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not a nation of laws

friday, may 8th, 2009

i think that the America we've known is gone, if we allow the Present Sambo Obama-Osama-Lama-Rama-Ding-Dong to continue his socialist-fascist-commie policies to continue to "re-make" and destroy America. Many in Europe believe that Obama will be destroyed from within and by Europe.

I can only hope it's so.

The US Constitution has been trampled so badly, that forms of it are almost unrecognizable. A few Conservatives and 'Blue Dog' Democrats object, but most all other are either leaders in this overthrow and simply going along to get along. Traitors like Specter deserve their terminal brain cancer; I only wish it were the more malignant, rampant form and would dispose of him tomorrow.

This is not a "Nation of Laws", anymore. No, it has become a nation of lawyers who make laws that benefit lawyers. With almost 90% of the legislators in DC being ambulance-chasers, a change is needed: "Citizens Legislators" with 2-yr term, limits.

The "Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of Tyrants and Patriots, from time to time."

Around The Garden Center™.

Friday's intermittent rains allowed my crew to get their work completed, with the water garden rebuild exception, and Seth will continue that into this week. It's not much fun working in cold rain; I remember the many days I did in "the early years", just to get jobs completed, and move on to the next ones.

Saturday was very busy, and the sales receipts proved it. Lots of traffic and sales; I was pleased, despite the morning rains and intermittent afternoon showers. After getting home, I had to change a recessed spotlight bulb in the kitchen, and was using a flimsy stool to do it, when I slipped-off and landed on my back against the counter 90° edge and then crashed to the floor. I've re-injured my right side back's L-5 vertebrae, and was in terrible pain all night and Sunday morning. I ate aspirin by the handful, and used cold-paks all day. (Okay, I'm an idiot for using that undersized stool; "Mea Culpa".) It rained all day, yet we were loaded with customers buying all kinds of things, loading pre-bought and dug trees, and I was hobbling around with both a Kimber 1911 .45cal and a half-frozen icepak on my right backside's L-5 area. I was glad to get home an get a proper, frozen icepak on the L-5 area.

My back is hurting like hell, I'm eating 325mg aspirin like candy, I have a cold-pak jammed down my trousers' right backside at L-5, it's cold and raining on Monday, and several employees have emailed me that they're not coming in today, Monday. I can't blame them. One of the cats threw-up in 3 places at the foot of my king-sized bed, and I had to strip all the bedding and take the wool blanket into the cleaners... what's next for early Monday morning? Everyone went home, as Monday was a complete washout. I stayed and worked on some estimates. Two customers; one bought a Pink Flowering Dogwood. I closed down at 3:15pm and went home. I had hundreds, if not thousands of pics to get together, for the new wwww.gdnctr.com v4.0, to prepare for the prototype pages and their slideshows, already developed by D••••.

Tuesday was wet and soggy, with a chilling 49°F temp, so I dressed again in layers, as I usually do. It was another busy day, with my LSCP Crew catching-up on deliveries and installations, weeding & mulching the GC&N's front entrance, rained-out from their main jobs. All in all, a wash-out. The rain gauge is showing 5" of rain since Saturday.

With 2.12" of rain — we're showing 4.5" in the GC&N's gauge — the NWS has issued a *Flood Watch* for our area on Wednesday morning. BFD; I live and work on high areas, so I'm not affected. I dropped my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 'Laredo' (112,700k) off at the Chrysler-Jeep dealer's at 8am on the way into work, for some long overdue service. About $600 worth. I had a Jeep 'Patriot' as a daily rental; one of the worst pieces-of-crap, along with the Jeep 'Liberty', I've ever driven. (God, please help Jeep get it right sometime!) It was a very busy day, with everyone playing catch-up from the previous two days of rain. I cranked out loads of paperwork, Lee stopped by with BBQ'd chicken for lunch, lots of phone calls, a score of people through the Complex, new LSCP jobs coming in from both old and new customers, additional tree installations, two site visits, a last-minute LSCP customer stopping-in just as I was closing, with an other designer's mediocre plan-in-hand, wanting a re-design and re-quote. I picked-up my Jeep, rid myself of that crappy 'Patriot' and headed home, to work on www.gdnctr.com v4.0's compilation of thousands of pics, for possible slideshows. Heavy-duty thunderstorms rolled through around 6:30pm and continued until around 9pm. Thursday is my scheduled day-off, and I have a short-list of things to get done, come hell or high-water.

I was up at 6am Thursday, my day off, to feed the cats, scan the weather and news and went back to sleep until 11. I made a 4-high stack of French Toast, OJ, a shopping list and hit the road about 12:30pm. Jeff stopped by at 5:30pm, and began the router install and Win-7 RC1. I'll detail it in next week's "Journal".

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.

Everyone knows that disgraced, run-out-of-office US Sen Johnny "The Breck Girl" Edwards is a slimy, lowlife scumbag lawyer, but now we know that his fat, bloated, cancerous wife, Elizabeth, is one subhuman piece-of-shit, too.

David Ogden Stiers, the third-bit, pathetic amateur actor who is best known for playing Major Charles Emerson Winchester on TVs "M*A*S*H", has "come out" as a subhuman faggot. I am (gay), a filthy, lowlife dirtbag homo pervert, butt-pirate" the 66-year-old actor said in an interview with the blog Gossip-Boy.com, a "pole-puffer" website. Very proud to be so. Puke on you, 'untermensch' garbage Stiers filth. With any luck, you'll be dead from AIDS with a few years, scumbag. Good riddance!

"24", Season Seven.

In case you've missed the episodes so far — 12am-1am, 1am-2am, 2am-3am, 4am-5am — here are the full episodes sans commercials, for you to catch-up on. Remember, Monday 9-10pm EST.


Another of my absolute favorite TV Shows: "Jericho".

Some People Just Need Killing™.

"Pedophile Protection Act"? Are you fucking kidding me? Those subhuman filth need SUMMARY KILLING!

A Tampa judge denied bail Wednesday for a Florida man charged with first-degree murder in the death of a 3-month-old child, who authorities say was thrown out of a moving car. Police say infant Emanuel Murray died after his mother's ex-boyfriend threw him from a car on a Florida interstate. Richard Anthony McTear Jr., 21, was arrested Tuesday, hours after a confrontation at his former girlfriend's apartment in which he snatched the infant, Emanuel Wesley Murray. KILL HIM!

Strange Maps.

It all began with a charting of Pennsylvania's lunatic asylum districts. That might be an inauspicious start elsewhere, but not here. Welcome to the world of strange maps. Since that initial posting in September of last year, the blogger-collector behind this site has rolled out post after post of eccentric and imaginative maps — "the kind you won't find in a regular atlas." From ancient history to alternate history, from the world according to some two-term presidents to the U.S. according to its politics, the maps displayed here are historic, fake, funny, and marvelous. And sometimes all of the above. I paused over the image of Flash Gordon's native Mongo, ate up the charting of North America's "totem food" regions (oh, to live in Corn Bread and BBQ Nation!), and then located myself on both the atlas of the country of Houyhnhnms (where Yahoos, those "deformed, debased humans" reside) and the record of the online communities map. Brrr!

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