Friday, January 14, 2000

so far, I'm having no problem writing "2000" on my checks and everywhere else; I guess I'm used to it. Instead, I'm just using "01.14.00"; I guess the banks can figure it out. The vast quantities of leftover batteries, firelogs, sterno, flashlights, generators and foodstuffs etc in the Y2K displays at hardware and supermarkets was staggering; everything was marked down 90%. I bought zip. They're swamped with excess inventory. The so-called Millenium doesn't happen until next year; sure, you knew that, right? But I decided to keep all my emergency cans of creamed corn, just in case there's a shortage, sometime down the road. Yum.

Around The Garden Center.
Last Friday, Lynn, my General Manager, Alan, my Landscape Foreman, and I drove to Baltimore for the annual MANTS (Maryland Area Nursery Trade Show) horticultural show in the cavernous Baltimore Convention Center, next to the Inner Harbor. On the way out, we saw the 1795 "Pride of Baltimore" and a 1985 US Coast Guard Cutter, w/ 60mm cannon. Close to 1,000 booths and displays are set up by growers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors to showcase their products, write Spring orders and bring-in additional business. After walking in excess of 3 miles through 85.23456% of the show, we got what we needed and headed back for Pennsyl-tucky.
Casualties from the flu are rising dramatically. Everyone I know has either had it, has it now, or is waiting to get it. So far, we at the Garden Center have been lucky. I'm assiduously avoiding crowds and anyone who is even suspected of being sick.
Here's a scary scenario: the Yeltsin Flu of 2006.
While other people have been plagued by the flu, I've had my share of painful ear infections this Winter. Fortunately, I have "douche and drops" to remedy the problem, but it does incapacitate me for a short while.
After 10 years of being open 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, I changed the Winter Hours: Closed Sunday during Winter only. Oh, I'll still have to come in and feed Pickles and check the complex, but there's just no point to running the heaters, fans, lights and computers for the few people who come in on Winter Sundays. 7 days a week was Killing me; 6 days a week will merely burn me out. Besides, I can use the sleep. I'll be back to 12-15 operational hour days, 7 days a week, soon enough in the Spring, come mid-March.
I bought a $4,000+ thermal label transfer print and labels. For the past 10 years, we've had to re-label every tree and shrub in the place, multiple times per year. The problem: weak tag material that tears-off and blows away. We've been using software and labels/sign/tags from an Oregon company — GardenWare has poohed-poohed the complaints — and it has proved most unsatisfactory. Hopefully, the new Taggit Pro v5.0+ system will more than fill the requirements of "lasting 1-3 seasons".
We've been busy designing and planning the adjacent Displacent Gardens. It's prime retail space which has been an unneeded retention pond for 10+ years, next to the main parking lot. No more. It'll be a 1 acre Japanese Zen Garden theme, perfect for displaying the hundreds of Japanese Cutleaf Maple varieties we carry.
The irrigation system for the front 2.5 acre field, and the complete renovation of the winding, 10ft wide x 70ft long brick staircase to the front door, are ongoing. With snow and sleet in the forecast, things will slow down a bit, but the "hard work" is done. I'll get some scanned pics up here in a few weeks, as soon as Lynn can get the scanner working again on her machine.
The front staircase re-construction is underway. We're about 65% done; if only the HP scanner worked. Since it doesn't, I'll shoot some pics w/ Kodak C125 DC and let you see the difference.

TWA Flight 800.
Parts 1, 2, 3 of the new book, Altered Evidence is online, once again proving massive government cover-up and corruption at the highest levels. Sanders' previous book, "The Downing of TWA Flight 800", released in April 1997, provided the American public with a view of the TWA Flight 800 investigation never before revealed. The Altered Evidence website still needs some detail work, but is also online.
Lots and lots of TWA800 articles here; the TWA800 website of Cmdr Donaldson contains so much evidence you could — and I have — spend days there.
It's scary, but not altogether surprising, what the government has done, and continues to do to us as a Nation. It's opened my eyes.
The truth will come out, fellow Americans.

AOL-Time Warner.
It wasn't all about "... correcting social ills, making the world a better place and improving people's lives worldwide" as the idiots Case and Levin announced; that's a load of horseshit. It was about AOL — a company I detest — getting access to TW's cable TV infrastructure, and money, big money. Time-Warner is one of the companies who helped to cheapen and degrade the world through its obscene music operations: rap, hip-hop etc, advocating cop Killing, rape etc, all in the pursuit of money.
Clearly, the legions of AOL'ers will be getting screwed six ways to Sunday. Time to leave AOL en masse and get a real ISP. AOL is shit.
The so-called AOL-TimeWarner merger/buyout/marriage of convenience did no one any good, except insider scum. Blah.

Do you think John Rocker was off-base with his comments about gays and minorities in NYC? I don't; he was right on. It's too bad they didn't put a mic in front of me!
Both Bradley and Gore are f*cked up on the issue of gays serving in the military: none should be there, they're liabilities and should be banished.
Jeeez, send the little illegal alien rat boy home to Cuba, where he belongs. I am so tired of that shit already.
When they do it, it won't be a hoax. It'll be for real. It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when".
Why should anyone complain about looters being shot dead on sight; that's what should happen to them.
I never was a "conspiracy nut", but with revelations about TWA Flight 800 and Waco et al, I'm becoming a huge doubter about my government's ability to tell the truth. Eventually, the truth will come out.
No good deed goes unpunished. I used to live in the Princeton, NJ are, just a mile east of Millstone, NJ.
It's difficult to believe that there's 20 million lowlifes and scumbags in America subscribing to AOL, Inc-garbage. They're total f*cking trash; why would anyone even consider AOL-shit. Only physically-crippled, morons, idiots and scumbags would have anything to do with AOL. Hey, Case: eat shit and die, soon! Turner-the-liberal-moron, is the only one with a philosophy and personal values system — reprehensible as he and it, are — is ready for the AIDS pile.
Further proof that Bill Clinton is Beijing's man in Washington. Instead of protesting the stinking red commie chinks' abuse of and persecution of religious groups, Bubba's more concerned about getting a piece of legislation through before he's out of work.
One of the main reasons that the '96 campaign fundraising investigation and prosecution went nowhere is that the federal judge assigned the cases to Clinton-appointed judges for disposition. Duh.
Remember when the racist bigot Jesse Jack-scum got involved in the Decatur, ILL school board zero tolerance ruling, suspending 6 black high school thugs for fighting? The federal judge ruled against his racially-based lawsuit and, in effect, said:Get lost, idiot scum!
The washed-up loser, homo-cross dresser, so-called (not my 60s-70s-80s) rocker, hagged & fagged out piece of shit, white trash scumbag Gary Glitter, needed to be executed — or at the very least, fully castrated — before being let out of prison, for kiddie-porn charges. Ummmm, use a pair of Felco® Pruners.
The lowlife, piece of shit, child porn/ molester, Gary Glitter, should have received 30 years in prison for his crimes. The Brits are far too lenient in their laws dealing with crime. If I had my way with US Law, he'd be executed with the murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors. Without that subhuman filth, we'd have a lot less crimes committed.
What a waste of human life. Here was a man who made a difference, instead of the usual piece of shit lowlife idiots and white trash scumfilth, who want their wives and the US Gov't to support them, so they can stay high or drunk all day. Why don't lowlife, pieces of shit scumbag subhuman filth like — OJ Simpson-scumf*cker, Pete "f*ck the truth" Rose, Rae "whack the bitch" Carruth, Jim "I hate the white bitches" Brown, Richard "f*ck the white whore, then whack her" Pryor, Tupac "nigga-gangsta-rap-shit" Shakur, et al scumboys and garbage and shit and trash and shit and filth and scum, la-la.
An InterNut? I don't f*cking think so. He's a criminal and richly deserving of prison.
Does Gates.ceo.com look like Forbes.ceo.com via Balmer.ceo.com? Without all the pock-marked, verneral, STD disease, I intoxicated and maxed-out? Duh. Don't think so.

Execute Them All.
Gosh oh golly gee whiz, I don't feel any compassion for anyone who commits murder — and that includes teenagers. They need to die for the crimes they knowingly committed. They knew exactly what they were doing and need to be executed swiftly, as do all murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors. Spending $40,000-70,000 per inmate per year on subhuman filth in a life without parole situation, is beyond absurd. It's f*cked up.
A murderer wants to have a sex change operation and have the taxpayers pay for it? That's obscene; he should be executed.
How does Killing — stabbing your wife 44 times and holding her head underwater — merit life in prison? To any sane and rationally-thinking human being, it merits execution.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, that was great! A murderer executed for his crimes by Virginia only 9 years after the sentencing; better than the usual 15-30 years most of that subhuman filth get to spend living on death row, while the victims are still dead.
The scumbags at Bennetton should go to death row for portaying murderers as innocents in another lousy ad campaign, touting their cheap junk clothes. Too bad all the dead victims can't buy the Bennetton trash; they're still dead. f*ck Bennetton.
Texas — aka G.W. Bush, Gov — is one of a handful of states (I also like Virginia!) who believe, as I do, that regardless of age, a person must take responsibility for his/her actions. I roundly applaud GW for his stance. For instance, if you murdered someone when you were 16, that's a bad thing to do and we're certain that you knew that. So, when you arrive at 18, we'll execute you. Pretty straightforward, huh? So what's the f*cked up World's problem with that? Do we, as Planet Earth, create a huge "death row nation" by appropriating Australia or New Zealand and housing all the Earth's murderers — if they'd incarcerate all rapists, child molesters and traitors, I'd agree — in one controllable zone? Read the story and puke at what the ultra liberal piece of shit ABA (American Bar assn) shill had to say: as a juvenile, no one's responsibile for anything. Un-f*cking-believeable! It's the crime, not the age, stupid.
Great movie! The execution theme, not the anti-holocaust message, that is.
Texas executes another piece of subhuman shit; this one only took 9 years. This makes my week! This was the 200th execution. Hats off to Texas and very happy anniversary.
Here's three 17-year old illegal aliens — not Mexicans or Latinos — who visciously murdered a sleeping woman in her home. They richly deserve the death penalty, regardless of their age. They clearly knew what they were doing and the difference between right and wrong.

Did You Know?
The people starting college this Fall were born in 1981. That means:
They have no real recognition of Reagan or the Reagan Era and probably have no idea he was shot. Popcorn has always been a microwaveable food and there has always been MTV. They were prepubescent during the Gulf War and they’ve never known another Pope. They were 11 when the Soviet Union went kaput and they never feared nuclear war or that Jaws would get them when they went for a swim. They don’t remember the Challenger disaster, hard contact lenses, 8 track tapes, or the styrofoam containers at McDonalds. All of their lives they have been aware of AIDS but they’ve never experienced bottle caps other than the plastic screw off kind. The compact disc was introduced when they were one year old. They’ve never played Pac Man, never heard of Pong and Atari means nothing to them. They’ve never seen Larry Bird play. A remote control is the only thing they’ve ever really used to change the channel. Not only don’t they know who Mork was, they’ve never heard of Ork. They’re in the dark about American hostages in Iran and a typewriter is an exotic device. "De plane! De plane" sounds like and insensitive way of saying "the plane! The plane!" rather than a Fantasy Island joke. If forced to guess, they’d think "Where’s the Beef?" is a line from the Starr Report.— National Review

The World's Biggest Collection.
One of the foremost archives in the world, the Library of Congress provides access to over 12 million books, manuscripts, maps, recordings, and visual materials. Among their many amazing online offerings: Thomas, a comprehensive resource for U.S. legislative information, and the American Memory Collection, a multimedia treasure-room of American heritage — from Africa to Alaska, from Vaudeville to the banks of the Rio Grande.

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