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Friday, June 22, 2001

the urge to merge is once again taking hold at my Garden Center & Nursery. (No, no, no, not me; haven't felt that way for a long time since I've been taking the blood pressure med called Atenenol.) Thousands of pairs of geese, ducks, birds, rabbits et al are building nests, mating and rearing their countless young. This yearly ritual actually started back in early April with the geese and ducks, and the other critters are in full swing now. In addition to providing 100lbs+ of birdseed on a weekly basis, I also leave piles of sisal string from our arriving B&B nursery stock for them to use in weaving nests, plus piles of last years, cut down ornamental grasses for nest building. With our irrigation system running nightly, there's always plenty of mud in run-off certain areas for them to use in gluing things together, though I've noticed most use their own poop to cement the nests to the tree branches. Yuk, but it works for them. When I find an active nest with eggs or young hatchlings, I always put a red SOLD tag on the tree to discourage customers from getting too close. Viburnums, Hollies, Pyracantha, Serviceberry, Hawthorn, Chokecherry and many other trees and shrubs offer them plentiful food all year long. In my 2 acre Display Gardens, there are bountiful earthworms for snacking, especially after the rains saturate the mulch and the worms come up for air. It's a veritable picnic for all the feathered flockers. And since many birds eat their weight each day in insects, we have very few mosquitoes on the property, despite several ponds and water gardens. Why, you ask, am I so obsessed with birds? Unlike people, they're non-destructive, fun to watch, provide a useful service to the host property and require little maintenance. And I think obsessive is just a wee bit strong; attentive mindful enthusiastic is more appropriate.

Around The Garden Center.
The steamy and hot weather continued through last weekend and into this week, courtesy of Hurricane Allison, which pushed and pulled tropical weather and moisture up from the Gulf and Florida. Sure, it's uncomfortable for everyone, but pacing oneself in the heat is key to enduring it. Leaving the condo at 6am for work, temps are now in the low 70s, and I know it's going to be a scorcher, but hey: it's Summer in the Mid-Atlantic Region. On Saturday, we got almost 3" of rain from the convergence of two major storms. Thanks, we needed it. But glad we didn't get this much.
I write the HTML for John's Journal in a typeface called papyrus.ttf, which is a very elegant face and should be on everyone's Win98 or Win95 system. Go to "Windows", scroll down to "Fonts" and see if there's a papyrus.ttf in that folder. If there isn't, email me and I'll ship a copy of the file for you to copy into that folder, reboot and enjoy it.
Jock from Iseli Nursery stopped by last weekend to wrap up my Spring 2002 order, during his annual tour of his East Coast territory. I always enjoy his visits, as he's one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Plus, he's a Journal regular and a solid Conservative who is concerned about this Nation and where society's headed.
I don't often hype software here, but here's one I strongly recommend to everyone: Norton SystemWorks 2001. It is the definitive software and hardware problem detection app. I've used the 2000 version, but 2001 is the finest for finding and automatically repairing problems before they become expensive nightmares. The "one asson" feature will scan your entire system, check every conceivable thing, recommend repairs and make 'em for you. Slick as whaleshit. Get it and forget any problems. It's installed and running on both my ultra powerful 933 full-SCSI 10,000rpm home and office units, as well as the 700 IDE 5,400rpm & 600 IDE 7,400rpm corporate machines. 'Nuff said.
Repeating the tip from : For the past few weeks, my office SAG 933 P-III full-SCSI system has been randomly "blanking out", requiring a reboot and Norton Disk Dr fix for "lost clusters" and "broken chains", or somesuch. I went to "Run" on the Start Menu, typed in msconfig and selected the "Start Up" tab. There, I could see all the shit programs running in the background which loaded automatically upon start up. I de-selected stuff which wasn't needed, rebooted and the problem has fixed itself. Even though I had 384mgb SDRAM in each machine, the apps running in background consumed almost 110mgb. Try it; you'll be amazed at what's loading in the StartUp Boot Sequence. Turn off the shit stuff you really don't need remember, you can always start the app later from the "Programs" Menu, on the Start asson. Cool.
On Tuesday afternoon, the controller for the overhead watering towers in the 2 1/2 acre nursery stock retail sales area went out, and I had to run the system on a 30 minute manual setting, all day long. Normally, watering takes place overnight in each of the 12 zones and the plant material is refreshed and looking great in the morning. I started the manual operation at 6am on Wednesday and continued with 1/2 hour runs to all zones around the nursery, all day until I left at 6pm. A few things got fried from the intense 92°F heat, but we got them into the shadecloth-covered greenhouses and watered them thoroughly, so damage will be minimal. I almost had to cancel my Thursday "off day" and do the watering thing over again, but we got the unit re-programmed and running correctly.
Thunderstorms rolled through the mid-state Wednesday evening into early Thursday, so the morning was the perfect time to sleep-in. I had plenty of errands to run, since I'd not had a Thursday off in several weeks. With temps in the low 90s and humidity hovering at 95%, it feels like the "Dog Days" of August.

C'mon W, tell those lowlife scumbag moron EU (European Union) commie socialists to f*ck off buzz off; we have no intention of agreeing to any idiotic international Kyoto protocol and give up our sovereignty to those pieces of EU dogshit. Ummm, aren't they the group who gave the world Hitler last century? Yep, thought so, back to your stoneage countries, morons.
The US Senate finally did something right: voted narrowly (51-49) today to withhold federal funds from school districts that deny use of their facilities to the Boy Scouts because of the organization's exclusion of subhuman homo filth. Sen. Jesse Helms, R-NC, sponsored the amendment. Atta boy, Jesse!
Okay, I'm stupid clueless; why would anyone in Ws campaign headquarters hire a lifelong lowlife democRAT hispanic bitch, Juanita Yvette Lozano, to work in the office and give the filthy slut access to sensitive materials? The former office manager for Ws media adviser pleaded guilty Thursday to mail fraud and perjury, accepting responsibility for stealing and mailing debate preparation materials to the AlGoreBore presidential campaign, then lying about it to a grand jury. The case began with the Sept. 11 mailing of a Bush videotape, strategy book and other papers swiped from Maverick Media, the Austin consulting firm where Lozano worked. The material was sent to former U.S. Rep. Tom Downey, D-NY, who was advising AlGoreBore before the first presidential debate with W. Stupid move, W.
I can't believe any American company particularly GE or Honeywell are even listening to the EU moron scumbags, much less caring a flying rat's ass about what they think about the proposed merger. f*ck Screw them. Do what you have to do in merging and to hell with the socialists and communist filth over there. C'mon W, get some brass and tell the lowlife EU where to put it.
Why W has allowed the idiotic Karl Rove and moronic Paul O'Neill to get away with even the appearance of impropriety, after 8 years of Clintoon crimes, is beyond me. Unless it's a trap for the lib-democRAT lowlifes? Nah, they aren't that smart.
Oh really? Russia is telling the USA to not do something? Like build a missile defense? f*ck Screw you, idiot Russian President Vladimir V. Putrid; your so-called country's in the toilet, you have no room to talk to anyone, especially the US.

Intrusive Government.
Last week, I briefly detailed my loss of faith in our government, as an instrument "of the people, by the people and for the people". Now, I'm reading about the liberals (socialists and communists) in Oregon planning to "socially engineer" families; just another power play by government to see how far people will allow Big Brother to go in insinuating itself into the most intimate details of your private family life.
The really scary part is there doesn't seem to be any understanding growing within our country that government is far exceeding its constitutional and proper authority. No one really seems to be all that concerned about invasions of privacy. When I bring incidents like this up in a discussion, people are amazed that I'm concerned in the least bit. They think government is doing them a favor and a service. They think I'm a paranoid reactionary, or worse.
No, I wouldn't do it either. Be made a presidential appointment, either. Too much intrusion on one's private life. When I lived in Miami, back in the mid-70's, I was approached by Sen Lawton Chiles' friend, Jack Hurley, to be the senator's soon to be governor press secretary. FBI, NSA, Secret Service, BATF, DEA et al agents had already started a "dossier" on me and were investigating my background in preparation for the appointment press release. I declined, very happy to be Director of Communications for the Boy Scouts of America (South Florida Council), and thought little more of it. Besides, Lawton was a democRAT, and I was a Republican Liberal Independent democRAT nothing at the time. I was in a state of flux. But a friend in the Scouts (his son was an Eagle Scout, as I am, class of '63), who was with the government investigators, called one evening and asked if he could drop by and have a beer. He told me about what was being uncovered and showed me a copy of the file, to date. It was brutal. Every argument, every run-in with anyone, every everything was in there. I don't need that; no one needs that shit.

Lowlife Filth.
No, I'm not talking about liberals or democRATs this time. Well, not really; just plain human filth and garbage. Convicted criminal Roger "I'm A Lowlife" Clintoon is apparently the focus of another federal investigation into whether he tried to cash in on his position as the younger half-breed bastard brother of disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, specifically at his urging. I hope they nail the scumbag and put him away.
Now, I'm talking about lowlife liberals and scumbag democRATs. Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif, knows what happened to his blowjob intern, Chandra Levy, but won't admit it or tell. He's a typical lowlife, yet he's voted with the GOP on many issues. Why he won't tell the truth is germane to lib-dems: they're criminals. The whole "intern thing" ought to be discontinued, as they're just sexual fodder for scumbag pols and prez's. Remember Clintoon and the Lewinsky whore? Sure you do.
Here they go again: the stinking, lowlife drunk scum injun redskins are trying to hide the truth: the 9,300 year old Kennewick Man skeleton proves that they're not Native Americans; some other race is. The redskin-scum conspired to hide and destroy evidence, with Clintoon gov't officials criminals, so as to preserve their false heritage.
Two of the worst lowlife race baiters and misery profiteers Irrevs Al "interloper NY Jew scum" Sharpscum and Jesse "who's your daddy?" Jackscum are at war. Seems Jackscum smeared Martin Luther King Jr.'s blood on his clothes to score political points. Jackscum was with King when the civil rights leader was assassinated by the FBI James Earl Ray on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis in 1968. Jackson continued to wear the bloodstained clothes for some time after the assassination even appearing on national TV the next morning wearing a sweater that he said was stained with King's blood. Fat Al's been dredging it back up for those who don't remember the grandstanding and lies Jackscum told America about King dying in his arms. Neither are black; both are lowlife, scumbag blacks. No other term for it.
Not a big fan of dogs, but a hater of anyone who is cruel to any animal, I think this piece of subhuman shit, Andrew Burnett, who threw a small dog into traffic during a road rage incident, deserves 3-5 years in a prison with a fat, sweaty 450lb lifer convict as a "boyfriend".
One in five children between 10 and 17 years of age have reported receiving an unwanted sexual solicitation while online, a new study finds. Sorry, I don't believe that, unless these kids go into chat rooms, the garbage disposal of the Net. Then, it's too late, amigo.
Why the hell are the Boy Scouts still catching flack for excluding the perverted, twisted, demented gay queer rump-raiding, fudge-packing filth from their organization? The US Supreme Court reaffirmed their right to do so, and they're still being punished by cowardly organizations like The United Way, state and local governments and lowlife corporations who think "PC" is normal. It's abnormal, abhorrent behavior and has no place in Scouting. But the 42 lowlife lib-democRAT and 6 liberal scumbag GOP US Senators apparently think so: they voted to remove Sen Jesse Helms amendment school districts that discriminate against the Boy Scouts would be barred from receiving federal education cash from a bill, and lost. It shows everyone how f*cked screwed up this Nation has become in the past 8 horrible years of the Clintoon criminals.
Not only is the lib-democRAT governor, Gray-out Davis, of California a moron and liar, he's hired two of AlGoreBore's criminal lowlifes, Chris Lehane and Mark Fabiani, to distract criticism of his mis-handling of the so-called "energy crisis", for $30,000 per month. Both are employed by California power companies a blatant conflict of interest and the gutsy state controller has refused to release any funds to them. Bravo!
I guess better late than never: 14 towelhead scumbag pork-sucking muslim filth indicted indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday on charges of murder and conspiracy to whack Americans for the 1996 bombing that left 19 American servicemen in Saudi Arabia dead and hundreds more people injured. Trying to bring them to the US for trial and execution isn't possible. US Special Forces Teams should be sent to them and assassinate each, bringing the head back to the US for display.

Terminate With Extreme Prejudice.
Why can't won't the US track down, capture, try, convict, sentence and execute this bin Laden piece of towelhead pork-sucking lowlife subhuman muslim scumfilth? What's the f*cking problem? We have teams of SF (Special Forces) Commandos who should could accomplish that, routinely. Hey W, what's the delay?
Thank you Ohio, you made my week by executing a convicted whacker, whose life was twice spared by a court minutes before he was to be put to death, for the 1983 murder of a delicatessen owner. Only took 28 years to get the subhuman piece of filth to Hell, where he belongs.
Oh, be still my beating heart. Two federal executions in one month! First, the white trash OKC Bomber McVeigh, and now the hispanic drug dealer murderer, Garza filth. I'm dancing in the street!
But the hand wringing, bed wetting lowlife liberal scum are still clinging to their faulty theory that the death penalty is racially biased. Well, sure it is: minorities commit a disproportionate amount of crime compared to their percentage in the overall population. And they deserve to die more frequently for it, not less.
Any Journal reader knows I'm so pro-death penalty it's almost scary eerie, and rightly so, since murderers deserve death and not life in prison, at taxpayers' expense. (I'm also in favor of execution for rapists, child molesters and traitors.) But I'm also in great favor of anyone who is cleared of a crime being released and getting on with their lives. This guy spent 22 years in prison, wrongly convicted of 6 murders and rape, and rightly deserved a new start. Bon vivant!
I agree with the Texas governor vetoing a proposed bill that would have made it illegal to execute retarded murderers, and I vehemently disagree that a jury should have the responsibility to change the sentence of death to life in prison. Existing law takes into account whether a defendant is competent to stand trial, including whether the defendant can aid his own defense, and whether a defendant was insane when the crime was committed. Fifteen other states have bills banning the execution of the mentally retarded; 38 of the 50 states have laws allowing capital punishment. Eight people have been executed in Texas this year, 247 since 1982. C'mon Texas, you gotta beat last year's record and cleanse society of the subhuman filth.
Though I despise the stinking, lowlife commie, scum-sucking socialist, murderous filth Chi-Comms, their "justice system" is swift, sure and final. We could take some lessons from them in dealing with capital crimes.
Here's a towelhead, pork-sucking lowlife murderous piece of shit who deserves to die: convicted US embassy bomber Khalfan Khamis Mohamed still poses a threat to society because he participated in a jailhouse stabbing that left a guard incapacitated. The same jury that convicted Mohamed in the August 7, 1998, bombing in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and the murders of the 11 people whacked is now hearing testimony to decide his sentence either the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. I vote for death. You?

The Mel Brooks Humor Site.
A water ballet about the Spanish Inquisition. Farting cowboys. Manly men in tights. Who could be as politically incorrect, hilarious, and successful as Mel Brooks? His Broadway adaptation of his 1968 movie The Producers recently won a record-breaking 12 Tony Awards, making Brooks one of the rare people who've won a Tony, a Grammy, an Emmy, and an Oscar. This site pays homage to Brooks' film work and features a page full of photos and sound clips from each of his 13 films. This site's creator knows that to truly appreciate Brooks' comedy, you've got to experience it. So the site serves up gems like the Nazi-parodying show tune "Spring Time" and a picture of Frankenstein's monster smoking a cigarette after sex. Oy vey!

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