More Damn Snow.

Friday, March 1, 1996

Two days of nice weather (above 20F) and now this: five inches of snow, more ice and almost -50F with the wind chill. Ack! I want to trade my sister Becky, who is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree with a speciality as an Adult Nurse Practitioner, even for her beautiful home in San Francisco for this Garden Center & Nursery. Her boyfriend Bob is a top dog at the University of Maryland in Baltimore; he manages lots of electrons or something. Both have lived in The Bay Area for a long time.
I fell in love with San Francisco back in the 60's, while staying in the Haight-Asbury district with some fellow hippies. Of course, my vision and brain were somewhat clouded then; but after travelling there on business in the 80's while in advertising, I reaffirmed my love for that magical city. It has the finest retaurants in the world, New York included. Even Europe's grand eateries are no match for San Francisco's bistros and cafes.

A Hundred Bucks if You Can Make It Summer.

Oh sure, there are only a few days, weeks, months, years until spring; pick one. And spring is just around the corner; actually, I never did like corners. Last fall, I wrote an ad called "Winter Over", telling people that this was going to be a real bad one. Click on my Advertising Page to read it. I knew this from the unusually large acorns falling in early September and the enterprising squirrels gathering and stashing them away in preparation for what was to come. And it did; November 8th we were hit with 5 inches of snow, the ground froze very quickly, more snow came and then The Blizzard on January 8th. Since then, we've had major floods, more ice and snow and bitter cold on a regular basis. This sucks pondwater. Big time.
No one I've talked to, even seasoned citizens in their 80's and 90's can remember a winter as long and harsh as what we've just come through. Enough is enough! Give us a break!

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