sum, sum, summertime

Friday, July 16, 1999

there are some things I do like about Summer, especially in the plant world. Oh, I like girls in skimpy halter tops and short-shorts, a cool breeze under a deep shade tree on a sweltering Summer day, fresh lemonade and well, much more. But certain plants evoke nostalgia, mystery and adventure. (Okay okay, I got carried away there for a second.) The Summer-blooming perennials, shrubs, and the few trees are sights to behold in a wasteland of burnt brown and parched pigments. While there are a finite number of them, each is so different and evokes multiple responses from every admirer. I'm partial to the Lacecap Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla var. normalis 'Mariesii') and asserfly Bush (Buddleia davidii var. 'Black knight') as shrubs; Stewartia (Stewartia pseudocamellia var. Koreana) and Bracken's Brown Beauty Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora x 'Brackens') as trees; and as perennials, Gloriosa Daisy (Rudbeckia hirta var. 'Gloriosa') and Jungfrau Aster (Aster x frikartii 'Jungfrau') for late Summer color. There are hundreds to select from. I don't like the heat and hum-didity of the many Summer Seasons. After 17 years of smelling the nasty NYC July-August odors, I'd rather smell the roses at my own Garden Center & Nursery, thankyouverymuch.

The Drought Continues.
Yep, we're still in the throes of a 3 year drought, and it'll get worse before it gets any better. A few sprinkles here and there just enough to wet the mulch but not enough to wash the roadwhack off of the roads and no real rain in sight for the foreseeable future.
In the next 1-2 weeks, I've got to make a decision as to whether to lay-off my 4 Summer-help landscapers aka the "B Team" and keep the full-time guys. Tough decision. All of the other garden centers and nurseries in the region have laid off their 2-3-4 tier crews because of the drought. Many, many landscape jobs have been postponed into the Fall or next Spring and they're feeling the pinch. This'll be the first year we might have to do this since we started up in '91. I'm trying to work something else out so I don't have to do it.
I seldom do what the other places do; that's why I'm where I am in the food chain. I'm a predator, not a prey animal. There's a huge difference: predators set the agenda, prey animals follow it, as scripted. When one of our ads run in the local and regional papers, people respond en masse and the other garden centers and nurseries scramble to catch up.
Last Saturday, the heat and hum-didity broke and temps dropped into the 70s; very cool at night and much appreciated. It was actually nice not having to use the AC all week. Fresh air smelled good.
Many of the 300 Japanese Cutleaf Maples (Acer palmatum dissectum) I have for sale are now showing distinct sign of heat and drought stress, though they're watered on a drip irrigation system daily. The Cutleaf Maples' leaves are so finely dissected that they brown off quickly; then they must be moved into either Greenhouse 5 or 6 and hand-watered for several weeks while they recuperate under 50% shadecloth. I go through this every year; no biggie.

August Garden Chores.
Here's a few things to keep the avid Gardener busy and out of trouble for August:
»Monitor rainfall, keeping plants well watered during times of heat or drought, especially newly planted trees and shrubs.
»Continue to remove faded flowers on roses, annuals, and perennials. Pinch back leggy growth.
»Don't fertilize woody plants now. New growth will not have time to harden off before winter.
»Mid-August through Mid-September is an ideal time to establish a new lawn or seed in bare spots.
»Cut flowers during the coolest part of the day.
»Late summer or early autumn is the best time to divide perennials that bloom in the spring and summer.
»In hot weather, water container plantings often.
»Plant peonies at the end of the month through October.
»Continue regular weeding and monitor for insect and disease problems.
»Start cuttings of herbs to growing in a sunny windowsill during the winter.
»Order spring flowering bulbs to plant this fall.
»Remember to photograph gardens for winter planning.

A Rarity Dispelled.
Last week, I said that I agreed with Clinton's plan to redirect the wealth of these good times internally to areas within the US, instead of investing billions in shithole, third world countries. He was talking about tax credits for business who invest in those areas, not programs to administer more welfare dollars.
I should have known better. Read this. And this. Hmmm.
Read how The Left Wingnut LA Times sucks up to the Administration and Clinton.
Okay okay okay okay, Doug & Others; you all were right. But I'd still like to see it happen and work. Having been there and seen that in the 50s, all I can do is hope one day something works in a positive way for those folks.

A Funny Thing Happened, Part 2.
Last week, my dial-up connection at work dropped from 50.6k to 21.6 and stayed there. I tried everything, including threats to my Dell 333, calling GTE and my ISP for help. I got nowhere. I even talked to GTE about having ADSL installed, but I'm 36,000ft away from the substation; 16,000ft distance is the max for now, until technology catches up.
On Monday, I again emailed my ISP D&E SuperNet and got a considered, thoughtful reply from Robert C., D&E SuperNet Tech Support. He advised calling in and letting him troubleshoot the problem.
I did and he deftly guided me through repairing the problem. I'm back up to 50.6k and it's once again a joy to come into work and logon. 21.6k really sucked. Thanks, Robert!

Problems, Part 2.
Also last week, I found that some of the eight 60-inch cooling fans in Production Greenhouses 1-2-3-4 in the had slowed noticeably. I guessed the reason correctly: worn and slipping fan belts. Some were original belts from 10 years ago.
While the weather was cooler this past week, I replaced two of the worst belts. Even on a cool, cloudy day, the temps quickly hit 100F. I was drenched with sweat.
As soon as I can locate addition replacement belts, I'll replace them all in the four Production Greenhouses (8 fans) and in the Main Display Greenhouse (4 fans). I think I'll do it in the evenings when temps have dropped and stabilized.

You Go, Girls!
The US gals won it all.
Although my Dad played soccer at Penn State, after WWII, in the early 50s, I've never been a fan. It's kinda like hockey to me: I don't know what the hell's going on.
Call me stupid, dumb, ignorant, unobservant... whatever. I don't like Soccer (European Football) or Cricket or Rugby or whatever.
I worked on Saturday, so I didn't get a chance to see the game (match), whatever. I read about the finals on the Net in the evening, when I got home at 7:30pm.

Too Excessive.
Never a GM fan, this is far, far too excessive a penalty. Remember back to the exploding Ford Pinto of the 70s; taking inflation into account, there's no justification for $4.9 billion. Ford paid a tiny fraction of the final settlement mandated by the legal system.
What about the stupid bitch who spilled hot coffee at McDonald's into her crotch, and got $10 million. Is that obscene and excessive or what? Coffee is supposed to be hot, and you're not supposed to spill it in your crotch, ladies. Juries in product liability cases are among the most f*cked people anywhere. The max for that stupid stunt should have been having her drycleaning bill paid and some burn ointment for her crotch. Nothing more.
Another f*cked up jury awarded some lowlife scum $295 million from Ford; out-f*cking-rageous. A couple million would be way more than enough. Hopefully, a thinking judge will set aside the ridiculous amount and re-try the case with a sensible group of citizens, if they can fine any.
When will people learn to take responsibility for their own actions? Probably never, as long as idiot juries continue to make outrageous and outlandish awards to cretins.
This sums up My Philosophy. Anyone else on the same page?

Jail The Scum!
What the hell is the FBI-DEA-BATF-INS-CIA-NSA waiting for? The vast majority of criminal Hacker lowlifes are all in one place; nail and arrest their shit-for-brains asses. The Gov't can keep them on ice for 72hrs wo/ charges. A lot can happen in 72hrs. All kinds of suicides, self-mutilations, self-dismemberments; hey, you know what I mean. The whole lot can be self-removed as a disease of society, without noticing a loss in any sector.
Hackers are the rejected degenerates of society. Outcasts. Reprobates. Pariahs. Filth. Disenfranchised lowlifes who can't carry on a 17-sec conversation in mixed company wo/ referring to their new hacker software. Subhuman shit deserving of imprisonment. Look at 'em.
Speaking of pieces of shit who should be in prison, this Warshavsky lowlife would make a real nice girlfriend for a 450lb inmate in a federal prison. He's responsible for so much porn on the Net, he needs to be prosecuted and imprisoned for life.

The Death Penalty.
Anyone who murderers (and rapes, molests children or betrays his/her country) is eminently eligible for execution, society's ultimate punishment.
Their sexual orientation doesn't matter; murder is still murder. Execute the murderers.
scumbag shithead needs to die soon for Killing that Philadelphia cop in '81. First, all the white liberal idiots need to be educated that Tyrone or Leroy, or whatever that cretinous-moron's real name is, did whack the cop. Now if our turncoat Governor of Pennsylvania, Tommy "The Commie" Ridge, will just sign the f*cking death warrant and have the scumbag executed, meaningful life can proceed once again and Justice will be well served, albeit 18 years too late.
This is another liberal smokescreen; pure bullshit. I believe that execution is far preferable to incarceration for the criminal scum. Getting filth out of society is the most important thing government can do.
This is news? That's exactly where that subhuman, mentally-ill scum should be kept; they shouldn't be allowed back into society.
Here's another piece of subhuman shit who sorely needs execution for murdering society's innocents. Liberal scum will wet their beds and wring their bony hands, but f*ck 'em: execute the scumbag.
Well well well; the FBI finally found the "Railway whacker", after he turned himself in, of course. What an embarrassment to national law enforcement the FBI is. They can't find their own asss with both hands. Don't bother with the trial; just waste him before he escapes again, guys.
Wow, do these klutzes ever need to get their act cleaned up in a hurry.
I sure am glad there's a new Death Row to execute federal prisoner scum. If they'd just use it and rid the world of all those subhuman filth languishing therein, the world would be a much better place.
This is why prisoner rehabilitation doesn't work. Execute those who are so sentenced, and keep the rest locked up for life.

Dump The Race Card.
Every time I turn around, it's some lowlife minority or half-breed government study decrying a racial gap. Well sure there's a racial gap; even between the races themselves. Big f*cking deal, so f*cking what.
Sure there's wealthy whites on the Net, and wealthy blacks, and wealthy Hispanic and wealthy Asians, too. But what about the disparity between wealthy blacks in the US and middle class or poor blacks who are/ aren't on the Net? Ditto for whites. You don't hear people in Appalachia whining about not having 450 pentium IIIs and T-1 access, do ya?
Is the f*cked up US Gov't or Corporate America now going to spend millions to give poor whites and blacks computers and T-1 access so they can spend their meager paychecks and welfare checks buying software or hardware or something else they don't need, while online?
Get a real paying job, lowlife people. Get your lazy asses off of welfare. Find a business who'll hire you, work your lazy ass off and make something out of yourself, instead of always having your dirty hand(s) out for handouts at our expense. If it takes 3 or 4 jobs to get you what you want, then work those 3 or 4 jobs. Get some pride for once in your miserable f*cking lives. And quit the f*cking whining when times are tough; we all have our crosses to bear.
The racist, grandstanding, loudmouthed piece-of-shit, Kweisi Mfume whose real name is Leroy Tyrone Johnson and who heads up the NAACP, another worthless organization of liberal shit scum, should be telling his people to take responsibility for themselves, instead of having their lazy hands out for more hand-outs. That's all they do and it hasn't changed since the liberal filth put 'em all on the welfare rolls 45 years ago.
The racist Mfume also is upset at the networks for not putting any blacks in TV shows for the coming season. Considering I haven't watched TV in years now due to the lowlevel shit that's on all the networks, I'm guessing that America is tired of watching a bunch of hip-hop, rapper shitper characters who can't speak English. I did watch part of one of those "black shows" a few years back out of curiosity, but it's characters were more Steppin' Fetchit, idiot-buffoon than black. Pathetic stuff, all of those shows.
The scumbag liberals always boil it down to the race issue: who has what and how do we take some of that away by taxing and give it to those who don't have it. Truly fascist, communist and socialist in their perverted view of the world.

I just have to laugh at the stupid cretins who think they're gonna change the world electronically. Pathetic, brainless creatures.
Led by a racist, grandstanding, loudmouthed moron Kweisi Mfume whose real name is Leroy Tyrone Johnson, the NAACP should stick to what it does best: nothing. A wholly worthless collection of racist buffoons.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out why they represent a significant constituency that is disproportionately affected by gun violence: lots and lots of black criminals into crack cocaine, other drugs, alcohol, theft, murder et al. Whites have the same problem, but there isn't an organization suing gun manufacturers on their behalf. Simply passing more dumb laws isn't going to change any of that. Enforce the 20,000 gun laws already on the books.
Hey Mfume, you idiot: here's how it's done correctly.
But incarceration of the criminals will. Get the scum off of the streets. And execute the murderers promptly. Dead criminals don't commit more of the same type of crimes; in fact, they don't ever commit any kind of crime again. And that's the way it should be.
Speaking of scum, does the fat, stupid, hair-straightened, anti-Semitic, racist Al "pass some mo' a dem donuts, babycakes" Sharpton scumbag ring any bells? He's still living in the 60s and 70s, when moronic, liberal democrat, (un)equal opportunity programs ushered in an era of lots of substandard contractors and edged out quality. When is someone going to put an end to that piece-of-shit, lowlife's actions? Where's James Earl Ray when the country really needs him?

Even as a 36-year smoker, I agree totally with the jury award. Take a bit of responsibility for your own actions, Mr. & Mrs. Smoker.
Finally, people on a jury with some real common sense. How refreshing.

Terrorist Auction.
Not likely those stinking towelheads will sell or give the lowlife bin Laden to the US for trial and execution.
The day a bunch of murdering, ruthless towelhead scum would give up one of their own to the Imperialist Satan (USA) is the day the world ends, at least for their position in the Arab/ Muslim world.
One of the Clintonite filth at The State Dept got it all screwed up. Again, for the 217th time. Nothing like a continuous tradition of stupidity.
On a world scale, these scum clearly need execution.

Attorney Criminals.
These people are scum, crooks, morons, liars, thieves and lowlifes. Of course, they're lawyers in the tobacco settlement case who've charged $3,032 per hour for basically doing nothing.
They all should be sent to prison for fraud and robbery. They'd also make some 450lb inmates nice, friendly "girlfriends". I'd pay to see that.
First, the tobacco trial and settlement was wrong. Second, these crooked lawyers have ripped off everyone for 24,733 hours of mere reviewing documents and little else. It's outrageous and obscene.

Clinton's Accomplishments.
It wasn't difficult to compile, and the Rapist & Liar In Chief still has 18 months to go and can add to it.
The big pushes during Clinton's two terms in office were to: raise taxes, cover up the Travelgate scandal, increase government spending, diversify the sexes from two to five, transfer America's manufacturing base to needy foreign countries, legitimize sexual deviancy, sissify the military, cover up Whitewater, foster class warfare, cover up the massacres of American citizens at Waco and Ruby Ridge, keep as many members of the cabinet out of jail as possible, shred 12 tons of incriminating documents, defend racial discrimination against people of non-color, defend welfare as we know it, strip marriage of its meaning by extending its benefits to odd couples, defend and promote infanticide, register welfare recipients to vote, expand benefits for illegal aliens, blame school violence on inanimate objects, recruit illegal aliens to the Democrat Party, raise money to defend the president against a pants-dropping charge, put the Creator of the Universe under house arrest, confiscate private property, control the amount of water used in a toilet flush, deny parents the right to choose schools for their children, mainstream hustler Larry Flynt, subvert the Constitution with loophole-lawyering, return California and Texas to Mexico, foster anti-American multiculturalism, start Cold War II, promote the idea that oral sex is not sex, mangle the English language with legal babble, prove you can lie under oath and get away with it, establish the moral precedent that adultery is OK if the wife doesn't care, protect endangered weeds and kangaroo rats from farmers, keep Hillary out of jail, develop an affirmative-action program for a venereal disease, promote cigars as sex toys, rent out the Lincoln Bedroom, put degeneracy on a pedestal, socialize medicine, sell nuclear secrets to China, criminalize "incorrect" thought, use the United Nations to teach Third World countries the joys of wholesale abortions, cover up the cover-ups, meddle in the internal affairs of other nations, wage illegal wars, and teach underage children how to have sex without consequences.
Wow, Bubba did a lot for us in the past 7 years. Thankyousomuch. I'm so grateful that this once-proud Nation is so much better for his having been here. We'd have been better off if his so-called biological mother had had a miscarriage. Or something.

30 Years Ago.
I remember it clearly, as do all 35+ year old Americans with a functioning brain and a TV set: Apollo 11 setting down on the moon and the first person to touch the surface. I watched it with my parents at their home in Convent Station, NJ, in between Summer jobs during college years, as did hundreds-of-millions of other people around the world.
20 days later I'd be at Woodstock, partying my brains out.
Gaawd, life was fun, back then. Wasn't it? Nary a worry, nary a care.

Jail The Filthy Bitch.
Attempted murder, even 30 years ago, has no statute of limitations. Imprison, try, convict and sentence the Soliah rat-bitch-whore-slut bimbo from the 60s. What a f*cking joke. 30-50 years should work just fine. She'll be dust bwhen her illegit bastard kids are ready for the grave. Then the whole mess of them will be removed from the gene pool.

Death Clock.
Curious about when you'll bite the big one, statistically speaking? Visit Death Clock for a preview. Then get busy and make something out of your life before the Grim Reaper knocks.

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