitment to Israel. Mike Duncan is an ignorant, lowlife, turd-polishing, moronic asshole, thoroughly incapable of wriping his own ass, so he wipes shithead John "No Brain" McCain's ass for him. Hussein is a pig-fucking subhuman muslim! Hussein is a pig-fucking subhuman muslim! Hussein is a pig-fucking subhuman muslim! Hussein is a pig-fucking subhuman muslim! Hussein is a pig-fucking subhuman muslim! Hussein is a pig-fucking subhuman muslim! Fuck you, Duncan asshole scumbag! You're reason #2 why I left the shit-for-brains GOP-RINOs 2+ years ago. Bush is reason #1.

Global Warming BS™.

Have you seen this video: "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was outright-banned from leftist, hate-filled, dirtbag lowlife scumbags, Google.com's and YouTube.com's websites, by the mentally-ill, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be informed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.

Ready for the coming cold spell? Screw the global warming crap.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.

Yes, liberalism is a now an officially, clinically-diagnosed mental disorder and sickness. Put them on thorazine, into desert re-education camps, and summarily-execute the uncooperative ones, IMO.

Some People Just Need Killing™.

On March 18, 2007, a Good American Man, Michael Anthony Jones, 24, was brutally-murdered in Grandview Missouri, by a subhuman, piece-of-shit, illegal alien filth, lowlife spic-scum from the turd-world hellhole of El Salvador. Michael's grieving father, misses him terribly. On Thursday, February 21, 2008, the murderous, criminal spic-filth Eli N. Sontay, pled guilty to 2nd degree murder, armed criminal action and was sentenced to 20 years in prison, after which he will be deported back to shithole El Salvador. So US Taxpayers haved to now foot-the-bill for this spic's imprisonment? Sontay needs summary trial and a .45cal in his murderous criminal head, dammit! Hopefully, he'll be raped/beaten/tortured and murdered in prison, and then thrown into a filthy dumpster out back of the prison, where the subhuman garbage belongs. RIP, Michael Anthony Jones. Shut the f*cking borders, Bush, you liberal RINO asshole!

No mercy, subhuman, murderous piece-of-shit, Bobby Cutts Jr: you need to die, go to hell and rot, you lowlife scumbag!

Why are subhuman, murderous 60s dogshit, violent leftist Weather Underground lunatics, like William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn still alive? Summarily try and kill them both. Headshoot them! And why did porch monkey, sambo, tar-baby, Nigga® Barack Hussein Obama-Osama Jr, align himself with those filth MFs?

Filthy husband-murdering bitch, Clara Harris, needs summary trial and killing, IMO. Headshoot the subhuman garbage whore!

Yes, Code Stink and the SDS need summary trial/execution, IMO. All of them. I'd volunteer in a heartbeat, and at my own expense. They're subhuman, treasonous, seditious saboteurs, and richly-deserve headshots with a .45cal ACP. If the local police and the Feds are too chickenshit to bust some heads, I'd be glad to do it.

The Castro Speech Database™.

In dis-honor of the murderous, mentally-ill, commie scumbag, subhuman piece-of-shit dictator "retiring" last week, I laughingly present The Castro Speech Database, as compiled by the Latin American Network Information Center. It includes such dillies as the beginning of this 1996 address: "Dear comrades: Can you hear me clearly? We will talk as a family, okay? This will not be a speech on occasion of your departure, when there is plenty of love, kisses, good wishes, and patriotism. Talking as a family means analyzing realities, in private, not in front of the stairs as you are about to board the plane. Besides, the sun is very hot, and it is scalding, so it would not be the best place to say a few things." Hey, Fidel-pig: if you aren't already dead and part of an elaborate hoax, DIE! you lowlife son-of-a-bitch asshole! Rot in hell, scumbag filth!