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Friday, May 10, 2002

It hit me out of the blue: the W32.Klez.gen@mm Virus attacking 10-100x daily on each condo (cable modem) and office (dial-up) net-connected machine. Beginning immediately after I'd posted my April 26th Journal entry about the cowardly Muslim filth, I began to think that somehow, somewhere, someone, was "targeting" me with a computer file virus as revenge for speaking the truth. Fortunately, WinXP and Norton-Symantec SystemWorks 2002 Pro intercepted, quarantined and destroyed each infected email arrival, and notified me of each malevolent action. I kept current with LiveUpdates on both machines. Initially, I was pissed-off upset at the senders, replying nastily to each that they were infected and attacking me, but when I learned that they had no idea of the replication of the virus within their computers, I re-sent each an email apologizing for the (obviously hyper-reactionary) nasty language, and telling each what they should do to "fix" the problem. In 20-20 hindsight, it probably wasn't a real smart move lambasting the senders, who didn't even know their email had been hijacked; it didn't address the issue, and didn't fix the problem. The frequency has dropped, but I still get several virus-infected emails each day.

Around The Garden Center.
Yikes, more storms rolling through, Thursday evening. TORNADO WARNING FOR... YORK COUNTY IN PENNSYLVANIA!!!! Ummmm no, it missed us; but thanks anyway, Maryland, for taking the hit. Another un-needed tornado doing more damage to innocent people.
I'd be wrong, but I'd have guessed that with unemployment hitting an 8 year high of 6%, there'd be a larger labor pool from which to choose. Not so; we're still having problems adequately filling-out our landscape crews, unlike previous years. And it's causing problems with scheduling of the landscape and landscape maintenance jobs. Go figure.
This drought prediction for the US doesn't portend well, at all, long term. Can you say, "D U S T    B O W L"?
The world's oldest flower found in fossil? In China? Okay, sure, uh-huh. Maybe.
The weekend was extremely busy, and we again set records for dollar sales and numbers of people through the GC&N Complex. Many were new customers, having seen us at the York Mid-Atlantic Garden and Flower Show, back in early March; others heard of our high-end reputation and were anxious to see the place and our rare, unusual and hard-to-find offerings.
We continue to limp along, critically short of qualified landscape personnel, in what may be our slowest start to a landscaping and maintenance season, ever, in 12 years. I'm so frustrated at not being able to find enough bodies to train and put on jobs everyday, that I'm thinking about getting out of the landscape maintenance business, and sticking to landscape installations. But our high-end customers want demand our maintenance services to keep their estates looking perfect at all times through the season. Hopefully, the crew of veteran college kids will arrive soon and we can get up to speed. Meanwhile, I'm bummed that so many people are staying out of the labor pool, preferring to stay on extended unemployment benefits, as provided for by the morons in the US Congress. This is not the way to get the US Economy moving again; unemployment never solved anything.
The State Commonwealth Communist-wealth of Pennsylvania is really now cracking down on seatbelt usage, trying for 75% compliance. "Click It or Ticket"? Uh-huh, sure thing. Simple and basic public harassment, is what it is.
Huh? Why don't they ever ask me in these stupid polls? As state legislators and the governor wrestle with the state's estimated $750 million budget shortfall, a new poll shows that Pennsylvania voters overwhelmingly support a significant increase in the state's tobacco tax to keep kids from smoking and to raise revenue for the state. Three out of four Pennsylvania voters (75 percent) support a $1 per pack increase in the state's tobacco tax as part of an effort to reduce tobacco use, particularly among kids, with the revenue used to reduce the state's budget deficit. This support comes from a broad-based coalition of voters, including 76 percent of Republicans polled and 73 percent of Democrats polled. Just 24 percent of voters oppose an increase in the tobacco tax. The overwhelming support does not diminish for an even higher tax increase: 73 percent of voters also favor a $1.50 per pack increase in the state tobacco tax.
I just don't understand why people hurt and whack kittens, puppies and other animals. Locally, a lowlife scumbag piece-of-shit named Ray T. Kreeger Jr, injured and then whacked a kitten, and received a 23-month sentence in York County Prison; BTW, not a nice place. I truly sincerely fervently hope he's multiple gang-raped on a daily basis, for what he did to that defenseless kitten. I wish I and Mr Glock Model 32/.357 had been there to prevent it. Nice job, York County Judge Sheryl Ann Dorney.
We got some nice rain early Thursday morning and a drizzle all day long nothing on the order of what these folks had in West Virginia, though and the reservoirs are beginning to slowly refill. Some drought restrictions are being relaxed, which I believe is a mistake this early, in the Continuing Drought From Hell.
WinXP is running beautifully in both my condo and office units; gas prices are still holding steady at $1.36.9/gal (89 octane) at most stations in the York (PA) area; we're getting some quasi-Spring rains to alleviate the drought; the garden center & nursery has never looked so good, retail sales records are being set and we're looking forward to additional help arriving next week. All in all, a good start to a cautious season.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, forget what happened on 9-11; never. It was not an "event", and "terrorist attack" doesn't even begin to adequately describe it. It was a Massacre, in no uncertain terms, of over 3,000 innocents.
The WTC is gone forever, but The Pentagon is being rebuilt. Here's the progress so far.
Eight months ago, I said this wasn't going to work, and that Ridge would be made a scapegoat but that I was proud he was from Pennsylvania and now it's come home to roost. Too many obstructionist lib-democRAT lowlifes trying to derail him and hurt America. Why doesn't the Nation see those lib-dem scum for what they are? Simple: they're the morons who voted the disgraced, lowlife, criminal rapist liar, ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon in to two terms. Let's see what happens with "The Director of HomeLand Security".
A most interesting theory, don't you think?
Islam's threat to the Western World? Right here, in a nutshell.

GOP Bumblers.
I agree 100% with ABC's John Stossel: get ex-presidents off of the public dole, and let them pay their own way in the world after leaving office. Enough is enough, already; I'm tired of subsidizing millionaires.
I'm not sure where to put this outrage: shit-for-brains, lib-democRAT, lowlife-RINO scumbag Mikey Bloomberg, who can't find his own sorry ass with both hands and a flashlight, has allowed crime to increase in Times Square.
Split the INS up into 3 parts, NOT 2: Immigration, Deportation and Execution.
Why would anyone let a lowlife piece of talentless dogshit like Ozzy Osbourne in The White House? Only an moron with no brains would listen to that shit music noise. I still can't believe any of the garbage networks would put his sorry ass on a TV show. What's worse: it's a smashing success! The same morons, idiots and cretins who voted for Clintoon twice, are most likely the viewership. Almost makes me want to go to Canada; ummm, not quite, but almost.
Here's one thing W&Co got right: telling the Turd World Scum at the UN to shove their socialist International Criminal Court.
First the anthrax attacks, now pipe bombs in mailboxes. When is the FBI going to catch all those lowlife scum? C'mon Ashcroft, turn the people loose and nail some ass!
Surely this is a joke? President Bush has picked a "seasoned diplomatic hand" for a new overseas mission: Billy Bubba Clintoon. Administration officials say the former president will join the U.S. delegation to the May 20 celebration of independence for East Timor, the former Indonesian territory that separated from Jakarta in 1999. The officials say the selection is meant as a peace overture to Clintoon, whose disgraced presidency has been criticized repeatedly by W&his aides.
The (In)Justice Department, reversing decades of official government policy on the meaning of The Second Amendment, told the Supreme Court for the first time late Monday that the Constitution "broadly protects the rights of individuals" to own firearms.
Hey W, time to let Israel whack all the PA (Palestinian Authority) filth, including the ugly turd-face terrorist, Arrid-fart.
On This Moral Ice by John Fund. John Fund? WSJ's John Fund?? The same moron hypocrite who was porking his girlfriend's daughter and got her pregnant? dammit! Can't find the URL on or anywhere. Maybe I was hallucinating? Woooooooooooooooooooo-Hoooooooooooooooooo!

The Demented Liberal Agenda.
It's called "Fosterized" after Clintoon aide Vince Foster who "committed suicide" but now in Europe, it's called "Pimmed", who was shot and murdered by the left-wing, socialist, communist wackos in the Netherlands.
The libs' worldwide agenda is quite simple: disarm the people, and then whack them with firearms, those who differ from their degenerate and deviant viewpoints. They did that in Nazi Germany. They've done that in England, and most of Europe; not even beat cops have guns, only the criminals do and crime is soaring. It'll never happen in America, but the wacko leftist scum keep trying.
My advice: buy guns, get a CCW (concealed weapon carry permit) and keep them ready for when you need them. Someday, they'll try a massive gun grab here in the US, and we'll have to fight them for our rights and lives.

Lowlife, Lib-democRAT Degenerates.
Disgraced lowlife, traitorous lying scumbag, impeached ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, is baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I'll never, never watch NBC again, ever.
Though it's been rumored for years that Dr Martin Luther King was a plagiarist and falsified his doctoral degree dissertation, among many other documents, it's now proven, and ignored by the lib-dem media. King was scum and so's his money-grubbing, criminal family; just a bunch of lowlifes. His words ring very hollow now, as "the content of his character" is zero. Too bad, as I used to admire him and his "dream".
JFK Jr a great person and politician? No to both; he was a loser and he's better off "at ground temperature".
Wow, what a wonderful child welfare system the lib-dem morons have put into place. I've lost count; how many missing children are there now unaccounted for?
Another lib-democRAT reason for the '69 York Riots? Lack of air-conditioners (AC units) as an excuse? Too hot for the blacks? No, they like being "victims" and play the lib-dem role well.
A couple of weeks ago, I railed against the Food Police; now they're here in Texas, of all places.
Another lowlife alcoholic, drug-addicted murdering Kennedy in court; this time for murder, as his fat stupid alcoholic uncle Teddy "The Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy should have been back in the 60s for murdering Mary Jo Kopechne. Burn Skakel, burn, you fat turd boy.
I like the idea of suing the democRATs for reparations; they caused more slavery and misery for blacks that all others combined. Sign me on as a participant.
The stupid, ignorant lib-dem filth in The People's Republik of Kalifornicate still don't get it: the Boy Scouts of America aren't preaching intolerance and discrimination in keeping queer garbage out of the BSA; they're protecting their children from the rump-raiding, fudge-packing homos, unlike the Catholic Church. Bravo, BSA!

shit-For-Brains Frenchies.
Don't get me wrong, I love the common French people, but they don't vote. It's the lowlife communists, socialists, greens and left-wing wacko fascists that I hate. Jockstrap shit-rock (Jacques Chirac), a common thief and lowlife scumbag, won re-election against Le Pen, who would have put the wobbly republic of France back on track. What a shame. Five more years of Jockstrap and his criminal activities. Pity the people who didn't vote.

Mid-East Arab Garbage.
Here's the simplest, most cogent explanation of what's going on in the Middle East. LOL!
Proof that Yow-sir Arrid-fart is still a terrorist? Israel's got it, and W should dump the scumbag pronto have him whacked.
Look at this pathetic line-up of stupid idiot filth, moronic white trash shit and idiotic bureaucratic garbage, all purporting to "know how to solve the problem". Truth is: none of the idiots can find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight. Total ineptitude. Useless morons.
Tens-of-thousands of this Palestinian Arab-Christian-Muslim-Islamic garbage needs to die. Teach them a lesson, Israel. Tell the US to issue a Fatwah, to have all the offending cretins, whacked terminated with extreme prejudice, exterminated murdered wasted whacked deleted removed from action.
The Palestinian Arab filth are liars, first and foremost; they wouldn't know how to tell the truth about Jenin if it bit them. And the media, all over the world, quote them verbatim without checking facts. That turd-faced, smelly little punk, Yow-sir Arrid-fart, needs Killing, as do all the PLO and PA scum. He's a terrorist who's murdered Americans and people of other nationalities for many years, and the media has ignored and excused the terrorism. whack him. Go Israel, go get all the subhuman Arab filth and wipe them out.
Deal? Deal?? Deal??? For the male-mutilating, boy-buggering, women hating-mutilating, subhuman Arab-Muslim-Islamist garbage, pork-sucking filth. A freaking stand-off? whack the Palestinian subhuman, lowlife, degenerate, garbage filth. Time to die, goat-humpers.

Illegal Immigrant Morons.
More than 5,000 people marched downtown to call for amnesty for illegal immigrants and freedom for foreign detainees. No, lowlife scumbag filth, you have no rights or privileges. Until you become US Citizens, you have no freaking rights, morons. Crawl back under your slimy rocks with your lib-dem buddies.

Idiots, Moron & Scumbags.
The Prince (Phillip) in trouble for an anorexic joke? Nah, I don't think so. They're puking lowlifes and barfing degenerates who don't have a wobbly leg to stand upon. f*ck Screw the moron trash. C'mon lowlifes, throw up so we can laugh at you, cretins.
Four million Africans starving? Again. Every year since the murdered and kicked out the White Farmers, took over the producing farms and let them fall into disrepair? Forget it; let them all starve and die. Rid the world of this idiot kaffir filth.
R&B music sucks/blows these days. This shit isn't music; it's noise looking for a category. Look at the trash who makes the awful noise.
Pipe bombs in Iowa and Nebraska, from a "domestic terrorist"? Find him/ them and whack 'em, FBI.
What is wrong with America these days? Catholics applauding child-molesting priests? Instead of demanding they be removed from the RC Church, and prosecuted for pedastry? It's sick and perverted to allow these homo homo scum to remain in the RCC, let alone in society unpunished.
Botox injections? Look at this pig in this pic; she's still an ugly pig, injections or not. Yuk. And these pathetically, vain scum. Yuk.
The UN is dogshit: with 54 nations abstaining as a protest over what they called an imbalanced resolution, the UN General assembly on Tuesday condemned by 74-4 vote Israel's West Bank offensive. The resolution also criticized Israel's failure to cooperate with Secretary-General Coffee Anus' (Kofi Annan's) Jenin refugee camp fact-finding team and calls for his own report on Jenin. Time to kick the Turd Worlders out of NYC and for the US to get out of the lowlife UN organization.

Execute This Subhuman Garbage.
I agree that 16 is too young to get the death penalty, even for this heinous crime to an 8 year old child. So wait until the piece of shit's 18, and then whack him. Get him off of the earth anyway possible.
South Carolina executes convicted murderer. Friday night's execution of death row inmate Richard Charles Johnson took place as scheduled just after 6pm. Johnson was declared dead at 6:18pm. Johnson was executed by lethal injection for the 1985 shooting death of State Trooper Bruce Smalls in Jasper County. Made my week.
A 21 year old college student, grunge band, pipe bomber, named Luke John Helder? He truly deserves the death penalty, but will probably only get life in prison. Too bad for him. A 450lb sweaty black lifer named "Bubbles" will be glad to have LJH, whom he won in a card game, as his girlfriend. Jeeeeeezzzz! Whatever happened to keg parties and pantie raids? Gentler times...
One of the worst pieces of corrupt lib-dem dogshit in the US, The People's Republik of Maryland's moronic socialist governor, Parris Glendening imposed a moratorium on executions in Maryland on Thursday, until the state completes a study of whether there is racial bias in the use of the death penalty. Glendening issued a stay on the execution of Wesley Eugene Baker, who was scheduled to die by injection sometime next week, and said he would stay any other executions that come before him. Only one other state that has capital punishment, The People's Republik of Illinois, has imposed a similar moratorium. Baker is one of 13 men nine of them black awaiting execution in The People's Republik of Maryland. Hmmmm, considering that blacks represent only 13% of the US population, yet commit 76% of the violent crimes, 9 of 13 sounds about right.
For all the bellyaching people do about TV commercials, it seems they really can't get enough of the little buggers. That would explain the allure of sites like this one, where you can watch television spots from a wide variety of corporate goliaths. In addition to offering broadband streams of ads, the site includes a daily column that dissects the ideas behind the commercials. You'll find plenty of 30-second snippets of inspiration, from a sublimely humorous FedEx ad to a man living the High Life. And while you're watching ads about minivans and mini markets, don't forget to check out this spot from an Internet company you might have heard about. No, I don't miss it at all, after 17 years on Madison Ave in NYC.

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