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rites of spring
Friday, March 20, 1998

it's easy to tell that Spring arrived way ahead of the Gregorian Calendar this year. Trees, shrubs, flowers and furiously. Screw the Puxatawney Phil groundhog predictions; we haven't even had a real Winter yet. No one's asked the Eternal Questions yet. In fact, shoot the f*cking groundhog and make some Brunswick stew: throw in a couple of horny squirrels, a chipmunk and a piece of fresh roadwhack. If any assorted fur gets into your teeth, use that Bowie Knife to pick it out. Watch your gums. And don't forget to brush your teeth.

New Arrivals.
The first of 15-20 tractor trailer loads of fresh nursery stock (trees, shrubs etc) and perennials arrived early this week. That usually signifies the impending arrival of many other problems; nursery stock that is in bloom or ready to, jap maples in various states of leafing-out, perennials pushing new growth. All this means that we have to cover and protect this new growth with tarps and plastic against frost, ice storms and more snow until after last frost date; in USDA Zone 6B, it's around April 20th. Remember that date, if you live and garden around here.
Tens-of-thousands-of-plants arriving from all over the US in various states of new growth. It'll be a nightmare here if we get bad weather — and that's almost a certainty — in trying to get unprotected things under some kind of protection. Fortunately, all this stuff is mobile and can be moved; it just takes people and machines. And lots of time.

Still Wasting Our Money.
Remember the $640 toilet seats a few years back that the Air Force bought? Now, the Dep't of Defense (DOD) is buying $57 screws and other items at outrageous prices. It's not a matter of being an astute shopper as they claim, it's just common sense.
Who is the DOD moron who approves these purchases? Hang the son-of-a-bitch! Christ, go to goddamned Tru-Value Hardware and buy what the f*ck they need for nickels and dimes. Whoever bought and whoever sold this stuff should go to prison for the rest of their stupid, unnatural lives. Put someone with some common sense in charge there at DOD. Get rid of these idiots.
I'm still outraged that morons, cretins and scumbags can waste our money without the proper supervision that a 2-year old has in nursery school. Something's still wrong with that entire scenario, isn't it?

Moral Outrage.
When is this country going to wake up and realize that the real news is not how many blowjobs Clinton got in the Oral Office — hell, they just got the carpets cleaned from the (lowlife) JFK years — but rather the perjury, suborning of perjury and obstruction of justice issues that will bring his so-called presidency down.
I'm angry at the predatory behavior he shows toward women. NOW and all the other femi-nazi, women's organizations don't seem to care either. If this were a case at IBM or Toyota or another corporation, the sexual harassment case would be halfway through the courts by now and Slick Willie would be headed for prison, huge fines and public disgrace. How Clinton gets away with this behavior is a mystery to me.
But is there sufficient evidence to proceed with further hearings based upon a legal infraction? I sure hope there's something there besides more evidence of Clinton having sex, when he's supposed to be working.
Lots of people want to see Mr & Mrs Bubba gone; I'm one among many. But until the judicial process rolls on to that point, it's a no-brainer for now.

Here We Go Again.
The nutcases are starting to come out of the woodwork as the time draws nigh unto the 21st century: first the morons from Heaven's Gate hitched a ride on a comet, and now these cretins are waiting for god to pre-empt The Shopping Channel.
It seems that each of these so-called cults claims doctors, lawyers, engineers et al in the membership, but traditionally only the very weak-minded follow cult leaders. Some kind of personality defect causes followers to blindly do what they are told.

The Polls.
It's now gone way beyond moral outrage at the obvious lack of morals and ethics Slick Willie The Bubba has shown all his life; it's become entertainment for me. And for millions of other Americans too. The recent polls prove it.
Short of a provable perjury or obstruction of justice charge, we're stuck with the Clinton moron for two more years.
It seems that Clinton gets a pass on everything he does, because the economy is so good. He had nothing to do with it — the computer industry fueled it all by itself — but is getting all the public credit, so he rightly takes it. Most presidents do when they inherit a positive situation and their 4(or 8)-year watch benefits.

False Fire Alarm.
A pile of lowlife liberal firefighters just endorsed the two-bit, shit-for-brains Al "I didn't do anything wrong and I won't do it again" Gore for president in 2000. Just f*cking amazing. I have no respect for firefighters anymore, liberal scum that they are.
They couldn't wait to see who the candidates will be; they had to jump off early and commit to a moron liberal.
It's amazing that a no personality, flatliner like Gore will run for president in 2000. He's as exciting as a corpse, but perhaps a refreshing change from Clinton's antics.

Army Liar.
It's just amazing how six women who accused this piece-of-shit McKinney scumbag of raping, molesting and sexually-harassing them could be called liars. Of course, it was a lowlife Army jury of mostly men who sympathized with the McKinney rapist-scumbag's plight: 55 years in prison if found guilty. They rarely ever find their own guilty.
He too, like the Clinton scum, gets a pass at the women's expense. And the femi-nazi bitches from NOW are notably silent. Again.

More Criminal Liberals.
The (still dead) ex-Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's former partner was indicted and Brown was implicated in a huge kickback scheme that defrauded several companies out of millions.
Brown was conveniently whacked two years ago in an airplane crash; otherwise, he'd have been indicted and jailed, as four other Clinton Administration scum have been and are being tried for crimes. Lucky for him he's dead: less embarrassment for his pathetic family, since his son was indicted and convicted on embezzlement charges, too. Nice people, the Browns.

In The Open.
The sexual harassment and coverups of Slick Willie The Bubba are now out in the open for all the world to see. One of the world's truly biggest scumbags, the Clinton moron has a long pattern with dozens of women victims dating back 25-30 years.
Clinton's stupid, fat lawyer — some shit-for-brains named Bob Bennett — claims this is an effort to embarrass the president and that it's insane. He, and a whole load of non-thinking liberal filth, can't quite seem to understand that if Bubba hadn't done it, this wouldn't be happening right now. Of course they know Clinton is guilty; they're publicly posturing to help minimize the embarrassment of having a lowlife as a president. I'm proud to say I didn't vote for Clinton either time.
Over 700 pages of sexually explicit testimony is on display and the Clintons are terrified at what it all means. For the past 5 of 7 weeks, the cowardly Clintons have retreated to Camp David to elude reporters and questions of their immoral, unethical and criminal behavior. The two main liars — Bubba and Hitlery — continue to duck the truth, as do their henchmen scum lawyers. It'd sure be nice if Starr could find the one smoking gun and put the Clinton bastard on the road to impeachment, thereby ending this national guessing game and embarrassing ordeal. I, for one, am sick of this redneck scumbag and wish he and his filth were gone from the political scene.
The 60 Minutes interview with Kathleen Willey aired last Sunday evening at 7PM EST on CBS is the closest thing to a near-death experience Clinton has had yet. I relished the full hour show, something I don't normally watch. I think it became pretty clear to the entire Nation that Clinton was lying again. The whole coverup is starting to unravel and will get more and more convoluted in the coming months.
Yes indeedy, it's going to be another interesting Summer.

School Board of Idiots, Part 2.
Two racially-motivated bigots are at it again in the San Francisco School system. It started last week with two colored (their words) morons taking on white literature (their phrase) as being "irrelevant to colored kids growing up with a handicap" (their phrase).
A bigot in any color is still a bigot. These two f*ck-ups are two of the worst, next to Calypso Louis "Farra-Con-Man of Islam", Al "Pass The f*cking Donuts" Sharpton and Jesse "Just Call Me The Messiah" Jackson. f*ck 'em (my words).
Literature for reading should be selected based upon its quality; not an affirmative action quota system like the racially-bigoted Martin Luther King espoused in the 60s. It must be color blind and based on quality, not quantity.

2000 Meltdown.
How long do we all have until no computer works correctly? Here's where to go to get the correct countdown.

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