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Friday, March 16, 2001

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It's taken many years for me to fully appreciate and, finally enjoy, really hot food, usually Mexican. Where I lived and grew up, it just wasn't available until the late 60s and early 70s. I've always been a serious afficionado of hot chilli; in fact, unless the top of my head sweats, it isn't hot enough. Mexican food good gourmet Mexican food is a whole other story. Too hot and the heat displaces the taste; ruins the food. Conversely, too little seasoning makes for lackluster and uninviting food. A fine balance is needed; inedible food isn't what Life's all about. Likewise, listening to incredibly dull and boring liberal lowlifes and moronic democRATs' socialistic-communistic mantra is like eating bland food: boring. I'd have to lump the idiot moderate GOP in there too, for lack of a better place to put them. The exciting and hispanicy Conservative agenda is more to my taste: reduce government intrusion and increase personal responsibility. But alas, I fear it will never be implemented. Too many Americans have come to rely upon the federal government's largesse and cannot get along without it. They have enjoyed sucking at the federal teat for so long, that they're hopelessly hooked on the green nutrient which flows from within: our tax dollars, in point of fact. Pity the poor bastards, for they know not what they do.

Around The Garden Center.
A few weeks back, I had a run-in with the "24hr" always lasts longer than that intestinal flu and lost a couple of work days; this week a severe cold hit and laid me low for another couple of days. Seems everyone I meet is just getting over it or just coming down with it.
Last weekend's wedding in our Main Retail Greenhouse went off without a hitch. No more snow or ice in the near-term forecast. My flu-cold is slowly exiting and I'm feeling more like my crabby old self, now that Spring is just around the proverbial corner.
Ouch! That hurt; Bloody Monday. Monday, the NASDAQ dropped more than 6 percent and found a low 1923 not seen since December 1998; the mind-blowing 15-month rally that pushed the tech-heavy index to beyond 5000 on March 10 of last year is now utterly erased. The Dow dropped, er, only 4.1 percent (a measly 436 points) as each and every one of the index's 30 stocks lost ground. And the S&P 500 finally slipped into official "bear market" territory, now 23 percent off its highs and tasting those same December 1998 depths as the NASDAQ. Billions were lost on paper. I'm glad I've been out of the tech stock sector for almost 2 years now. And ouch, again; Wednesday wasn't any better.
Gas prices are still dropping in the mid-state (PA) area; down to $1.36.9 (89 oct), but heating oil continues to rise almost weekly. Natural gas prices are dropping 10-15%. I'm seeing a lot of local ads touting the switchover to electric heat, with 500 gals of gasoline thrown in as a sweetner. Having had "all electric heat" (GE Heat Pump) 25 years ago in my condo in Princeton, NJ, I'd never go that route again; my average monthly heating bill in the Winter was over $450. Never again.
Last Tuesday evening, I began the FTP (file transfer protocol) full download of my entire WebSite from my current ISPs server, in Chicago, IL. Over 90mgb of files. Dozens of folders and sub-folders. I started at 6:45pm and finished at 11pm. Speeds ranged from 100.00Kbps to 1.45Mbps for hours. Yes, it's a large WebSite. Fortunately, I use a two-way, high-speed (768Kbps downstream - 512Kbps upstream) Cable Modem at my condo; it's every bit as good as a T-1 Line, but about $1500/mo less costly. Anything less than major league bandwidth would have been ridiculous.
Nursery stock is beginning to arrive by the truckload now. Last week 4 loads came in, this week 2 arrived. There's still 8-10 loads to account for and all should be in by our 11th Open House, Sat April 7th. Each year, we get more unusual, rare and hard-to-find nursery stock and perennials, easily heads and shoulders above anyone else in the USA.
The calls and questions are coming in fast and furious about landscaping, mulch, tree installations, veggies, bedding plants and so on. Walk-in customer traffic has increased 500% in the past week, but the dormant plants stored in the massive greenhouses still aren't for sale. There's still 6-9" of frost in the soil; I can't even punch through with machinery yet. It's going to take 2-3 weeks and some warm rains to thaw out the ground enough so planting can occur. Patience, folks.

Lib-democRAT, shit-Filth Trash.
The disgraced ex-president, lying, scumbag, bottom-feeding piece of shit, shit for brains lowlife Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is electable by New Yorkers, as mayor. Will this criminal slimeball never go away?
One of the lowest life scumbags anywhere, Oracle chief executive Larry "here's a sportscar, now can we have sex?" Ellison, dumped a large amount of company stock prior to a dismal earnings report. It's called stock fraud, insider trading, and he deserves prison time with a 475lb lifer as a "boyfriend".
As far as I'm concerned, the NYC St. Pat's Parade is much better off without disgraced current-senator Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, but the criminal bitch is once again merely pandering to the deviate degenerate homo agenda, as she's always done.
The popularity of disgraced ex-president Clinton has plunged in the wake of the pardons controversy to the lowest level ever. Gee whiz, why am I not surprised? But where were all those people during the past 8 years of criminal acts by him and disgraced current-senator Hitlery Rotten Clintoon? They were defending the lowlife bottom-feeders, of course. Here's a great story about the Clintoon Stench.
Talk about lowlife filth: the race-baiting, misery profiteer, racist bigot Irrev Jesse "NYC Hymietown" Jack-scum criminal has been blackmailing US corporations for 30+ years, letting his lowlife criminal friends and half-breed family scum in on the profits of others, without them doing any of the work to earn it. He's dogshit.
The financially troubled U.S. Postal Service awarded $280 million in bonuses to managers for their units' meeting performance goals last year even though that move and others resulted in $199 million in net losses. The US Postal Service management needs a reality check. Paying large bonuses at a time when they're planning on seeking new rate increases and projecting $2 billion to $3 billion in losses for the (2001) fiscal year defies logic. Simply f*cking amazing. The lowlife lib-democRAT filth ought to be thankful they have jobs, and forget the bonuses.
Wassup? Don't think Billy Bob Gates Jr is a lowlife, subhuman, slimeball, shit for brains, scumbag, liberal-socialist-communist? He is; readit. Gates Jr is a f*cking psycho. I used to admire him; now, I wouldn't stop to assist if he were bleeding to death.
I hate organized crime labor and the stinking felons therein. Does Jimmy Hoffa, Mayor Richard "The Dead" Daley of Chicago, The Teamsters, Vinnie "The Weasel" Provonzano, John Gotti, Sam "The Bananna" DeCavilcante et al ring any bells?

GOP f*ck-Ups.
The Pentagon bypassed a "buy America" law to meet the Army's rush demand for 3 million black berets and awarded contracts to firms manufacturing the headgear in communist China and other Third World countries. And shit-for-brains Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said: "I have not asked the Army to do anything particular about that." Why not, idiot? First, those are Army Ranger berets, not regular Army, and second, the stinking filthy Chi-Comm garbage shouldn't be manufacturing them; US companies should. This f*cked-up decision by Gen. Eric Shinseki, the Army chief of staff, should get his ass bounced outta the service for good.
Okay, okay maybe not the Gop'ers, but certainly an agency largely unchanged since its philosophical inception. The FBI has always had my respect and admiration, but this Hanssen Mess has me wondering. You?
f*ck it: blow the Chi-Comm shitfilth off the Face of The Earth, W.
I hope ol' Norm's wrong about this; so far he's batting almost .750 for 2001.

Oh, Bullshit.
This is both troubling and sad: a new generation of multi-racial children aka half-breeds, trash, garbage et al is on the way to further pollute America's once-elegant and quality genepool.
Bullying causes school shootings? I'm sorry, I don't agree. Sick (in the head) children do stupid and demented things, to other children, to animals and themselves. In all my years of schooling early 50s through the early 70s I never saw evidence of it. Oh, there were afterschool fistfights and I got into a few myself. But never any school violence or obvious bullying. That's a pathetic excuse for mental illness in today's kids, caused by today's education system. Read this and understand.
Here's a case which truly deserves executive clemency, unlike the 14year old boy murderer in Florida. Think I'm being too cruel about the "wrestler" baby whacker? Nah, must be the lowlife in you liberal filth oozing to the surface. Read this. Hey, the sperm-donating daddy scumbag weighs-in, with nothing.
Now, why is it that the USA doesn't have the hoof-and-mouth disease, mad cow disease and a hundred other maladies that the f*cked-up idiots in the EU shitheads have?
It's hard to believe that people don't use common sense, and that everything from azaleas to toothpicks now require some sort of warning label. My take: f*ck it. If the morons hurt themselves, too f*cking bad. I have no sympathy for them. Indemnify the manufacturer against stupidity.

Execute The Filth.
Aw gee whiz, a murderous 14 year old piece of shit who beat a tiny 6 year old girl to death, is getting life in prison, which is what he deserves. He should be executed when he reaches 18, just to be on the safe side for society. I have no sympathy for him or his friends, teachers, relatives and clergymen or anyone making a plea for his worthless, shitty life. And W is really, really wrong to even get involved in this; the punk murderer deserves to die, as his victim did.
Yep, New York state's "death penalty law" is impotent, gutless and worthless; 6,000 murders since it was reinstated in '95 and no one executed for all that carnage.
Pedophiles on the Web? Sure, I've read the stories but, since first getting on the Web in mid-'95, I've never seen any such pictures or websites. Actually, I don't want to see that stuff. I'd rather have the pedophile filth executed upon conviction; no wait, the cons in prison will do more damage than the "lethal needle" could ever do. Most pedophiles exposed to the "general prison population" are whacked.
Though he richly deserves to die for murdering 168 people, Timmy "The OKC Bomber-Murderer" McVeigh's execution shoud not be televised; that'd make him a martyr. He's a coward and lowlife piece of whit trash shitfilth. Nothing more.
The two subhuman homo filth who raped and murdered the 13 year old boy should definitely get the death penalty. No question in my mind.
One more piece of subhuman shit scum off of death row, unfortunately due to "natural causes". He should have been executed many years ago. W f*cked-up and commuted his sentence to "life", a better deal than his many victims got.
The murderous lowlife alcoholic Kennedy cousin piece of shit should also be executed for Killing the 15 year old neighbor girl, 25 years ago.
The great state of Indiana made my week: executed a murderer who murdered a clergyman at an Indiana highway rest stop 10 years ago. Good riddance, you lowlife subhuman piece of dogshit; may you rot in hell.

Racist and Bigot Filth.
I hate racists of all stripes and colors. The fat, stupid, waddling, turd-sucking, bottom-feeding Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum is probably the worst example of a racist bigot, who should be exterminated incarcerated for life, for the overall good of society.
Oh gee f*cking whiz: the injun scum are raising a stink about teams and mascost being named after injuns. They should be flattered; as lazy alcoholic worthless bums, we're actually making them look so much better than they are in reality. The commie-socialist US Civil Rights Commission is headed-up by some thin-skinned injun bitch and apparently doesn't have enough real work to do. Go weave a basket, you alcoholic lowlife.
Speaking of racist dogshit: ignorant crybaby lib-democRAT scumbag Major "Fat Albert" Owens, congressman from New York, wants more pork reparations. Read this about that.
The chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Chairwoman Mary Frances Berry, the racist bigot bitch issued a rebuke to the State of Florida Friday for alleged voting irregularities on Election Day, though the Commission has not completed its investigation. Not completed its investigation? Isn't a "rebuke" a little premature, scumbagette? I f*cking think so, whore-dog-slut.

Folk Art in Bottles.
Here's an enthusiast's introduction to the intricate, obsessive world of "whimsey" or puzzle bottles, a folk-art form that dates back to the 18th century. Although the ship-in-a-bottle is the best known example of this miniature genre, "crosses and crucifixions, fans, chairs, spinning wheels, wishing wells, photographs, buildings, tools, saloon scenes, fanciful bird trees and complicated interlocking puzzles" have all been mysteriously contained in narrow-necked glass containers. Make sure to read about Carl Worner, a rambling man who specialized in amazing bottled saloon and bakery scenes from the turn of the century.

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