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our national headache
Friday, March 9, 2007

i still get a headache when I think of all the millions of so-called, "empty-suit" and "empty-skirt" Conservative GOPers who didn't show-up and vote, last Nov 7th, just to "teach the US Congressional Republicans a lesson" about not getting a Basic Conservative Agenda passed in Congress. What they "gave this nation" is akin to a venereal disease: liberal-demokkkRAT control of both houses of congress, treason, sedition, eco-nazism/fascism, socialism, hard-left Marxism, communism and absolute freedom for The Enemy Within™ to get their America-destructive agenda formulated, passed into law and all of us screwed, 'six-ways-to-Sunday', IMO. The spineless Conservatives who stayed home, "greenlighted" the filth, scum, commies, marxists, garbage, trash, commies, socialists, homo-sodomites, perverts, degenerates, deviants, eco-terrorists, traitors, seditionists and saboteurs, to run rampant and continue the destruction of America, from within and without. Social and fiscal Conservatives, like myself, are still reeling at the massive damage done, in that one day. President GW Bush, who was never a Conservative in any sense of the word, has now shifted even more to the insidious, treasonous left, just to "get along" and try to get some of his liberal-moderate legislation enacted. Dick Cheney's pacemaker must be connected to 220v power, by now. By trying to "re-define Conservatism", those GOPer-RINOs who stayed away from the ballot boxes, have "re-defined America", into a liberal, socialist, PC-diversity-perversity Nation, which is cowed and willing to accept the crap which the corrupt, criminal US Congress hands-down to us and which makes us an inept, incompetent, spineless, gutless, cut-and-run Nation, unwilling and unable to fulfill our responsibilities, duties and obligations to our allies and the countless victims, in *The Millenial War Against Criminal, Murderous islam*. America has indeed descended from a controlled-immigrations, "melting pot to a chamber pot™", by keeping our precious, soverign national borders almost completely-unguarded and unregulated, and by systematically-prosecuting/persecuting the heroic Border Patrol Agents who do their jobs, in favor of cheap labor (GOP-RINOs) and a new voting block (liberal-demokkkRATs and GOP-RINOs). The GOP-RINOs and liberal-demokkkRATs are more concerned with the "protection of the rights of illegal immigrants, rather than the protection of our national security", as evidenced by their legal actions. By my latest count, some 25-30 million illegal alien filth and countless murderous muslim-islamic-arab terrorists have been allowed-into the country, and we are headed to a cataclysmic event, where multiple American cities will be decimated by WMDs; most probably a 1-2KT nuclear blast, ala "24". Illegal aliens now kill more innocent Americans in one year, than all of the brave, heroic US Military killed in the last 3+ years, in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined. Surprised? I'm not. When did America "lose its soul", begin to hate everything, gain liberalism as a mental disorder, have such hatred in their hearts? What was the turning point, when America lost its perspective on reality? Was it the pot and coke of the 60s and 70s? What caused it to happen? Will it take a 5,000°F temp from a terrorist's nuclear bomb to wake America-up to The Enemy Within™? I'm afraid it will; 90% of America has already forgotten 9-11 and thinks we're back to 9-10 false security. The islamofascists are on the march, worldwide, but are securely-sequestered here in the USA, simply awaiting "orders" to strike and turn America into a graveyard of innocents. Are you prepared and ready for what's coming? 99% of America, isn't. The slaughter of innocents, will be on a scale heretofore unknown, in this country: innocent and helpless children will be slaughtered in the schools, frail and helpless elderly murdered in the nursing homes, helpless patients killed in the hospitals, disabled and helpless Vets killed in the VA Hospitals. These are the targets of subhuman, cowardly/murderous muslim-islamic-arab garbage/trash/shit/filth/scum, who can't stand one-against-one with a Real American Man/Warrior. All muslims-islamics-arabs are terrorists, of one kind or another, and are lowlife cowardly shitscum filth and subhuman garbage. The overt terrorists simply need killing, en masse, by the millions. I told you so, in 2001 and 2002, that this muslim-terrorist-shit would happen, but I was way ahead of my time, it appears. It's underway, and will increase, in intensity, in the coming months and years. So much for the "jihad shit" staying over in the ME, Mr Bush. It's here and it will only get worse; much worse over here in America, IMO. WAKE-UP, America and you dumbass RINO-GOPer idiot, President Bush! They're here are ready to strike to kill us! What will it take to convince you that it's underway? The slaughter/murder of hundreds/thousands more innocent Ameicans? WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO WAKE-YOU-UP, MR BUSH? WHAT? I support your impeachment, on the evidence of your complete and total abandonment of a coherent full-border control/sensible immigration policy, alone. By wilfully-ignoring the US-Mexican border, and willfully-allowing criminal, illegal alien, murderous spic filth to invade America, this is the "human invasion" you should be prosecuted for, IMO, Mr Bush. We are losing America to your "dump-the-spic-garbage-on-America" pal, the Vicente Fox scumbag, and you damned well know know it, Mr Bush! Pls prove to me, that I'm wrong, Mr Bush. I'm waiting, Mr President...

Around The Garden Center™.
The rain started early Thursday eveniing, thunderstorms rolled-through and shook the condo, awakening me several times during the night. Flood warnings were issued for numerous towns in York County, along with 55 other counties around the state. Retention ponds were overflowing, with the snow/ice melt and heavy rain, and numerous main and side roads were blocked-off with barricades. The Midwest and Upper States got blasted by blizzards, and the South got a rash of killer tornadoes, with with least 20 known dead, so far. I was just thankful it wasn't snow, or we'd have had close to 2ft and blizzard conditions, to deal with.
The DJIA dumped another 120pts, on Friday, as the yen rallied against the dollar and concerns about the U.S. economy still dogged investors after Tuesday's huge drop. The Dow Jones Industrials (DJIA) logged their worst weekly performance in more than four years; until this week, the stock market had gone more than 45 months without a drop of more than 2 percent in a single session. Ooops.
On Saturday and Sunday, we got brief sleet, freezing rain, rain and snow showers, none of which amounted to anything significant, but made the roads a wet mess. Thankfully, it amounted to zip/nada/ziltch. I went down to the GC&N Complex, to let our main equipment service company, Finch Services, Inc, of Hanover (PA), into the property, to drop-off my JD Tractor, which they'd serviced/repaired over the past 2 weeks, as they did with our John Deere 675B SkidLoader-Backhoe, last month. Both are now ready for Spring service. I checked the GHs, Main Bldg and out-bldgs, to see if everything was allright, and it was.
I called Trevor, York County Sales Rep, at Finch Services, Inc, to provide me with data sheets/financing information on the many brands which they handle, to replace my 1990 John Deere 675B SkidLoader, which has over 9,000hrs on the machine, and needs serious replacing for t5he 2007 season. I'm going to retire the 675B, and use it on the GC&N Complex to load mulch/soil/etc, on-site, except to excavate patios/walks/etc with its backhoe attachment, off-site, and replace it for heavy-duty work during landscape jobs, off-site.
No, I didn't get to see Saturday evening's total lunar eclipse; it was cloudy and raining here and the moon view was totally-obscured.
Gas prices, at the pump around the York (PA) area, continue to rise another 10¢/gal, this week. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.59/gal, Unleaded Plus is at $2.69/gal, and Unleaded Premium is now at $2.89/gal, and Bio-Mass Diesel Fuel is at $2.09/gal. Both diesel and kerosene (K-1) are 'hovering' around $2.97/gal. February's bitter cold temps and snow/ice storms have driven-up demand for home heating oil, as well. March's temps aren't any milder, so far, but the forecasts point toward some moderation as the month progresses. I hope. My use of natural gas at my condo, is about half of what it was in past Winter's cold months, and the GC&N's monthly LPG gas consumption is considerably less, since I'm not heating any of the 6 Production/Retail Sales Greenhouses, plus large Main Retail Sales Greenhouse, and we're only open 10am-3pm, Mon-Fri, and closed on weekends, for the very limited "Winter Hours", this year. No complaints on either front, from me.
Both current-customer and new-customer calls are increasingly coming-in, wanting landscape work done during the coming Spring, Summer and Fall months, as "The 2007 Season" fast approaches. We're getting filled-up, rapidly. I'm handling many of them myself, with simple requested over-the-phone information, and for the more complex design work, I forward those to our Staff Landscape Designer, James. If the economy doesn't take a "major dump", in the 3rd or 4th quarters, we'll have another very profitable, "banner year", easily-besting previous banner years. The addition of James as my GC&N Staff Landscape Designer, a few years ago, was a good decision, and has taken a lot of the day-to-day burden of landscape design, off my and my Landscape Foreman, Alan's, shoulders, and allowed us to concentrate on the many areas of responsibility, of which we need to pay focused attention, to keep the business running smoothly. Numerous "freelancers" I've hired in past years, just didn't have his spirit, dedication and enthusiasm. The same holds true with my Staff Masonry Foreman, Seth, who now works almost exclusively in stone, brick, flagstone and isn't burdened with plant material installations, although we're trying to locate an "assistant-trainee" for him, to help take some of the pressure-off of him, and train a new employee for future work, here.
The "DJIA Dump" continued, with Monday's session dropping over 105pts, after last week's drubbing of 416pts-plus, its biggest point drop since Sept 17th, 2001. Don't fret, too much, as the "correction" is still continuing and it will drop below 12,000 even more before it stops and recovers. I hope you're well-invested in other than in large-cap and small-cap stocks, as I am in the money-market funds, and are well-protected from such fluctuations, as I am. My IRA continues to prosper and profit, despite what the Asian-scum and Euro-scum are doing, and the American Market is emulating, with obvious, gross and criminal stupidity.
The bitter cold returned on Tuesday morning: 9°F with a -13°F windchill, with 35-50mph winds. I had no Net service when I got to the GC&N Complex, and found that my MT Wirefree wireless receiver tower on the roof, had blown down. Doug, the owner, sent a tech-installer out to see if it could be fixed, and his ladder blew down, and he was trapped on the roof in the bitter cold. Meanwhile, I was returning from looking at an East York job, with 2 employees, and we got the cell call that his man needed help. From 45mph to 75mph in 4secs, we quickly-arrived within a few minutes, righted the ladder, he got down, and came inside to warm-up. I'll "probably get Net service back" in 4-7 days, when the cold abates, so they can safely work on re-installing the wireless tower. Sucks to be "Net-less" at work, these days, LMTY.
Are you ready for the 3-week early changeover to DST (Daylight Savings Time)? My Condo Computer is, but My Office and the two Front Counter Computers, aren't, due to the fact that the MT Wirefree Network receiver/transmitter tower, is fatally-crashed, and down for another 2-5 days, until repairs or replacement, can be effected, next week, I'm told. I'll have to manually-reset them, which is no biggie.
I was up at 4:15am Wednesday to feed the two condo cats, and it was snowing pretty steadily, with an easy 2" already on the ground. It came down pretty heavy, from about 10am - 1pm. Forecasts called for 2-4" by end of day, but we got closer to 6". It was 12°F with a -1°F windchill and I decided to stay-in and let the snow finish, and pick-up my snow shoveller guy, Brad, early Thursday morning, and go in to do the clearing. I just don't relish the idea of sitting in that open cab of the John Deere 675B SkidLoader, for 2 hours of so of plowing, and freezing my butt off. At 57, the idea isn't as as much "fun" as it was, 17 or even 10 years ago, when I did this stuff on a regular basis. "Tempus Fugit".
By 9:30am, some 292 schools, churches, community centers and businesses were listed as "closed/delayed opening" for the day, and I decided to stay home and let the snow finish falling, and do the full clean-up on Thursday, instead opf doing some Wednesday, and re-doing it again, the following day. "Never do the same thing twice, when once will suffice™." With Pickle gone, there's no pressing need for me to go down to the GC&N Complex, on a daily basis, anymore, if inclement weather prevails. "Somehow", the allure and fun of "driving in the snow", just isn't there anymore. At 57, I'm adverse to taking unnecessary risks, these days. So, I grilled a 2½"USDA Prime filet mignon, made two sunnyside-up eggs, toast and coffee for breakfast, and then went back to bed. Life is good, these days, IMO.
By 2pm, the fine and fluffy snow had stopped, as most of it had passed to the south of us, in York (PA). The Weather Channel's *Winter Weather Advisory* was cancelled at 2:15pm. Final tally at my condo: 5-6". In some towns to the south of me, a mere 2-3" of snowfall, via reports from friends and employees. Thankfully, it was initially cold enough that the snow didn't turn to ice or re-freeze overnight. It remained soft and fluffy, and was easily plowed on Thursday, when we arrived to clean-out the 20ac Complex. The 10-day forecast is calling for temps in the 50s and 60s, with some rain, so most of this snow should be gone by Monday. No complaints from me. Now, if MT Wirefree can just get my InterNet service restored by Monday, I'll be a *happy camper*, once again. Spring is coming fast, and 12-14 tractor-trailer loads of fresh, new nursery stock, are scheduled to arrive the last week of this month, and into the first week of April, just-in-time for our 17th Open House, on Saturday, April 14th.
At 9am, on Thursday, I picked-up Brad and we went down to the GC&N Complex to do some plowing, shovelling and clean-up. It was 2°:F, with a windchill of -11°F. Damn, it was cold plowing and shovelling that 6" of snow! Well, shovelling, anyway; neither the John Deere SkidLoader nor the John Deere Tractor would start in that brutal, bone-crunching cold. We shovelled the front steps and porch, but decided to wait until Saturday to finish the rest, when temps would be back up in the 40s and most of it would melt. Friday was also predicted to be more bitter cold. Frostbite just isn't an attractive option. I've had a mild case of it, several times as a Boy Scout in the 50s before, and it's extremely painful.
I finished-up my paperwork around 2pm, and left early for the day. I stopped at the local Sears Store to check if they'd gotten any Lee® Jeans (36x29) in, as the last several times I'd been in, they were sold out of that very popular size. Sure enough, there were 10 pairs, and I bought 7 of them. More than enough to get me through the upcoming season, and then some. It seems that just when my previous pairs were getting comfy and nicely broken-in, the left knee would wear out, or the R/S rear pocket where I carry my wallet, would develop a hole, and they'd need patching. Well, in the early years, when I'd be out with the LSCP Crew(s), patched jeans were okay, but for the past 5 years, wearing them around my $10mm GC&N isn't okay. Too scruffy and inappropriate, yet if you bought them that way — torn and 'distressed' — they'd cost $79.99 instead of the $24.99, I just paid for new ones. Some of my customers' kids have commented on how much they liked my 'holy jeans'. Go figure. Oh, I still have all those other pairs, on hangars in one of my closets, 'just in case'. In case of what, I don't know.
While I was in Sears, I noticed 10-15 Mexican men and women shopping for work clothes, a few aisles over from where I was at the jean racks. Their shopping carts runneth over. As I was checking out, I commented to the check-out lady about them being "illegal aliens". She said they were, and everytime they come in, the Sears Store had to bring "Mr Gomez" up from the small applicance dept, to translate for them. She said they pay cash, speak no English and spend $2,000-3,000 per trip on clothes, appliances, electronics etc. I asked her why they didn't call DHS-ICE, to question them. She refused to discuss it anymore: store policy, and that the 'Mexican community' was growing in financial clout and spending a lot of money with them and other merchants in the local large mall. I could feel my face getting *hot* about this illegal crap, and not wanting to get her in trouble, went outside to my Jeep, and waited. About 20mins later, the whole group of illegals came out, and piled into 3 mini-vans, with Texas plates, and I got the numbers. I called DHS-ICE in Harrisburg, on my cellphone, who took the information, asked if they were committing a crime, and when I said no, she told me that they weren't interested, and hung up. Stunned, I just drove home. Yes, America's screwed and screwed from within, by our own gov't, who doesn't give a flying crap. Are you following this?
Don't get me wrong, here: I be glad to help out anyone and everyone (almost, except muslim-islamic-arab filth), to come to America, legally, through the proper paperwork and channels, but I bristle at anyone and everyone doing it *illegally*, and getting away with it. It's criminal, and as far as I'm concerned, akin to rape and murder, since Americans are being murdered, every year, at a greater rate than the US Military is taking casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined, in a 3 year period. My BP is spiking, just realizing about what happened on Thursday afternoon. I need a *chill pill*.

Change of Direction.
For the past 11 years (first entry: January 12, 1996), I've evolved John's Journal from a "purely-Garden Center & Nursery Diary/Journal", of sorts, into a "political-oriented commentary piece", and it's been met with a full spectrum of responses, from love to hate, and everything in-between. Natch.
Originally, John's Journal was merely an journalistic exercise in detailing my day-to-day goings-on at my 20ac Garden Center & Nursery, and it attracted, via numerous search engines, a small, but loyal audience of horticulture readers, when I had its links posted on my corporate website, www.gdnctr.com. As it progressed into a political commentary and rant about the corrupt political parties and pols, it attracted 50,000+ readers (weekly server-weblogs' data) on a weekly basis, mainly on Saturday and Sunday, after being published on my website, on Friday. I even created a separate "portal" for readers to access it, quite apart from "John Shelley's Garden Center & Nursery's" website, to distinctly-differentiate its political rants/ravings etc, from my corporate offerings.
But as I scan the news, choose articles to "comment" upon, and write my comments, I've grown weary and tired of it all, after 11 years. Originally begun as a "fun exercise", then migrated to a "labor-of-love", it has now settled into a weekly "tirade of outrage, anger, hate and disgust" at the many diverse, perverse, disgusting, treasonous and varying people/subhumans and topics. And I'm gowing tired of doing it. Why just now, instead of days/weeks/months/years ago? I don't know, really, but I'm at a crossroads, of sorts, and am making a conscious decision to phase-out much of the negativity, which has also affected me, in my daily life. This is just one of several important, and much-needed changes I need to make to my life, which I've finally recognized and feel the need to act upon, right now.
The change will become quite apparent in next week's Journal, as I phase-out several "trademarked" sections, which have become part of John's Journal, for the past 3-4 of the 11 years. I've often mused that the weekly Journal has been very therapeutic, in that I haven't grabbed one/several of my high-power guns and gone out to commit wanton acts of violence against those who would destroy America, due to shedding my anger, hate and rage at the criminals and other assorted subhuman filth, through the simple act of writing. But that was just musing; it'd never happen, I can assure you. There are enough so-called "bloggers" out there, who can keep such things above the radar; my time doing so, is now over.
There are several sections of John's Journal, which will remain intact, weekly, though I haven't fully-decided *which* of them will remain. I'm still working on that aspect of the "New & Improved" John's Journal. And I'm playing with some new graphics, as well, but they may have to kick-in later, as I perfect them in HTML. I'm a self-taught HTML guy, with a distinct dislike for CSS, XML, RSS and other fads, and will stay with the original HTML on my corporate site and Journal, despite what everyone else is doing. I could give a crap about what the webbie geeks/morons/idiots etc do; I do what works for me. Always have; always will.
Sure, I've take a "hiatus" before, "changed direction" once or thrice in the past 11 years, but have always come back to the political format, which so many thousands have enjoyed reading. This time, however, I won't be coming back, unless America gets hit with another 9-11 attack, or the "jihad crap" ramps-up, in earnest, en masse. Or "something else", of real importance, happens. I have a number of "other changes" in my life, taking place, which will coincide with this Journal change. And they're all for the better, IMO. But the untimely death of a younger cousin, my Mom's pending knee replacement surgery, my own physical health situation, my continued business progress and expansion, etc etc etc, all combine to dictate that a "positive, worthwhile change is needed, now". So be it.
John Shelley's Garden Center & Nursery, Inc., has always been wildly-popular in the many and various so-called Search Engines, such as Alta Vista, and in Google, and in Dogpile, and in Clusty, and in another 5-6 "early-day" SEs, which I just can't remember, anymore. Back in 1995, when I first "got on the Net", then built and posted the JSGC&N site in January 1996, it was wide-open territory, and I reigned uber-supreme, as the first GC&N on The Web. No one else even came close, to my website, philosophy, marketing and business. Most still don't, and can't figure out why. But the past is prologue and ancient history, for the Web, IMO.
As the pioneer in the so-called "blog-o-sphere" — a term which I loathe — it's worth noting that I never began John's Journal for the "readership"; I did it for my own benefit and enjoyment. But when both of those factors go missing, a change becomes necessary, and that's why I am taking this action.
Many, many thanks for your loyal readership and comments, over the preceeding years, and for your constant and valued emails, Fellow Conservatives. And minor thanks to the demented, perverted, misguided, lib-dem idiot, malevolent, hate-filled, lowlife, dirtbag, liberal-demokkkRAT garbage/trash/scum/filth/crap-assed/mentally-ill, left-wing, treasonous, cut-and-run cowards, who've emailed me, left various and sundry "comments", causing me to continue my Journal writings, for so many years, way past its "USDA-certified, freshness expiration date".
Whether or not the Journal's so-called, "new graphics" make it into next week's Jounal entry, is irrelevant. IMO, they probably won't. No matter; in time, they will. But for now, the 'content' is paramount; not the color of its 'skin'. To quote Alfred E. Newman. (((smirk)))

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Yes, 25 years after his death, John Belushi is still missed, IMO. When I worked in NYC's Madison Ave industry, some friends and I went to see SNL, with tickets, and met John, Dan Ackroyd, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner etc etc, backstage, after the show. I remember the '82 *breaking news story* of his death, by a drug overdose. It was a huge shock.
I'm very sad to say that Pennsylvania's Hersheys Corporation, is now moving 3,000+ jobs out of Pennsylvania, to the turd-world shitscum, hellhole, called mexico. I will never, never, never, buy or eat Hershey's Chocolates/Foods, ever again. Hersheys Corp is a treasonous, anti-American, lowlife dirtbag, scumbag operation, which merits a total boycott of their food/candy products, IMO. Never will my household or my 17yr-old business, ever see that treasonous Hersheys Food Product line, ever again. Never happen. Done deal.
There were some really good movies, for a change, on TNT-TV, this past weekend. And I recorded — nay "taped' — them for watching, at a later date. "Air Force One", "Pale Rider", "Executive Decision", "The Bourne Conspiracy". No, I didn't watch The Discovery Channel's total-bullshit, fictional, made-for-money story, of The Lost Tomb of Jesus, as My Faith In Jesus' Resurrection, isn't wavering, in anyway, shape or form. Screw The Discovery Channel's blasphemous crap. It's a scam, junk, crap, lies, garbage, trash, and filth, IMO. Such crap doesn't weigh-in, discredit or impact against My Affirmed Faith In God, at all. Not one bit.
Any wonder why we're "not winning the peace, in Iraq"? This asshole, PC-general is the main reason why we're losing 3,000+ US Military, and why the lib-dem filth is trying to subvert our Military, IMO. Gen. ??? is an asshole, beset with PC-diversity shit, and why we're losing the 'peace', after winning the war, in 3 weeks, back in 2003. Get this Odierno asshole out of the Iraq theater, dammit! He's scum, filth, trash, shit, garbage, dirt, crap, junk and shit!
Don't you stupid, f*cking assholes in the turd-world-loving, terrorist-supporting, Jew-hating hellhole, called "Foggy Bottom", know you can't trust gooks/slopes/dinks and muslim-islamic-arab, shit-filth/scum/trash/garbage/junk/crap? What's the matter with you liberal-demokkkRAT assholes, anyway? IMO, all of you need imprisonment/execution to clean-out that treasonous, seditious rat's nest of subhuman filth. ASAP! .45cal headshots for all of them!
As expected, the hate-America, liberal-demokkkRAT MSM/OTM are wetting their already-soiled, collective panties about the conviction of Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, guilty on four of five counts in his perjury and obstruction of justice trial. Yawn. He'll be exonerated on appeal, I predict. This bullshit trial was another farce, as the Duke LAX case was, and the dumbass lib-dem special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, should be dis-barred and going to prison, to "room" with a 450lb homo-sodomite, named "Bubbles" O'Toole, IMO. Patrick is a criminal asshole, complicit in a conspiracy to deny justice to Libby, and to defraud the legal system of due process in that sham trial. There was no leak by Libby, except by Armitage, and there were no lies, except on the part of Wilson and Plame, two assholes who should be convicted and immediately headshot, IMO. Both are treasonous filth. But no; I have no sympathy for the Libby asshole, as he defended the corrupt, criminal Marc Rich, when the corrupt, criminal BJ Klintoon pardoned him. Fitzgerald, Libby and Rich should be raped, beaten and killed in prison, IMO. They're all subhuman filth/garbage/trash/shit/scum, IMO.
Yes, so-called "global warming" is a man-made scam; it's simply caused by the cyclical ***sun***, you dumbass, liberal, lowlife, subhhuman, pieces-of-shit assholes! What's the matter? AlGorBore (FAGGOT-TN) got you mesmerized and dumbfounded, lib-dem eco-morons? Saturn, Mars and Venus are warming, idiots. Their icecaps are melting, and the White Man, and his evil SUVs, caused it, too? You f*cking liberal, wacko scum truly need execution.
Bravo, Eddie! Your troubles are only just beginning, BTW. Every scumbag, lowlife, dirtbag, degenerate, asshole etc etc etc that you've ever known/not known, will be coming after you for some of that money, pal. Others have lost everything to schemes/loans/gifts etc, and I truly hope you're not in that groups of idiots/morons/cretins. As I said, your troubles are only beginning.
islam and Niggas, go together perfectly, like shit and toilet paper, IMO.

GOP(Globalist Oligarch Party)-RINO Losers™.
Bravo, Ann Coulter! Loser, disgraced, hypocrite, lowlife, dirtbag, ex-US Sen, Johnnie "The Breck Girl" Edwards is a visible, looking like a flaming "faggot", if you've seen him preen and preen and preen about his hair and make-up, for 5-7mins, in that infamous 2004 video (look at post #3) — and here's the full pathetic video, if you're curious about seeing it in its entirety. Now, tell me that this self-absorbed, piece-of-narcissistic-shit isn't a "faggot"! Screw the MSM/OTM assholes and their heads-up-their-own-asses opinions on "hate speech", and screw the whiny, cowardly, lowlife GOPer-RINOs, for the same reason! What's the matter, scumbags? Never heard of The First Amendment, idiots?
And Johnnie "The Breck Girl" Edwards' lying, cowardly, treasonous, liberal, hate-America, bought-and-paid-for scumbag, pro-muslim-islamic-arab terrorist faggot, Davey "I Hate America" Bonior (TRAITOR-MI) has been exposed on her website, after I've said it for the past 4-5 years; bravo, Ann! Bonior's a two-bit coward and traitor, who deserves hanging, IMO, even if Abe Lincoln didn't actually say it. String the treasonous subhuman up, and hang him!
No, liberal Rudy Guiliani isn't "one of us" Conservatives; not in any way, shape or form. He's an anomaly, and not worthy of stepping on The White House carpeting, let alone becoming POTUS, IMO. I admire his "national security" stance, but his pro-homo-sodomite 'special rights', pro-abortion/baby murder, anti-2nd Amendment views and extra-marital sexual history of outright sleaze, arrogance and degenerate filth, make him totally and completely unacceptable, IMO. If he's nominated as the GOP candidate, that's the end of Conservatism.
Okay, so it's worse to say "Edwards is a faggot" than to wish Vice President Cheney was assassinated? Gimme a f*cking break! The treasonous, turd-munching Bill Maher dirtbag filth faggot, needs immediate execution, IMO, for treason in a time of war. Execute the subhuman piece-of-shit!
Awwwwww, the turd-polishing piggies at Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank each said they didn't know their ads were on AnnCoulter.com until they received the complaints, from the "faggots" at DailyKos.cum etc. Ha! Lowlife, subhuman, c*ckbreath faggot-lovers at DU? What a blast of perverted, degenerate, dirtbag, homo-sodomite, faggot filthies' garbage! Any questions, subhuman faggot filthies? I don't accept ads, faggots, so go f*ck your "whatevers", and DIE! Verizon, Sallie Mae and NetBank, need to be "economically-destroyed", IMO. And I will do my 'miniscule part', to help those three scumbag corporations, do just that.

Treasonous, Scum-Sucking, liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
The top two Democratic presidential contenders fought Sunday for the support of African-American black voters in a place infamous for a bloody clash between voting rights protesters and police. Corrupt, lying, lowlife scumbags, US Sens Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (CRIMINAL-NY) and half-breed dirtbag, Barack Hussein Osama-Obama (Nigga®-ILL) spoke on the 42nd anniversary of the 1965 Selma voting rights march, a stomach-turning, puke-point in the civil rights movement that led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act, vetoed by the demokkkRATs, such as J William Fullbright, Strom Thurmond, and many, many more racist demokkkRATs, who hated niggers®, and did everything they could to keep the sambos down on the "lib-dem plantation". Any questions, lib-dem filthies? YOU'RE the RACISTS and BIGOTS!
Good riddance, and rot in hell, disgraced, run-out-of-office, former US Sen Thomas Eagleton, 77, had suffered from a variety of illnesses and ailments in recent years. He's dead, and good riddance.
Well, well, well, Nigga®, muslim-islamic-arab US Sen Barack Hussein Obama-Osama (Sambo-ILL) reverted to "Nigga®-speak", as did fat, lardass hips, US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (TRAITOR-NY), in their racist appearances at separate Alabama churches, before stupid, gullible, liberal-demokkkRAT, self-hating, American blacks, last weekend. It was pathetic, if you heard the taped replays! Here's Klintoon's faked southern, black accent and here's Obama-Osama's faked black bullshit drawl. Hillarious, aren't those two lying, degenerate, subhuman, treasonous scumbags? The dumbass Niggas® are still living in the early 60s; they haven't progressed to 2007, many thanks to the liberal-demokkkRATs, who've kept the sambos down on the "lib-dem plantation", for the past 65 years. But why are they allowed to make political speeches in tax-exempt churches? Where's the f*cking IRS on this illegal crap?
Ditto, the "Katrina Krap", by dumbass Niggas®, who want "Whitey Man" and the US Gov't to pay them for what happened in a natural disaster, and who believe that they should be taken care of, from "cradle-to-grave", thanks to the "lib-dem plantation owners", the lib-demparty. Stupid, ignorant, lazy, moronic, shit-for-brains Niggas®! Crawl back under your slimy, slave-owned rocks, sambos! You truly belong in the lib-dem chains, which you're mired-in, for the rest of your pathetic lives, moronic porch-monkey assholes. Even the NAALCP president bailed, after finding out what a racist, bigoted groups of Niggas® he had to deal with. I don't blame him one bit. Bruce S. Gordon "appears" to be a rational, thinking man; time will tell his 'real motive', for leaving those racist sambos.
Soooo, tossing some fruit and vegetables at homo-sodomite-faggots, gets someone into trouble for a "hate crime", in The peoples' Republik of Kalifornikate? Fruits at the fruits? Seems fitting to me.
Hey, John Kerry, you treasonous, lying, loser asshole: here's a gun to blow your empty, hate-America head apart, assshole! Please kill yourself, for the good of America! Then, give it to Fat Teddy The Alcoholic, okay? Headshots run in his criminal, diseased, corrupt Kennedy family.
Leave it to the scumbag lib-dem filth in the corrupt, criminal US Congress to manufacture a "broadband crisis" and an "Internet blocking problem", that simply does not exist. Their bullshit, "net neutrality", threatens America's unique Internet success, because it would reverse America's 11-year, bipartisan policy to promote competition and not regulate the Internet. Figures.
"Clean darky"? How about a "clean Nigga®"? "Clean sambo"? "Clean porch monkey"? I could go on and on and on, about Barack Hussein Obama-Osama jr (SAMBO-ILL), the lowlife, hate-Whitey, hate-America nigger®, in the corrupt, criminal US Senate. Just say *when*.
Freshman, dirtbag, incompetent, empty-suit, lwolife, liar, scumbag, US Sen Bob Casey (TURD-PA), is off to a slow start opening district offices, including one slated for Pittsburgh. Just wait; it'll get a whole lot worse, over the next 6 years. I can't believe the assholes here in Penna, got rid of Rick santorum, for that Casey asswiper. Casey, like his dead old man, is a loser and a lowlife piece-of-shit.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Could 650,000 Iraqis really have died because of the invasion? No f*cking way. It's a lie, bullshit, crap, junk, garbage, trash and spin-lies. Period, 99% of all Iraqi Civilian deaths are by either/both Shit-ite of Scum-mi, wacko, 8th century fanatic, murderous, boy-buggering, women-chatteling and sexually-abusing, Nigga®. Again, NO!
Are you f*cking kidding me? The subhuman, child-molester, pervert, deviant, degenerate, sambo, child-molester half-breed, self-mutilator, drug-addicted, alcoholic, child-molester, scumbag, filth, piece-of-shit, child-molester, Mikey "I Love Young Naked Boys" Jackson, gets $3,500 for 30secs, from dumbass, moronic, Jap idiot scumbag shitheads?
Largo, FL, city manager Steven "Cut My Genitals Off!" Stanton, faces firing after it was revealed that he plans to become a woman. And rightly so; he's a subhuiman piece of shit. Give him a .45cal w/ 1 HP bullet, lock him in a room, and let him kill himself, for society's betterment, IMO. Take out the garbage.

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
Anyone and everyone who is associated with al Queerda and its subhuman, murderous maggot-faggot, muslim-islamist-arab killers, should be summarily headshot, and NOT released from any prison, anywhere, anytime. Kill them all, IMO, and permanently prevent any of the subhuman filth from going back into society, and killing again.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
The head of a notorious prison gang who allegedly approved more than a dozen killings in San Antonio during the 1990s heads was put to death just after 6 p.m. Tuesday in Huntsville (TX). Mexican Mafia chief Robert Perez was executed for the Alamo City hits on Jose Travieso and James Rivas 13 years ago. Thank you, Texas, for making my week!
Why, Texas: thanks again for making my week an absolute paradise, with the 2nd execution of another subhuman piece-of-shit on Death Row, for 25 years. IMO, that's 24 years too long, but better late than never. Good riddance, and rot in hell, to Joseph Nichols, 45, a lowlife scumbag for the murder of Claude Shaffer, during the robbery of a Houston food store, on October 13, 1980. Adios, maggot food asshole!
IMO, all subhuman NAMBLA filth, need killing. No trial for pedophiles; kill them all.
A former trash company supervisor charged with strangling seven women, had sex with them just before they died. Lorenzo Gilyard, 56, is suspected of killing 13 women and girls, most of them prostitutes, between 1977 and 1993. Though I think prostitutes are subhuman filth, none of them deserve to be murdered. Lorenzo Gilyard needs killing, IMO, with a .45cal headshot, right after trial and conviction. No appeals. Kill him!
Well, well, well, what do you know? Another subhuman, criminal, illegal alien, pedophile spic arrested for abducting another White American Boy! This is 100% your fault, Mr Bush, for not securing the US Borders, after 9-11, dammit! You should be impeached, Bush, and this piece-of-shit spic garbage — Vicente Ignacio Beltran-Moreno — should be killed, IMO! I'd volunteer to headshoot the subhuman spic filth/garbage/trash/scum/dirt/shit, at no charge to US Taxpayers, BTW. Any rebuttal, Bush? Thought not, you treasonous asshole.
If there was ever a subhuman, lowlife, piece-of-shit pedophile rapist/murderer, who needed prolonged torture and killing, it is John Evander Couey, who was convicted on Wednesday of the rape/murder of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, kidnapped from her Florida home and buried alive in trash bags in early 2005. Couey was convicted of first-degree murder, sexual battery on a child, kidnapping and burglary. KILL THE F*CKING SUBHUMAN, NOW, DAMMIT! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! Kill the piece-of-subhuman shit, dammit! No appeals; KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM!

Save The Girls.
When US planes jetted into the skies during World War II, the image of a curvaceous, come-hither dame often as not soared with them. These sirens beckoned, yawned, lounged, showed some leg, and pouted seductively from the nose of many of the aircraft. Now, the American Airpower Heritage Museum hosts this site dedicated to celebrating and preserving the flirtatious, fighting girls. It details the restoration efforts surrounding them. It explains how the servicemen who painted the ladies onto the schnozzes of B-17s and B-24s were untrained in the ways of a paintbrush (but clearly practiced observers of the female form). And then it presents an impressive gallery of images. Allow me to introduce "Little Bit 'O' Heaven," "Flamin' Mamie," "Forever Amber," and "Miss Your Lovin'." These ladies may be older than they once were, but they've still got "it", IMO.

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