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January 7, 2005


n this sunny and unseasonably mild New Year's (Jan 1st, 2005) Day, as I write part of this, I'm reflecting upon what's happened over the past several years, most notably since 9-11, to cause the rest of the world to take sides against America. Nothing more I hate than starting a new year out on a note of anger and rage, but so what? America, the world's most beneficient and magnanimous Nation, is hated, reviled, defiled, despised, spit-upon, worldwide. The horrific tsunami in Asia has been blamed on us. It's not just the war in Iraq. It is the President's very American sense of decisive, strong leadership; of placing US security (and that of the entire free world) above diplomatic niceties. The UN is completely irrelevant and impotent, and mired in deep scandal. In Europe's twisted thinking, Bush is nothing more than the epitome of the "Ugly American", the arrogant, gun-toting cowboy many Europeans and other non-Americans love to hate out of their own sense of inferiority, jealousy, bitterness and often downright ignorance of facts and figures. America then, by association with this much-hated president, is also evil and must be a point of hate and derision of every other nation around the world. Much of the world is stricken with hysteria, irrationality and prejudice against America, and her allies in the WOT, and simply wants to placate the murderous muslim garbage, rather than kill them. Exactly what British PM Neville Chamberlain did to Hitler before WWII "officially" started: "Peace in our time". No way. Simple liberal appeasement, and it never works. Screw the rest of the degenerate, multiculturalist, socialist world; America will continue to persevere and flourish. What, a Canadian who appreciates America! What a rarity, eh?

Around The Garden Center©.
Hope you had a Happy New Year celebration. Me? Went home from work at 3pm on Friday, stayed in, had a few adult beverages, did some website work, and retired by 9pm. Just another day for me; nothing special. Though, on Saturday, my sciatic nerve was acting-up and I was in a lot of pain, but nothing was open. I couldn't get ahold of my doctor, chiropractor, pharmacist; no one. I ate aspirin and drank some more adult beverages to dull the pain. Ice packs and a heating pad helped. The roads and stores were deserted; the exception being a few convenience stores with attached gas stations.
Indian Summer returned last week; temps in the 50°F's and 60°F's. A little rain. No complaints. Oil prices are dropping as a result of lessened demand for home heating oil. No complaints there either, even though I heat (and cook) with natural gas.
Yes, it would seem that '04 was a year of natural disasters, world-wide.
Gas prices at the pump are, once again, holding steady at around $1.69/ gal (87 octane).
We dodged another Winter storm-blizzard on Wednesday and Thursday; here in southcentral Pennsylvania, it was all rain. 30 miles to the north, the folks got hammered with ice and snow. I caught some freezing rain on my way home, just after 3pm, as I headed north from the GC&N Complex. Uh-oh, more trouble is on the way.
The York County Coroner's Office handled its highest number of drug deaths ever last year. 30 people died from drug-related causes, double the number of the previous year. The office handled the most suicide cases it’s seen since 1996, with 54 self-inflicted deaths. There was one more homicide when compared to the previous year — with 18 for 2004. 55 people died as the result of automobile crashes. "Home and Play" accidents killed another 69 people, but heart disease was still the number one killer in cases handled by the office, with 159 deaths. Bummer.
Reason #1 why I carry a Kimber "Target Eclipse II" 1911A1 .45cal ACP, concealed (CCW-PA '89). And reason #1 why I also carry a AR-10 A4 (.308cal/ 7.62 x 51mm Ball/FMJ Ammo) w/ Leupold Glass and 6 x 20-round mags (loaded) in my '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee, just in case. No man nor beast is going to mess with me or mine.
Journal regular Chris S. sent this link along, yesterday. Why not adopt an American Soldier/ Sailor/ Airman/ Marine as a pen-pal? Visit My Soldier and sign-up; it's easy to do. I'm looking into it, myself. I'd much rather spend my money on Our American Troops, than over in some turd-world muslim hellhole. You?

Why the Washington State GOPers are giving up, with so much obvious liberal-demokkkRAT voter fraud, is beyond me. Way too many GOPers without guts, spines and balls.
The United States increased its aid pledge from $35 million to $350 million to help victims of the tsunamis in south Asia. Personally, I'm greatly saddened to see all the loss of innocent life, but it's a murderous muslim part of the world, and muslims aren't doing squat. We shouldn't even be there, IMO. Here's what the turd-world shithole, Indonesia, thinks of America.
President Bush's plan to liberalize the nation's immigration laws to allow millions of undocumented workers the opportunity for legal status appears to be is on a major collision course with newly-aroused sentiment among House Republicans Conservatives pushing for a crackdown on illegal immigration. Count on it, Mr President.
Disgraced, run-out-of-office, ex-Gov George Ryan (CROOK-ILL), needs to go to prison, and after his coming trials, he will. Scumbag.
I hate to say it, because I like US Sen Rick Santorum (CONSERVATIVE-PA), and I twice voted for him, but he's an idiot for backing US Sen Arlie "I'm a RINO" Sphincter (LIBERAL-PA). Sphincter's a disgrace to the GOP, and should be roundly thrown out of office; he's liberal garbage.
New year, same Ann Coulter. Just priceless. She really shouldn't be lumped in here with the spineless GOPers. Sorry, Ann; I'm working on a new category.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Scumbags.
A judge this week, threw out a civil lawsuit filed against William Kennedy Smith (RAPIST-FL) by a former personal assistant who alleged he sexually assaulted her. Smith, the nephew of fat, slovenly, alcoholic, drug-addicted, murderous US Sen Edward "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy (MURDERER-MA), has repeatedly denied he assaulted Audra Soulias. In 1991, a Florida jury acquitted Smith of sexual assault and battery on a 30-year-old woman he had met at a nightclub. He said his sexual relations with the woman had been consensual. Hmmmmmm, sure sounds like this Smith punk can't get any sex without force being used against the women. Typical liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag. Impeach the judge and execute Smith.
For anyone who doesn't know what criminals Tom and Linda Daschle are, read this.
In a recent statement issued by Jesse "Hymietown" Hi-Jackson, Jr, founder and President of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, he stated: "We grieve the passing of the leader and father of the Palestinian people, Yasir Arafat. He did much during his life on earth; his legacy will live forever...against the odds, he built a people from identity crisis to a state, much like George Washington and Mandela...Chairman Arafat rose from a rootless beginning like Moses...and led his people from darkness to light...". Stupid, lowlife, subhuman Jack-scum asshole. Yo, scumbag.
Liberal hate speech? Right here.

Subhuman, Hate-America Scumbags.
Anyone doubt that the corrupted UN is a crime against Humanity? Read this. And that Kofi Annan is a lying, lowlife, criminal scumbag? Read this.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
American citizen Medea Benjamin, a leader of the anti-American group Code Pink, announced in Amman, Jordan this week that Code Pink, it's parent group Global Exchange and Families for Peace have donated $600,000 in aid to the 'other side' in the terrorist haven city of Fallujah in Iraq. The Benjamin bitch needs prompt execution for treason.
Two subhuman filth get their "just reward": child molestor and murderer go to hell, where they belong. Thank you, Texas.
MS-13, which stands for La Mara Salvatrucha, is an extremely violent organization with roots in El Salvador, and boasts more than 100 "hardcore members" in East Boston who are suspected of brutal machete attacks, rapes and home invasions. Find them and kill them. No trials; just kill them.
Anyone who would do this to another person, richly deserves death.
46-year-old Sarasota resident Barry Seltzer needs immediate execution for attempted murder.

Houses of the Future.
Using straw, sticks, and bricks, the Three Little Pigs fashioned environmentally sensitive homes, although only one proved to be huffin'-and-puffin'-proof. Nowadays, more and more consumers are demanding homes that are modern and high-quality, as well as eco-friendly. Addressing those concerns are the folks behind the Year of the Built Environment and their showcase of six houses of the future. Each home is a pre-fab capable of being erected in less than 4 days. The "open, free-form plan" of the concrete house is intriguing, although mowing the roof may be problematic. Other domiciles are constructed of steel, timber, glass, or clay. The cardboard house can be assembled by two people in six hours. And if you get tired of its slanting walls, you can just toss it in the recycle bin.


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