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Friday, January 30, 2004

When did the end of intelligent life in the demokkkRAT party, actually occur? What was the defining end-all moment? Was it FDR? Truman? LBJ? McGovern? Mondale? Dukakis? Carter? Clinton? The current Nine Seven Dwarves? On that basis, I'd have to say there's never been any discernible intelligent life in that party of deviant liberals, out-and-out liars, and assorted criminals, for the past 50+ years. I think intelligence in the demokkkRAT party ended with the socially and fiscally conservative JFK, murdered in '63, though his bloated, stupid, alcoholic, murderous brother, Teddy "The Chappaquiddick Swimmer", didn't get any part or parcel of the quality DNA. All since have been inheritors of the lineage of moronity and idiocy. Amazing how the lib-dem filth can ignore reality, isn't it? Why are the top 12 of 15 spots on The NY Slimes Best Seller List, Conservative books? Why are there no successful psychopathic "liberal talk radio" programs, anywhere? Huh? The end of intelligent life in the demokkkRAT party occured when liberalism/socialism/communism assumed control of the party, in the late 50s. Liberalism is EVIL it supports the murder of babies up 'til birth, encourages the destruction of marriage and the family, values international law above national sovereignty, believes in the value of the many rather than the free individual, promotes secular humanism over religious freedom, despises historical American values and heritage, and on and on. Liberalism is evil in almost every way imaginable. This is liberal-demokkkRAT solipsism, pure and simple. An oxymoron, to be sure.

Around The Garden Center.
Mmmmmmmm, Roasted Winter Vegetables. In addition to roasting Winter assernut Squash in the evenings okay, okay, I have no life I'm experimenting with roasting all sorts of vegetables. Next up on my agenda, is stocks and then, soups. I'm always trying to broaden my culinary horizons.
I now buy and use only local produce, in season, so that this doesn't happen to more Pennsylvania farmers. The exception is the Winter assernut Squash from California, which I've been roasting in the evenings, since Penna's Fall production was so meager, due to the constant rain.
RIP, Captain Kangaroo. Good riddance, Jack Paar.
The unrelenting deep freeze, which grips much of the Nation, continues. We got hit again with both an ice storm and snow storm, just a week after getting slammed by the very same thing. Totals were 5-6" of powdery snow on Saturday, and an additional 7-8" on Monday's and Tuesday's major snow event. I plowed for three days at the GC&N Complex, but still couldn't get the underlayer of 1-3" of ice removed. Temps have been so cold that nothing has melted for several weeks. Other parts of the world are getting the shit kicked out of them, as well. So much for global warming. Just 51 days until Spring.
Watch out; there's another "spoofed website" scam on the Net. Here's a more detailed explanation if you use MS-IEv6.x products. I don't.
Yes, I do truly believe that all spammers/scammers should be tracked down, tortured and whacked v-e-r-y slowly, with great pain. Surprised? Why? They're engaged in criminal activity which costs businesses billions of dollars in damage, and wreaks havoc on personal computers, and worse, the gulliable users who fall for the scams. As also, should people who maliciously sign-up another's email address for junk mailings. They too, should be whacked. Let me repeat that: they're both criminals of the lowest order, and should be whacked.
And writers of viruses and worms should also be tracked down, tortured and whacked. I'm now getting bombarded by the W32.Novarq.A@mm virus, in emails; and I mean bombarded. Of 102 emails early Tuesday morning, 86 had the "W32/MyDoom" or "Novarg", worm-virus attachment; much higher than a 1 in 12 ratio. Norton AV quarrantined and zapped them all, immediately. I didn't recognize any of the senders addresses, but there are a lot of infected computers out there generating this shit. (Scroll down to Post #13; a lot of free, good apps to be had.) It's spreading like wildfire, from all accounts. Make sure your AV Definitions are up-to-date.
Yikes, gas prices have really shot upward in the York (PA) area; $0.17 in 2 weeks, for 87 octane!. Sure, I realize it's Winter, and gas supplies are down, due to the refineries' conversion to home heating oil stocks, but this sharp spike is unusual.
The Atkins Diet Juggernaut rolls ever onward, through America's fast food corporations. Bravo! Carbs bad!
Do you listen to The Savage Nation, weekdays 7-10pm EST? His new book, The Enemy Within, is out and once again causing controversy. He'll open your eyes on many issues. Here's a link to the broadcast on KNEW 910-AM, in San Francisco. Enjoy with a good adult beverage.
Oh puh-lease, the Glock 18 is the most deadly semi-auto in the world? I know much better and faster; ask me.
Are you running Win-XP Pro and have that shitty shitpy little app, "MS-Messenger", running in the background? ZAP/rid it with ShootTheMessenger. It safely disables Messenger, and prevents outside intrusions by hackers or viruses.

Yes unfortunately, the gap is widening between President Bush and Conservatives. I'm starting to get nervous about the November General Election. Is he Conservative enough? No, he isn't, but the alternatives to President Bush are too scary to contemplate.
President Bush, here's how you handle the illegal alien/ Mexican problem: round-up and deport 5,000 - 10,000 of the illegal alien filth each week. Ditto, the middle eastern subhuman Islamic garbage. A simple 5,000 - 10,000 each week will amount to some real numbers by the November General Election, and then you won't have a serious problem with your Conservative Voting Base. Otherwise, you will; trust me, you will. Guarranteed, Mr Bush. US Rep Tom Tancredo, Colorado REAL Republican, is a likely write-in candidate if you go ahead with that hare-brained idea of "guest worker amnesty". You and the Rove idiot will be unemployed, come December.
Are you nuts, FBI? Get the traitorous, filthy, stinking Arabs and Muslims out of your Translation Division! They're seditionists and are compromising all the WOT investigations.
US Sen Arlie Sphincter (RINO-PA) is an moron, scumbag, lowlife liberal deviant piece-of-shit. Vote for Pat Toomey. He's a two-faced, liberal scumbag. My comment is Post #10, on that thread.
The Republican Party is, effectively, dead, in America, today.
State of The Union Address message to Arabs: we're going to destroy all Muslim filth, and the murderous garbage that is, Islam. Get ready to die, subhumans.
100 days in jail for Killing an innocent motorist? Former US Rep Bill Janklow, the 64-year-old former governor and state attorney general was convicted Dec 8th of second-degree manslaughter, speeding and running a stop sign, as well as reckless driving which whacked motorcyclist Randy Scott. Janklow should get 20yrs-life, without parole. He's scum.
The Real America supports you, President Bush, on the WOT (War On Terrorism/Islam). Screw the rest of the traitorous scum.
US Rep Ron Paul (R-TX) for President!

Liberal-demokkkRAT Trash.
Ugly, stupid, lowlife, US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry (TRAITOR-MA), the Heinz Ketchup whore, is a coward, traitor, phony and a lowlife punk. He's a fraud, fake, liar and a scumbag liberal-demokkkRAT filth. Kerry is traitorous, cowardly shit. Kerry is seditionist pigshit. , anyone?
Corruption in liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled Chicago, with a lowlife, degenerate subhuman, Mayor Richard Daley, in charge. I'm shocked!
New York's Mayor Mikey "I Hate Everyone" Bloomberg (RINO-NY), is a liberal-demokkkRAT in Republican clothes; therefore he's a mentally-ill, moronic RAT. Too bad he can't be recalled like the Davis RAT in Kalifornikate was, since 95% of New Yorkers hate his cowardly guts. He's a punk.
Nature has not been kind to these liberal-demokkkRAT wives: ugly Dean/Steinberg, mentally-ill Heinz/Kerry Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira and plain vanilla Edwards. They're just plain ugly as dog asss.
Yes, fired, disgraced, ex-general Weasely Clark is a certifiable nutcase and a lying, traitorous coward.
Ready for prison, Martha? You're going, criminal liberal-demokkkRAT bitch.
US Sen John Edwards (moron-SC), is a Breck Girl® trial lawyer piece of garbage.
To say that Howard "The Coward" Deanie-weenie (TRAITOR-VT) is mentally-ill, for saying this, is an understatement.
Audrey B. Collins, United States District Court for the Central District of California, Los Angeles, California, appointed by the criminal Bubba Klintoon in '94, is a treasonous liber-demokkkRAT whorebag, for declaring parts of The Patriot Act, unconstitutional.
The leftist slut-bitch-whore-bag-has-been-scuz, NYSlimes Mo Dowd, spews again. Blech to you, liberal-demokkkRAT bitch.
Disgraced, impeached, lowlife, subhuman garbage, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon, espouses his venomous brand of cowardly shit.
The insignificant, lowlife, scumbag, dirtball liberal-demokkkRATs in New Hampshire, voted, this week. So freaking what? They mean zero, nothing, zippo. Yawn.
The fat, stupid, unfunny, turd-boy alcoholic Al Franken, is also mentally-ill.
Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer, is a ass-boy, liberal-demokkkRAT turd, for illegally leaking information about Rush. He needs to be prosecuted and dis-barred in Flori-duh. Krischer is a criminal.
The ugly, stupid, lowlife, lying, degenerate liberal-demokkkRAT filth-scum, screeching botox bitch Pelosi whorebag, opens her ignorant pie-hole, once again.
US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (SOCIALIST-NY), is an moron.
Cynthia Tucker (LOWLIFE-GA) is a moron, too. This is an all volunteer military, dumbass bitch.
Kerry's an idiot and Kucinich's an airhead.

Lowlifes, Scumbags & Other Subhumans.
Who really cares?
No, "Native American Indians" were not the original inhabitants/settlers in North America; they're drug-addicted, alcoholic interloper scumbag filth. Europeans settled America, first. The criminal Klintoon and Bush administrations covered-up and destroyed The Kennewick Man evidence.
And, another resounding no: al Queerda aren't completely dismantled; the Muslim terrorist filth are merely "destabilized". Keep tracking the Islamic pigshit terrorists down, and Killing them.
All of Islam is evil as well as dangerous, and we're in a worldwide war with every Muslim. This scholarly article lays it out for any doubters. Here's the motherlode of links to The Clash of Civilizations.
The Anti-Smoking Nazis are out of control.
Subhuman, filthy, murderous Muslim garbage continue to overrun the UK. The end is about 10-15 years away.
Another example of why we tort reform, and loser pays all, in our corrupted legal system.
Jeeeeez, someone please whack rid us of this lowlife racist white trash, David Duke, in prison, before he gets out and runs as a Republican. P-l-e-a-s-e!
scumbag Lionel Tate should be executed/whacked when he reaches 18 years old; he's a murderering POS lowlife. whack the murderer! No plea deal applies to this murdering filth.
Oh gee whiz; another bunch of scumbags who want something for nothing. Case dismissed, leeches. Get a job, lowlife filth. US District Judge Charles R. Norgle is a cowardly, lowlife piece of shit.
And yet, more scumbags who want reparations; aka something for nothing. Get a job.
Islam, The Cult of Intolerance and Murder™, strikes again. Life is just wonderful for women, under the horror which is Islam.
Finally, the left-wing wacko BBC has been exposed as liars and incompetent morons, and heads are rolling.
History News Network's knee-jerk whore-bag-slut-scum, Katherine Van Wormer, strikes out again. Puking bitch.
The Russians are lowlife, lying subhuman scumbags. They couldn't find their own collective asses with both hands. Commie Pravda garbage.
Indians minor leaguer Kazuhito Tadano is asking for forgiveness for what he called a one-time mistake his appearance in a gay porn video in which he engaged in a homosexual act. Sorry dog shit, zit-faced filth: you're a scumbag.
The ADL's (Anti-Defamation League) Abe Foxman, is lying, lowlife, scumbag, degenerate hate-America, traitorous pigshit. Duly charge, try, torture and execute the anti-Christian garbage.
f*ck Screw the UN socialist/commie/liberal filth. You want your toilet-paper "flag" planted? You pay for the ride, Turd-Worlder trash. The USA rules, asswipe UN filth.
NFL "star", Keyshawn Johnson, has found trouble in the East Bay a lot easier than he found himself open this year on the football field. Johnson, the controversial wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has been hit with both a restraining order and a lawsuit brought against him by his ex-wife whore's new boyfriend. John Mahannah Jr, of Richmond, claims Johnson has repeatedly threatened to hurt or whack him since October 2003. In one alleged Jan 9 incident at St Columba's Church in Oakland, Mahannah claims Johnson threatened him at a funeral in front of witnesses and had to be restrained. After the service, outside the church, Johnson allegedly ran to Mahannah and again threatened violence. Yawn.
Who cares? The Affleck trash idiot and the Lopez whore. Who cares?
Once again, who cares? Photographer Helmut Newton dies in crash. Yawn; good riddance, scumbag.
When prosecutors brought charges against Greenpeace for protesting a shipment of Amazon mahogany, they dusted off a 19th century federal law enacted to stop pimps from clambering aboard ships entering port. Environmentalists call the charges a heavy-handed attempt to stifle free speech and say the government is retaliating against Greenpeace for previous in-your-face protests against the Bush administration. Do whatever it takes to destroy these filth. Whatever it takes.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Twenty-six Texas death row inmates, including three scheduled for lethal injection in the coming months, would be affected if the cowardly, shit-head, lowlife US Supreme Court bars execution of convicted whackers whose crimes were committed when they were younger than 18. The high asswipe, scumbag court, which two years ago abolished executions for the mentally retarded, said Monday that it would reopen the question of whether executing very young whackers violates the Constitution's ban on "cruel and unusual punishment". Ummmmm, no; they need to die for their crimes, no matter what their age.
This is what should happen to every sex offender.
Billy Frank Vickers is dead. Rot in hell, filth.
Islamist Websites are drawing a wide audience as possible harbingers of al Qaeda Queerda attacks, but experts say they are erratic and unreliable sources of warnings that could save lives. Islamist Website owners/posters need to be tracked-down, tortured and s-l-o-w-l-y whacked. Islamists/Muslim terroristss are subhuman pigshit filth. Find them all, torture and whack them.
Death-deserving teenagers, serving five years' probation for felony arson in a flag-burning case headed a group of self-described environmental guerrillas who vandalized almost 50 sport utility vehicles: Randall W. Heinrichs, 18, of Houston, was arrested Jan. 9 and is held in Harris County Jail without bail because of his arson probation. Lindsey Garofano, 18, of Houston and Jarett Barger, 19, of Cypress were arrested Tuesday. Their bail was set at $5,000 each. Joshua whacken, 18, of Cypress, all need to be executed by head-shots with a .45cal ACP. They're subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT shitfilth, quite worthy of immediate death.
whack this murderous garbage. whack him, and cleanse society.

The Pasta-Log Project.
"Life is a combination of magic and pasta," movie director Frederico Fellini once wrote. Stefano, the 22-year-old student living in Italy who created this site, apparently believes truer words have never been uttered. He started this "pasta-log" a year ago with a simple goal: to take a photo of every bowl of pasta he ate before consumption. A straightforward concept for sure, and the delectable photos of spaghetti, lasagna, and pastas of other squiggly shapes and odd sizes prove it a worthy endeavor. Although the origin of pasta is often debated, Stefano's love for the dish is never questioned the proof is in the pasta! When will the madness end? Stefano claims, "The day I'll have a pasta and I'll forget to take the photograph, pastalog will end." And a sad day that will be.

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