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Friday, July 21, 2000

That plants are so much smarter than humans, is scary. They do everything by a finely-tuned natural instinct honed over billions of years, instead of the knee-jerk reactions we live by. The miraculous regenerative powers which plants harbor is legend: cut them back and they re-grow and flourish. Amazing. More and more, it seems that almost any creature excepting Homo sapiens can adapt to "new" and "unaccustomed" circumstances without too much stress. Sure, exceptions abound. There are also untold plants which hold cures for medical problems; new ones are being found and medicines synthesized almost daily. Tending to over 40,000 plants on this 20acre Garden Center & Nursery continually reinforces my belief that when we humans are finally gone from this globe, plants and their insect companions will once again inherit and rule the Earth. We're merely short-term intruders.

Around The Garden Center.
So far, this Winter-Spring-Summer has been especially mild, as compared to '96-'99. Whereas in other years, we've had virtually no naturally-occurring moisture between June and October, this year we've had enough to call it a break-even situation. For once, the talking weather heads don't have to lie about ground moisture, but we're still 23" down over the past 3 years; unless we get a hurricane or two, we'll never get that back.
Gas prices around the mid-state continue to remain steady; I just filled up the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD tanks for 21.2gal for $35.00 at $1.64.9/ gal (89oct). When I travel down to Maryland, prices seem to be a nickel to a quarter higher, yet; perhaps that's why I'm seeing so many more Maryland plates at the gas stations just over the Pennsylvania line. Duh. Well, hey: Midwest gas prices are dropping faster than Bubba's trousers when Monica opens her lips. Down to way below the East Coast. Why did gas prices rise so fast? The Clintoonista administration is to blame; here's what they did to cause it.
My Office InterNet connection took a dive right after heavy thunderstorms rolled through last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Throughput was so bad, it was like using a 9600baud (we're talking early to mid-80s here) modem, instead of the 50.6k v.90 modem it's supposed to be. It just wouldn't finish loading page files. The other phone lines also had troubles with connectivity, and that affects my business. Upon arriving at the GC&N on Sunday, everything had "miraculously fixed itself" and my connection was back up to 33.6k. The Office telephone line, which I share with the Front Counter as the main 717.246.1414 number, is still on the fritz. My GM, Lynn, got GTE on the line Monday and they sent a repair crew out. Fixed it: was a "bad connector plug on an old line" for my new, multi-tasking phone. Sheeesh. Rocket science.
Sunday afternoon, a very large thunderstorm front rolled through, and sat on top of us for what seemed like an eternity. We easily got 3" of hard rain, lots of thunder and lightning. Roads were flooded, fields were also under water. Farmers were not used to it, after 3 consecutive years of drought. Unfortunately, 90% of the water "ran off"; the water tables recouped a few percent, but only enough to keep us even. I enjoyed driving through it all; plenty of common 2wd vehicles were stalled out and immobile. I stopped to ask as many as I could about "assistance"; apparently the AAA was well-booked-up on Sunday and Monday. One more indication that the drought is over around the mid-state.
The incessant queries, from the latest USA Today article about our high-end water gardens, have slowed to a trickle, now, thank-you-very-much. Email is so much more indirect and un-intrusive.
I took Wednesday off: slept in 'til 11am, went food and misc shopping, did laundry, played with the condo cats, did some clean-up work on the Jeep; in general, got caught up on stuff I've let go since my last day off way back in early June. It was nice just to have a day to do something substantive, yet nothing glaringly productive. I'm already looking forward to another day off next month.

Clintoonista Criminals.
It was bound to come out sooner or later: a sworn affidavit now exposes top Clinton administration officials to serious criminal charges. The evidence is now available, but most likely nothing will happen since the criminal alcoholic diseased shaker dyke Janet "Waco" El-Reno will once again cover up and protect the Clintoon-GoreBore slimeballs, as she's done for the past 8 years. New questions about old charges about the most corrupt administration in US History? Yep, once again into the breach. We'll just wait and see which underlings take the heat for Bubba & Hitlery's Criminal Enterprise.
A Clintoon legacy? What amount will the lying, criminal bastard sell US out for? Any guesses what you and I will have to pay for a peace that will never work? f*ck it; I say give both sides nuclear weapons and let them fight it out. That, I'd gladly foot the bill for the weapons costs, but nothing else. It's long past time that the parasitic Israel and pathetic Palestinians stood on their own two feet and quit begging the US for handouts.
One of the most repressive taxes on "the books" is the so-called "estate tax" or death tax on property handed down to heirs after a relative's death. The fact that it's all been taxed at least once before doesn't matter to the stinking lib-dem scumbags; they want to re-tax it at rates up to 55% again for more social program/ welfare monies. The fat, stupid, alcoholic murderer Teddy "wanna go for a drive over a bridge, my dear?" Kennedy can you say Chappaquiddick? leads the way to stop the legislation from happening. And so does the shit-for-brains Bubba Clintonite scumbag, who claims to be watching out for the minimum wage earners. Clintoon says he'll veto it.
The second most repressive tax is the so-called "marriage tax", where two people earning high-incomes are unduly taxed to death for making a nice combined income. Time to dump this lib-dem, scam-crime.
Back into his more familiar mode as Liar-In-Chief, Bubba Clintoon told the NAACLP (National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) that AlGoreBore was "the wise choice" for president in 2000. Sure, it takes a liar to get another liar elected and that's what Bubba is trying to do: continue the legacy of the most corrupt, unethical administration in US History. I really hope that Blacks who vote aren't stupid enough to believe the Clintoonista lies, but one never knows; they voted Clintoon in twice.
As AlGoreBore does worse and worse in the polls, the White House continue to bring the slimy creatures who helped spin Whitewater, TravelGate, FileGate et al in the press, and defamed the honest prosecutors and witnesses. One such obnoxious piece of shit is Mark Fabiani who, teamed with the GoreBore idiot Chris LeHane a loud-mouthed moron who needs some serious dental work will try to insure that the lib-dem lies receive due ink in all the liberal media.
The two-faced moron, Billy-Bob Bradley endorsed AlGoreBore for the presidency, even though he pointed out several times that GoreBore is a lying scumbag and is as crooked as Bubba Clintoon. Shows us all how much character Bradley has: none. He was tops in my book, after his primary defeat, when he was avoiding saying anything, as the silence was damming. Guess "someone" got to him. Bradley has as much class and character as a fart in church.
Read about the arrogant Hitlery Clintoon and her desire to get back among the commoners and pensioners. What a nasty bitch she really is. She's royalty and we're common scum, eh New York State? You gonna vote for a slimy, lying criminal like her?
I wonder how my Jewish brethern in NYC will react to Hitlery calling a campaign official a "f*cking Jew bastard"? Combine that with her outright, slavish love of Arabs and hate for Israel, and I'd think they'd be just a tad pissed. It's really amazing that Hitlery Clintoonista can remember that incident back in '77, but she "can't recall" and "doesn't remember" the criminal events of Whitewater, FileGate, TravelGate etc just a few short years ago, isn't it? You be the judge. Get the f*ck out of NYC, Hitlery Clintoon, you stinking scuzbag shicksa bitch!
Putting on his Afro wig, AlGoreBore wailed and ranted like a possessed Black Baptist Minister, turning meaningless Ebonics phrases like Jack-scum and Sharp-scum do betcha' he had some "coaching"" from those two bigoted race-baiters and made a total moron of himself, something which isn't difficult to do. The NAACLP (National assn for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) just lapped it up. They're such an easy mark.
Of course, the Hitlery Buffoonista Clintoon denies she hates "f*cking Jew bastards"; what'd you expect from a criminal Clintoonista?
It's more than difficult to imagine AlGoreBore shit-for-brains beating GWB in November; but HEY: anything is possible. Hitlery has no character, so the charge of "character assassination" is irrelevant: the First Bitch-Liar has no character.
Here's a solid profile of shit-for-brains AlGoreBore, just in case you're thinking of voting for him in November.
Gee, does Uncle Newt seem like an Clintonista Apologista, lately? Kind of castrated, neutered? Worthless piece of shit scum? Was his Prep-H, Geritol or Grecian Formula drugged? Sure wasn't the "Warrior Newt" we knew in the early 90s. He's dogshit.
Think I'm being too hard on Hitlery Clintoonista? Better read this first before rushing to any mindless lib-dem judgement.

Execute The Filth.
Beating a 4 year old child to death because he didn't want to pick up his toys merits the death penalty, not life in prison, IMO.
I like the Saudi's attitude toward child molestation and homosexuality: execution. I just wish the US would adopt that stance; it'd sure solve a lot of problems and make for a nicer country.
There's no doubt in my mind that the two murderous homos who raped, sodomized and murdered a 10 year old boy in Arkansas richly deserve the death penalty. You?
This heinous crime is why I fully support the death penalty for rape, right after murder and right before child molestation and treason.
Why is this murderous piece of shit idiot, OJ Simp-scum, still alive. Goldman's father should have had him whacked long ago. No jury would convict.
I sympathize with this woman's newfound attitude of forgiveness of criminals, I truly do, but the only way to make sure murderers don't repeat the act is to execute them and rid the world of their evil presence. Dead murderers don't repeat the crimes.
Oklahoma executed a murderous piece of subhuman shit this week, and deservedly so. Let all the lib-dem scumbags hold so-called prayer vigils for the criminals; what about the victims and their families? Who prays for them? f*ck the criminals: execute them all!
All in all, it's been a slow past couple of weeks for executions, one of my favorite spectator sports. You'd think that with 3,700+ pieces of subhuman filth awaiting their turn on Death Row, the electric chairs would be sizzling and the hypodermics would be plunging away. Go figure why it's taking so long to rid society of this scum, and why the death penalty isn't a terribly effective deterrent because of the delays. 2-3 executions per day should be taking place; that would deter.

Hate Crimes.
Last week's Journal generated almost 3,000 emails of both assent and dissent. Even the "lurkers" outed themselves and replied. I spent days sorting and answering the "worthy missives", based upon content. Some fun, huh? Never again.
The designation of "hate crime" should either be abolished, or applied equally to everyone, not just the stinking criminal minorities who hide behind them and use them to their perverted advantage. The authorities are cowards, as are the mainstream media, for not taking a stand against such selective bigotry and racism.
Had I been at the sites where black-on-white violence occurred, all the idiots would be dead. My Colt .357 Magnum and Glock 9mm would be white hot and smoking over the corpses. Notice, I didn't say Blacks or African-Americans; the perpetrators were indeed idiots of the worst order. Rapists and murderers. Ditto with any white trash: I'd protect any Black or African-American or Hispanic from their machinations with all due lethal force.
Just because someone is a "minority" doesn't mean they rate any special treatment from me; they rate equal treatment, no more and certainly no less.
I fully support whatever the police have to do to get scum and filth off of the streets, as happened last week in Philadelphia, as well as what used to happen everyday in New York City until the streets were made safe. The color is irrelevant, unless you view the stats, which show that a hugely disproportionate number of crimes are committed by minorities.
Only criminals have anything to fear from the cops; I'd gladly show my ID to any police officer and answer any and all questions they have for me. It's the whining minorities who have something to hide, apparently, since there are very few whites protesting police actions which gave NYC back to its citizens.
When it's white-on-black crime, it's an automatic racist "hate crime"; but when it's black-on-white crime, it takes weeks and months for authorities to admit the details and get the truth out. The Washington Post is complicit in the cover-up of the murder of an 8 year old white boy by a racist, bigoted idiot.
Oh boy, here we go again. Another so-called white-on-black "hate crime" wasting federal investigators' time and Taxpayers' monies. Let the locals investigate and keep the feds out of it all; two local guys have already confessed to Killing the homo, so what's left to investigate? I can't believe that the FBI wastes time and money keeping tabs on so-called "hate crimes".

What's Going On?
A jaw is broken in a fight; someone is whacked in a fight. What's next with parents at their kids' sporting events?
16 million orphans from AIDS right now; in 10 years, there'll be 24 million orphans. An entire generation lost to a completely preventable disease. I don't have a problem with all the subhuman scum and filth and garbage dying; it's the innocents which concern me and are always the ones who suffer most.
In another outright perversion of US Law urged on and funded by the Clintoonoid slimeballs, a f*cked up Florida jury found the tobacco companies who sell a legal product sanctioned and taxed by the US Government liable for $145 billion in damages for a bunch of idiot smokers okay, okay I'm a smoker since '63 but I'm not whining or suing and I take responsibility for my own actions who knew what the f*ck they were doing each and every time they lit up. Out-f*cking-rageous! The same f*cked up US Government who profits heavily from the cigarette taxes, is also after the gun manufacturing companies; next, it'll be the auto companies cars whack people, right" and the fast food companies cholesterol and fat whack people, right? and there'll be no end to the madness. Hopefully, an appeals court will overturn this egregious verdict and "award" for a bunch of whining, moron smokers.
The race-baiting bigot, Irrev Jesse Jack-scum is back: harassing innocent people and stirring-up negative race relations.
After seeing the pig scum Madonna whore, here's hoping the two-dollar slut dies in her next childbirth. Scumbags like her shouldn't be allowed to breed in the first place. Sheer shit, she is.
Here's another Hollywood whore who doesn't deserve happiness, and shouldn't be allowed to breed: Brooke Shields. What a three-dollar slutski, spreading clamydia & VD all over California.
Four years after a missile blew TWA Flight 800 out of the Long Island, NY skies, the so-called authorities are still denying it was a missile. Here's where the evidence lives, but the FBI and NTSB are still in denial of the facts, not wanting to give credence to Arab terrorists.
I was and am outraged by the photo of a dead mother cat and her kittens, dissected. I let the scum know in a blistering email, in no uncertain terms. I hope they have the balls/ovaries to write back. But I doubt it.
As I said last week, I have no damned problem with police officers doing their duty, whatever needs to be done to protect US Citizens. Otherwise, I have to draw which I have a Permit To Carry, until renewed again in 2005 and fire my Colt Trooper MK-III .357 Magnum w/ .158gr hollow point loads: instant and absolute death to whomever gets in the way. My Glock 9mm works the same way; just uses .90gr anti-personnel hollowpoint loads. Just as lethal, baby.
Republican US Senator Paul Coverdell, Georgia, was one of the good guys who voted their conscience and morals at Clintoon's Impeachment hearings in '98, died after brain surgery last weekend. We'll miss that clear voice of Conservatism. During last year's Senate impeachment trial of President Clinton, Coverdell voted to convict on both charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. "To allow our nation's highest official to break the very law he is sworn to uphold sends a very dangerous message, sets an unacceptable precedent, and begins to chip away at the constitutional and legal foundation upon which this nation was founded," the senator explained. RIP, Senator.
Good riddance to "BS" Babs Streisand, a talentless whining bitch.
Hold your moral course, Boy Scouts of America. Forget and ignore the homo scum backlash. They'll soon be dead from AIDS.

Let's get reptilian. The American Museum of Natural History hosts a quirky, not-your-average-boring-nature-documentary site that features chapter titles like "Lizards Without Dads" and "Squirting Blood." The latter section is devoted to some of the more popular defensive techniques found among our fork-tongued friends, including the ever-popular Disappearing Act, the tenacious Too Tough To Swallow routine, and the classic When The Going Gets Tough, Jump In The Water move. The Lizards of the World multimedia tour has a great description of the Frillneck Lizard's trademark hood: "A spectacular anatomical device that, when propped open via muscles and cartilaginous spokes, unfurls like a giant beach umbrella."

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