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Friday, November 28, 1997

bah humbug! is what Old Scrooge is purported to have remarked about the concept of Christmas. Not intending to draw any direct comparison here, I go into my handy-dandy hate (all) the holidays mode excoriating those who install Christmas decorations before Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, greedy merchants excuses for dozens of unnecessary retail sales, thousands of municipalities hanging street decorations 8-10 weeks too early and wonder why people put up with all this extraneous holiday shit. It's holiday overzealousness in pursuit of gross excess. I can't help it anymore; I'm jaded from all the over-exposure to holidays. It seems that everyone I talk to is as well. Holidays used to have a special meaning, but that's almost completely gone now - not only from my own personal life - but from the Nation as an entity. We've lost the ability to discern between what's real and spiritual, and what's phony, crass and commercial. The parallels in history are striking: civilizations losing track of reality and plummeting to oblivion and ruin through the ensuing centuries. We may not have that long to wait if the present rate of descent continues.

Holiday Burn Out.
Too many holidays, too much commercialism, too quickly shoved down our collective throats. And too little spirituality to go around. The retail greed factor is hard at work, gobbling-up July 4th - Halloween - Thanksgiving -Christmas - New Year - Valentine's Day - and on and on and on ad finitum ad nauseum.
After working in New York City in the almighty grand glass-and-steel-canyons of Madison Avenue, I saw the hypocrisy of it all in 1988. I left in 89. Since moving to York, Pa., I've actually found the retail madness to be worse, but on a smaller scale.
Pre-Holiday, Holiday and Post-Holiday Sales are everywhere. The bullshit never ends, it seems. The spirituality is completely gone from the holidays; it just means money to every retailer, and deals and sales for every buyer. Except me; I don't participate in it anymore, both in a business and personal sense.
Can't we as a nation get finished with one holiday before another one starts and we're decorating and primping for it? It seems that the corpse isn't cold until we're (collectively speaking) into another holiday (aka sale) period. Don't wish me a Merry Christmas until Thanksgiving is over.

Character Profile?
Well maybe, and maybe not.
I've never considered myself Libertarian, but socially tolerant to a point. I don't know what socially tolerant even refers to in this case. I wonder who Wired talked to to get this flawed sampling? It doesn't sound very scientific or accurate. And for some reason, they don't give any details. Hmmm. methinks it's a load of shit.

I Remember.
Thirty four years ago this week, JFK was assassinated in Dallas.
It was a Thursday, November 23rd, I was 13 and taking a geometry test in my freshman year at Prospect High School in Mt. Prospect, IL, next to Arlington Heights, where I grew up. The news came over the loudspeaker system. Everyone was in shock. School was dismissed and we rushed home to watch the B&W TV live broadcast marathon of the funeral.
I had actively campaigned for Nixon-Lodge (okay, okay stupid me...) in the 1960 General Election when I was 11; back then political affiliations weren't too important to me. I was just following the old Republican dictum that the VP should become President after a successful term with a successful president. I worked in the Republican precinct headquarters doing phone solicitation for votes, designing rally posters and writing local TV ad copy. (I had no idea what I was doing.) For years afterward, I partly blamed myself that Tricky Dick lost, because my promotional efforts weren't brilliant enough. Then I heard the stories of Kennedy and the criminal Mayor Richard Daley buying votes, registering dead people in Cook County, and all the other agreements between the mafia, unions and democrats. What an unholy coalition, and it still exists today.
That fateful moment in Dallas and the ten days after Kennedy's assassination changed the people of this country and the world forever. The Age of Innocence was lost in a split second. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Whining Criminal.
A few weeks ago, the Million Women Waddle grabbed all the headlines. A few hundred thousand lowlifes paraded around Philadelphia, dirtying up the place and snarling traffic. For a net gain of nothing.
A major criminal was one of the organizers, speakers and leaders: Winnie Mandela, ex-wife of Nelson Mandela, South Africa's president and good buddy to Khadafi, another towel-headed international criminal from Libya, played a very prominent role in the affair, along with the racist, bigot congresswoman from California, Maxine Waters.
Now, Mandela's coming under intense scrutiny for the many heinous crimes she and her scum committed in Africa in recent years. It's a shame that ABCNews NightLine even wasted the recent airtime on that waddling, whining sweathog; at least the world can now see what a piece of filth she truly is. The arrogant bitch needs 25 years to life in a hellhole jail to give her some character.
The US State Dept and DOJ (Dept of Justice) both knew she was a lowlife criminal; so why did they let her into this country to incite several hundred thousand poor, gullible women into a moronic march in Philadelphia? Allowing a convicted felon free travel into and around the USA? Someone's asleep at the switch or afraid of this arrogant bitch playing the race card.
This so-called champion of S. Africa's poor will be tried and re-convicted and re-jailed before the end of 1998, as she should have been years ago. She needs a public trial to disgrace and discredit her in the poor's eyes, putting her in her proper place: prison for life with no hope of parole.

Bubba At The Movies.
Slick Willie The Bubba is in the movies again, talking to other criminals, wining and dining scum from all around the world in order to raise more cash for the liberal filth in the 96 General Election.
It's simply amazing how this lowlife Clinton scumbag took a major hands-on role in breaking the campaign finance laws. It clearly shows him outlining the strategy for hiding soft monies and using it for illegal purposes, yet the Reno idiot ignores the evidence and defends Bubba.

Liberal Defense.
It's amazing to what lengths they'll go to defend Slick Willie The Bubba from his own, well-deserved reputation for being a philandering scumbag. Liberals are the lowest and most ignorant form of life on the face of the earth.
"Oh, the president just couldn't do that kind of thing with all the security around him. He's not capable of that. Like hell, he isn't. Look what JFK did and easily got away with. We're just finding out 34 years later.
Clinton is completely devoid of ethics and morals; he'd do anything for a piece of strange ass. The tales that his Arkansas State Police have told of procuring women for one-nighters are very enlightening. He fancies himself another JFK, when in fact, he's a lowlife piece of shit.

Reno's Corrupt DOJ.
Once again, the liberal morons in The White House are saved by their criminal cronies at the Department of Justice (DOJ), and let off of the hook. Reno is now acting as defense counsel to Clinton, and not acting in the public interest, as she is mandated to do by law and oath. She's pure and simple garbage for ignoring the facts and not bringing a special prosecutor to investigate what clearly is a conflict of interest with her department and The White House's myriad crimes.
The ignorant, corrupt and Clinton-protecting Reno caved to her boss(es) at The White House and refused to prosecute high crimes and misdemeanors of Clinton, Gore and O'Leary. Even the FBI lost major credibility by believing the lying Clinton and Gore scumbags, rather than use the evidence at hand. Neither Clinton nor Gore were under oath to tell the truth during the interviews. DUH! Of course they're going to lie their sorry asses off.
There are huge amounts of evidence relating to Clinton and Gore's Asian underlings doing unsavory financial deeds for them. Dozens of these scum have now fled the country or taken the Fifth Amendment. No one wants to testify against the Clinton filth. The FBI let these criminals flee without interviews and subpoenas, amounting to dereliction of duty and complicity in a felony. Despite the preponderance of evidence and hot leads, the DOJ won't take the inititive and pursue them either way; they willfully ignore evidence to protect Clinton and Gore.
It's amazing that Slick Willie The Bubba hasn't bragged about bedding her, what with all the other womanizing he's done. Maybe just the fact that she owes her job to Clinton is enough to terrify her into covering for him and his criminal cohorts.
Seems the American people now want a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton-Gore criminals, but actually trust Reno to make the right decision. That's like trusting the fox to guard the hen house. Spend a few minutes reading the entire poll; it shows the abject stupidity and blatant ignorance of those polled in several question areas. Very sad.
I've lost all respect for her as an attorney and human being now. She joins the ranks of pathetic pieces of shit that live under rocks as democrats and liberals.

A Novel Approach.
I was both amazed and pleased when I read this story. Finally, someone's figured out a practical way to clean up toxic waste using very specialized plant material.
It's so unique and simple in its approach, I wonder why it hasn't been tried previously. Duh.
We've known for years that certain plants attach and uptake certain minerals and elements more readily than others, but that's usually related to mineralized trace elements, ie iron, manganese, magnesium, boron et al, relating to self-fertilizing from soil nutrients. The whole concept of using or breeding-in those same abilities to attach and uptake other chemical elements is brilliant. I sure hope it works and is repeatable in sustained field trials.
A whole new dawn is awakening through genetic engineering. At least this will do the Earth some positive good, rather than just genetically breed blooming or height or color characteristics for retail sales, as they've done in the past.

Answers Aplenty.
Got a question? Here's some Clintonian answer machines, just like the idiots in The White House use to keep us informed.

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