hot, dry summer
Friday, May 24, 2002

The signs have been there for years, and each year, it gets worse. Drought. I opened my 20acre Garden Center & Nursery in March of '91, and the region promptly went into a 2 year dry period. The years of '93-'95 were "normal" for rain and snowfall; The Blizzard of '96 reaffirmed that. Since, we've been in a protracted drought and are still ~55" down on moisture over the past 5 year period. so far, we're not in the '30s Dust Bowl, but that could happen. The Mid-West and SouthEast drown, while the Mid-Atlantic and NorthEast desiccate, as do the West and SouthWest, whenever El Nino's around. Rainfall patterns have changed markedly over the past 40 years, and has affected plants everywhere. April has been warm, and very dry over much of US; in fact, it's been the second-warmest April since 1880 globally. Why? Who really knows? No one. It's all guesswork and computer modelling anyway, and in the end, only Mother Nature knows for sure. And s/he ain't talking.

Around The Garden Center.
For the fourth time in 8 months, we were burgled to the tune of almost $2,000 in plant material from the greenhouses and nursery stock display areas. No buildings with ADT security were entered. The lowlifes came in through a porous 20 acres and loaded up and drove off at night, unnoticed. It would appear they've been here "shopping" — aka casing the place out — since only selected premium items were stolen, as in the previous four robberies. Other garden centers and nurseries in the southern York County-northern Maryland have also been hit numerous times. The York Area Police have a description of the vehicle in one of the robberies on a York nursery, located on a busy main street. I'm keeping alert for that vehicle. I'm also thinking of spending evenings and nights down here "patrolling" the grounds and hoping I'll run into them. Messrs Glock 32/.357sig and AR-15/A3 .223cal would "love to meet" them with a very special hello deadmen greeting.
Another huge storm system moved in late Friday evening and gave the region a steady, heavy rain through mid-day Saturday; the rain gauge at the Garden Center Complex showed 1.6" of the much-needed liquid. I truly enjoyed driving in on Saturday morning at 7am in a downpour. The reservoirs, streams and ponds should be filling-up nicely from the rains. What worries me is that the Summer deficit will negate what we've gotten so far.
My new Kodak DX3900 Zoom Digital Camera and Camera Dock arrived last Friday, but I was too busy with retail customer traffic all weekend to even open it. So Monday morning, I installed the software, set-up the hardware and did something I usually never do — read all 3 instruction booklets — before proceeding. My old '97 Kodak DC25 was a much simpler unit, but didn't have anywhere near the depth and ability to produce hi-resolution pics, as these new megapixel units do. I'm impressed. I've got to gradually replace all pics on, which tend to degrade with time, on the server.
Last Saturday evening, I went out to dinner at LaFontanna (no website, yet) in New Freedom, PA, with good friends Mario & Carol (no last names here, bub) and had a wonderful feast. Afterward, we went back to their estate where I previewed my new AR-15 A3 .223cal/.557mm carbine with an Eotech holographic scope, and lotsa pre-ban mags. Mario's an avid collector of "black powder guns", and has quite an awesome collection. Carol mentioned that they had a $5,100 Stearns & Foster mattress; heck, I paid $1,800 for mine 17 years ago, and it works just fine. But $5,100? Never heard of one that pricey; never knew it was out there, had to see it. We went upstairs. Wow: 20" tall and probably comfy as hell, though I didn't try it out, for fear of falling asleep after dinner and vino. Hey, I'd buy one too, but don't remember the item ever being offered back in the 70-80-90s, but then again, I haven't shopped for one lately. Duh. It's nice to be able to afford what one wants, isn't it? I do.
Brrrrrr. It's nearly the end of May, and night temps are in the 20s and 30s, giving the area some much-unneeded frost and very chilly morning temps, and doing further damage to recovering plant material's tender young leaves. The calls continue to come in daily about dead, damaged and dying plants — many installed years ago but only now showing the effects of drought stress and winter damage — and I have to add the locations to my clipboard and visit the site. If we've installed the material, the customer has a 5-Year Warranty; sometimes a severe pruning can rejuvenate the tree; otherwise, a complete replacement is called for. I have a two-man crew out now in the southern end of York County, doing replacements by geographical area (towns, boroughs etc), and we're working our way north and then back down into Maryland to take care of our customers.
Last Wednesday, I drove to neaby Shrewsbury, PA, and once again visited my friends at The Freedom Armory, where I'd purchased my Glock Model 32/.357sig back in December '01. I bought a serious semi-automatic rifle this time; in the .308cal or less range. When I spotted the XM15 E2S Shorty A3 Carbine in a .223 (5.56mm) format, I knew that was the one. And when we fitted a military-spec Eotech holographic laser scope, I was really pleased. It came with a 10-round mag, but I was able to buy 4 x 20-round and 1 x 40-round mags. I also bought a case of 1,000 .223cal/.556mm rounds, a cushioned Eagle carrying case (RC-4123) with 4 outside clip (pre-'94 ban, 20rnd) pockets; inside, I carry a pre'94 ban 40 clip. I'm ready: you?
GlocknSail from Stewartstown, and I went target shooting at his private club's outdoor range on Wednesday afternoon. We stayed about 2hrs. I brought my new Bushmaster AR-15 A3/.223cal to get it initially sighted-in, with the Eotech Holographic Scope, at 50yds. (Next session at 100yds, maybe.) I ran close to 150 rounds through it and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Dave has had his AR-15 for longer than me, and is a far better shot, but I'll catch up soon. I spent 90mins on Thursday morning tearing the weapon down, cleaning it — unlike my Glock 32/.357sig, which I clean ever 1-2 weeks, regardless of use — (almost) immediately after use. Happiness is two warm Glocks and AR-15s.

If the GOP is real smart — ummmm okay, bad premise, but let's go ahead with the rationale — they'll let the lib-dem lowlife scum convene "hearings" on 9-11, which will show America that it's all being done for partisan politics. Let it happen, W; the democRATs will lose big in '02 and '04.
In a parallel universe, The Massacre of September 11th never happened. A good read.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit filth did to the US on 9-11. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photoessay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents.
I want, nay demand hundreds thousands hundreds-of-thousands millions of the murderous, lowlife, subhuman Muslim and Arab trash, dead.
Wait a f*cking freaking minute. You, Mr FBI Director Mueller, are telling me that WMDs can't be prevented in the USA? And that suicide homicide bombers are in our near future?
FBI Director Robert Mueller said Monday it was “inevitable” that suicide bombers, like those who have whacked hundreds of people in Israel, would eventually strike inside the United States. Mueller issued his dire warning shortly after the head of the congressional investigation of The Massacre of September 11th terrorist attacks said al-Queerda was not the only group posing a threat to the United States. Uhhh, why is it inevitable? What part of The Massacre of September 11th didn't you lib-dem trash understand? Seal the f*cking borders, round-up, torture, detain, torture, question, torture, deport, exterminate, deport, execute, deport, deport the lowlife subhuman sandidiot garbage shitfilth Muslim pig-sucking Islamist cult-trash.
That anyone, especially Westerners, would convert to the perverted, demented, sick, deviant, demented cult of Islam, is justifiable reason for summary execution. Islam is a degenerate disease of boy-buggering, widespread women-mutilating and hating, terror-loving, sicko perverts who should be rounded up, innundated with pigshit, placed face-down in a pit and exterminated. No virgins for any of the sandidiot homos.
Hmmmmm, more than 11,000 law enforcement agencies from all 50 states are combining forces before the Memorial Day weekend to go after people who break traffic laws. If they'd use that kind of manpower to go after murderous Muslim and Arab extremists living and hiding in the US, we'd be a heck of a lot better off. Deport all the diaperhead filth before another 9-11 happens.
Read this about the lowlife, subhuman Algerian Muslim filth in France, sponging-off welfare, dealing drugs, committing widespread crime; kind of sounds like American blacks in the 60s-70s-80s-90s, doesn't it? Worthless scum all, who should be deported or executed en masse, to rid the French Nation of such a stain and stink. The lib-democRAT shitfilth did the same thing to America, beginning back in the 60s, and culminating with The Massacre of September 11th. And while we're at cleansing America, let's whack these ugly, smelly Muslim bitch-whore scum.
The disease called Islam is a danger to the entire world; look what it's done to Europe already.
A stinking Muslim diaperhead, Mohamad Youssef Hammoud — Mo-ham-head — selling bootleg cigs and sending the money to the lowlife subhuman Hezbollah coward guerrilla Islamic filth? I say execute the piece of shit, but he'll probably get "life" with a 575lb lifer named "Bubbles", and enjoy it. Rot in hell, terrorist-loving scumbag.
British Jews bracing for an "outbreak" of homicide bombing? whack all Muslim garbage!
Oh boy, I really, truly hope al Queerda fags is "probing itself" before another attack; I just want 2-3 weeks to get real familiar and sight-in my new AR-15 A3 .223cal/.557mm carbine with an Eotech holographic scope, and lotsa pre-ban mags. My Glock 32/.357sig is hungry for their deaths at close range. I'd love to whack any and all Muslim/Islamic shitfilth terrorists garbage I find, anywhere, anytime. Buh-bye, diaperhead shit-scumbags.
Muslim suicide bombers in the US? Gaaaaawd, I hope so. I so truly want to hunt down and whack Muslim-Islamic pig-sucking dogshit garbage sandidiot scum, by the thousands. C'mon, diaperhead filth: f*ck mess with US one more time. Then we can take liberals and democRATs out with you to the back 40, and execute all of you, finally.;
Not only the subhuman al Queerda scum, but Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad Muslim trash are after the US? Okay, time to nuke Syria and Teheran, and remove the money behind these cowardly Islamic pork-suckers.
The Saudi scumbags are behind the terrorism, funding it at every opportunity and covertly derailing any chance at peace with Israel. All the fat, smelly homo "princes" should be head-shot, carcasses dumped face down into pits with pigshit. End of problem. We'll handle the oil from now on.
NYC landmarks are now targets, came the stories over the net and CATV on Tuesday afternoon. I have a queasy feeling about the upcoming weekend. Buy heck, I'm working all weekend; Monday too. BTW, Happy Memorial Day.
Here's how the lowlife, criminal BJ Clintoon lib-dem filth compromised W&Co, pre-9-11. I hate the toe-sucking Dickie-Boy Morris, but he's spot-on with this one.
Anyone doubt that Islam is a filthy disease? Read this.
Why are thousands of Tali-asshead and al Queerda prisoner filth being released from this Afghan prison? They should have been executed by US Forces immediately after capture. No wonder this War On Terrorism is going to take many years and cost a lot of lives.
The INS is incompetent and must be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up. Reform won't fix it. And I'm thinking the FBI needs a whole lot of work, too. Both are so politicized from the lib-dem trash, that each is almost impotent.
Now the illegal aliens are shooting at US Border Agents at the Mexican border? They need Killing too.

Liberal & democRAT Lowlifes.
The "Food Police" are after Big Pizza now, as I told you they'd be, and it's just a matter of time until they go after every other type of food America enjoys. The democRAT filth are at it again.
I find it hilarious that the lib-democRATs were warned in '95 about a terrorist plot to hijack commercial planes and slam them into the Pentagon and other buildings. That was on Clintoon's perverted watch. Now the lib-dem scum are trying to pin the malfeasance of Clintoon on W. It'll backfire big time. The Dass-hole Dass-hole and Gep-fart Turdboy will pay dearly in the elections.
After 50+ years of being treated by the lib-dem scumbags as inferior and conferred "victim" status by the corrupt DNC, blacks are finally, slowly rejecting affirmative action. Bravo, folks. Screw the "diversity" shit.
Like a turd which won't flush, fat ugly Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum rears his racist, bigot head in a bid for the US Presidency. Hey scumbag: won't ever happen. Sharp-scum just wants the DNC to pay him millions not to run, and bring his so-called black voters along to their camp. Also won't happen.
Good riddance, Burrhead Gumball, the lowlife, women-abusing, piece of dogshit, racist bigot. May colon cancer end your stinking, worthless life, sooner rather than later.
Here's proof that the demented, perverted "PC" shit has gone too far, and it's time for a major reversal in attitude.
And the fat, waddling lowlife criminal Hitlery Rotten Clintoon (Rat-NY), wants to "get to the bottom of what happened"? The stupid pig couldn't find her own lardass with both hands and a flashlight, let alone do anything intelligent; she's a f*cking freaking criminal, just like her co-partner criminal liar, BJ.
Speaking of the lying, disgraced, impeached criminal ex-president, Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, he's trying to spin-off responsible for a '99 intelligence report which laid-out the 9-11 Massacre during his pitiful, pathetic 8 awful years in orifice. He's a liar, traitor and scumbag. Like bitch, like bum.
The homo filth are still after America's Boy Scouts. I think a .357sig round in the head of any fag who molests a boy would stem the tide rather quickly.
Delaware is now officially dogshit. Members of The People's Republik of Delaware's General assembly last week completed the bold stupid step of banning smoking in nearly all public buildings. The measure, Senate Bill 99, now awaits the signature of Gov. Ruth Ann Minner, lib-dem bitch, who has said she will sign it into law. The new law would go into effect 180 days after Gov. Minner signs it, and the pitiful state's economy will soon tank, as tourists stay away in droves.
House Minority Leader "Little Dicky" Gep-fart backed away yesterday from earlier suggestions that President Bush had failed to act on warnings that might have prevented the September 11 attacks. Lib-dem coward and weasel scumbag.
No liberal media bias? Look at this CBS Website"article" penned by Danny Boy Blather at CBS: "The Washington Post said Saturday that a top-secret briefing memo presented to President Bush in 1998 focused on efforts by Osama bin Laden to strike at targets in the U.S. Huh? Ummmm, wasn't Bubba Jeffie Clintoon president in '98? Thought so. Sure shows someone has a nasty agenda. Hey Dan: you suck!
Former U.S. Secretary of State and a grossly-ugly, fat beast, Waddling Half-bright (Madeleine Albright) accused President Bush's foreign policy team Sunday of suffering from "untreated bipolar disorder". Half-bright said the Bush administration is projecting contradictory messages on a broad range of global conflicts, including the Middle East and Afghanistan. Remember, this is the same illiterate, smelly sweathog who was mistaken for a housecleaning employee at a European hotel, several years ago.
The lowlife, homo turdface MSer Mikey "fudge-packer, rump-raider" Kinsley tried to make a joke about The Massacre of September 11th, but can't quite pull it off, as he pulls-off molestations on young boys, on a daily basis. Tsk, tsk, Mikey dogshit homo. You, bad boy. Time to die, die, die: shitscumbagfilth.
Why is America's crime rate falling and Eurpoe's — especially Britain's — rising dramatically? No, it's not better policing and a better legal system, as this liberal rag, The Weekly Standard, insinuates. It's because American citizens are armed, and the UK has completely disarmed their citizens and police.
Another lowlife piece of dogshit lib-dem scumbag crawls out from under his slimy rock: Sen. Chris "The Liar" Dodd, D-Conn, thinks W are Castro are more alike than different. What a typical, pathetic lib-dem moron.
Linda Hall Dass-hole, wife of dwarf boy punk Senate Majority Leader Tom Dass-hole (D.-S.D.), is a money whore slut. As with her dwarf hubby punk, she'll suck-start a B52 for under-the-table cash. They're both lib-dem trash scum, worthy of joint cancer, whole body invasions. Good riddance, Dass-holes!
Why hasn't the Clintoonista lib-dem filth been exterminated from this department? The InJustice Dept is still wholly corrupt and homo-homo-subhuman garbage vulnerable to blackmail, as it was during Clintoon's deviant watch.
The ass-licking, rump-raiding, fudge-packing Dan "The Man" Rather, accused the Bush administration Wednesday morning of issuing an unwarranted FBI terrorist alert to New York City yesterday primarily to distract from questions about its handling of pre-911 intelligence information. The Rather homo said he "believed" his network's report a week ago that the White House received a pre-9-11 CIA briefing on possible al Qaeda hijackings prompted the administration to issue the alert for political damage control. What shit; what a liar.
The murderous bisexual scumbag, US Rep. Gary Condit, (D-CA) is ramping up his Depends® Undergarments (diapers) order, now that Chandra Levy's bones have been found. gary, the bisexual, idiot-loving biker torturer, had her whacked, and refused to admit to the crime. Gary, you lowlife scumbag: time to submit your colo-rectum to the nastiest general prison population in the Nation. Can you assume the bent-over position permanently, Bubbles Condit?

More Murderous Arabs.
First, exterminate all terrorist Arab filth and publicly torture, and then hang Yow-sir Arrid-fart. Deport the "Palestinians" back to Jordan and Syria, where they're from; there's no such thing as "Palestinians", except the Jews, who were the original occupants of the city. End of problem.
More homicide bombings and Israeli deaths by the subhuman Palestinian filth. Israel should track them down and whack as many as possible; screw world opinion.
The homicide bombings continue unabated.

Scumbags & Lowlifes.
This is rich: the fudge-packing, rump-raiding flaming homo queer, Elton John, said the British prime minister should be "thoroughly ashamed" of his government's record on AIDS prevention. Ummm, seems to me that all the subhuman, disease-spreading, deviant queer filth should be preventing AIDS, not the government. I don't think any government should spend a thin dime on that 99.9% preventable disease. Let 'em die by the millions, and good riddance.
Last week, the families of 11 Mexicans who died in 2001 attempting to cross the border into Arizona filed a $41 million claim (the first step toward a lawsuit) against the Department of Interior and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A. James Clark, a lowlife, shyster scumbag lawyer for the families, says the agencies had a responsibility to provide water for illegals in transit. Huh? Did I miss something here? Get that piece of dogshit Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner James Ziglar, outta office and into prison, W! He's a traitorous, lowlife Clintoon scumbag holdover, who readily sides with socialists, lib-dem filth and libertarian trash.
I'd readily support Archbishop Pell of Australia, in his fight against the subhuman homo filth infiltrating the Catholic Church. "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve". You betcha, AB Pell.
AOL losing 60% of their web surfers? I love it! I want to see the the Steve Case rip-off artist living out of a trash bag and shopping cart in a public park, destitute. What a shitty internet service that shitpy company has always been. Pure junk.
The homo homo queer subhuman filth continue to be rooted-out of the priesthood (no, I'm a screwed-up Methodist), and "disposed of", via RCC methods. Personally, a head-shot for each is what I'd prefer.

Execute This Subhuman Garbage.
It's absolutely great when subhuman lowlifes, like this Connecticut homo priest, intentionally whack themselves and save the Rest Of Us from having to spend the money and effort by gummint to "remove them from the general population". Most thoughtful, homo priest. Next?
Bravo! Another piece of shit is dying for his murderous ways: Napoleon Beazley, 25, is scheduled to die by injection on May 28 for the 1994 murder of Tyler oilman John Luttig, 63, during a botched carjacking. Beazley was 17 at the time, and his case has attracted national and international attention because of his age. There's no difference in knowledge of right and wrong from 17 to 18; burn the idiot scumbag murderer.
This John Battaglia piece of shit richly deserves death for brutally murdering his two small daughters.
Hmmmm, a slow month for executions. Maybe next month will be better. There's 3,700+ subhumans on death row who really, really need to go to Hell. If I could, I'd pull the switch, drop the cyanide pellets, or push the hypodermic plunger for each and every one, and sleep all the better for it. But then, I carry a Glock 32/.357sig and a BushMaster AR-15 A3 Carbine .223cal/5.56mm semi auto. And I'd gladly and readily waste a murderer; no jury in The Civilized World would convict.

Vintage Labels.
Today, travel is harried, cramped, delayed, stressful, and often times a necessary evil. But it wasn't that long ago that travel meant luxury, pampering, and exotic locales. This site lets us journey back to that era through the lost art of the luggage label. The image galleries showcase about 300 labels from ocean liners, railroads, airlines, and hotels of the past. If these images of a bygone style of travel inspire you to begin your own collection, you'll find tips and techniques for building and storing a vintage label collection. This site makes you want to put your tray table in its upright position and dream of luxuriating on the Orient Express!

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