(::: A society grows great when old men plant trees,
in whose shade they know they shall never sit.

writus interruptus
Friday, July 13th, 2007

it seems like everytime that I sit down to write another apolitical "John's Joural" entry, I read something in the daily news' headlines, which PO's me-off, to the point of obviating what I'd said, back on March 9th, in (scroll down to) "Change of Direction". (Okay, "writus interruptus" isn't a real, valid phrase.) Somehow, when The Enemy Within™ is attacking America, I just can't sit idly by, and say/do nothing. I need to get into the fray. I just wish it was real firefight — winner(s) take all — and I could carefully-choose from my formidable array of Class III Weapons, and take the treasonous, subhuman, seditious, leftist saboteurs, *out*, permanently. But it's not that type of a situation, just yet. Instead, I feel compelled to respond and comment on such stories of treason, sedition and sabotage, from within and without, America. So, I put down the original, non-political storyline that I was working on, and delve into the "topic de jour", with a vengence. Maybe I just have "Bush Fatigue", as does 99% of the Conservative Base? As sick as I am of the corrupt process of politics, and the criminal filth who masquerade as polticians, I still "feel the need to comment". Just as I "feel the need to vote", in every election, since 1960, regardless of the outcome. More than just several people have commented that they're glad to see me back doing so, and I appreciate that, but I'm veering from my original intent of doing something besides getting PO'd at what happens to America, by un-Americans, on a daily basis. But that's just me; I can't stay out of a good fight, especially when our Borders, Language, Culture™ are involved, in a fight to the death. But out here in the wilderness of 'journals' and so-called 'blogs', not much real change is affected, by my weekly rantings. I have no constituents, no followers, no army, no PACs, no organization, no fund-raising corps, no political machine; in essence: "no nothing". Just me, myself and I, and an opinion. I do know how to make phonecalls, send faxes and emails, when something troubling PO's me, and I do. And that's just a "fart in the wind", by itself, compared to what's truly-needed to wake-up the corrupt establishment, to finally "do the right thing" for America, and for the Citizens who elected them. Our very lives are hanging in the balance. The future of our Country is hanging in the balance. The American leftist filth is working 24x7, to destroy America, from within. I am reviled by a quisling GOPer/RINO-elected administration and a treasonous, seditious press, bent upon outright sabotage. If America finally finds a way to shake-off the verminous, leftist bugs from its 'body politics', through a Right-Wing Revolution, a Jeffersonian/ Washington government could come back to save America. Corruption, incompetence and treason at the highest levels of this government, on both sides of the aisle, is rampant, and must be 'put-down', like the rabid animal it is. Otherwise, it portends to infect and kill the healthy portion of America, which built and nourished this Great nation, up until 30-50 years ago, when the body politic was infected, and began to show signs of wavering from America's principles, moral and mores, and began the dying process, thereby reverting into chaos, multiculturalism, diversity, socialism and communism, and its final-stage collapse, into bloody anarchy and dictatorship. Trust me: there are millions of Patriots, who ***won't allow that to happen***, in any way, shape or form. "Intervention" will be the next visible step, in the coming process.

Around The Garden Center™.
The Summer heat, humidity, thunderstorms and hard rains, continue as usual. When I read the articles about the heatwaves out in LV, I'm darned glad that we're "only" in the upper-90s, here. "Dry heat" or not, 126x°F-plus is way too hot for me. Hot weather makes me "cranky".
Finally, all of our considerable 2007 LSCP Customer Replacements, are finished. I dread this time of year, since hundreds of unproductive, unpaid man-hours are spent against those tasks, as mandated by my unmatched, unrivalled, 5 Year Conditional Warranty. Although I've led the nation with the unmatched 5 Year Conditional Warranty, I'm thinking of changing it, next year, to a "check for a dead plant", warranty. I'll make that final decision, over the Winter months.
I slept-in, on Sunday, until 11am, and didn't even get outside until after 1pm. By then, it was 92°F, miserably hot but the humidity wasn't all that bad. Monday and Tuesday were worse, as it hit 96-98°F and the humidity was soaring into the 97% range, giving us a 'heat index' of 103°F-plus. Choice Security Co called me at 8pm, on Monday evening, with a "power failure notice", at the GC&N Complex, which didn't affect our battery-backup-powered security system, there. Nothing I could do at that time of the night, except re-set the clocks, coffeemaker and microwave, the next day. On Tuesday, more thunderstorms rolled through southern York County around 2pm, and temporarily-zapped my Net connection, caused some local power outages, and dropped temps 15-17°F in 2-3 mins, bringing ½" hail and some minor plant damage. Ditto Wednesday, but without the damaging hail. There were several bad accidents on the way home, tying-up traffic for miles, so I used my extensive knowledge of the 'back roads', circumvented all the traffic messes, and made it home, on-time. By 8pm, the front had passed through, and temps and humidity had dropped significantly, and the next several days and nights were again tolerable, if not downright enjoyable.
I have a long-term customer and his wife, in 'The Brogue' area, southeast of York, who have a 125ft American Elm (Ulmus Americana), which drops seedlings all over their property. I buy them for $1.00/each, grow them on, and give them away to family, friends and good customers, to help re-populate York County and northern Maryland, with The American Elm, as part of "My Legacy", to the region. Unlike Home Despot, I give them away; I don't sell them. Huge difference, BTW. I have 15 saplings — 10-12ft - ready for immediate installation before Winter, and another 12 seedlings — 2-3ft — which need another 1-2yrs to grow-on and develop, before being donated and installed by me — at no charge — to re-populate that very special tree, which I grew-up with, in 50s, in Arlington Heights, IL, on my Family's 2ac home. I'm also giving one each, to several churches, several local schools, and one each to 5-6 employee's homes, in York County. Dad took a beautifully-grown and pruned 8ft specimen home, on Wednesday, so one of my employees, who does contract maintenance work for Dad & Mom, as well as other local people, can properly-plant and stake it. Okay, I'm excited about 'simple things like that'; so sue me.
The 10-day forecast is for temps in the low-90°Fs, with only scattered/isolated t-storms, and rising humidity, which will make things uncomfortable and unpleasant, even compared with the past 3-5 days of upper 90°Fs, high humidity and heat index of over 100°Fs, BTW. I have the 2 LSCP Crews doing some much-needed maintenance around the GC&N Complex, although we have some large, LSCP-ing jobs, coming-up next week.
Gas prices have risen 6¢ this week,in the York (PA) area. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.95/gal, Unleaded Plus is at $3.05/gal, and Unleaded Premium is at $3.25/gal. I spent $51.20 for 17.3gal (22gal tank) of Regular, in Stewartstown, about 5 miles south of the GC&N Complex. Just 5 miles to the west in Shrewsbury, the same gas was 2¢/gal cheaper, and was attracting lots of Maryland cars and trucks. Increased demand and refinery problems — floods in the Midwest — are to blame, the so-called experts say. The fact that America hasn't built a new refinery in 20 years, may also have something to do with it. Ya think so?
Woooo-Hoooo! My IRA and myriad investments are loving the DJIA's 283.86pt rise! Where are all those morons who were saying, "Worst economy since Hoover", anyway?

My Choice For 2008 POTUS™.
Rudy, Mitt, Fred, Newt are all unelectable, lowlife, liberal dogshit, IMO. Those are the so-called, 'first-tier' candidates from the left-wing, wacko, lowlife, dirtbag MSM garbage/shit/trash/filth/junk, IMO.
There are no electable GOPer/RINOs in that so-called, liberal-demokkkRAT, MSM-controlled, 'first tier', IMO. The electable, Conservative Candidates — US Rep Duncan Hunter (Conservative-CA) and US Rep Tom Tancredo (Conservative-CO), are in the 'second-tier'. The shitfilth MSM play-up the so-called 'first-tier' candidates, fully-knowing that none of them have a snowball's-chance-in-hell, of ever being elected by America's large Conservative base, and the GOP-RINO Party is doomed to lose to the treasonous-seditious, liberal-demokkkRATs, who are The Enemy Within™ saboteurs, and who've fully-sold-out to the murderous muslim-islamist-arab filth, homo-sodomite-faggots, et al. Romney, Guiliani — the traitorous, cowardly saboteur, McCain, is already self-destructed, dead and gone — are roadkill, and no longer forces to be reckoned with. Thompson, an unknown until just now, is already being pilloried by the treasonous MSM filth, and it will get much, much worse when he 'officially enters' the POTUS race, in a few weeks of this writing.
Take some time to read about Hunter's history, as well as Tancredo's history, and both of their propensities, for the future.

Traitors, Seditionists & Saboteurs™.
IMO, 99.7% of the liberal-demokkkRATs and 93.4% of the GOPer-RINOs fit into that execution-oriented category, IMO. All who fit-in there, should be "permanently-removed" from American/Western Society's rollcall. First of all, the treasonous politicians; they are "the worst of the worst", IMO. They all should be duly-charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, for treason, sedition and sabotage. Call it what you will, but all of those anti-"Borders, Language, Culture®"-haters, need killing, IMO. C'mon; 'debate' me on that issue! Dare you, lib-dem trash!
Not surprisingly, US Sen Pete Domenici (GOPTRAITOR-NM), is a lowlife, subhuman dirtbag traitor, who has split from our CiC, President Bush, on The War on islam Iraq. C'mon, W&Co: get real, as you know it's a War Against islam, the murderous filth/trash/garbage/shit/crap/junk, don't you?m If you don't/won't, you deserve to be beheaded by those subhuman, 7 th century tribal, murderous cannibals, just as in the turd-world hellhole, called Africa. Get it, yet?
Yes, I firmly-believe that POTUS Bush has thrown America under the bus, on the secure borders problem — not an "issues" BS phrase, dammit; it's a PROBLEM! — but I fully-supportm GWB on "The War Against islam/Iraq/Afghanistan". And I fully-support Bush's impeachment, on that one issue, alone. Do you?
NIO, America is NOT READY to elect a Black or Woman US President, regardless of what the corrupt, criminal, liberal, leftist-liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled MSM say, in their bullshit, so-called polls. There are no Blacks, nor any Women, who are competent, ready or able to-be-elected and lead America, so far. Extremists Newsweak, ps-MSNBC and scores of other pathetic, verminous MSM filth, aren't competent to judge such a so-called race, amongst Blacks and Women. Both Black and Women Candidates, are l-o-s-e-r-s, so far. Hitlery Rotten Klintoon and Barack Hussein "The Magic Nigga®" Osama-Obama, Jr, aren't worth the toilet paper to wipe my ass. IMO. They're festering, steaming piles of dogshit, IMO.
Criminal, corrupt, lowlife, lying dirtbag, PA Gov Ed "Fat Eddie" Rendell (CRIMINAL-PA) has ruined Philadelphia and is now ruining Pennsylvania, my home state. He's a fat, bloated sack-of-shit, piece of White trash® filth, who should be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, IMO. We have a $650 million surplus, and he's pushing for higher and higher taxes, on many budget points. The state gov't is facing a "shutdown", due to a lack of $27 billion-plus budget approval. Truth be told: Penna is well-funded, has a surplus, which should be returned to the PA Taxpayers, as rebates, and the state budget cut by 10%, each year, for the next 5-10 years, IMO. It's a wasteful, bloated, lib-dem-induced welfare-humping budget, which is causing undue hardships to millions of PA Taxpayers, to pay unearned monies to the subhuman, lazy Nigga® and White trash® filth, in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton and other liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled, turd-world, hellhole cities. York is another lib-dem-run city, which is full of subhuman, lowlife garbage, who need "permanent cleansing" from society, IMO. Eugenics? No; more like execution/extermination/eradication. Like the "3 Rs", my "3 Es" would go a long way in cleaning-up America's cities, society and culture. Rendell & His Cronies? Where's James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald and John Hinckley, when PA really needs them?
The treasonous, seditionist, saboteur filth, in the GOP/RINO party, starting with shit-for-brains, US Sen 'Dickhead' Lugar (COWARD-IN), is now joined with treasonous US Senate assholes, 'Judd-The-Pud' Gregg (COWARD-NH) and 'Lamar-Fart' Alexander (COWARD-TN), are bailing on Iraq, on which I 100% support President GW Bush. However, I differ from GWB's wimpy use of the most powerful force in the world, the US Military, who could devastate the subhuman, murderous muslim-islamic-arab filth, in a matter of days, if allowed to do what they need to do: "kill people and break things". Under Bush's BS-PC crap, America's Military is hobbled, and forced to take thousands of unneeded casualties, when we could be already ***owning the ME***, if I were CiC, in charge, dammit! I could have won that entire war, in under 4mos, BTW. UNLEASH THE US MILITARY AND LET THEM WIN THE F*CKING WAR, MR BUSH, DAMMIT! (((SIGH)))

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
York (PA)'s downtown is full of subhuman, lowlife, tribal, murderous, dirtbag filth, who need "permanent removal" from society, IMO. The criminal, subhumans are out-of-control, and sorely-need summary trial and jail. Downtown York needs a "thorough cleansing". The York Police are hobbled by bullshit "PC crap" in their attempt to clean-up the Historic York City, PA.
I was way-beyond appalled when I read this; quote: "The Maryland State Board of Education has ruled that the right of the state supersedes the rights of parents in teaching children about homosexuality. The Board said the 'right (of parents) is not absolute. It must bend to the State's duty to educate its citizens.'" Huh? Since when does a Board of Education obviate the right of parents over their children? Elections — at every level — have consequences, and the citizens of Maryland have failed to educate the state. I think the rule of thumb should be: if you're going to indulge in homosexuality, keep it to yourself; if you don't, expect to be publicly disdained. There's quite a lot to be said for closets. Homosexuality and demand for abortions are, like prostitution, a part of the human condition. They have always existed and will continue as long as man, by the Grace of God, draws breath. We know how to deal with them to be right: to shun some things in a Christian manner. Those are rules of God — rules of law are accessories only. When rule of law tries to force on us a situation where we cannot shun such things by the rules of God, something's been reversed.
Awwww, "Seven hurt as 'Running of the Bulls' begins", in Pamploma, Spain? F*ck them! I'm rooting for the bulls, BTW. I just wish they'd KILL the assholes who taunt, torture and ultimately, kill them. I hate the subhuman bastards who do that shit to the fine, noble creatures.
Finally, some American Black are beginning to realize/recognize that the liberal-demokkkRATs' "holy grail of abortion", has affected their community — to the tune of 36% of abortions (a total of 1,452 per day) are performed on African Americans — everday. That's everyday! And yet, the racist, bigoted, lib-dem-owned-and-beholden, plantation Niggas®, still bow and scrape before their "White trash lib-dem massahs"®. The NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) are just niggers®; nothing more. And the dumbass sambo/porch-monkey/NAALCP lowlifes once again rejected a pro-life resolution, which would attempt to address the pressing issues of abortion and infant mortality in the American-African Black community. First, they aren't American-Africans; they're Black Americans, dammit! None of them are from that turd-world shithole, Africa. maybe their ancestors were, but they aren't.
Stupid, filthy, subhuman, two-dollar whore, mentally-ill leftist slutfilth, Rachel Corrie, the 23-year-old activist from Olympia killed by a bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in 2003, richly-deserved to die, IMO. The dumbass, brainless c*nt, was in the way of a wall, which crushed the hate-America piglet, and the JD Bulldozer had zero to do with it. I laughed when I saw the pics of her ugly, bloody, crushed, flattened-pancake body, which a sex-starved rapist wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole, lying in the sand, oozing her pathetic commie-socialist, shit-filled life's fluids and heralding a well-deserved death, IMO. The treasonous, murderous-muslim-islamist-arab-supporting, Jew-hating pig, deserved no more O2, and the world rejoiced at her permanent removal from the globe; I sure did. Rot in hell, filthy Corrie bitch!
What a pathetic, socialist-commie-foul-mouthed joke. Phony, lying Live Earth sucks a bag of lying shit, IMO. F*ck AlGoreBore&Co, who need summary execution, IMO.
Two lowlife, subhuman filth who deserve each other's pathetic, half-breed, garbage company, IMO. Get AIDS and die, both of you deviant, degenerate scumbags.
Hey, Katie "Colon Cancer Sucking" Couric: "sputum-scrotum", "sputum-scrotum", "sputum-scrotum", "sputum-scrotum", "sputum-scrotum"? Come try to slap me, you filthy subhuman libveral-demokkkRAT bitch-whore! You'll be dead in >2secs. You dumbass, empty-headed, mindless, untalented whorebag-slut-filth skank!
Okay, why would the Pope-a-Dope decree that "Christian denominations outside the Roman Catholic Church were not full churches of Jesus Christ"? I'm sure the subhuman, murderous, lowlife, camel-humping muslim-islamist-arab garbage/shit/trash/filth, are loving the Pope-a-Dope's so-called decree. Asshole, IMO.
Hey, US Sen David Vitter (SCUMBAG-LA): your impotent, pathetic, 2" GOPer/RINO d*ck, needs a 500mg dose of Viagara, you ignorant lowlife dirtbag! Go find a whore, slut, skank, and have a *good time* with your wifey-substitute, you phony GOPer-RINO scumbag! Dye your hair blacker, asshole; wear that GOP-RINO girdle; get another pair of GOP-RINO platform shoes; buy another 2-seater import sportscar; get your polyester suit drycleaned; and do the worls a favor, Vitter: KILL YOURSELF, ASSHOLE! Trust me: you won't be missed by anyone, other than the two-dollar whore, who depends upon GOP-RINO assholes like you, to pay her rent.
Another bullshit fruit-fat-veggie-salt-chicken-pork-dessert-fish etc etc etc, ***tomato/ lycopene theory***, dispelled. I'm so freaking sick of the shit-for-brains MSM, positing another 'cure-all', and then having to 'retract it', mere months later. F*ck the MSM, and their damned, f*cking lies!
Boo fricking hoo, criminal liberal-demokkkRAT, disgraced ex-gov, Alabama Gov Don Siegelman (LIB-DEM-CRIMINAL-AL)! Rot in hell, and I truly hope you DIE! And you too, criminal, ex-HealthSouth CEO, Richard Scrushy (ASSHOLE).
RIP, LadyBird Johnson, 94. I appreciate the wildflowers you sowed, every Spring. You were truly a classy lady, unlike your criminal husband, IMO.
"Nappy Headed Hoax"? Ann Coulter nails it again, doesn't she? The lowlife leftist dirtbags will soon be out, in force, to protest the headline, and not the substance of her article. They can't refute her facts; only her opportune and forceful choice of words, IMO. liberal-demokkkRATs are cowardly filth/shit/trash/scum/garbage/crap, IMO.

The Bush-Kennedy Amnesty Bill™, Explained.
Although well-hidden and cleverly-camoflauged by The White House and the corrupt, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled MSM, here's what the Amnesty Bill is all about, succintly stated:
    • Illegal Aliens would be given LEGAL status after only 24 hours, even without a complete background check.
    • ONE DAY AFTER THEIR APPLICATION IS FILED, they are given legal alien status.
    • Taxpayers, YOU will be paying for all ... ALL ... the Immigration Attorneys representing these Illegals.
    • Remember that provision which said the VISAS would be TEMPORARY? Huh? Well, what they DID NOT TELL YOU was these VISAS would be RENEWABLE INDEFINITELY! This constitutes a totally different definition for the Temporary VISAS. These should now be called PERMANENT TEMPORARY VISAS. God help US.
    • Illegal Alien gang members are eligible for Amnesty. All they have to do is SAY, "I do not want to be a Gang Member any more!" ZAP! Amnesty! There are more than 30,000 illegal alien gang members in 33 states.
    • The American Government with American TAXPAYER MONEY will be helping the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT by providing incentives like a decent education and health care to STAY IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY! I know a few Americans ... like ME ... who want in on that provision. Health Care costs Morty more than $2,000 a month. Mexico ... MEXICO... gets it free to stay there. Heck, the entire country should apply and be rejected so they can collect on FREE HEALTH CARE with OUR MONEY!
    • NO BACK TAXES. Illegals don't have to pay those nasty, cumbersome taxes. Back Taxes.
    • The North American Union would be given fast track priority in this bill to become citizens. All others can go to hell! Waiting for YEARS to come here legally ... go to hell.
    • The 800 mile fence? Slashed to just 200 miles.
    • TUITION for illegal aliens would be PAID FREE TUITION, a benefit DENIED TO AMERICAN CITIZENS.
    • Amnesty for illegal aliens who were ordered DEPORTED. Closing all illegal aliens who were deported will not be deported.
    • Another loophole, learning English NOT REQUIRED until the 9th year of Amnesty.
    • Illegals do not have to pay back taxes but will be eligible for the EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT. No back taxes, but EARNED INCOME TAX credit.

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage™.
islam is a cancer on the world's body, and needs to be excised, completely. all muslims, islamists and arabs are subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag, muderous, degenerate garbage/shit/trash/scum/filth, and need killing, IMO, by the tens and hundreds of millions, or billions. islam is NOT a religion; it is a complete political system, designed to subvert and take over the world's real religions: Chtristianity and Judaism. All the rest are pretend, wannabe dogshit, IMO.
Fine and dandy: find and kill these subhuman muslims-islamists-arabs. KILL THEM! IMO!

Some People Just Need KIlling™.
Thank you, South Dakota, for making my week! Murderous, subhuman, piece-of-shitfilth, Elijah Page, 25, gave up his appeals and asked to die for the 2000 murder of Chester Allan Poage, 19, who was also stabbed, kicked and bashed with large rocks in a torture session that lasted two to three hours. Page deserved m, much worse, IMO, and should have been tortured with a blowtorch, pliers and hammer, IMO. I'd have gladly headshot the subhuman shit/trash/junk/crap/garbage at N/C to the US Taxpayers, and specifically to the SD Taxpayers, BTW. Nice job, SD, after a 60 year "hiatus from reality"! I hope there's many more well0-deserved executions, to come.
Franz-Hermann Brüner, the head of Olaf, Europe’s anti-fraud watchdog, needs summary killing, IMO. Headshoot the piece-of-shit!
Nn, not sorry, folks: I have no/none/zero/nada/zip sympathy for those subhuman pieces-of-shit, in prison, serving time for crimes against society, no matter how 'minor' they think their crimes are. NONE! I truly hope they are gang-raped, beaten, bludgeoned, commit suicide, or whatever the GP-filth can do to them, on a daily basis. Those of us who have values, morals and principals, spit/piss/shit upon those subhumans, whatever their stripe/color/religion is. F*ck them all; let them be killed/murdered in prison, and save the US Taxpayers millions/billions of hard-earned dollars, in so-called "execution costs". I can do it, N/C, with a single .45cal ACP round, from my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II". Problem solved; next?
Remember the subhuman, deviant, degenerate, lying, homo-sodomite-faggot pedophile, arrested in Bangkok, Thailand — child sex capital of the world — who said he'd murdered JonBenet Ramsey, in a 1996 unsolved child molestation-murder? Well, the piece-of-shit was arrested early Saturday in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, after a 911 call of "domestic violence". John Mark Karr, 42, is charged with battery and obstruction of a 911 call. IMO, Karr needs summary killing, just on GPs, and the fact that all the young children he'd paid to have sex with in the turd-world shithole, Thailand, and all the other children he'll pay to have sex with in the future, would be much better-off if he were dead and capable of "zero recividism". So-called "rehabilitation" isn't possible with trash/shit/filth/scum like him, or anyone like him. Fact. Subhuman filth like Karr need to be permanently eliminated from society and access to society's young, innocent children, IMO. I'll gladly volunteer to headshoot the garbage, N/C to US Taxpayers; everything at my own expense. Deal, DOJ? Just say yes, where and when.
A one-time pizza delivery man White trash® scumbag, was sentenced Tuesday to die for the slayings of 10 women and an unborn fetus over an 11-year period in areas plagued by a crack cocaine epidemic. A jury in May, recommended the death penalty for Chester Turner, 40, instead of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Superior Court Judge William R. Pounders, said there was overwhelming evidence against Turner and agreed with a jury's recommendation that he be put to death. The case will automatically be appealed. Once again, I'll gladly volunteer to headshoot the garbage, N/C to US Taxpayers; everything at my own expense. Deal, DOJ? Just say yes, where and when.
Mwenda Murithi, 26, a lowlife, dirtbag, cowardly, subhuman piece-of-shit, illegal alien criminal, nigger®, needs summary killing, IMO, for being a a 'leader' in the homo-sodomite-punk, Imperial Gangsters, and on the evening of June 25th, he gave the order to shoot at a rival gang, killing 13-year-old Schanna Gayden, an innocent bystander. Murithi was charged with first-degree murder along with the alleged gunman, Tony Serrano, 19. Kill both of them, IMO. I'll gladly volunteer to headshoot both of the garbage, N/C to US Taxpayers; everything at my own expense. Deal, DOJ? Just say yes, where and when.

Art of the Explosion.
In keeping with the 4th of July Holiday Weekday... when one of the globe's premier artists of "explosive events" teams up with a fifth-generation member of "America's First Family of Fireworks," you knew there are going to be some serious sparks. This richly-detailed multimedia package, from The Kennedy Center, follows along as gunpowder artist Cai Guo-Qiang and pyrotechnics whiz Phil Grucci plan a Washington, DC, spectacle in the early '90s. Included in the show: a 500-foot high, 150-foot wide "tornado"; a mortar-affixed barge on the Potomac River; over 2,000 of the Gruccis’ patented "Pixelburst" shells; thousands of spectators; and more than one jumpy safety official. This wasn't a Fourth of July celebration. But with fireworks booming overhead tonight, I thought it was the perfect time to gape in wonder at what happens when two guys versed in sparklers take the artistry of explosions to a thunderous new level.

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