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Friday, July 26, 2002

i hate to say it, but it's come to this: I sure as hell don't trust the federal government to protect us as a Nation, anymore, or the lamestream liberal media to keep us informed about what's going on. It's been building for many years, but The Massacre of September 11th was the denouement, of sorts, for me. The fact that our borders are as porous and wide open, as before 9-11, makes me angry. The fact that 6-7 million illegals are still here, makes me very angry. The fact that up to 5,000 al Queerda terrorists in sleeper cells are in this country, and the INS and FBI aren't actively rounding them, up, and either executing or deporting all, makes me livid with rage. Hell Heck, the US Government can't even agree on a definition of terrorism, let alone take appropriate action against terrorists. What does that tell you? (Europe's being overrun by Muslim filth, and they're doing nothing to prevent the oncoming conflagration.) This Nation is at extreme risk from government negligence, so much so, that I've started "re-vamping" my current BOB (Bug Out Bag), for when TSHTF (the shit hits the fan). It's not a matter of if, but rather when the TSHTF. A most unpleasant thought, and even more horrific than what we've seen so far. I've had a BOB, since just after The Blizzard of '96, not wanting to get stranded again without the proper gear and provisions. That won't happen again. Good survivalist sites: here and here and here and here. Here's the motherlode of nuclear, biological and chemical attack survival swhacks links; make good use of them in the interim. I'm making a "BOB List" and checking it twice and thrice.

Around The Garden Center.
Everywhere I drive, streams, creeks, spring-fed ponds, reservoirs and entire lakes are either dried-up, or quickly on the way to empty. Dozens of people have told me stories of their and neighbor's wells going dry, being re-dilled to 400ft and beyond, and not getting water. I've never seen it this bad before. Looks like we're not alone here in the Mid-Atlantic Region; it's all over the Nation.
This is a first in my 12 years of operation. The nationally pervasive and pernicious effects of The Drought From Hell has finally begun to affect my business: cancellations on dozens of landscape jobs over the past 5 weeks has left us without any significant Fall work. Usually, customers are having fistfights to get in line for our landscape design and installation; we're usually "booked up" 3-4 months in advance. This time, we're okay through August 26th, but nothing after that. Zero work.
Accordingly, I'm having to lay-off one crew of 3 landscapers, several of my weekend retail sales and front counter personnel, and cut back on the work hours for my 2 greenhouse ladies, who take care of the retail plant material and display gardens. Without income from landscape jobs and walk-in retail sales, my staff of 18 has been reduced to 8, with 4 scaled back to part-time. Further cuts may need to be made in a few more weeks. I'm keeping all options open at this point in time. Grim choices, indeed.
I'm now actively out on site meetings, or on the phone, trying to convince people to go through with their drought-delayed landscape plans, just to keep my employees working. Other nurseries, garden centers, small landscapers and lawncare companies are either shutting down or simply going out of business. I'm determined not to let that happen.
The Drought From Hell apparently almost the entire US. I had no idea, until just a few days ago, that it was so widespread. It's looking very grim for corn crops around here, as the "tasselling" begins, there's no moisture for the stalks to begin making ears. Ditto, soybeans. And it looks like the local farmers are going to take another major crop loss, if we don't get some appreciable rain. If there's not enough moisture for the ears to form, the crop will only be good for sileage, and not feed corn. At least the local sweet corn is plentiful, delcious but somewhat expensive.
Severe thunderstorms rolled through the region Tuesday evening, dropping 4/10" of rain, powerlines and many trees. Hopefully, the rains will resuscitate the corn and beans, and the local farmers won't have another losing year. Local orchards are predicting much smaller yields on peaches and apples, and the dreaded plum pox virus is spreading throughout York, Lancaster and Adams Counties. It should be another great year for the local wineries, as grapes love the hot, dry weather.
Adding to the woes, after dropping 1,300+ points two weeks ago, the DJIA dropped another 390pts and everyone's wallets and financial retirement portfolios got a good deal slimmer this week. It's the lowest point since October 1998. What those certain lowlife corporations have done to investor confidence and their former employees, is criminal, and all CEOs and CFOs involved, should be prosecuted as far the law will allow. Oooops, spoke too soon: up almost 500 points on Wednesday. What a ride!
Time for some serious belt-tightening; heck I can sure afford to lose the excess ~50lbs or so. Lessee, low-fat/ high-carb or high-fat/ low-carb diet? Heck, I like both, and a cold Rolling Rock® longneck to go with each portion.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day.
This finely-written article sums it up nicely for me.
Here's what the chatter sounded like on, when I logged on, a few minutes after 9am on that terrible day in September. Brings tears and anger back to me.
Some real brave ladies/ flight attendants on AA Flight 11, on that terrible Tuesday morning. I'd imagine all crews and passengers did what they could, given what they had to work with at the time.
The 13 filthy, subhuman Palestinian terrorists who ransacked and defiled The Church of Bethlehem, are "homesick"? Are they f*cking kidding? Who the hell cares? They should be dead, face down in a pit or pigshit. f*ck Screw the Allah scumbag!
Here's a good article on what's going to happen to Sodomy Insane in Iraq, real soon. Wish I could get in on it.
Yes, I do support internment camps for Muslims and Arabs, if when another terrorist attack massacre comes. And I'll be most happy to personally whack any who refuse to submit.
The OKC Bombing? Yes, America was duped; it was Muslim filth and Arab garbage who planned and executed it. Tim Mcveigh was a dupe. Think I'm kidding? Read it from a mainstream paper, and wince in pain.
There's no doubt in my mind, or anyother clear sentient brain, that the pork-eating diaperhead Egyptian lowlife, who whacked 2 people at LAX's terminal counter, was a member of a terrorist group, probably al Queerda. It's gonna happen with greater frequency; get used to it, and get ready with AR-15s and Glocks. whack all you see.
Now, some of the US Congress-critters want to negate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which prevents the military from exercising police powers in this country, and are saying that it should be re-examined and "has to be amended". Apparently, Tom Ridge, does, too. This truly worries me.
Put this criminal, pork-slurping, lowlife, terrorist-sympathizer Muslim parasite, former president of the Spokane Islamic Center, in prison, where he belongs. Let him rot, and die.
I love it when Muslim terrorist filth and Arab murderer garbage are whacked by Israel. I rejoice in the carnage. I don't care who does it, us or them, as long as someone does it. Go to hell, Muslim shit and Arab morons. Nice job, Israel; keep-up the Killing of those subhumans.
Federal agents in Denver yesterday took into custody a Seattle Muslim reportedly under investigation by the FBI for suspected ties to the al Queerda terrorist network. Great news; no there's only 5,000 or so to go, guys. Get to it.
Oh, so now Egyptian Muslim filth are upset at the US? So freaking what! I remember seeing pictures of those lowlife islamic trash dancing in the streets and throwing candy, on 9-11. The Egyptians "condemned" nothing.
Anyone who flies and thinks airliners are safer than they were before The Massacre of September 11th, is being lied to by the US Government, who's spent billions on nothing more than window dressing and passenger inconvenience.
Ever wonder why TWA Flight 800's shootdown at the hands of Islamic terrorists, was covered up in '95, and is still being officially denied to this day? Here's the reason, plain and simple. I've been saying this for the past 7 years, but many people refuse to listen.

GOP RINOs et al.
The AA Flight 587 Witnesses speak out; are you open-minded enough to listen? Sit next to me. Tell me what you hear. Tell me what you think, after it's a matter of public record. Remind you anyone of TWA Flight 800 in '95?
Whassup here? Ouch! The DJIA is down below 8,100; back to '98 levels. Millions of people are f*cked screwed hosed compromised for the rest of their lives.
In screwed-up NY state, the victim is going to prison for Killing a criminal; he should be getting a medal, not 9 years.
C'mon Gov Jeb Bush, get your damned daughter, Noelle, under control.
Hey W: why the hell is the USPS (US Postal Service) "sponsoring" Lance Armstrong, in the Tour de Farce, with US Taxpayers' monies? It's a freaking monopoly, and they're so much worse than FedEx or UPS, in the private sector. The USPS loses billions of our money through gross inefficiency and waste; then requests/gets rate increases as rewards for abject stupidity. The Postal Service should have been privatized many years ago; anyone with a functioning brain would have cut such outrageous losses from a sane business model.
If this story of a law-abiding American Citizen, going to prison for 9 years for Killing a repeeat-burglar, doesn't make your blood boil with anger, you're already at room temperature.
W&Co disapprove of Israel Killing a subhuman Hamas terrorist? Why? They're lowlife murdering filth; they all deserve to die. Sorry, I have to disagree with Bush on this one; I heartily approve of all deviant Muslim and Arab terrorists being whacked, anytime.
The individuals who occupy these 7,000 positions of power are the elite who run the country. Scary stuff when they are corrupt.

Lib-democRAT Bottomfeeders.
The lying, impeached, disgraced ex-president BJ Klintoon hid the Muslim-Arab involvement in the '95 OKC Bombing from the Nation; details are now slowly leaking out.
I'm gonna miss US Rep James Trafficant (D-OH); he's one of the very, very few "real deals" in the criminal-laden US Congress.
In Lancaster PA, a white man was sentenced to jail for using the word, idiot? Hell, idiots call each other idiots all the time. Whassup wid dat, Leroy? So it can be applied to whites, but not to blacks? Isn't that reverse discrimination and hypocrisy? Sure it is. When is someone going to test the law?
Hitlery Rotten Klintoon and Puss Swein-mold, both lib-dem scum, having a yelling spat? I hope they whack each other over CFR. Duck Puss, the bitch throws ashtrays and lamps.
An emotional, overweight and heavily-sedated Lizzard Grubman faux-apologized Thursday for any pain and suffering she caused 16 people she struck when she backed into them with her father's Mercedes SUV outside a Hamptons Nightclub last July, when she was drunk and coked-up. What a two bit whore.
Good riddance to the Klintoon lib-democRAT holdover, John Magaw, who blocked pilots being armed; get the Mineta gook out, next.
Nine years ago last week, Vince Foster was murdered by the criminal Klintoons was found dead.
Ahh, more whining from the welfare whores; keep your legs together so you don't produce anymore illegitimate bastards, and get a job, you lazy minority bitch!
Another attempt at gun control by lowlife lib-dem scumbags in Georgia. Pretty AR-15, though; like mine.
Ol' shit-for-brains ex-president, Jimmah "Malaise" Carter-Farter, think the US should "try to understand why other nations hate us" and then spend millions billions trillions of our taxes to help Turd-World countries? Hey Jimmah: you were a lousy, moronic, pathetic lib-dem president and you're a ignorant old many, now. f*ck Screw off. Go build some of that shitty, sub-standard "Habitat For (In)Humanity" housing somewhere else, like Ashcanistan. And take your nuttier-than-a-fruitcake bitch wifey along, please.
The lowlife, alcoholic, lesbian-, coke snorting, lib-dem criminal bitch, Ol' Shaky Janet "Waco" Reno, is after the deviant homo vote in Flori-duh, partying with queer garbage and degenerate homo filth to raise money for her "campaign". Actually, she's looking for a "lesbian replacement" for that fat piglet Miami TV bitch, who dumped her.
Africa's best days were the days of colonialism, when Great Britain, France, Netherlands etc governed the blacks; now it's the corrupt idiot filth dictators who are keeping the masses in poverty, while they live lavish and opulent lives. In America, theose same corrupt idiot filth dictators are the Jesse Jack-scums and Al Sharp-scums and Sleazi Mfume and Julian Bonds and the lib-democRATs and DNCs; I could go on and on.
Good bye AOL scumbags, and good riddance, lowlife Steve Case, lib-dem whiner crybaby filth.
Told you so: the "fat tax police" are coming. Lib-democRATs are frothing for your pounds and dollars. Mine, too.
shit-for-brains, lowlife Little Dicky GepFart, House Minority bLeader, said Monday he plans to introduce a bill that would grant legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants. The measure, he said, would legalize immigrants who have lived in the United States for five years and worked in the country for two years.
When this lowlife NJ Sen Robert Torricelli's lips move, he lies. Now he'll testify "under oath" to the Senate ethics committee in its investigation of allegations he accepted gifts from a New Jersey businessman in return for official favors. Yeah, sure. This moron criminal needs 15-life in prison.
Want a good laugh? Then read about what the wacko left-wing lowlife lib-democRAT trash are planning: the impeachment of GWB. Hilarious; what abject loonies.
One of the most entertaining democRAT crooks, James Traficant, who puts on quite a show, was kicked out of the US House of Reps, who are all criminals themselves, anyway. The count: one clown down and out, and 434 scumbags more to go in the House, and 100 lowlifes in the Senate.
In the liberals' sick, twisted never-never land, only whites commit hate crimes; blacks aren't capable.

Miscreants & Lowlifes.
So, now CEOs are scum and politicians are heroes? Wait a minute; I'm a CEO, but I don't pull this shit.
Good riddance to Sharon Osbourne; no one I know will miss your lowlife, cancer-riddled ass, bitch. Before you check-out, whack Ozzy and rid the world of the stench.
Another stupid lowlife idiot, named Mystikal, with too much money and no brains, is headed to prison for rape and extortion. With all the money he has, he could buy some ho's to hose. Dumb scumbag.
No, it's NOT time for the US or anyone else to "save Africa from starving"; these subhumans are incompetent, porch-monkey filth. It's time for Africa to save itself, either through re-colonization by Whites, or letting all of the subhumans die-off, and starting over with less population to feed. f*ck Screw the UN socialists and communists; Marxism and communism hasn't worked very well, you moron scumbags.
Jonathan Pollard? Hang the traitor; nothing less.
The headline — Scientists blame deadly Africa famine on pollution from North America, Europe, Asia — says it all: it's the White Man's fault, again, that blacks aren't getting their fair share of the wealth jobs nice cars women insert anything you want weather. What a load of shit. It has everything to do with these topics, not the White Man.
One of the very worst pieces of lowlife bull-dyke, alcoholic subhuman shit filth, is Sandra Bernhard, a no-talented, AIDS-riddled, angry lesbian druggie. She's been booed-off stages all over America since 9-11, for her Anti-American vitriol; the fact that Euro-trash love her, speaks volumes. I just wish the ass-ugly, lickety-splitter, traitorous bitch would stay over there.
Fat, stupid people are now trying to cash in on the fast food industry; lawsuits are being filed and the obese fatsos are claiming "addiction" to the fast food offerings of McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and KFC Corporation. I told you this was gonna happen. I guess they were "forced to eat" all those dbl cheeseburgers, fries and shakes. Sure, uh-huh, makes perfect sense to me. Mmmmmmmmm, I'm getting hungry.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
Here's why the Death Penalty is correct, right and proper, and should be exercized on a regular basis.
If this subhuman did it, then no trial: execute immediately and send the lowlife filth to hell. End of problem.
Here's why sex offenders should remain in prison, for life: they usually wind up Killing more innocents. whack them, instead. Wish I had been there to save the lady with my Glock 32/.357sig, and whack the criminal. This is what should, and probably does, happen to every child molester and murderer, when they get into state and federal prisons. Beatings and death. Good riddance. Ditto for all rapists: immediate death is what they deserve.
Samantha Runion case may seek death penalty? Ummmm, gee whiz: wasn't that an irresponsible lib-democRAT act, a given?

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