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Congressional Black Caucus Congress and ACORN — Corruption at the highest level.

friday, may 22nd, 2009

"in the recent past, this column has looked in some detail at ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) criminals. This corrupt organization which is a favorite of Democrats has spread its web of deceit and graft far into the depths of congress. ACORN’s most solid backers lay within the Congressional Black Caucus. This group of people in congress is exclusively black and democrat and they have a specific agenda. Keeping the black community poor and dependent on government while they publicly state they are out to change peoples lives for the better. Better if you define that as creating more poor people. To this group, more poor people is better.

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has a total of 42 listed members and officers, and not a single one is white. Or Asian. Or Hawaiian. Or Inuit. Lets point out an obvious fact here: if there were a Congressional WHITE (insert any other ethnic group here) caucus, there would be screams of Racism from every single news outlet, every member of the racist CBC, as well as liberals everywhere, despite the clear hypocrisy of the CBC’s existence. Apparently it's ok for them to do this, but no one else, and that is racism.

Fully 90% of America's blacks are the most racist and hate-filled lowlifes, that I've ever run into, in the past 40-50 years, IMO. The other 10% are Real Americans and we get along wonderfully. What imbues that hatred in the 90%? (JS)

To further the hypocrisy of this group, a very high percentage of these people got into their offices through what is now a Taxpayer funded partisan Democrat group. ACORN, which according to its own manifesto reads like The 25 Points of Hitler's Nazi Party - which they mildly name “ACORN People's Platform” the only difference being that ACORN’s Manifesto is written in less threatening language, the better to be consumed by those who refuse to disseminate what their words and goals actually mean! The icing on this cake of hypocrisy is they claim to be Non-Partisan…. If this is their definition of “Non-Partisan” then indeed, pigs are flying. (Or is that Swine Flu?)

The world should remember how the Nazi party turned out, and Americans in particular should be horrified that we are funding, with our taxes, a group actively involved in electing officials to our government, including the President of the United States, and these 42 members of Congress: A group with avowed communist principles and a socialist goal that will lead only to destruction of all of our freedoms. In reading the links above, at first one will think, well these things are not so unreasonable… however, it must be stressed, that these ideals are socialist ideals, and while coated in sugary and attractive language, lead to a great deal more government control over everyone, in just about every sector of public and private life. All of which will be decided for you by those who get elected with the assistance of ACORN.

We are Americans not because we want a Government running our lives and taking care of our every need! We are Americans because we DO NOT want those things! It is the very definition of American that we reject these insane experiments that have lead to the deaths of literally millions of human beings across the world.

Thus far we have ACORN getting Black Officials elected. We have those Black Officials vigorously defending and funding ACORN, even though ACORN is under investigation by the FBI, has had its workers jailed for fraud, and has itself been charged with Election Fraud as recently as May 5th of this year. Two days later according to the Tri-City Herald, Allegheny County Police in the Pittsburgh area announced the arrest of 7 people charged with a variety of election related crimes. We have ACORN heavily involved in using the CRA to obliterate lending standards which led to the housing crisis and our current Economic Recession – which… wait for it. created hundreds of thousands more poor people who lost everything because of it. All at the same time they sing from the mountain tops with their megaphone Mainstream Media, it is they who are there to help the poor! If that is the case, then why deliberately create and then take a path that led to hundreds of thousands of people losing their homes and jobs?

What they say and what they do are two completely different things.

In conclusion, we have a racist organization within congress funneling money to a socialist/communist organization out to create more poor people utterly dependent on the Government for everything from food to jobs to health care. What does this lead to? A pyramid of greed that is built upon the backs of the poor. Congress, ACORN, and the CBC – It is nothing other than a racket under a thinly disguised cloak of government legitimacy.

In conclusion, we have a racist organization within congress funneling money to a socialist/communist organization out to create more poor people utterly dependent on the Government for everything from food to jobs to health care. What does this lead to? A pyramid of greed that is built upon the backs of the poor. Congress, ACORN, and the CBC – It is nothing other than a racket under a thinly disguised cloak of government legitimacy.

Who will end up winning in this scheme?

Only those in Congress that are in on the graft: those who are steadfastly supporting ACORN; Democrats, and in particular the Congressional Black Caucus, whom ACORN helped to get elected. Those that are fighting ACORN and the CBC on this issue of supreme National importance get labeled racists when indeed; it is the racists trying to get away with it."

(Tomorrow this column will publish a long but none the less very accurate description of one of the major factors in the current recession. The machinery of which ACORN and the CBC are a part of will become clear when one fully understands the origins, and the threat that this group, so heavily supported by liberal democrats pose to America, and her continued future as the greatest bastion of Freedom and civil rights in the world.)

© 2009 Dianna Cotter, "www.examiner.com".

Around The Garden Center™.

I heard the news on the way into work Friday morning: Fishel Chrysler Jeep, Red Lion (PA), will close its doors as a Chrysler-Jeep franchise, in several weeks. I've taken my 1988, 1994 and 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokees there for the past 19yrs for service, and it was a bit of a shock, but I'll still go there for Jeep service on my 2002 Grand Cherokee 'Laredo' (113k). They're good people and I'll support them. I was never a Chrysler fan, anyway, after 21+ years of Jeeps.

Last Friday was one of the most *stressful* days I've had in the past 19 years of owning a business. After a 3½hr meeting with an outside business efficiency consultant, starting at 9am, I saw in charts and graphs and numbers, that we're not profitable anymore. With fast-rising overhead cutting my profit margins to razor-thin numbers, I now know what needs to be done, and it won't be pleasant for my staff or me. It felt like I was blindsided by a 2"x4"x8', and I wasn't even able to eat anything for the entire day. My head pounded, and I ate aspirin like candy. My stomach was "doing wheelies", and I lost my appcetite for all food. I had payroll for eight, and six lscp jobs to bill-out, and didn't get home until 6:30pm. I also saw a lot of either dead plants, or plants in serious trouble, in my nursery's retail area. Jennifer, my horticulturalist, took care of the main problems, but some still remain and will be dealt with by *time*, one way or the other. I took 20-25 phone calls, had several employee meetings, and four customer meetings. I took a shower and went to sleep at 8pm. Sleep promotes *silent healing*, IMO. I took that route and it "sort of worked".

Saturday was a busy day, with 94+ people going through the GC&N and doing $16k in business, although just over $13k was from one couple for their LSCP job deposits. It was very hot and muggy, with 94% humidity. Very uncomfortable. I was still "stressed-out" on Saturday, and managed to eat a single Jell-O® Cup, and nothing else. I've lost 12lbs since Thursday, no thanks to my inability to keep solid food down. Very severe t-storms rolled through the York (PA) area around 8-9pm, with 50+ mph winds, hail, torrential rain and 2-3" deep water on the roads. Par for the course, in Spring.

A 30°F degree drop in the temperature on Sunday morning made it feel like November, outside. I got into work around 10:45am, but was feeling sick to my stomach, and I still couldn't keep any food down. I went home around 12:30pm, for the day, and went to sleep. I slept until 7pm, had some Tapioca Pudding Cup, and went back to sleep.

Temps were in the mid-40s, brisk wind — nasty 33°F windchill! — when I went into work on Monday, and it truly felt like December. Yikes! Many of PA's counties had frost; we in York weren't on the *Frost Advisory Warning* list, but I'm betting that we did have it somewhere. Hard to believe I had heaters running in the Main Retail Building and in my office, on May 18th, but I did. The *Frost Advisory Warning* was posted for Thursday, and predicted to get down to 30-31°F; 2-3°F below the 1973 record. Swell. Seems like once in every 7-10 years we get one of these "abnormal Springs", and we're dealing with it, right now.

I've held-off putting any of my or my friend, Lee's, tomato plants out into the two 4' x 8' x 12" raised beds, until we're past this unpredictable and just-plain-weird weather. Maybe this weekend, or early next week, after I get a look at the 15-day forecast.

Damn, gas prices at the pump, have risen another 4-5¢/ gal, beyond last week's 25¢ rise. And it's only Tuesday. Unleaded Regular (89oct) is at $2.29/gal, Unleaded Premium (90oct) is at $2.39/gal, and Unleaded Premium (92oct) is at $2.59/gal. Wowser. And it's going closer to $3.00/gal, before "The Summer Driving Season" is over, on Labor Day. Any relation of crude rising above $60/bbl? Nah.

On Tuesday, the (two) 'project manager' and 'project supervisor' from IPA were in all-day, and we had a cordial 8-hr meeting, and I didn't get "stressed-out", as I did last Friday with their sales rep. I actually ate 2 slices of cheese and pepperoni pizza, and kept it down, so I'm feeling better, finally. They were also there Wednesday, and we talked about my "now-failing business model", and the numerous and drastic steps which I have to immediately change it, orc fail. It was painful, but so's the thought of Chapter 11, and letting down my current 11 employees and their families. I have no choice but to do a 180°, and turn the business around. (((sigh))). I've got a lot of work to do in the coming days and weeks. everything else must wait, especially www.gdnctr.com v4.0, as I have no choice.

Gas continues to rise another 6¢, at the pump: Unleaded Regular (89oct) is at $2.35/gal, Unleaded Premium (90oct) is at $2.45/gal, and Unleaded Premium (92oct) is at $2.65/gal.

I didn't take my usual Thursday off, since Bob from IPA was in all week, and I needed the meetings with him through Friday. I had a pile to LSCP Estimates and some billing to do. All that now has to change, according to them.

For the first time in 16 years, I didn't vote in the local primary races. No interest. I had way too much going on at my business.

Things That Make Your Head Explode™.

How could anyone in the right and sane mind, especially in America's business community, support Obama, knowing what kind of a lowlife, commie, socialist piece-of-shit he is?

Shit-for-brains Joey "dumbfuck" Biden? Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the country really needs him?

Hey, world and liberal-demokkkRAT filth: this isn't torture; it's college pranks! THIS IS TORTURE, YOU STUPID, PIG-FUCKING, lib-dem-trash ASSHOLES!

What a true shame this subhuman filth, piece-of-lowlife-shit didn't die from HIV/AIDS! It deserves a horrible death, IMO. DIE, subhuman, pervert, lowlife filth, ELTON JOHNNY-SCUMBAG-FAGGOT, or whatever your name really is! DIE!

Some People Just Need Killing™.

IMO, all murderers should be executed, immediately after conviction. And especially cop killers like the subhuman piece-of-shit, Terrell Muhammad, who 'walked free' after only doing 15 years for murdering a police officer. I hope someone tracks him down and kills him.

Members of Albany County Young Democrats are "shocked and disturbed" at the revelation that the former president of the organization, Benjamin Jakes-Johnson, 29, spent almost four years facing child pornography charges while rising through the ranks of the local group, as well as the party's state and national affiliates. Huh? Lib-dem shit-trash just ignore this subhuman filth? Jakes-Johnson, 29, received a 57-month sentence in U.S. District Court Thursday after pleading guilty last October to one count of possessing child pornography. IMO, Jakes-Johnson needs a head-shot with a .45cal! Kill the filth! Zero recidivism.

Tampa pervert, degenerate, homo-garbage filth, ***muslim imam*** performing sexual battery on a 13-year old boy? KILL THE MUZZIE FILTH, Yasser Shahade, 35! I volunteer to head-shoot him!

All child molestors need killing, this subhuman sambo pervert, Heath Miller, needs a .45cal ACP in his sick head, IMO. KILL HIM!

Headshoot this child pronographer gook, Harold Lee Chang Yen, 37, and rid the world of that kind of subhuman filth. KILL HIM!

Disapproving Rabbits.

adoration. It wasn't until the rabbit Cinnamon entered their lives, though, that everything changed: "It was love at first sight on Sharon's part, aloof disinterest on Cinnamon's..." Now, Cinnamon emerges as the star of a book and photo blog of awesomely censorious rabbits. Here, the long-eared wonder exhibits the "unbearable lightness of bunny." There, she demonstrates exactly how to show a sprig of parsley who's who. Cinnamon is joined by such stellarly moody co-stars as Arthur, Toffee, and that "eruption of disapproval" called Athena. Indulge in the happy-go-lucky mugs over at Cute Overload all you want. Then, return to the gravitas, the moxie, and the uncensored truth of what Thumper really thinks.

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