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Friday, May 31, 2002

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In times of Great National Stress, Americans have the innate tendency to rally-'round the victims. Chandra Levy has once again become a household word; a cause celeb, to the left-wing wacko homos, socialists, liberals, lowlifes, deviants and degenerates. No, not because she was Jewish and White, but because she was murdered by a US CongressCritter, Gary ConDIDIT. I find that hard to believe. The deviant bisexual, leather-boy loving Gary had her whacked; he most probably didn't whack her himself. I find that hard to believe. Condit's notoriously homosexual and bisexual Adams-Morgan neighborhood, is riddled with homos, perverts, degenerates and deviants, as well as being rife with crime. The Keystone Koppers, aka DC Police, have "interviewed" Condit four times, and still can't find their own asses asss with both hands and a flashlight. I find that hard to believe. Let's see: Congressman Condit lied to police about his relationship to Chandra Levy, later claiming that the fact he was embroiled in a white-hot affair with the missing woman was "private." He further lied to police, in claiming to have been with Democratic ABC reporter and old flame, Rebecca Cooper, on May 1, the day of Levy's disappearance, when in fact he was not with Cooper until May 2. He has had staffers misleadingly suggest that the congressman does not have a car. He tried to get one of his many lovers, flight attendant Anne Marie Smith, to lie in a sworn affidavit, denying that they were lovers. Early on, Condit had his people float the zillion-to-one longshot, according to which Chandra might have been whacked by some diabolical serial whacker who just happened by her apartment while she was working on her computer the day she was whacked, er disappeared, and who then ingeniously disposed of her body. Condit is the only suspect. Even with a detailed time line, the bumbling DC Keystone Koppers and FBI can't find the pieces; or rather won't find them. I find that hard to believe. It looks as though the bumblers are trying to spin it off on someone else, rather than do the real tough investigative work and nail Condit's guilty ass ass. I find that hard to believe. Since both the DC Police and FBI are funded by the US Congress, no one wants to get to the truth. Especially the fat, stupid donut-gulping DC Chief of Police Charles Ramsey. Since only bones and cloth remain after a year of decomposition, forensics will have to suffice for any and all answers now. I'm not betting heavily that Condit had her whacked elsewhere, and dumped back at Rock Creek Park, to decompose so completely that no evidence is possible, and to thoroughly embarrass the DC Keystone Koppers. I don't find that hard to believe. And the Levy family continues to suffer in silence. And the crack quack DC ME (medical examiner) only took 5 days to come up with this brilliant deduction: homicide. Wow, is this going to be a long haul. Net, net: I don't know what to believe, as has poisoned the pond. I'll just wait to see what develops.

Around The Garden Center.
I hope you had a nice Memorial Day Holiday Weekend; I did, but worked the whole time, just taking part of Monday off to BBQ with Mom & Dad, at my condo in the afternoon. The GC&N Complex was open from 8am - 12noon Monday, and I was surprised at the very heavy, steady traffic for Saturday through Monday. Driving in to work at 7am Monday, I counted two other cars on the road. We had a solid 2" of much-needed rain from Sunday afternoon through Monday evening, helping replenish groundwater and the reservoirs.
Last Friday I drove to Harrisburg Int'l Airport to pick up an orchid shipment from a San Francisco wholesale grower we've done business with for years, and as I pulled onto the interstate which leads directly to the air cargo facility, there was TMI (Three Mile Island) looming big right behind the airport. TMI and all nuclear plants were on high alert for terrorist activity, and the military presence is formidable.
I'm seeing a lot of this in my own customer base: people who've cancelled or postponed vacations and travel plans, and who are now spending money on their landscaping projects or on home improvements. Good for my business and the overall economy; bad for the travel industry.
Amazingly, gas prices have once again declined in the York (PA) area, to $1.32.9/gal (89 octane); traditionally, they'd be up over $1.50 by now, for the Summer "driving season". That'll happen soon enough as the Summer wears on; I'm guessing demand is low right now and prices are depressed by the market. Funny that I never used to look at it that way before.
The KlezH virus continues to hit me, but now only 1-5x per day, as opposed to a few weeks back at several hundreds times each day. Norton System Works 2002 Pro has nailed each attempt and quickly disposed of the virus. Personally, I think that anyone caught unleashing viruses into cyberspace should receive a minimum 10 year stay in a federal prison, in the sex crimes offenders unit with all the perverts. Wow, did I say that?

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit filth did to the US on 9-11. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photoessay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents.
Here's a gut-wrenching account of the last 102 minutes for 3,000 people. Never, never, never forget or forgive. Demand revenge; screw justice.
Bravo HBO, for the Sunday night special, "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01"; thought I don't have HBO (an option) on my CATV, I remember the posts and horrid images on, that awful September 11th morning. Click any of the links to go back in time. Pass the Kleenex®, please.
I want, nay demand hundreds thousands tens-of-thousands hundreds-of-thousands millions of the murderous, lowlife, pork-sucking, deviant, degenerate, women-mutilating, subhuman Muslim and Arab trash, dead.
The trial of brothers Mohamad and Chawki Hammoud will test the 1996 law that prohibits support for terrorist organizations, the same law that accused American Taliban John Walker Lindh is charged with breaking. Give them all a fair trial; then execute them.
Any lib-dem morons think "Islam is a religion of peace". Then watch WSJ reporter Dan Pearl being murdered and beheaded, by the lowlife subhuman Muslim shitfilth scum. f*ck Screw Islam, the deviant cult of extremist pork sucking degenerates.
Hispanic legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday asked U.S. President George W. Bush not to use police in matters involving undocumented immigrants and foreigners suspected of terrorism saying it is a "very dangerous idea". Oh really? All 7 million of the criminal, illegal scum should be rounded-up and forced back across the Mexican border, and the illegal alien scum legislators along with them. Illegal is illegal; what part of "illegal criminal activity" don't those Mexican scumbags understand?
I find this incredulous: the 7 million or more people living illegally in the United States do not face any mass deportation efforts, the commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) said in Tucson Thursday. "No one likes the idea that people came into the country illegally, but it's not practical or reasonable to think that you're going to be able to round them all up and send them home," James Ziglar, a lib-dem Clintoon criminal holdover, said during a joint press conference with Mexican officials at the Tucson Border Patrol station. What the f*cking hell heck has the INS been doing for the past 10 years? Their charge is to keep illegals out, and deport the ones already here. Heads need to roll, the INS must be completely torn down and re-built from the ground up, with massive powers and the ability to get the job done. This is treason, and directly contributed to The Massacre of September 11th.
Once again proving that neither Muslim filth nor Arab garbage have any brains whatsoever, they "think" the US Military was behind The Massacre of September 11th. These are truly stupid and ignorant people subhumans, who should be wiped off the face of the Earth, for the good of Mankind.
whack, whack, whack, whack, whack all the subhuman Arab, Muslim trash, lowlife shitfilth, Israel. whack, whack, whack, whack everything that moves! f*ck Screw justice; demand revenge!
I've been saying for years, that the INS is worse than incompetent; it's corrupt from top to bottom, thanks to the criminal Clintoon's politicizing of the agency, for their own perverted political goals. It must be torn down completely and re-built as two entities: one to service aliens who seek to naturalize and the other to protect borders and apprehend illegal aliens, as they were known as The Bureau of Immigration and The Bureau of Naturalization were, in fact, two separate entities between 1913 and 1933, when they were fused into the modern, corrupted-by-politics, INS.
If there's any doubt in your mind that the INS hasn't done/ isn't doing/ won't do it's job, read this article. Let's see if I have this right. People commit an act that is illegal. The agency tasked with enforcing the law says they plan to do nothing about it. Either change the law or enforce the law. Either way, I don't care, but don't preach that we're a nation of laws when we only selectively enforce the ones we have. James Ziglar is an idiot who apparently has just thrown up his hands and admitted that he lacks both the ability and desire to carry out the duties of his job. The fact that mass deportations could even be discussed is irrefutable evidence that the agency he heads hasnít been getting the job done. In case heís wondering why, he may want to take a long look in the mirror and think about whatís looking back at him. Fire and jail the lowlife Ziglar shithead! Itís not the front line personnel at the INS, itís the morons directing this agency. Canít W see that protection of our borders is a task worth taking seriously?
Soldiers carrying unloaded weapons at the Nation's busiest airports? Of course, why would we give them bullets to shoot terrorists? Nonsense. Pay no attention to the murderous Muslim diaperhead filth behind the curtain. An unloaded weapon is useless; my Glock 32/.357 and AR-15 A3 are always loaded.
Another terrorist attack? Not if, but when.
The FBI terrorist warning to landlords has Arab-Americans fearing discrimination will affect their ability to rent an apartment or live in a certain neighborhood. So what? I say racially profile the living shit out of the filthy towelhead scum. Deport them all back to the shitty hellholes in the MidEast. Lotsa pork rinds and bacon for all.
f*ck Screw the Red Cross morons lowlife scum; they're pro-Arab filth and anti-freedom scumbags. I wouldn't donate urine to their perverted, demented cause.
I'm stunned, but not surprised. The US has admitted 140,000 new people since September 11th from al Queerda-connected countries and 50,000 from Middle Eastern countries. They have not been restricted by any new standards from our government. This article's 100% correct: we're nuts and just begging to be hit again. And the US is spending Taxpayers' money to import Muslims? Now I'm getting angry.
The FBI is now restructuring to fight terror, and not crime anymore? Somehow, I don't think that re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is going to do it; something more substantial is required. Like dissolving the FBI and starting over with an un-politiciized entity. But hey, what do I know?
Yow-sir Arrid-fart Cheese Puffs? How about body parts from the dead Arab, instead? Those I'd buy.

Will I vote "Republican" again on November 5th? Read this and tell me why I should even bother to show up at the polls.
Look at the lowlife garbage who wants to "raise money for AIDS", a completely preventable disease of deviants, degenerates and subhumans (aka Africa). Let them all die; cleanse the Earth. Bono-head and O'Neill are complete idiots; pathetic pawns of lib-dem scumbags.

Liberal DemocRAT Scumbags.
"CBS Evening News" anchorman Dan "The Fag Man" Rather accused Attorney General John Ashcroft Friday morning of personally ordering Justice Department aides to "sully up my reputation," a charge he leveled while trying to clarify his allegation two days ago that Ashcroft flew private jets last summer because of terrorist threats that he failed to warn the public about. "Maybe it would be better for (Ashcroft) to spend a little less time trying to sully up my reputation in some way ó cover his own backside ó and a little more time and let's get this thing straight," the testy CBS anchorman complained during a follow-up interview on the "Imus in the Morning" show, prompted by the controversy over his earlier remarks on the same show. Think Danny Boy is a left-wing-nut wacko? Yup.
The Boy Scouts of America should not be allowed to lease 18 city-owned acres because the organization does not allow homosexuals, a lawsuit contends. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed the lawsuit in federal court. It wants a federal judge to stop the lease based on the Boy Scouts guidelines involving homosexuals and those who want to be Scout leaders but are atheists. The ALCU is a festering cauldron of homos, lowlife, deviants, subhumans, queers and filth, who are stalking the Boy Scouts of America. Time to round-up the ACLU garbage, and deport them to Uganda.
Tipper GoreBore, mental health advocate, is a mentally-depressed, lowlife whoredog. She's "exhausted" by all the terror warnings? What part of 9-11 didn't the ignorant lib-dem bitch understand? She's a degenerate, lowlife piece of dogshit, as is AlGoreBore The Loser.
U.S. Olympic Committee president Sandra Baldwin resigned Friday, a day after she admitted lying about her academic credentials. Good riddance to another piece of lib-dem socialist garbage.
Senate Majority Leader, the turd-sucking Tommy "The Dwarf" Dass-hole recants his ridiculous treasonous May 16th charge that W&Co knew all about the 9-11 Massacre ahead of time? Sure Tommy, you ignorant moron scumbag, everyone knew except you, you lib-democRAT moron. His statement yesterday was in marked contrast to what he said on May 16, when he declared: "I'm gravely concerned about the information provided us just yesterday that the president received a warning in August about the threat of hijackers by Osama bin Laden." The backtracking by Mr. Daschle came one week after House Minority Leader Richard "Little Dicky" Gep-fart, Missouri DemocRAT, walked away from his earlier statements suggesting that W&Co had warnings before September 11 that might have prevented the deadly terrorist attacks. Get ready for big losses in the Mid-Term Elections, democRATs; America will remember your seditious and treasonous behavior.
John Street, who is black, is the mayor of Philadelphia and a racist bigot. Here's why: On April 13 he bragged to an NAACP audience of 700 about how many blacks he has appointed to his administration. Warming to his task, he boomed out: "Let me tell you: The brothers and sisters are running this city. Running it! Don't let nobody fool you; we are in charge of the City of Brotherly Love Dogshit. We are in charge! We are in charge!"

Lowlifes & Degenerates.
Two ignorant, lowlife morons who couldn't find their own asses with both hands: US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and washed-up, has-been mediocre rocker, Bono-head. O'Neill should go back to f*cking-up screwing-up Alcoa Co and Bono-head should crawl back into his slimy little pit. Neither is correct: money will not solve Africa's "problem"; only a nuclear war which wipes the subhuman vermin and their diseases out, will.
At least 16 Catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children, including 12 priests in the United States, have whacked themselves since 1986, a newspaper reported Saturday. Great news; any more takers?
A penis pill scam? I just have a hard tough time believing there are that many stupid and gulliable people who'd buy into something as ridiculous as that, and make the con-artists so wealthy.
Why is The White House and the American Taxpayer obligated to foot the bill for the poor and less educated's computers and internet access? Why aren't the poor working several jobs to earn the money, as we do, to buy a computer and internet access? Why are the less educated in school more often learning, as we do, what they need to to become educated? The lowlife lib-democRAT socialist scumbags want us to carry those people on our backs and wallets? Bullshit on that.

Burn This Subhuman Scum.
The U.S. Supreme Court declined Friday to review the appeal of Texas death-row inmate Napoleon Beazley, whose case has become a focus of national and international opposition to the capital punishment for youthful offenders. Beazley was 17 when he fatally shot Tyler businessman John Luttig during a botched carjacking on April 19, 1994. He is scheduled to be executed Tuesday for Mr. Luttig's murder. I'll be dancing in the streets as one less murderer is fouling the air. Good riddance, scumbag.
May was a disappointing month for deserved executions; too many "stayed" and still pending. I'm hoping that the syringe and electric chair are much busier in June.
A child-murdering scumbag who wants to be put to death? Great! Give him a new needle and plunge it it. Save the South Carolina taxpayers some bucks and rid the world of another piece of subhuman filth. Bravo, Michael Passaro. It'd be so nice if all the 3,700+ subhumans on death row were as cooperative.
The Beazely scumbag went to hell Tuesday evening, and rightly so. Texas executed confessed whacker Napoleon Beazley by lethal injection Tuesday evening for a murder he committed in 1994, when he was 17. Beazley was sentenced to death for the April 1994 Killing of 63-year-old John Luttig. Beazley was convicted of shooting Luttig ó whose son is now a federal judge ó twice in the head as he and two friends tried to steal Luttig's Mercedes-Benz from his driveway. Beazley's attorneys had argued that executing him would violate the Eighth Amendment's provision against cruel and unusual punishment, as well as international treaties on civil and political rights because of his age at the time of the crime. Really? What about the dead victim's rights? The sleazebag lawyer arguments don't hold water for me.

Daring someone to do something no sane person would attempt is always good for a laugh. Having a little scratch riding on the dare ratchets up the intensity a few notches. In this spirit, the guys at StinkFactor serve up several outrageous food-based dares for your stomach-turning pleasure. Definitely not for the squeamish, these challenges are accompanied by numerous pictures and blow-by-blow commentary. Start with the mild Saltine Challenge, work up to a borderline-disgusting Cinnamon Challenge, and then, if you dare, take a gander at the graphic Tabasco Challenge. If you have a challenge you'd like to see played out, feel free to submit it.

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