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my solution
friday, june 15th, 2007

given that the "Grand Bargain Amnesty Bill" (S.1348) has been defeated, albeit temporarily until "they re-introduce" it, that it's time to get real serious about what needs to be done to stop the destruction of America, by our inept, liberal President and the corrupt, criminal US Congress. The Balkanization of America, has been underway, since 1965, when the fat, bloated, alcoholic, drug-addicted, traitor, seditionist and saboteur, Ted Kennedy, proposed the first mass amnesty bill, and promised/lied that it wouldn't ever happen agaion, and wouldn't change America, in the least. First, and above all else: secure the borders with a massive, impenetrable fence. And station heavily-armed US National Guard Troops on the border, with orders to "shoot to kill all illegal Mexican invaders", until the fence is completed and is working. Where's the fence, Mr Bush, dammit? Second: no new laws or bills are needed: simply enforce the existing immigration laws. Putting lipstick on a pig, and flowers behind its ears, still yields a pig, at the end of the day. New bills and laws are complete bullshit. The more complex the legislation — 400+ pages and climbing — the less likely it will succeed. Third: go after the employers, for hiring the criminal, illegal alien filth. Jail them, fine them and shut-down their businesses, if they hire illegals. If we'd simply dry-up the jobs and unearned/free social service benefits — free medical care at hospital ERs, free schooling, SSI benefits, welfare, etc — they will go back to turd-world Mexico, or whatever turd-world shithole, they originally came from. The ones who remain are probably criminals being sought by Mexico authorities, for crimes there, but are now committing murder/rape/robbery etc against innocent Americans, and a boatload of ME terrorists, who snuck across in disguise with the criminal, illegal aliens, and could more easily be tracked down, and killed before they detonate nukes in American Cities. Does "American Hiroshima" ring anyones' bell? Does with me. But I digress. Fourth: catch and deport all the illegals that we possibly can. If we have to increase the budget of ICE a few billion dollars, it is a mere pittance, as compared just to the health care costs that criminal, illegal aliens cost US Taxpayers in just San Diego county, alone. Over 1,000 border state hospitals have shut-down, now in bankruptcy, from treating criminal, illegal alien filths' ills, with no reimbursement by the subhuman garbage. Nationwide, criminal illegal alien trash have cost US Taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, per year. Over 37% of all prisoners in local/state/federal lock-ups, are illegal aliens. Fifth: I'd increase the penalties for criminal, illegal entry into the US. They would forfeit their cars if they're caught driving on the streets. If they buy a house with money illegally-gained through tax-free work in the US, I would take their houses, too. If they have fake IDs or engage in identity theft, they should do jail time equal to what you or I would get, if we did the same thing. Sixth: jail, fine-heavily and defund their lowlife, left-wing activist enablers — churches, lawyers, sanctuary cities, activist filth and other assorted traitors, seditionists and saboteurs etc — of criminal, illegal aliens, who are engaging in conspiracy to violate the existing immigration statutes of the US. I don't care who they are: jail them and take away all their earthly possessions to reimburse American Taxpayers, for the hundreds of billions of our hard-earned tax dollars, which they are costing us, yearly. Offer a $10,000 reward for the conviction of any employers, turned-in by a US Citizen, for hiring an illegal alien, and a $250 reward per head, for each illegal alien, turned-in by a US Citizen. By going after the employers first, "self-deportation" by the criminal, illegal alien filth, would happen very quickly, as opposed to the rounding-up, detention, housing and feeding of 25-30 million illegal alien subhuman filth. Seventh: rescind all the so-called "anchor baby" laws, a gross abuse of the 14th Amendment. Make it retroactive 10 years, and get all the subhuman illegal alien filth, who are squirting-out illegal, bastard babies, out of my Nation, dammit! Eighth: set-up a Comprehensive Federal Database, which contains everyone — including you and me — who can legally work in this country; use our names, DOBs, SSNs, pictures etc. ID them all, and if they come-up as criminals, arrest, detain, try and imprison them, IMO. This could be effectively done in 3-4 years, if shit-for-brains, treasonous, seditious criminal politicians — Bush, McCain, Pelosi, Kennedy, Graham, Kyl et mucho al traitors — are kept out of the process, and verminous PC-crap is totally-eliminated from the regimen. Just a week ago, I posited that GWB was preprating to build massive, emergency detention camps, possibly for Christians and Jews. Okay, I could have been wrong, based upon Section 104, Parts a & b, of this Illegal Immigration Control Act of 1995, sponsored by US Rep Duncan Hunter (CONSERVATIVE-CA), on 1/31/1995. Maybe. But those original precepts and intents could very-easily be changed and perverted, IMO. Giving that power, willy-nilly, to a liberal president, is dangerous, IMO, when he allies himself with treasonous, seditious liberal-demokkkRAT/GOP-RINO saboteurs in the corrupt, criminal US Congress, at the expense of his once-loyal, Conservative American Base. He's thrown us all under the bus, and doesn't give a rat's ass about America, anymore. He's resigned to make the "Amnesty Bill" happen, at out, our childrens' and their childrens' expense, and ultimately, at America's expense. Yes, I do support Bush's impeachment and criminal trial, on that issue, alone. Bush is a liar, and it makes me sick to my stomach, to remember the day last Fall, when I realized it, and again say it out loud, dammit. I voted for GWB twice, in 2000 and 2004, and now regret it, but the socialist/commie/liberal-demokkkRAT choices, were even more abhorrent to contemplate, and let happen to a perpetually-weakened America.

Around The Garden Center™.
It was already 74°:F when I arrived at work around 8am, and the LSCP Crews were already out doing deliveries and installations, as we usually do on Fridays. My GC&N Staff were working on assigned projects, so I got to work on our $12k/week payroll, and then took 2 guns — my Bushy Carbon 15 Pistol and newly-purchased Henry Repeating Big Boy .357 Magnum — over to nearby Freedom Armory, for sonic-bath cleaning, oiling and inspection. Around 10:45am, I got a call from one of my LSCP Crew DeliveryMen, and the '94 Ford F-Duty Dump had crapped-out, with the alternator dying in the midst of dumping 10 CuYds of mulch. I rushed over, helped remove the alternator, drove to AutoZone in nearby Red Lion, bought a new unit, went back and installed the new unit, and completed the job, in just 3hrs. (((sigh))) I finally got back to the GC&N, to finish payroll, hold a 35min GC&N Staff Mtg, to review and modify the next 2 weeks' schedule, and left around 5pm. It was 93°F and I was glad the day was over.
Before I left on Friday afternoon, I un-plugged and turned-off all the other 4 outside Irrigation SystemStation Controller 'Motherboards', so they wouldn't get zapped by lightening strikes. At $355 per motherboard, for the computer cotrollers, it can get very expensive to endure the electrical hits, and keep on replacing those units. Turning them off, for the evening's watering cycle, and then re-watering the 13 zones on the next day, is quite simple.
Huge thunderstorms blew through around 9:30pm on Friday, flickered the lights, tripped the power, trashed the phones, and caused me to shut-down everything, get out the 4" candles, and sit in the north-facing Four Seasons Greenhouse in my condo, and relish the "electronic display". The two condo cats ran upstairs and hid from the thunderous storms. The streets in front of the condo were under 1ft of water, during the downpours, and it was washing up over the curbs. 2" of rain in the gauge. 14 miles south, the GC&N Complex didn't get a drop of rain. Zip.
Yes, we do have a huge insect infestation, here in York County (PA), and the local/county/state gov'ts have stopped the Taxpayer-funded spraying programs, 3-4 years ago; not last year, as the YDR article has erroneously reported.
I slept-in until 11:30am, on Sunday and went down to the GC&N Complex to try to get caught-up on all the LSCP Billing and Estimates, piled-up on my desk, on Friday afternoon before the Staff Meeting. Between my Staff LSCP Designer and LSCP Foreman, I had 11 projects which needed my immediate attention, and I got 5 of them finished-up. I did finish-up the balance, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, BTW. My desk's paper workload, is finally cleared-off.
Gas prices at the pump, in neighboring Shewsbury (PA) are down to $2.89/gal, for Unleaded Regular. I'm seeing lots of Maryland plates lining-up, and filling-up in those gas stations. Unleaded Plus is down to $2.99/gal, and Unleaded Premium is now down to $3.09/gal. According to this article, national prices are down 7ข, while ***we're down nearly 24ข***. No complaints from me.
Our soon-to-be, newly-reconstituted, two-man, Police Department's almost ready, to go into action. Reason #3 why I carry (CCW-1990) a Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, with 2-4 extra 8-round mags, for personal safety. I personally know Chief Larry Bailets, and he's a good man, solid police officer, and semi-avid WG (water garden) customer (actually, his gracious wife is...). We're real lucky to get him back as COP (Chief Of Police), as we had him, from when I opened-up JS'GC&N here, in 1990 (and sometime before, most possibly). Welcome back, Chief! After being robbed and shot, on 7.14.74 in Boynton Bch (FL), I've always carried a concealed weapon. I refuse to be a victim, ever again. We've also been burglarized 5x, since September 2001, with just plant material being stolen. I spent several nights afterward, with my Glock G32/.357 SIG and Remy 870 Tactical 12ga, lying-in-wait, for it to happen again, so I could kill intercept whomever it was, but it didn't happen on 'my schedule'. They got away with it, several more times. And I spent countless nights, waiting for them to show-up, all to no avail. Dammit.
A Nor'Easter is rare in the Spring and Summer months, but we had a huge one, on Tuesday afternoon. Two massive t-storms rolled-through, from the northeast to the southwest, blasting Lancaster and York Counties with 2-5" of rain, thunder and lightening. We lost power at the GC&N Complex, for a few minutes, just after I'd shut-down my office computer. The two front counter computers were shut down, just before the storms arrived, at around 3:30pm. We also unplugged the 4 outdoor irrigation watering station computers, so that the $300+ motherboards didn't get fried, in case of a lightening hit. With several miles of underground wiring and pipes, such nearby hits and send electrical impulse damage all over the place, and the motherboards are very susceptible. We truly needed the rain and ground moisture, and although 80% of it, ran-off due to the hard-baked soils, some did seep-in, and we're glad for that contribution.
On Wednesday around 4pm, once again seeing that even worse t-storms were fast-approaching York County from the northeast — can you say *Summer Nor'Easter?* — I quickly unplugged the 4 outdoor irrigation watering station computers, shut down the 2 front counter machines, and my office computer, closed the GC&N Complex down, locked the gates, and left. Massive t-storms, hail, 60-70mph winds and funnel clouds blew through York, Lancaster and Adams Counties, around 4:30pm, on Wednesday, dropping anywhere from 3-7" of rain, tree limbs, power, phone and CATV lines down, power outages, and made a real mess of the evening commute. I drove my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo through 1-ft of water on some roads, while lesser SUVs and plebian cars simply stalled-out and blocked traffic. Kinda reminded me of Winter's snowstorms, when "2WD idiots" try to go where they shouldn't, get stuck, clog traffic, and f*ck-up everyone else's day. (((sigh))).
It was "weird/strange/bizarre" — and yet kind of nice — on Wednesday evening, with no CATV, no Cable Modem, no InterNet service, no email or much of anything else, except an AM-FM radio, my Bang & Olufsen Stereo System's FM-only choices, and my regular evening, 6-10pm, local broadcast of The Savage Nation, on WSBA-910AM was pre-empted by the York Revolution AAA baseball team's away game in NJ, with some other crappy, low-level team. No, I'm obviously not a sports fan, anymore. So I listened to an "oldies station", in York. Kinda reminded me of the 50s - 80s, when that's pretty much all we had; primitive, by today's standards, IMO. At least I had power and phones, and a DVD/CD player in my super-fast RAID 0+1 home machine. I also had many scores of recorded movies — no, I don't watch porn — on my external Seagate 186GB HD, to re-watch, and enjoy, and tons of DVDs to choose from. I was just hoping that the CM or router weren't fried, though they can both be easily-replaced, albeit with some inconvenience. Since I also had no CATV service, either upstairs in "The Loft" or on my compter, using a TV card, I knew the problem was most likely not going to fix itself. It was very probably at one of the pedestal junction boxes, or at the front of my condo, where the incoming connection is joined. I couldn't track the storms after getting home, since all Net service was out and had to rely on AM radio reports for further updates.
I called ComCast in York, and found out that my outage was 'my problem', and not part of a widespread outage. That confirmed my fears that something had happened to my particular service, as they couldn't even find me/my account on their network computers. Dammit. The earliest tech service I could get was Saturday afternoon, so I was basically screwed for the next 3 days and nights. Double-dammit. I considered a temporary dial-up service, but after calling around, it wasn't worth spending the time or money for just 3 days.
Hmmmmmmm, Thursday night, and this crap is getting real old, real fast. An AM-FM radio, my Bang & Olufsen Stereo System's FM-only choices, and I've got at least 1-2 more to go. Time for an early trip to sleep, IMO. Night.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode.
Yes, I support US Rep Duncan Hunter, (Conservative-CA), over all the GOP-RINOs in the running for POTUS. They're shit/junk/crap/garbage/trash/filth/assholers etc.
Good riddance, Gen Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you politicized asshole! You're one of the reasons why our Brave, Heroic US Military, isn't being allowed to do what needs to be done, to win The War Against islam, IMO. Pace was/is shit! If I'm wrong, tell me so!
Mentally-ill, dirtbag, liberal, liar, traitor, seditionist, saboteur, lowlife scumbag, US Sen John "No Brains" McCain (TRAITOR-AZ), is "finished"? I need a "brown soap bath", after hearing McCain's name. McCain's shit, IMO!
Okay, I'm swearing-off hamburger, for a while, now. I don't need this e-coli crap, BTW. 5.7 million pounds of beef? That's a frigging boatload, IMO
Soooooo, shit-for-brains GWB is selling-out the loyal, American-ally, Serbians for the murderous, lowlife, verminous, muslim-islamist-arab filth in Kosovo? Just like the treasonous, seditious, saboteurs in the corrupt, criminal, dirtbag, disgraced, impeached, Bubb Jeffy Klintoon admin, did? No Bush, you moronic, NWO-asshole! The subhuman Kosovar filth don't deserve an independent state; they need killing, IMO!
Ever hear the story about The USS Liberty? It was suppressed by the dirtbag, JFK-murdering, lowlife criminal, LBJ, in the late-60s. Take a few minutes, and read this article; I'll wait. Almost 99% of Americans have never heard of The USS Liberty, IIRC. Now, you have. Opinion?

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Ooooooooooooooooo, the "restless natives" are getting ready to riot and kill, according to lowlife, sambo, half-breed, porch-monkey, subhuman piece-of-shit, empty-suit, mentally-ill, boogey-boy dirtbag, US Sen Barack Hussein Osama-Obama Jr (COMMIE*RACIST-ILL)? It would be "most unfortunate" if those subhuman, Nigga filth ever come into my neighborhood, or the area in which my GC&N is located, as they would be killed, very quickly. If they simply threaten me or mine, and they'll die quickly and horribly. Trust me on that issue, Osama-Obama-Hussein asswipe nigger. Osama-Obama Hussein's "quiet riots" are for real, Roland Martin, dumbass Nigga? eat shit and die, sambo scumbag!br> Sorry, no damned sympathy from me, for that ugly, drug-adicted, alcoholic, lowlife, subhuman, white-trash, slut-filth-whore-skank, Paris Hilton. She truly needs gang-raping and killing, in jail, IMO. Broomsticks and toilet plungers, away! KILL HER, GP (general population)! Rid America of that garbage/shit/junk/filth Hilton whore, please! Let the white trash starve to death! PLEASE!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
I love it when I'm right. The Death Penalty is a deterrent, in that between three and 18 lives that would be saved by the execution of each convicted killer. Exacto-mundo, baby! At least one is saved, from being murdered by the subhuman piece-of-shitfilth, IMO! Kill all those pieces-of-shit, on Death Row! I'd volunteer to headshoot them all, at NO CHARGE to The US Taxpayer, dammit! NO CHARGE! C/mon, take me up on it. Televise it on The Death Channel. I will gladly emcee the execution portion of it. Call me, producers! I'll do it for free!
Mary Winkler, who killed her preacher husband with a shotgun blast to the back as he lay in bed, was sentenced Friday to three years in prison, but she may end up serving only 60 days in a mental hospital. The subhuman, murderous Winkler bitch needs killing, IMO. KILL HER!
Subhuman, lowlife, piece-of-murderous-shit, Edwin R Hall, the subhman accused of kidnapping 18-year-old Kelsey Smith and killing her, needs to be tortured and killed, IMO. I'd shoot and kill the filth, on sight, gladly and happily, BTW! Hey, asshole punk: come see me and get KILLED, and save the US Taxpayers some monies!

A Short History of the Laugh Track.
In the mid-1990's, the Cartoon Network ran remastered versions of "The Flintstones" that left the series' legendary laugh track on the cutting room floor. According to TV Party, the resulting sounds of silence after Fred's and Barney's quips caused the one-liners to "largely fall flat with a thud." Ouch! The shrill trills of classic television laugh tracks may make you roll your eyes and cover your ears, but where would we be without them? Without the gigglers responding to Larry's gaffes on "Bewitched" or the howlers letting it whoop during "Mr. Ed," the vintage boob tube fare just doesn't go down as smooth. This audio-rich, scene-supplemented essay enlightens us on the origins of the laugh track (radio), the emergence of the applause track (sometime in the mid-1960s), and the appearance in the '70s of the "looser" guffaws used on shows like "All in the Family." Read up, settle back in the recliner, and let the auto-chortles and hoots carry you away.

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