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Friday, January 2, 2004

the lamestream media suck

Since the Iraq War began last March, the liberal media have ratcheted-up the increasingly negative coverage of what's going on daily, over there. Almost never are the positive events reported; rather, the "attack de jour" is what makes the daily news. They consistently focus on America's failures, not successes. Left-wing wacko, stinking lowlife dirtbag elitist vermin like ABC's Petey "I Hate America" Jennings NOT an American by any standard lies to the decreasing number of tune-in viewers every night. He, like the CBS butt-boy faggot moron, Danny "I Hate America, too" Rather and NBC's lowlife harelip cretin, Tommie "The Commie" Brokaw, spin, lie, obfuscate and blur the truth on every subject they "report" on. As do the wacko, lowlife socialist, commie AP, Reuter's and BBC garbage, love their dictators and despots, and hate Freedom and Liberty. The lamestream liberal newspapers are just as bad with their liberal bias. The New York Slimes, The Washington comPost and The LA Slimes, among tens-of-thousands of other hate-America/ hate-Bush print media scum, receive the DNC's daily-faxed talking points, and re-submit them as "news stories". The RDDB™ (Red Diaper Doper Babies) Jennings, Rather, Brokaw et al plus their socialist-communist-left-wing wacko scum at the print media, and their mentally-ill politician cohorts like AlGoreBore, and Howard "The Coward" Dean, are actively seeking to subvert America from within. Their selective subversion of facts is astounding, legion and criminal. I haven't watched network TV in many years, and haven't read a print newspaper in even more. Millions of people me especially have turned away from the lamestream, left-wing wacko media, and have found other sources for the hard, factual, unbiased news. The rapidly-declining viewer/readership numbers tell the sordid story for the anti-American network jerks. Good riddance to them, and the sooner, the better.

Around The Garden Center.
My new Canon® Model 65 (bottom right) gun safe arrived on Tuesday, and I drove one of my stake body dumptrucks over to East Berlin (PA) to pick it up at the receiving warehouse. Of course, it rained and sleeted part of the day, making the trip a messy one. Hey, it' freaking Winter, self! Now all of my guns, ammo, accessories and documents have a secure "home" at the GC&N Complex, except for .45 I carry and the 12ga I keep at my condo.
A big, big thank you! to all of those who watched over Americaduring the Christmas and New Year Holidays. (((:::Salute:::)))
Ever since Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving: the start of the "shopping season" the traffic around the York (PA) area has been awful. I'm sure the retailers are loving it, but otherwise, it sucks for me. I've had to modify my usual routes by taking backroads and shortcuts to avoid the horrendous volume, especially around malls and the downtown areas. I can't wait to get back to some semblance of normalcy after the Holidays. And yes, there've been many nutcases involved in tragic, needless accidents, everywhere.
On Christmas Day Evening, after having a wonderful ham dinner with Mom & Dad, I roasted a 12lb, 6 bone-in standing prime rib roast, at my condo. Wouldn't fit into anything I had on-hand, so I borrowed Mom's roasting pan, which was her Mothers, my Grandmother (Kathryn Stottlemeyer, York, PA). It was awesome! 2½ hours at 325°F. Two, two-inch thick slabs medium rare, for Mom & Dad, me, and good friends, Jeff & Denise. Yum; good eating. But, at 12 lbs for $179, I think I'll wait until beef prices come down a bit before ordering another one.
I managed to finally find some nice Butternut Squash, though not as big as in recent years, and have been roasting them in the evenings. Need some good recipes for yourself?
Mad cow disease? I'm not worried. I'm just hoping beef prices drop so I can stock up my Kenmore 8 CuFt freezer in the garage. Have yourself a Tasty Little Burger.
Heads-up on pressure-treated lumber chromated copper arsenate, or CCA folks, if you've used any in the recent past.
Time to pack some more things up and send a gift to a soldier. Or, help out a Wounded US Warrior. I've done both. Can you please help them, too?
New Year's Eve? Nah; I stay home, traditionally. It's "amateur night" on the roads, out there, and I'd rather not be a part of the carnage. I slept-in on New Year's Morning. Nice.
The South Beach Diet trumps the Atkins Diet? Nah, I don't think so.
Yes, I've noticed a lot of new Hummer 2s running around the area; I know 2 of the people who bought them for the '03 tax deduction, as I did with my new company dump truck, last week. I don't know how they'll claim them, since the deduction only allows for business, not personal usage. Well, that's their problem.
New Year's Day? Yeah; I went down to the GC&N Complex to feed Pickle, and do some paperwork. I rotated my AR-15 and AR-10 mag ammo. Then later, over to Mom & Dad's for a traditional New Year's Day, Pennsylvania Dutch Pork & Sauerkraut Dinner. Yum.

Feckless Pols of All Stripes.
No, I won't be staying at home and not voting, or voting for a thrird party candidate, or voting for the left-wing insane nutcase wackjob liberal-demon-kkkRATs, this November, regardless of what W does or doesn't do. I'll vote for Bush-Cheney in '04. As much as the open, porous borders infuriate me, and the bloated, unnecessary spending outrages me, I'll vote for Bush; the "alternative" to him is too horrible to contemplate. What other, rational choice is there?
Why can't our government, regardless of which party's in power, seem to level/ come clean with the American People on so many things? Here's a partial answer to that.
US Sen Arlen Specter (RINO-PA) is a lowlife, mean and nasty piece of crap, and must be defeated in November. I've already contributed to Pat Toomey's campaign, and will vote (early and often) for him.
US Sen Joe LIEberman (LIAR-CT) wants to "re-examine" Roe vs Wade? And now, he says he didn't say that? What a lying sonofabitch scumbag.
US Rep Tom Lantos (COMMIE-San Mateo) is a subhuman piece of illegal alien-loving crap. The dirtbag illegals, Maria and Alfredo Plascencia, were scheduled to be deported to Mexico on Jan. 6 and taken away from their four school-age children, who were born and raised in the United States. So freaking what; deport all of the wetback filth. Time to repeal the "anchor" baby law!
Howard "The Coward" Deanie-Weenie , is a touchy, mentally-ill liar: mad cow disease is all Bush's fault, and Bush knew in advance about 9-11. Dean's UGLY, buck-toothed, moron bitchwife, is an abortion-murderer doctor "wifey", and a throw-away Jewess, according to him. He won't be seen with her in public. He hates her guts. Finally, the media is beginning to see Howie Dean is what he really is: a very loose cannon.
The parasitic congresscritter living on the public dole for 28 years little US REP Dickie Gephardt (ASSHOLE-MO) is also mentally-ill, and says: "Bush Worst President of Last 5". Get a real job, liberal-demon-kkkRAT asshole. Flip some mad cow burgers, butthead.
And so is US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry (MORON-MA), with his "war for oil" statements; he's got no position left on anything, he's so far out in left field. Pitiful creature you are, Mr Ketchup Boy.
Speaking of pitiful creatures, the laughable little cretin, US Rep Dennis Kucinich (NOBODY-OH), spoke of the fear "paralyzing" America under the Bush administration, a message delivered with a little help from a man sporting baggy pants and a handlebar mustache, street clown and physician, Hunter "Patch" Adams, a certifiable idiot in his own right.
Here's a great collection of hatefilled quotes from the wacko, lunatic Lefty filth. Pretty much sums up why none of them should ever, ever be in a position of power.
"How illegal aliens are destroying America." Good article. Better wake-up, Mr President and US Congresscritters! Close the borders NOW, and round-up the illegals and deport them. The Nation's future and perhaps yours too is at stake.
The Nine Dwarves are eating themselves, and I love it!
Stand the suhuman, miscreant lowlife socialist filth, Georgie "I hate America" Soros up against a wall. Buh-buy, commie trash.
Finally, after 40 years of criminal activity and becoming a millionaire through sleazy deals and graft and corruption, the lowlife bigot, racist liberal-demon-kkkRAT, Willie Brown (DIRTBAG-CA), is retiring. Good riddance, scumbag. Have a nice heart attack, sambo.
The ignorant, greaseball, subhuman, degenerate, liberal-demon-kkkRAT Arizona Gov Janet "I Hate America!" Napolitano (SOCIALIST-AZ) bitch, is actively trying to destroy Arizona with illegal alien immigration. She aids and abets the enemy; she should be arrested, tried, convicted and stood against a pock-marked, blood-soaked wall of traitors.
The cowardly little queer dirtbag, US Rep Chris Shays (FAGGOT-CT), should have kept his nouth shut; New Year's Eve went off without a problem in NYC.

Dregs, Garbage & Scum of Planet Earth.
No, no, no, Boy Scouts (Philadelphia's Cradle of Liberty Boy Scout Council)! Don't give in to the subhuman lowlife rump-raider, fudge-packer faggots and United Way garbage.
Yes, Wacko Jacko's a subhuman. Any doubt? Read this.
The mentally-ill sambos at the Nation of Islam, now controlling the pedophile, Mikey Jack-scum? Luvit; couldn't happen to a nicer scumbag. Enjoy your own special hell, lowlifes.
The French are treacherous, lying dogshit; they warned the terrorists to abort the Christmas Day terror mission. Nuke the frog filth. Chirac & Co are cowardly, cheese-eating, surrender monkey shit.
Kwanzaa? It's a fraud and a fake, wrought by a murderous, criminal sambo, Ron Everett. Why are so many blacks fooled by this 60s garbage? I'm not sure you'd like the answer, if I told you the truth.
These hagged-out, talentless lesbo bitches belong in a psych ward.
Jail and execute the filthy subhuman, Wendy Yoshimura bitch; she's a 60s SLA murderous criminal.
All spammers should be tracked down, tortured and killed. Two North Carolina men face up to 20 years in prison for allegedly operating one of the most prolific spamming operations in the world. Jeremy Jaynes who uses the aliases of Jeremy James and Gaven Stubberfield and Richard Rutowski each face "four felony counts of transmission of unsolicited bulk electronic mail". It's my fervent wish that both Jaynes and Rutowski will be repeatedly gang raped in prison, infused with AIDS, and either beaten to death or die from brutal sodomy. They're subhumans and deserve death.
The Ford Foundation is left-wing wacko hate-America pigshit.
Convicted criminal, former televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner will headline a drag bingo benefit for AIDS here next month. Oh, how special. That ugly effing bitch used to be wheeled-in to Earl Scheib Automotive, to get her make-up applied by spraygun.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
No, this lowlife, subhuman piece of murderous sambo shit needs to die, when he reaches 18 years old. He's a murderer, and will do so again. Kill him.
David Alan Cedillo, 42, is better off dead. Good riddance, scumbag.
The Virginia inmate whose case persuaded the US Supreme Court to bar the execution of mentally retarded killers remains on death row more than a year later, and prosecutors are determined to see him die. Daryl Renard Atkins, who has been reported to have an IQ of 59, might not even benefit from the landmark ruling that bears his name. Atkins must still must prove in state court that he is retarded before he can leave death row and get a life sentence. Kill him.
Rachel Corrie, the squished dead lefty wacko dumbass bitch, still stinks. Phew, dead whorebag! So glad the hate-America slut's dead.
The boy's mother, an alleged heroin addict, needs to die for starving her child to death. She truly merits a special place in hell.
Good; another lowlife subhuman piece of shit sambo scumbag, dead. Bravo. Can we fit all of Africa into a wheel well? Let's try!

Mechanical Marvels of the Nineteenth Century.
Pulsing red lights and mobile trash cans are all fine and well, but whatever happened to old-school robots? Walking, talking, man/machine robots? Alas, they died out in the twilight of the 19th century, along with bloomers and the British Empire. At this site, meet Boilerplate, the original Terminator, who fought bravely alongside Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders. Say hello to The Electric Man, an itinerant android who traveled the globe on his trusty steam-powered steed. And quiver in amazement at The Automatic Man, a giant mustachioed automaton who could pull a horse carriage. Giant robots all!

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