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line of demarcation
Friday, May 15, 1998

in the past few days, several things changed. Now, in order to get here, you had to make a choice: leave or enter this section of my site, called John's Journal. For almost three years, there was no warning page as such, but in response to herds of whining liberals and bleating conservatives, I built one that gives every visitor the choice. Since I've spoken about this portion of the wesbite being disconnected from the other business segments contained within the website, it only seemed fitting that it should now be delineated. Somehow, it doesn't feel any different; I've always viewed it as separate from my business. Likewise, the quality and precision of our work — it remains light years ahead of the competition — is unaffected by my personal viewpoints.

After 170+ emails per day for the past few weeks, mostly from liberals with thin skins and small brains, I figured out that others of dissimilar beliefs perceived this site as ruled by my diverse personal opinions on various and sundry topics. None of which I have an opportunity to change. I know that. I'm not politically active anymore.
But that small detail won't stop me from expressing my outrage and reaction to the societal injustices which I perceive need radical correction. From the thousands of emails and calls I've received since this website went online — with it's concomitant and controversial Journal intact — I had perceived that the business end of the site and Journal were viewed as distinct entities. Now I believe differently.

Then There Were Two.
Ever since I can remember, there were four American car companies. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and little American Motors Corporation (aka Jeep) ruled terra firma. In the 70s, the Japanese and German carmakers ruled the planet.
In the 80s, Chrysler bought AMC (aka Jeep) and there were three. Ford, Chrysler and GM improved their styling and quality; the Japanese carmakers fell into disarray and the German carmakers got even better product out of the door.
Chrysler (and Ford have) has improved quality and product selection (read styling) so much that clearly Chrysler's product line became attractive to Daimler-Benz (in Europe; Mercedes-Benz in USA). The world was stunned at the news. I was saddened to see another US car manufacturer disappear.
Only General Motors and Ford remain.
Remember the film, Network, when Ned Beatty lectured Peter Finch on the multi-national corporations replacing the nations and taking over the world? This is one more sign of that evolution coming to fruition. This process will go on for decades and result in The Corpoate Wars. Nations will one day cease to exist.

Bad News.
I'm not a tree hugger, but I do care about the Earth. What developing nations are doing to it is a crime. What the industrialized nations are continuing to do to it is a sin. And 1997 was one of the worst years for the Earth, in terms of trashing it.
In the 60s and 70s, when I was a lowlife, liberal tree hugger, the Earth was one of the top five most important topics of discussion and protest. Now it's paid a passing interest and mere lip service. We ignore the very thing that we live on.
Someday, we'll all realize that the Earth is a living organism that supports us, the parasites. We do tremendous damage to this blue orb; sometimes it can repair itself, given enough time. That won't always be the case. The legacy we're leaving to future generations is one of a crippled planet, slowly dying from abuse and neglect. Some monument.

Misplaced Blame.
Instead of blaming and sanctioning India for wanting to protect themselves from the stinking commie filth in China, the US should have never allowed illegal sales and a transfer of technology to China 'without' presidential waiver. The whole story will soon explode in the New York Times and will cause heads to roll.
The Clintonite liberal scum screwed up big time, this time. The illegal sale of classified missile guidance technology to Communist China — as well as the satellite launching technology known as MIRVING: MULTIPLE INDEPENDENTLY TARGETED RE-ENTRY VEHICLE — was against the law and done to further trade with China, a brutally repressive communist dictatorship. India is the world's largest democracy, with almost a billion people. So why are we picking on their right to defend themselves against the evil China commie scum and Pakistani garbage, both avowed enemies of India?
Why? Because China was a major contributor to Clinton's '96 re-election through subhuman shit like Joh Huang and Charlie Trie, who both should be in prison already. Jail their sorry, rice-eating asses and they'll squeal on the Clintonite scumbags. Wonder why Ken Starr hasn't done that?

Another Liberal Crook.
One more of the Clintonite criminals is under formal federal investigation: Labor Secretary Alexis Herman, who sold favors from her lofty office for cash.
Two bit bitch that she is, she proclaimed innocence loudly and furtively, as the Attorney General opened a 120-day independent counsel investigation on her. She''l be forced to resign, like the four other Clintonite criminals in the cabinet, and be prosecuted after she leaves office.
This makes five criminals in Clinton's cabinet, either indicted or convicted, and firmly established his eight year stint as the most investigated and corrupt administration is US history. Reno previously has requested counsels to probe Clinton and four of his Cabinet members—now-deceased Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros, former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt. Some legacy, Bubba.

Another Lowlife Fried.
Kudos to Alabama! They had the guts to execute another piece of subhuman shit. This is one of the most heinous acts I've ever read about, and liberal scum want to rehab this trash? He truly deserved death. As do the 3,700+ others on Death Row, lounging around at $40,000 - $60,000 per year per scumbag, costing the taxpayers (read you and me) money to keep this shit alive. Gimme an M16 and I'll reduce the national debt by a few hundred million dollars. Do the math.

Liberal Democrats, Part 2.
Last week, I'd mentioned that of the dozens of cowardly, lurking liberal lowlifes who'd sent mail criticizing me for lambasting their unethical and immoral ways, none had the guts to either identify themselves or open a conversation. Well, one finally has.
Spouting the typical liberal party line of compassion for heinous criminals and forgiveness for all moral and ethical transgressions, he's emailed me several times telling me about all my shortcomings and why he won't shop at my garden center and nursery. His loss, not mine. He's rather comical; quite like someone who's never experienced the real world pontificating about reality, a subject he has no real connection with.
His unethical attitude toward the crimes of Slick Willie The Bubba is at once, laughable and pathetic, yet simultaneously sorry and almost forgiveable. Almost. But not quite.
I do feel sorry for the chap; he claims to be a local, religious man, multiple father and a minor civic personage, but something's truly missing. He's hollow inside; empty of ethics and devoid of morals, as all democratic liberals are. He's pitiable. He can't handle blunt language which states an obvious truth. He'd rather bury his head in the sand and ignore the problem, as long as his pockets are full from the good economy. Unfortunately, he'll innoculate his unsuspecting family and friends with his transparent value system. He's part of a disease which needs eradication, as polio and tuberculosis required stringent use of antibiotics to control.

Religion In Politics.
Is evil and wrong, simply put. The US Constitution guarantees separation of church and state, but the ultra right wing and left wing nuts have found a way to interject religion — under the guise of morality — into the political arena. Likewise, abortion should never enter politics. It's between a woman, her doctor and her god, whomever that may be. Scum, like Dobson and Bauer, have helped to ruin this society as much as the liberals have, by interjecting their perverted view of morality into the fray.
Keeping both religion and abortion out of politics would allow those elected to focus on truly important issues, and rid the political scene of special interest groups.
Sure, morality and ethics are important in politics, but as a by-product of one's values outside of politics, not as a direct result of interjection into the political arena.

The Conservatives Turn.
Not only do I get hate mail from pathetic, liberal democrats, I also get letters of condemnation from many conservatives for my views on abortion and the death penalty. Don't both these groups of moronic people have better things to do?
I even had a note from Rush Limbaugh warning me about my extreme views on religion, abortion and the death penalty. Guess I must be doing something right, eh?
Since I'm not running for any office, I guess I can tell the truth. And I have. I call it the way I see it. And I'm not sorry if I've offended anyone, either. Those with thin skins and politically correct attitudes should go read a Golden Book with their children for safe harbor. They have no business in the real world.
The only thing which will make any difference is change to the current, perverted system of liberal values. Change so radical and abrupt that people will sit up and notice immediately. Anything less is a further waste of time.

Vivid Dreams.
Working the 15-18-20 hour days now — 'tis the season — has caused me to visit insomnia city on many a night. And with as many miles as I drive each week to landscape visitations on customers' sites, it's becoming increasingly dangerous if I'm drowsy from a mere 2-3 hours sleep.
So I tried a product called Melatonin, which is supposed to organically help re-regulate disturbed sleep patterns. Or something like that.
After visiting several sites and newsgroups to read about the pros and cons, I believed that it was the answer to my problem. It's helped so far and I'll detail more of its effect next week and in coming Journals. For the sleep challenged.

I've found the perfect place for anyone to go to in order to see free speech in action: www.annoy.com, where you'll either be outraged, savaged or placated. Ummm, probably not the latter.

"Wit is simply hostility disguised as humor."

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