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Friday, May 18, 2001

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each Spring I marvel at Nature's resiliency and determination, and the obvious lack of same in many Humans. The Anemone japonica (Anemone hupehensis var. japonica), is a prime example. Plants seemingly dead from drought or harsh Winters, often return more lush and healthy than before their trial-by-weather. Far too many people, however, cave at the mere thought of any strenuous activity, any exertion or effort aimed at self-improvement and rejuvenation. Without complaint or hesitation, plants come back to life in Spring and readily set an example for all of us mere mortals: get over it and move on with important things, like living. The worst whiners, bed wetters and complainers are the lowlife, wacko liberal scum and moronic democRATs; on the whole, a sub-species of people ill-suited for interaction in any civilized society. Personally, I prefer to deal with plants over people on some levels; less overall muss and fuss, fewer hassles, more intelligence. Of course, I'm referring to all liberals and most democRATs, here.

Around The Garden Center.
At 51, I should know better. Each time I think things are just going fine and dandy, a pile of shit drops on my head. Last Friday, 6 Amish guys showed up at 6am to begin recovering my 50' x 100' Main Greenhouse and the four 30' x 100' production & retail greenhouses. We did this 5 years ago and it went smoothly. When they opened the long boxes of poly (6-mil plastic sheeting), we discovered that some of the wrong sizes and wrong thicknesses (4-mil) had been shipped last Fall, when we originally had contracted them, but the bitter cold weather came too quickly and we postponed it until Spring '01. So I had to "improvise" on some of the combinations of poly to get the job done on the 4 Main Greenhouse 14' x 100' arched, gutter-connected roof panels. Along the way, various multi-terminal switches which control the huge (6ft diameter) ventilation fans' speed broke, wires snapped and braces bent, as all mechanical devices were removed from the greenhouse walls while the poly was applied, and then everything was refitted and replaced. I spent hours running around the county for parts, so the greenhouse could still be operative for the weekend. One of the $1500 fans quit working at 5pm Friday the three remaining got us through the weekend and I had to get another GE Motor and change it out Monday morning. When I returned from running for parts, there were 6 messages for me about dead magnolias we'd installed last year; apparently the severe Winter did them in and the damage is just now showing up. More warranty replacements; just what I didn't need.
Mother's Day Weekend was extremely busy, as usual. We set both a new dollar and people record.
At the risk of sounding pinko, or, worse yet, clear-eyed and comprehending, I'd like to point out that there are a great many things wrong with this country. Too many guns in the wrong hands, too much corruption, not enough jobs, basketball players who miss half their free throws while making 30 times as much money as the President, etc. The list goes on and on. It's gotten to the point where many Americans, beaten down by the never-ending, daily hypocrisy, seem incapable of truly speaking out about what pisses them off. I don't have that problem, but then again, I've given myself a forum as an outlet on my Website. John's Journal. You're there right now.
One of the true few freedoms we have left - that either the unethical, scum-sucking liberals haven't sold to the devil or the IRS hasn't yet decided to tax - is free speech. I thoroughly believe in using it to the maximum, pushing hard until I hear from the Feds. I haven't heard from them yet, so what I'm saying here is closer to the truth than a slap at honest, innocent people. If these people were honest and hard working, their actions would speak for themselves. It's quite obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that they aren't honest or deserving of our respect. Many deserve jail time. I wouldn't trade this country, even with all its inherent problems, for any other place on earth, for that matter. That said, on to the specifics.
Several hundred people have castigated me for mixing business and politics in the same place: my Website. Kind of makes me sound like a liberal (dirty, ugly word, isn't it?) democRAT (another bad word)? No, not at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. I laughed at their missives and told them to get a real life. I keep my Garden Center & Nursery business well separated from my personal views; although they're both on the same site, one must choose to go there to read. I don't inundate visitors up front with my views and rants either, unless they go there and choose a topic. I did start another site once just devoted to topical subjects covered in my Journal, but abandoned it after realizing what a full-time job I had in just keeping things together at, which somehow I manage to do on a daily basis. Besides, the views are mine and are not even remotely connected to what I do in the business. I treat all people with respect until they show me otherwise. On a seasonal basis, I meet with over a thousand people at their homes and at my Garden center & Nursery, to discuss landscape projects. A huge number, maybe 80% are connected to the Net, and another surprising number of maybe 65% of them have been to my Website and read the Journal. They agree with the attitude I've taken about such shit that plagues our daily lives. Although I don't write these things just to get agreement, it's nice to know others do feel the same about such issues.
Accordingly, in this entry I've "sanitized" the language: no more shit, f*ck, shit, scumf*ck etc etc etc. Kinda boring, isn't it? ZZZZZZZ...
If you live in the Mid-Atlantic Region, as I do, or in the Northeast, you'll be quite correct in surmising that we're once again in a drought cycle. Ground moisture is almost non-existent and we haven't had measurable rain for over 4 weeks. This article sort of explains it; well no, it doesn't. Just a bunch of gobblydeoriental hypertalk.
Since last week, gas prices have jumped from $1.75.9/ gal to $1.79.9/ gal for 89 octane; insignificant compared to $1.83.9/ gal and premium 92 octane at $1.98.9/ gal, just over the Maryland line. $3.00/ gal isn't that far off. I'm just a little PO'd at this company for causing it and profitting from it, and at the US Supreme Court for refusing to hear the lawsuit to stop it.
For weeks, my Netscape v4.75 Communicator (browser) and Messenger (email) have been crashing my office 933Mhz all-SCSI Pentium III, so I uninstalled it. Seems the offending fat.db file always comes up with lost clusters, broken chains and misallocated free space, causing a crash and triggering Norton SystemWorks to do immediate repairs after a reboot. I downloaded Netscape v4.77 without the "SmartDownload" feature, and it stalled out 2 minutes from the finish, after almost 1 hour. Too many people are having trouble with Netscape v6.0, so I'll pass on it for a while until they issue later versions which are, hopefully, better debugged. At 22.3MB on a 49.3k connection at work, the download would have taken an eternity. So I downloaded it on my super-fast cable modem (768 Kbps downstream / 512 Kbps upstream) on the condo 933Mhz all-SCSI Pentium III. That took under 5 minutes for the 22MB download. If MSIE v5.5 and Outlook weren't so vulnerable to viruses, I'd dump Netscape alltogether and stay with MS, but until they improve security, I have to put up with the "quirks".
The 6 Amish guys from Lancaster (PA) finished recovering my Main Retail Display Greenhouse (50'x100') and the 1 Production and 3 Retail Greenhouses (30'x100') with 6-mil poly (plastic). After 4-5 years, it becomes almost opaque and the light transmission qualities diminish, affecting plant quality. Shade cloth (35%) has also been pulled over to keep the houses cooler during the Summer months. All told: $9,500 for materials and labor; glad that only happens once every 5 years.
In mid-state Pennsylvania, we're into a serious drought. Farmers around here have sprayed herbicide and plowed up the fields, but haven't sown any seed yet as there's no moisture in the ground to germinate the seed. It's soon going to reach "critical mass" and they'll have to sow, but mice and birds etc will get more than normal and crop yields could be adversely affected. Grim.
It's official: York's mayor, Charlie Robertson, democRAT, was indicted, arrested and charged with murder in the '69 no, I wasn't here back then race riots. So what? The NY Times and ABC News and CNN and NBC News and USA Today covered the story; typical lib-dem biased reporting from those E-rags. Although Charlie's a semi-conservative democRAT, he's done a lot of good for York over the years. Justice will prevail, somehow.
In all of my office and home computers, I use Symantec® SystemWorks® (v2.0) to keep things running smoothly. I bought the $39.95 upgrade from 1998's v2.0 to 2001's v4.0 and began installing and configuring. I just can't imagine owning a computer and not having it; it's almost de rigeur for health and maintenance, both of the owner-operator and the machine. One problem encountered on every machine's installation: an old file (s32navn.dll) left in the start-up sequence and triggering WinDoctor, which is unable to delete the file, apparently. Constant pop-up Norton Disk Doctor attempts also failed to cleanse the problem. I simply renamed the file to *.old and everything was fine once again.
I remember starting using computers rather crude by today's standards in 1982, when Dad bought me a $4,600 IBM PS/250. Back then, it was all DOS and I relished using it. 256k RAM, 40Mb hard drives, 3.5" or 5" floppies, 13-15" monitors, autoexec.bat and config.sys files, path, $P$G start-up sequences, DOS v2.0 and commands, BBS (bulletin boards) and 9600 baud modems with CompuServe on the other end. Wow, what a great time we had. Not.
Bummer, all the wetb weather system coming in from the West are sliding either above us or below us. Nothing significant in moisture is reaching mid-state Pennsylvania. We're truly in a drought.

Stupid GOP Tricks.
When the moronic Uncle Tom scumbag Colon Bowel (aka Colin Powell) started praising the murderous dictator Castro, W should have replaced him publicly and quickly. The guy's an idiot. Castro will only "do something nice" for the oppressed Cuban people, when he dies painfully of a heart attack. It would now appear that Powell and Castro have a mutual admiration society.
Linking climbing gas prices to tax cuts is a no brainer; one must have no brains to do such a dumb thing. W, was that your idea?
Decrying what a bad idea passing "hate crimes" legislation is, and then signing it into law, is ridiculous and moronic. But Texas' republican governor did it, and created a new class of "victim", in one stroke of the pen. Dumb move.
But here's the upside for W & Co at The White House.
At first, I applauded the alcoholic AG Janet "Waco Murderess" El Reno and the dimwit hag Madeline "I'm Stupid" Albright appointments. I was gravely wrong mistaken utterly stupid in both choices. Friends and Family and Journal Readers have forgiven me that transgression. Karen Hughes is special. Read on, McDuff.

Lib-democRAT Filth.
The disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy "The Liar" Clintoon wants to "run again for something". My suggestion, you lying, traitorous scumbag? Run for your pathetic life; there are millions of Americans who'd like to get their hands around your lying throat, for all the damage you wrought to this Nation. And take that criminal bitch dyke, Hitlery Rotten, and her ugly slut daughter with you.
Listen to the bed wetting, hand wringing, whining democRATs wailing about the very liberal press not taking on W like they did with disgraced ex-president BJ Clintoon. Why? Because W isn't a criminal like Clintoon was, that's why. There's never been a doubt that the so-called mainstream media is liberal; always have been, always will be.
Read what the washed-up, liberal, talentless old hack scumbag Robert "Rump Raider" Redford has to say about the Bush Administration. Pathetic, isn't he?
The white trash Clintoon filth are still at it: DUIs aplenty along with drug dealing. What a bunch of dysfunctional, screwed-up bunch of people. They all should be in prison.
Unions perennial fairweather scumbags willing to prostitute themselves for whomever provides jobs for their members. Last year, they supported AlGoreBoreWhore for president; now they're sucking at The White House Teat in support of W's energy plan, which would create millions of jobs in many union categories.
Disgraced current senator Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, D-N.Y., is still weighed down by costly legal bills dating back to the Whitewater investigation. Good, I hope the criminal bitch drowns under the weight. Pay your bills, bitch.
Disgraced and impeached ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon hit by an raw egg in Europe; shoulda been a pile of dogshit. Much more appropriate.

Racists and Bigots.
Once again proving that they can be the worst type of racists and bigots with an ingrained "victim" mentality, this bunch of lowlife scumbags from Northeastern University in Boston are stupidly protesting the removal of their ghetto "student center" and the construction of a larger multi-purpose building. Hey, lowlifes: it isn't your university and the powers can do what they want. You scumbags need to get jobs and try to be productive for your pathetically miserable lives, and stay off of welfare.

Scumbags, Lowlifes & Filth.
No, no, I'm not talking about disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy "The Liar" Clintoon; I'm talking about a pervert and child molester. Hmmm, that could easily be Clintoon, but no it isn't this time. A Maryland city mayor who molested a 14 year old boy only gets 3 years probation. He should be in prison with some real perverts and truly get what's coming to him. Personally, I believe all child molesters should be executed.
Why are NYC cops wasting their time and effort trying to find which drug dealers whacked some other drug dealers? Who cares? Let them whack each other; they're all scum and filth. Put the effort into solving crimes against good citizens.
Put the murderous 14 year old piece of garbage away for life; preferably execute the lowlife when he turns 18.
I love the Italian People. I love Italian Cuisine. Molto Bene! But the terribly screwed-up Italian Government, aka Voting Public, is garbage.
It'd be so nice if the criminal, drug-addicted lowlife Darryl Strawberry would die from either an overdose of coke or from his cancer, and spare the Nation of hearing about his problems anymore. He's a washed-up useless piece of shit. And good riddance, scumbag.

Termination With Extreme Prejudice.
Nope, never had any problem with Justice, dear Friends. There are certain heinous crimes, plus others, which should richly qualify the "perps" for DEATH.
I have to agree with Joe Farrah's take on the OKC Bombing: too many important questions remain unanswered to execute McVeigh. Keep him alive in that 6'x8' death row cell until he talks, and until the questions are answered.
Whoooops, I've changed my mind. Isn't everyone sick of the white trash McVeigh? I am. Execute him.
Here's a man to admire: the warden who ran Texas' death house and helped rid the Nation of 89 pieces of subhuman filth.
Why waste the time and effort in precisely and objectively identifying what makes certain crimes different from run-of-the-mill offenses; simply put a 9mm bullet through the offender's evil head and, presto: problem solved.
Another miscarriage of justice, this time in Nebraska. A lousy technicality saves a murderer from death row and the 17 year old rape/murder victim is still dead.
At least this murderous 14 year old piece of shit won't commit another heinous crime again, like murdering his teacher, for a minimum of 25 years to life. He should have gotten life in prison.

Last Words.
Compulsively readable and full of graveside wit, Last Words is a collection of epitaphs, wills, and farewells. While it includes entries from fictional characters ("On top of the world, Ma!"), they can't top the real stuff. Highlights include King Edward VIII's abdication of the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee ("I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility... without the help and support of the woman I love"), Nicholas Copernicus' Latin epitaph ("Stand, Sun, Move Not"), and Civil War General John Sedgwick's final words: "They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist-."

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