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Friday, May 12, 2006

given that America is slowly going down the proverbial socialist-commie-fascist dumper, after a short 290 years, is unquestioned. The only remaining question is: "how long will it take"? With my long-known realization that growing, subversive, verminous forces are at work on a daily basis, and that our "compassionate conservative" president is really a one-world order communist and a very liberal-RINO, I'm *safe-betting*, that's it's going to be sooner, rather than later. "Borders, Language, Culture", baby. President Bush daily wonders why we Conservatives are moving away from him and his failed immigration, spending, education, entitlement and border security enforcement policies. Our own government's US Border Patrol has been tipping-off the turd-world mexican government to our US Citizen-staffed "Minutemen" patrols, so that "migrant's (aka criminal) illegal alien rights, are being observed". Un-fricking-believeable! The Catholic and Methodist Churches are both complicit in bringing-in, protecting and funding criminal, illegal alien filth, and they all need to be prosecuted under the RICO Act. IMO, shoot them. Corrupt, turd-world foreign governments are actively trying to influence Soverign US Policy, with the help of the corrupt US Government employees. The moles, spies, seditionists and traitors inside our government, are legion. Instead of finding these and other traitors, especially the leaders of the illegal alien invasion, the FBI has turned its copious assets to finding a polygamist. (I need some serious duct tape!) The GOP is going to pay dearly in the November Mid-Term Elections, for this negligence and neglect of America's security. The US is a rogue state? Apparently, some pukes think so. Failures and losers get a passing grade? US Congressional criminals, alcoholics and drug addicts also get a pass? Diversity is perversity. Multi-culturualism is destruction and death to any free society and culture. Show me a black, bronze or brown culture which outshines the White Culture of America. There are none, anywhere. The same bigots who call White America, racist, are flaming racists and bigots, themselves. Ahhhhhh, liberal-demokkkRATs, socialists, perverts, commies, deviants, fascists, degenerates, one-worlders, nazis, islamofascists, globalist filth: all so worthy of a .45cal HP shot to their empty heads. Is anarchy far behind? Not that far, IMO. Buy more ammo.

Around The Garden Center™.
Last Friday, I filled up my Jeep Grand Cherokee's 22gal tank with 17.334gal, which cost $50.25, reflecting a 10¢ drop to $2.89/gal in prices at the pump, for Unleaded Regular. Unleaded Plus is at $2.99/gal and Unleaded Premium is at $3.19/gal. No complaints; just more reality unfolding. Blue state, whining idiots.
A sure sign that Summer has arrived early, was last Friday morning. On my way to work at 5:45am, my Jeep's digital temp sensor read 65°F, and I knew it was going to be a warm one, by about midday. It didn't disappoint. Another sure sign are the smells of newly-plowed farm fields, and freshly-mowed grass. After doing corporate payroll, I drove to Graul's in May's Chapel (MD) and next off to Hunt Valley's (MD) new Wegman's with a few friends, and I spent almost $430 on gourmet foods. Life is good.
Anyone remember this song and group from the early 60s? Warm fuzzies.
On Monday morning, I went down to York's new $40 million-plus Judicial Center, specifically to the Sheriff's Office, to pick-up my renewed CCW (Concealed Carry of Weapon) Permit, which had expired last July. Gulp; I had been carrying with an expired permit all this time. In the interim, I had put my Kimber "Eclipse Target II" 1911A1 .45cal ACP away in my double-door gunsafe, as it would be a class 3 felony (jail!) to get caught with it. It took 3 weeks and $19 (just went up to $25 on Tuesday) to get it renewed. It feels much better with that iron on my right hip, BTW. And a spare 8-round mag on my belt. (Thanks, Dave and Jacky!)
As of Monday, I'll finally be up to full strength, with three, three-man landscape crews. The colleges and highs are letting out, and plenty of applicants have been hired. No fricking criminal, illegal alien mexicans on my property! I hire only Americans, with proper ID, unlike many of the nurseries and lawn care businesses in the southern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland areas. Where is ICE on all these criminal businesses?
Rain, rain, rain, rain, glorious rain! After 2 weeks of sunny, pleasant weather and temps, we finally got some rain on Thursday. A tornado warning was posted at 6:45pm, in effect until 11pm. Red and orange cells were approaching the York-Lancaster areas rapidly, and I tuned-in frequently to www.weather.com/, www.wgal.com/, and www.weatherunderground.com/, for updates, every 15 minutes. Fortunately, we escaped any severe damage. Many areas west and north of us, didn't.
I'm having Mom & Dad over on Mother's Day, Sunday, after work, for a nice dinner. Here's the menu. Getting hungry, are you?
Hey, Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!

The Kennedys: Lowlife, Lowclass, Whitetrash Scumbags™.
The Kennedy Klan Krowd (KKK supporters and Jew-haters, in the 30s and 40s) rank among the most vile, criminal and hate-America scum ever to crawl out of a toilet. Alcoholics, drug addicts, murderers, smugglers, liars, rapists, womanizers, cheaters, socialists, commies, fascists, nazis: the Kennedys are a miscreant, dysfunctional, lowlife bunch of white trash filth with too much illegal money.
If you haven't heard much about this incident, which doesn't surprise me since the OTM (Old Tired Media) are actively covering it up and spinning the truth, read this article about the 'Kennedy Tradition'. I'll wait.
One of the worst Kennedys is lowlife dirtbag, US Rep Patrick "Patches The Pillhead" Kennedy (ADDICT-RI), bastard son of fat, bloated, alcoholic, socialist, liar, womanizer, intern-murder, US Sen Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy (DRUNK-MA). Patches needs to be convicted of a DUI (driving under the influence), resign from the US House, serve jail time, and go into rehab, and get a real job digging ditches. Instead of blaming pills, Patches needs to take responsibility for his stupidity. That'd be a first for any Kennedy.
Unlike the phony Talk Show Hosts who claim they don't, I take great pleasure in Patches' situation, as he's a whining, snivelling piece-of-shit, duplicitous, arrogant, effite, liberal asswipe. He deserves much worse, as do all of the subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT trash, but will probably get off with a mere slap on his feminine, drug-addicted wrist, because of the multiple level legalnot the justice system, which we have. You and I would be in prison; he gets off. Double standard? Go figure.
The case was mishandled, aka bungled right from the beginning. Police supervisors prohibited the on-scene officers from conducting a field sobriety test, or taking Patches to a nearby hospital for a BAT (blood alcohol test), which would have told the true story. Instead, the officers were directed to participate in the cover-up, by giving him a lift home, and ignoring the obvious fact that he was under the influence (DUI) of booze and drugs. He was seen drinking by other people.
The media cover-up and spin gears-up, such as this obfuscating crap from the leftist 'Today Show'. And the far-left Bston Globe chimes in with this softball puff-piece of BS.
If you'll remember back a few years to the Rush Limbaugh/ painkillers case, when he was hounded day and night for years, ridiculed publicly and given no slack or soft-peddaling by the leftist, socialist, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled, hate-America media. Double standard? You betcha.
Compare the kid-glove treatment that multiple-repeat, coke-head offender, pill-head and alcoholic, Robert Downey Jr got from the leftist OTM and deviant Hollyweird, as compared to what Rush Limbaugh endured. Are you getting a little sick of this crap, yet?
And just two weeks before all this, a glossy-eyed "Patches The Pillhead" Kennedy drove against traffic and collided with another car in a Rhode Island drugstore parking lot. Meanwhile in a interview with the Providance Journal, Kennedy admitted his March 2000 assault on a security guard at LA International Airport was because of his "mental illness," drinking and drug abuse. And before that...
The hate-America, piece-of-shit Kennedy has voted PRO-illegal aliens and ANTI-US Laws, for many years. Where's Lee harvey Oswald or Sirhan Sirhan when the country really needs them?
And, to no one's surprise, the mentally-ill idiots, morons and cretins of the liberal-demokkkRAT shithole, Rhode Island, will re-nominate "Patches The Pillhead" and re-elect him. Natch.

Criminal, Illegal Alien mexican/hispanic/latino Filth™.
Remember the May 1st march, "A Day Without Gringos"? In Los Angeles, with all the illegal alien mexican/hispanic/latino filth off the streets, there was an 82% reduction in auto theft, a 28% reduction in murders/ violent crimes/ rapes, a 73% reduction in vandalism, a 54% reduction in drug related offenses (not including the area surrendering the march), a 31% reduction in domestic violence cases, and a 64% reduction in misdeameanor cases (shop lifting, etc). Speaks volumes, doesn't it?
What would a "Day Without Criminal, Illegal Aliens" be like? US Rep Tom Tancredo tells you, right here.
What's it going to take to rescue America? You tell me. I already know what I have to do.
Are you ready for an unlimited number of infectious diseases coming in with the criminal, illegal alien mexican/hispanic/latino filth? Stock-up on antibiotics.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
"Don't Buy Gringo Products" on May 1st? Gringo? The criminal, illegal alien invader, mexican/hispanic/latino garbage "anchor babies" crap, needs to be stopped: cancel, by Statute, the 14th Amendment of The US Constitution. Get the illegal alien babies out of America. Send them and the subhuman, fat, lardass, smelly, mustache-faced mommie trash back to mexico, where they belong. We've got way too many criminal, illegal filth, here; time to shed the shitscum garbage.
That it took over 4½ years to detain and try the subhuman piece-of-shit, Zacarias Moussaoui, and a f*cked-up, incompetent Virginia jury allowed the muslim-islamic-arab-enemy filth to live at US Taxpayers' expense, in a time of war, makes my head want to explode at the thought of how utterly broken and useless the US Legal System has become.
If you think that the US Government is bumbling, inept and completely incompetent, just wait until you read this article of how totally unprepared they are to guard our Nation's infrastructure, and how they've ignored it since 9-11. Any7one got a roll of duct tape?
Soooooooooo, lesbos' and homos' "brains" are different that those of normal heterosexuals? Well, duh. Sure they are. Perversion, deviancy, subhumanism, degeneracy, depravity, filth, pedophilia and child murdetr are 'somewhat different' than the norm, BTW.
A panicked father who pushed past rescue workers to get to his injured daughter at the scene of a car crash, now faces felony charges. DUCT TAPE, please! Over here.
The Pythagorean theorem has 24 words. The Lord's Prayer has 66 words. Archimedes' Principle has 67 words. The 10 Commandments has 179 words. The Gettysburg Address has 286 words. The Declaration of Independence has 1,300 words. And the US Government regulations on the sale of cabbage is 26,911 words long! Reaching for the duct tape, yet? I am.

Real Conservative Americans, David and Tonia Parker — ever since their 5-year-old brought home a book from kindergarten that depicted a gay faggot family — have felt that their parenting has been under attack in the only state that allows same-sex marriage. They did not want to discuss sexual orientation yet with their son, and were shocked that the book was included in a "diversity book bag" last year, in his school. The deviant, abnorla, perverted, degfenerate homo-sodomite-faggot agenda marches, forward.
Yes, I do agree with President Bush: close GITMO. But first, KILL ALL THE SUBHUMAN MUSLIM-ISLAMIC-ARAB TERRORIST FILTH!
That President Bush is grossly derelict in his duty to protect and defend the US Borders, is quite obvious. His stupidly asinine "guest worker" program is just amnesty in disguise. It makes me sick to think about the price we are paying, and the even greater price we're going a few years from now, for his incompetence and neglect.

Treasonous, liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
Some faculty members at Boston College are objecting to the school's decision to award an honorary degree to the Secretary of State. A letter entitled "Condoleezza Rice Does Not Deserve a Boston College Honorary Degree" has been signed by nearly 100 treasonous, left-wing wacko, hate-America, socialist, commie, fascist, nazi faculty members. The letter was written by two prominent theology professors, all of whom readily deserve execution.
With a grin that is instantly recognisable, the candidate strolls past flashing poker machines in a Las Vegas casino, sticks out his hand and introduces himself: "Hi, my name is Jack Carter. My father used to be President." Even the rows of chain-smoking gamblers, their eyes usually fixed to the whirring symbols before them, turn their jaded faces and look with astonishment at the spitting image of the Georgia peanut farmer socialist-commie, who in 1976 came from nowhere to win the White House. varter-farter is inarguably the worst f*cking president in America's History, with Bubba Jeffy Klintoon as a close second. jackie "The Turd Boy" carter-farter, is subhuman waste.
9/11 widow — and harsh Bush administration critic — Kristin Breitweiser, a drug-addicted, left-wing wacko media whore, alcoholic, whining, liberal-demokkkRAT, mentally-ill, dirtbag slut-skank whore, has suggested that the CIA Director and named FBI agents merit the death penalty as much as convicted terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. Huh? Stand her against a wall, and execute the traitorous garbage.
Cynthia McKinney, the flap-plagued congressNigga®, who has been in the media spotlight since she scuffled with a Capitol Hill police officer last month, was caught bad-mouthing a senior staffer, last Saturday. Unfortunately for the racist, bigoted McKinney sambette, a DeKalb County Democrat who is running for re-election in the 4th Congressional District, a TV microphone she was wearing picked up her indelicate grumbling. Hey, tar-baby, porch-monkey: kill yourself, bitch!
Five-term US Rep, Dennis J Kucinich (WACKO-OH), is a mentally-ill socialist-commie, dirtbag. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald or James Earl Ray when America really needs them? The people of Ohio are truly assholes, since they keep re-electing this lowlife scumbag to office.
Disgraced loser, coward, traitor, liar, fake, fraud, hate-America, hate-US Military, dirtbag, giggolo, pervert, arrogant, scum-sucking US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry (TRAITOR-MA), calls for US SECDEF Don Rumsfeld's resignation, to resign following the airing of a new recording attributed to fugitive al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden? Go kill yourself, sKerry dirtbag boy!
Zbigniew Brzezinski, a lisping, sodomite-homo-faggot, piece-of-shit, alcoholic, drug-addicted, left-wing commie-socialist-liberal-fascist, dirtbag traitor who is the idiot most responsible for the '79 Iranian Embassy hostage crisis (444 days), in the failed, disgraced Carter-farter administration, is an asshole for writing this bullshit. Kill F*ck him and f*ck the UN (Useless Nations).
Once again proving he's a slimy, dirtbag, lowlife turd-boy, disgraced ex-US Sen John "The Breck Girl" Edwards (ASSHOLE-NC), defended his decision to mention the sexual orientation of Vice President Dick Cheney's openly gay daughter in a 2004 debate, rejecting Mary Cheney's criticism, in a newly released book. Edwards is a punk, loser and a failure.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Cuban President dictator Fidel Castro was furious when Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $550 million last year. This year, the magazine upped its estimate of the communist leader's wealth to a cool $900 million.
No, I don't buy Ford Motor Co products, anymore, ever again. Personally or corporately. FoMoCo's a sodomite-homo-pedophile-perverse-filth-supporting fountain, of cash, helping to fund and 'drive' the deviant sodomite-homo agenda.
Two federal agencies — the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration routinely collect strong evidence of potential workplace crimes, including the names and addresses of millions of people who are using bogus Social Security numbers, their wage records and the identities of those who hire them — are refusing to turn over a mountain of evidence that investigators could use to indict the nation's burgeoning work force of illegal immigrants and the firms that employ them.
F*ck Neil Young; he and his new albumn, "Living With War", are dogshit. Get cancer, and die, lowlife whitetrash, filthie scum. (BTW, he was one of my favorite rockers back in the 60s and 70s.)
Barry Bonds hit 713* HRs (*=steroid-induced power; Bond's a fraud and a fake) and comes within one of The Babe. Bonds hit his 713th homer Sunday night, moving within one of tying Babe Ruth for second place on baseball's career list. Bond's a drug-addicted, lowlife, subhuman, POS, liar, trash-boy, garbage-moron, turd-polisher, Nigga®!
Tilda Swinton, left-wing wacko, repeat-alcoholic, drug-addicted, lowlife whore-slutbag, facial-featureless bitch, skank-rag trash, two-bit-garbage, mentally-ill, scum-sucking FUGLY, liberal-demokkkRAT, one of Scotland's "leading actresses", has lashed out at Hollywood Hollyweird, demanding "more wise and courageous distributors" and "distributors with the kamikaze vision that spreads the broad and long view". Yeah, sure.
Lawrence Lader, a writer who so successfully marshaled his literary and political efforts in support of abortion rights that Betty Friedan, the feminist author, called him the father of the movement, died on Sunday at his home in Manhattan. He was 86. Good riddance, asshole, and rot in hell, you son-of-a-bitch!
Stupid, f*cking SK gooks. They richly deserve a nuking from the NK gook filth.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the "See Clearly Method" and "Kevis" are indeed criminal enterprises, deserving of The RICO Act prosecution, conviction and imprisonment.
islamofascist muslims and socialist, liberal methodists in The Peoples' Republik of Illinois, supping and pacting together? Yeah, sure. I left the so-called methodist church, many years ago. They're shit.
Filthy, deviant, sodomite, lesbo-bull dyke, pervert, untalented, never was, unfunny, dirtbag, comedian piwece-of-shit, Ellen DeGeneres DeGenerate swept Daytime Emmy awards for talk show and host for the second straight year. Boo fricking hoo, slutrag. Get cancer and die, bitch.

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
Awwwwwwwwwww, boo-fricking-hoo! Eat mucho pigshit and die, muslim-islamic-arab assholes!
islam's goal? To take over the world and establish an islamic Caliphate, either converting or killing every Infidel, aka non-muslim. Any questions?
First, muslims, islamics and arabs are not a race; they're a murderous, political and social religion cult. Therefore, all their bullshit charges of "racism" are total garbage. Charge dismissed as ignorant crap. muslims, islamics and arab terrorists are ordinary subhuman filth, totally-owned and operated by a religion cult of mindless anger, opportunistic political-social infection, and hate-filled dogma, and by pigshit-gulping, islamo-fascist "leaders", who control every moment of their empty-headed, hate-filled adherents', pathetic lives. islam is the complete imprisonment of body, mind and soul, and the total control of everything — every breath, every word, every act. islam is not a religion. It is a political cult of fascism, murder, hate, terrorism and destruction. Have you seen the head-cutting videos? Or the impaling video? Or the latest American to be murdered? And how about all these beheadings and murders? Go ahead and have a look; I'll wait.
By its own definition, islam is incompatible with any real religions or civilizations. islam is an opportunistic infection in the world's body. islam is made-up, moonbat garbage, by a dirtbag, drug-addicted, subhuman, murderer, pigshit-gulping, mentally-ill, delusional, pedophile. Hence, islam must be destroyed. And its mindless, subhuman, garbage adherents, do want to "wipe-out" Infidels and Non-Believers. Their words, not mine. When are you going to realize and comprehend that reality, America? "Multiculturalism" and "diversity" are the worst kind of trash: engineered socialism-communism-liberalism-nazism.
"•Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City. No Muslim outrage. •Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt. No Muslim outrage. •A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia. Muslims shoot children in the back. No Muslim outrage. •Let's go way back. Muslims kidnap and kill athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims fire rocket-propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims massacre dozens of innocents at a Passover Seder. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder innocent vacationers in Bali. No Muslim outrage. •Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge. No Muslim outrage. •Newspapers in Denmark and Norway publish cartoons depicting Mohammed. Muslims are outraged."
"Dead children. Dead tourists. Dead teachers. Dead doctors and nurses. Death, destruction and mayhem around the world at the hands of Muslims... no Muslim outrage... but publish a cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and all hell breaks loose. Come on, is this really about cartoons? They're rampaging and burning flags. They're looking for Europeans to kidnap. They're threatening innkeepers and generally raising (un)holy Muslim hell not because of any outrage over a cartoon. They're outraged because it is part of the Islamic jihadist culture to be outraged. You don't really need a reason. You just need an excuse. Wandering around, destroying property, murdering children, firing guns into the air and feigning outrage over the slightest perceived insult is to a jihadist what tailgating is to a Steeler's fan." (by Nealz Nuze)
Convicted September 11th conspirator and subhuman piece-of-pigshit-gulping-muslim-faggot, Zacarias Moussaoui, says he lied on the witness stand about being involved in the plot and wants to withdraw his guilty plea because he now believes he can get a fair trial. Kill the sand-Nigga®, muslim-islamic-arab filth! KILL HIM!
Here's why there'll never be peace and stability in any piece of the 6th century hellhole, subhuman turd-world, muslim-islamist-arab world. They're lowlife garbage; all needing to be killed. So many wasted US Military lives, dammit. I said this in March 2003, as the Iraq War began.
Have you seen this video, which shows that illiterate, stupid, dumbass, pigshit-sucking dirtbag, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, as an incompetent, bumbling, muslim-islamist-arab pig f*cker? No wonder the muslim shitscum trash are still mired in the 7th century. Zarqawi is a fat pig's turd.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
All muslim terrorists, in all prisons around the world, should be killed. No trials, no prison time, no release. Kill them all. They're subhuman filth, as are all NOi (Nation Of islam) garbage, here in America. They should also be head-shot and dumped in a pit of pigshit.
Abraham Shorey, known by law enforcement as the "Collegetown Creeper," was taken into custody around 7pm near West Mountain View Drive and Adams Avenue, is wanted in connection with a series of incidents where he allegedly entered women's homes and committed "bizarre acts." He is being held on warrants out of New York; two counts of sexual abuse, trespass and two counts of burglary. Kill him. He's subhuman filth.
An illegal alien from Ecuador has been charged with raping a 6-year-old girl with Downs syndrome. Manuel Contreras-Sanango, a 19-year-old busboy, was charged with aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a minor. He was being held on $250,000 bail Thursday at the Bergen County (NJ) Jail. Kill the spic.
Left-wing wacko, socialist, traitor, commie dirtbag, Mary McCarthy, special assistant to President Clinton and senior director of intelligence in his corrupt, criminal, cowardly White House, has been fired by the CIA. McCarthy allegedly told the Washington Post our NATO allies were secretly letting the CIA operate bases on their soil for the interrogation of terror suspects. Apparently, McCarthy failed several polygraph tests, after which she confessed. If true, she was faithless to her oath, betrayed the trust of her country, damaged America's ties to foreign intelligence agencies and governments, and broke the law. The Justice Department is investigating whether McCarthy violated the Espionage Act. Duly charge, try, convict, sentence and kill her; problem solved.
Mmmmmmmmmmm, another illegal alien from Mexico, accused of raping an 8-year-old girl last April, waived all charges to court Thursday with the understanding he will plead guilty to two offenses and have the MORE SERIOUS CHARGES WITHDRAWN. Francisco Rodriguez, is charged with rape, statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and endangering the welfare of children. Kill the spic.
Piece-of-shit, lowlife, subhuman, accused killer, , made three requests Wednesday for a mistrial based on judicial misconduct, argued with a deputy, and then began a second contentious day questioning a witness who, Polk claims, has falsely accused her of being verbally abusive. Shoot the bitch in her empty, murderous head!

The Impulsive Buy.
Are you intrigued by products touting themselves as "new and improved"? Can you resist the latest twist on an old favorite? If you want to curb your own crazy shopping tendencies, check out the reviews on The Impulsive Buy. Does Dentyne Fire gum really improve your love life? If not, perhaps a wave of the Clorox Toilet Wand will heighten your appeal. (Please note, the wand does not have actual magical powers.) VH1's nostalgia shows inspire the use of an iTunes gift card, which leads to impulsive downloads of Vanilla Ice and Right Said Fred. In a world where everything has been super-sized, it's refreshing to see that White Castle cheeseburgers retain their tiny, square shape. You may even get a chance to vote on which product will get reviewed. Such is the case in the Squeeze Between the Cheese. What will win? Stop by the checkout aisle to find out.

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