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Thank You, For Your Service.
Friday, November 11, 2005

Why did the Native Americans lose this continent to the Europeans? The NA's so-called "leaders" sold them down the river for a bottle of firewater and a Winchester .30cal repeating rifle. Today, we are being gradually sold-down the river of socialism, by our so-called "leaders", and we are about to lose the precious and fragile experiment in human Liberty and Freedom — our United States of America — possibly in our own short lifetimes. Because we are collectively-weak as a People, due to years of pre-paid wealth, affluence, riches and luxury, we then routinely transfer the responsibility of re-securing America, upon the strong, obedient, unquestioning, brave US Military, to save our collective, sedentary, feminized, homosexualized, ample asses, essentially destroyed by dependency upon corrupt government. A crisp salute to all who served, and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Screw the leftist scum and liberal media, who joyfully count the deaths of our brave Military. Many Americans have died to allow those subhuman filth, hate-America, hate-US Military, to protest against America, and speak their hate-filled, socialist, commie, fascist, nazi, mindless liberal crap. Without the service and sacrifice of our heroic US Military, Liberty and Freedom would be just a distant and irretrievable memory, relegated to the dustbin of ancient, textbook history. The hateful, anti-America, New York Slimes, continues its hateful, anti-US Military hateful lies. Porous, unregulated borders, unchecked government spending, embedded liberal-demokkkRAT trash and garbage at too many levels, spell potential gloom & doom for America. Happy Veterans' Week. The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month. It was first called Armistice Day. Thank you for your service, American Men & Women Patriots. Your tears aren't necessary; mine are, and are hard to hold back on this hallowed day. God Bless you, Dad, for serving America, in WWII's Battle Of The Bulge.Thanks, for remembering them all.

Around The Garden Center™.
The wonderful Indian Summer weather, continues, with daily temps in the mid-to-upper-60s. Saturday and Sunday were almost 80°F, each day. And the buyers were out in force. No complaints from me. My Landscape Crews are happy, and so is my GC&N Staff, that the weather is cooperating and that they are able to have work for a few more weeks. I've set a tentative "cut-off date" of Fri, Nov 25th, as the arbitrary "end of season" employment date, but the weather will determine the actual date. We are, after all, a weather-driven business, industry and hobby.
A truly sad story, IMO. Give to BestFriends to alleviate the pain and suffering, of our little furry friends. I gave $25; please give what you can.
I've passed my 10-year mark of being on the Net, since October '95, when I had Netscape's v2.0 browser and email clients, and a 14.4k modem. Wow, those were heady days, weren't they? Zzzzzzz.
This has been the longest-running Fall weather I can remember, in many years. The peak colors are just now happening. The terrible stormfront which did so much death and destruction in the early Sunday morning hours, in Indiana, passed just to the north of us, and gave us a very windy day, but no rain and no tornadoes, thankfully.
Gas prices continue to drop, though not as much as over the last 2 weeks drop of 23¢/ gal. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.09/gal, Unleaded Plus at $2.19/gal, and Unleaded Premium at $2.39/gal. Hey, no complaints from me, as I've got 4 dumptrucks, 1 tractor, 1 skidloader, 1 backhoe and several company Jeeps to keep fueled. We'll see.
Yes, I still miss Pickle, terribly, and remember his last day with me, everyday. Each day, I put a fresh-cut rose on his grave. I'll see him again, at The Rainbow Bridge, someday.
It's 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, and I'm seeing Christmas decorations already up on peoples' homes, and in most retail stores. That really hacks-me-off. Okay, okay, so I'm becoming the "Holiday Decorations Nazi", but there is a proper time for everything, isn't there? Isn't there?
For the first time in the 15 years I've lived here in York (PA), I didn't vote in Tuesday's elections. Apathy? Probably; I just didn't make it a priority, as I've done in the many previous November ballots. I was too busy at work, and too tired, afterward, and simply went home, just too disgusted with the do-nothing party I've supported for the past 35 years.
It looks like I was wrong (again) about Winter coming early, this year. The 15-day forecast shows 50s and 60s through Nov 23rd, and we've got plenty of landscape work to keep my two remaining crews busy, for as long as the weather holds. Once again, no complaints.
Yes, I'm stocking-up on more ammo, for all my weapons — .223cal, .357SIG, .357 Magnum, .45cal ACP, 7.62x51mm, 12ga — including the one on my hip, and in my huge, double-door, T65 Cannon™ gunsafe. I've got 40,000m rounds total, in there now. Hells bells, I could rent this thing out as an apartment.
Bored at work? Here, have some fun with Daffy Duck and his parachute game.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
The left-wing wacko, ultra-liberal, hate-America, Peoples' Republik of Washington State is planning to open a latte stand inside the McNeil Island Penitentiary. That's a $15,000+ item, for a good commercial grade unit. I kid you not. I need an aspirin or six.
The CIA's War on the Bush Administration? Hard to believe? Not at all. Powerline's Scott Johnson has a detailed post up on the CIA's war on the Bush Administration, which includes links to his WeeklyStandard.com column on the same subject, and to Jed Babbin's in the American Spectator. The The American Thinker is on the same trail. Back in October, Cliff Kincaid at AIM, started it all.
Since when is speaking the truth, a crime. Well, it is already in Cana-duh, much of the socialist, liberal, commie, nazi EU and Old Europe, and now in shithole Sweden. Pathetic, mentally-ill liberal filth.
How can the US liberals and the World socialists attack, sue, penalize, tax-to-death and semi-criminalize "Big Tobacco"? It's a legal freaking product, fer petesakes! Either criminalize and outlaw it, or leave it the f*ck alone, dammit. I enjoy smoking. Come get me, liberal-socialist-commie-fascist filth!
Two Oregon couples Tuesday claimed the second-largest lottery jackpot in history — an announced $340 million — which the woman who bought the ticket called "a tremendous blessing." Frances and Bob Chaney, their daughter, Carolyn West, and her husband, Steve, told reporters that they will share the prize from the October 19 Powerball drawing. "...a tremendous blessing."? Their real troubles are just beginning, little do they know. I hope they're prepared for what's about to happen.
Watch this video of US Rep Curt Weldon's (PATRIOT-PA) news conference on Able Danger. My jaw hit the floor. The cover-up by both parties, continues unabated. More links here, from my Journal. Here's the C-Span video link.
A proposal in Tallahassee is causing a stir in schools in Southwest Florida. The state's top demokkkRAT is supporting a plan mandatory Spanish language classes for all students in kindergarten through second grade, just like English or Math? No, wetback, illegal alien, George Muentes, an English as a second language teacher and asshole. This is America, and we speak ENGLISH, you dumbass wetback piece of garbage.

Protesters, rioters and looters set one building on fire Friday and threw objects at police in the streets of this resort city as the leaders of 34 nations began the fourth Summit of the Americas. Shoot the wetback garbage and trash.
The Senate — with a 51-48 vote — insisted Thursday on opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for drilling after being blocked by environmentalists for decades, then voted overwhelmingly to prohibit exporting any of the oil pumped from the region.
Dirty tricks at the CIA, Zell? SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), IMO.
Irate Nate's "Irate Nation" got his own kewl Conservative blog. Yippy, another blogger (Nate's words). Go Nate!
The GOPer-controlled, cowardly, lowlife, terrorist-lover, scumbag, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush, US Senate added an amendment to the $440-billion military spending bill that would extend to spies, terrorists, and pigshit-sucking, lowlife, subhuman, camel-f*cking, boy-buggering, women-chattelling, islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis-islamic-arab jihadists, the same rights as US Citizens enjoy under the US Constitution. In other words, our US Military Interrogators can no longer question suspected suicide bombers and murderers of women and children without the commie, socialist, fascist, left-wing nazi, hate-America, hate-Military, ACLU looking over their shoulder — ready to haul some poor enlisted man into court just because he yelled at a terrorist or hurt a terrorist’s feelings. F*ck that shit: kill them all! Kill all of the ACLU.
President Bush is an idiot for even allowing subhuman, throat-cutting, boy-buggering, women-chattelling, islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis-islamic filth into The White House for a Rama-lama-ding-dong Dinner — I would have served lots of pork dishes, beer and tobacco products — and now he sends Eid al-Fitr Greetings to the pigshit-gulping, subhuman islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- trash. I would have sent ICBMs on 9/12/01, after 300-400 targets were indentified and locked-onto. I question your sanity, Mr Bush. The Germans are idiots, too; their shithole country is next. The horror that is islam (pigshit be upon it) has declared war on America and Christianity, and it must be utterly destroyed. Nothing less is acceptable.
Good news, if true, but I'll believe it when I see and hear it.
Mentally-ill, traitor, coward, turncoat, liar, wimp, scumbag, US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (TRAITOR-AZ) has taken the side of terrorists, against our brave US Military. He's filth and garbage. Have a massive stroke, and DIE, Johhny Boy.
Dumbass, shit-for-brains, coward, traitor, scumbag US Sen Up-Chuckie Hagel (TRAITOR-NE), said Sunday that the Bush administration is making "a terrible mistake" in opposing a congressional ban on torture and other inhuman treatment of prisoners in US custody. Stupid fool; you've just been relegated to the dustbin of history, with McCain.
Proof positive that the idiot GOPers and liberal-demokkkRATs are completely out of touch with reality: accusing oil industry execs of "price gouging". Dumbest thing I've ever heard. Do the idiots even remember Hurricanes Katrina and Rita? Do any of those morons even know what "supply and demand" is? Lowlife, useless liberal shill, US Sen Petey "I Hate America" Domenici (ASSHOLE-NM) should have been thrown out of office 10 years ago; he's a steaming load of dogshit. Dumbass, lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist US Sen Barbara Boxer (BITCH-CA) isn't qualified or fit to run a used brassiere store in the Bronx. What another colossal waste of US Taxpayers' monies.
The GOPers, aka RINOs (Republican In Name Only) control both houses of congress and the White House, yet can't get a damned thing done and passed into law. The leviathan US Tax Code needs to be scrapped and a Fair Tax or Flat Tax instituted, immediately. And to end our energy dependence upon the subhuman, murderous filth in the mid-east, we need to drill ANWR and off the coasts of California and Florida. The gutless GOPers and obstructionist liberal-demokkkRAT trash, are unable to come-up with passable versions of either bill, and are slowly strangulating Americans. President Bush's lack of leadership in crafting these bills, and pre-selling them to the American Public, leaves me livid and cold for the GOP. Ditto, no sound immigration control on our porous borders. After 35 years as a Republican, I switched to Independent Conservative, a few months ago.
Now, the cowardly GOPers have dropped the ANWR and Florida/ California drilling provisions from the Budget Bill, led by the corrupt, cowardly scumbag, US Rep Charles Bass (LOWLIFE-NH), who is covertly paid by arab oil money.
US Rep Mike Pence, (CONSERVATIVE-IN) for president in 2008!
US Rep John Hostettler (CONSERVATIVE-IN) is sponsoring the Secure America Act; hey, it's better than what we have no: zero policy on immigration.
Three al Qaeda terrorists captured at the US-Mexico border? Wonder how many hundreds or thousands got through?
Here are the GOPer dirtbag, congressmen scumbags, who are obstructing budget cuts: Bartlett, Roscoe (R-6th MD) Bass, Charles (R-2nd NH) Boehlert, Sherwood (R-24th NY) Bradley, Jeb (R-1st NH) Castle, Michael N. (R-DE) Davis, Thomas M. (R-11th VA) Ehlers, Vernon J. (R-3rd MI) Ferguson, Mike (R-7th NJ) Fitzpatrick, Mike (R-8th PA) Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. (R-11th NJ) Gerlach, James W. (R-6th PA) Gilchrest, Wayne T. (R-1st MD) Inglis, Bob (R-4th SC) Johnson, Nancy L. (R-5th CT) Johnson, Tim (R-15th IL) Kelly, Sue W. (R-9th NY) Kennedy, Mark (R-6th MN) Kirk, Mark Steven (R-10th IL) Leach, James A. (R-2nd IA) LoBiondo, Frank A. (R-2nd NJ) Petri, Thomas E. (R-6th WI) Ramstad, Jim (R-3rd MN) Reichert, Dave (R-8th WA) Saxton, Jim (R-3rd NJ) Schwarz, John/Joe (R-7th MI) Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. (R-5th WI) Shays, Christopher (R-4th CT) Simmons, Rob (R-2nd CT) Smith, Christopher H. (R-4th NJ) Walsh, James T. (R-25th NY)
US Sen Ted Stevens (PORKER-AK) is the king of worthless pork barrel spending, with his dumbass $230 million "bridge to nowhere". Fire this worthless, useless bastard!

Liberal-demokkkRAT Trash™.
The Washington Post is guilty of treason in a time of war. All editors and reporters — the bitch, Dana Priest, chiefly — on this treasonous story, should be tried and shot, for aiding and abetting the enemy, and exposing classified and covert CIA information.
The liberal-demokkkRATs are The Party of Racism, and second in racism and bigotry only to the US Congressional Black Caucus, in their hatred and treatment of America's blacks. The reprehensible KKK is a distant third.
The definition of mental illness is: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Liberal-demokkkRATs in San-Fran-Freako are trying to ban all guns, hoping the crime rate will drop. It doesn't work, liberal idiots. Here's another report.
Longtime CBS Evening News, LIAR, disgraced, run-from-job, scumbag, lowlife, dirtbag, faggot, homo, pole-puffer, rump-raider, alcoholic, fudge-packer, doper, pedophile, 'anchorman': Danny "Liberal-demokkkRAT Butt-Boy" Blather-Rather, bloviates. Puke, queer-man.
This liberal-demokkkRAT crap, is truly funny. So is this liberal-demokkkRAT crap. This liberal-demokkkRAT crap, too. And this liberal-demokkkRAT crap, as well. Bwahahahahahahaha!
Good news: liberal-biased, hate-America, hate-US Military newspaper circulation is down again, for the 8th month in a row. And so are their profits. Look for many more layoffs. Great news!
Disgraced, impeached, liar, rapist, criminal, run-out-of-office Billy Bubba Klintoon, isn't fit to use the words, "immoral" and "unethical", especially in one sentence. Hey, Bill: have a massive heart attack and die, asshole.
"We were duped". Yeah sure, liberal-demokkkRATs, that's going to play real well, like a fart in church, morons.
Liberal-demokkkRATs are racists? Whodathunk it? They're racists and bigots. More racism and bigotry against SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, just reinforces liberal racism. Left-wing, liberal-demokkkRAT, wacko, liar, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush, pro-terrorist US Sen Up-Chuckie Schumer (TRAITOR-NY)'s a full-blooded racist and bigot.
Good riddance, liberal sodomite-homo-faggot!
Liar, plagiarist, scumbag, dirtbag, US Sen Joey "I hate America" Biden (PLAGIARIST-DE): come over here and try to shove your f*cking rosary beads down my throat, commie, socialist asshole! Get a wig, Biden; your hair-plugs ain't working, punk!
Shoot this subhuman piece-of-shit liberal in the empty head, IMO. Great book, IMO.
F*ck the liberal welfare shithole, cesspool of Lousiana. Bulldoze it.
Traitorous, seditionist, liar, criminal, lowlife, dirtbag, US Sen Minority Leader Harry "I Hate America" Reid (TRAITOR-NE) invoked Article 21 and shut down the corrupt senate? I just wish we could do that 24x7x365!
Oh, please: fat, bloated, alcoholic, drunken, murderous, intern-killer, socialist, commie, dirtbag, liar, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush US Sen Teddie "I Need A Refill" Kennedy (MURDERER-MA), says The White House is "tarnished" in "scandal after scandal"? WTF would a subhuman lardbag like Kennedy know about reality, outside of a Cutty Sark® bottle?
The Party of NO? Yes, they are that and a whole lot more.
One of the US Senate's most vile creatures is fat, blubbery, liberal-demokkkRAT, bloated, socialist, alcoholic, transvestite, pigface, drug-addict, fascist, nazi, piggly-wiggly, US Sen Babs "Feed Me!" Mikulski (FUGLY-MD), bloviates, to no one.
Common sense in The Peoples' Republik of Kalifornia, is fully dead. And the idiots in San Fran-Freako are now totally vulnerable to greatly increased crime, and I can't wait to see the crime stats about a year from now.
Pennsylvania gave the boot to one Supreme Court Judge and came close to doing it to another, Tuesday. Voters voted not to retain Russell M. Nigro, a Philadelphia shithole, liberal-demokkkRAT — 711,251 to 681,407 — according to unofficial results from the Department of State's website. They voted to keep Sandra Schultz Newman, a Montgomery County Republican — 768,683 to 656,113.
Fired-in-disgrace, butt-ugly, hate-Bush, lowlife bitch, ex-CBS producer Mary Mapes, fired over a controversial "60 Minutes II" story on President Bush's National Guard service, says she still believes the report was "true" — and accurate. Stupid skank. "No one has proved that the documents were not authentic," Mapes says. It was proven false, liberal moron slut.
The treasonous liberal-demokkkRAT filth stepped up their attacks on the Bush administration's handling of the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq with calls Monday for an independent probe into the treatment of prisoners in US custody. Republicans fired back, accusing Democrats of trying to score political points off American losses in Iraq and of undermining support for US troops. Un-freaking-believable.
Ohio state Rep Sherrod Brown is a lying plagiarist, like lying dirtbag, US Sen Joey "I Hate America" Biden (SCUMBAG-DE).
F*ck mentally-ill Howard "The Coward" Dean.
F*ck alcoholic, fat, bloated, intern-murdering US Sen Teddy "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy (DRUNK-MA).
Liberal-demokkkRAT crooks pardoning other liberal-demokkkRAT crooks.

Lowlifes, Scumbags and Assorted Garbage™.
Hardly, lib-dem idiots.
Mindy McCready, a mentally-ill, alcoholic, drug-addicted, lowlife, subhuman slut-skank-whore, needs to have her baby aborted and be sterilized. She isn't fit to have children and reproduce, especially having been impregnated by a deviant, degenerate, drunk alcoholic, scumbag punk, William McKnight, who richly deserves a bullet in his violent, bitch-beating, empty head.
The United Way, but especially the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, is dogshit. Boycott them; don't give the pro-homo, pro-abortion, hate-America, hate-US Military scumbag United Way a damned dime.
The verminous, punk Ninth Circuit Circus Court of Appeals should be dismantled, duly charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed for treason in a time of war, sedition, violations of the RICO and Patriot Acts. They're garbage; heck that alone's reason enough to execute them.
Shit-for-brains, lowlife sambo, commie, socialist, criminal, liar Kofi Annan is still delusional in thinking the turd-world UN (Useless Nations) will ever get their corrupt (Oil For Food Scandal) hands on the Internet. Asshole.
A British judge has apologized to a suspected Islamic militant for ordering him to court on one of the islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- calendar's (un)holiest days. Un-freaking-believable. The Brits have learned nothing about the subhuman, throat-cutting, murderous, islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamic-arab filth.
The ADL (Anti-Defamation League), considered the largest Jewish organization in America, has in the past spearheaded campaigns against religious preachers and Christian elements deemed unusually extreme. But this is the first all-out media assault by an ADL head on the US Christian establishment. America is a Christian Nation. If you don't like it, Abe asshole, go somewhere else, scumbag. Abe Foxman is a lowlife, dirtbag, hate-America, do-nothing blow-hard, fraud, fake and a paranoid punk.
Terrell Owens is a lowlife, low class dirtbag. And no, I'm not an Eagles fan. I despise so-called "pro sports". They're all overpaid crap.
Like criminal father, like criminal son. Pete Rose Jr, the son of the disgraced, convicted legendary baseball star scumbag, is facing drug trafficking charges. DEA officials said Rose could be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison for his alleged role in a conspiracy to distribute gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) to minor league professional players.
Turd-sucking, piece-of-subhuman-shit, rump-raider, homo-sodomite, drug-addict, pole-puffer, fudge-packer, dirtbag, Frank Esquitin, is the "EBay Bully"? (No, I never go there; just heard about it on FR.com. Pissed me off. Hey punk: f*ck with me, Esquitin scumbag and I'll drop you like a 50lb sack of shit on a 20-mile hike! Look at this Esquitin-pig's mugshot; what a subhuman homo-sodomite-faggot. Target of opportunity, IMO.
FormerDisgraced, dishonorably discharged for cowardice and lying, ex-Marine Staff Sgt Jimmy "The Liar" Massey is a LIAR! And he needs to do serious prison time for defaming the brave US Marines in Iraq. He needs to be raped daily, by a 450lb murderer, named Achmed-The-Tiny.
Alcoholic, dirtbag, lowlife, drug-addict, scumbag, subhuman, rump-raider, pole-puffer, fudge-packer, women-chatteller, hate-Christians, hate-Jews, hate-Everything, liberal, commie, socialist, nazi, fascist Bob Dougherty's is fraud, liar and scam artist. He needs to do some serious prison time and be raped daily, by a 450lb murderer, named Bubba.
The UK's Prince of Wails, Up-Chuckie, and his pock-faced, fat, bloated, horse-faced, concubine-whore, Camilla, panders to the horror that is islam (pigshit be upon it). F*ck you, asshole!
The role of US former disgraced, run-out-of-office, ex-pres Jimmy Carter-farter, is emerging in illegal financial demands on Shah of Iran. Duly charge, indict, try, convict, sentence and execute the lying, liberal, piece-of-shit, disgraced Carter-farter asshole.
Washed-up, has-been, never-was, failed-dirtbag, turd, liar, alcoholic, drug-addict, lowlife, scumbag, Warren Beatty and his whore-bag, fat, bloated, degenerate, blowjob slut, STD-riddled-wife, Annette Bening, attempted to crash a campaign appearance by The peoples' Republik of Kalifornikate Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger who sought to drum up last-minute support, or a group of statewide ballot measures.
F*ck you, criminal, turd-world, criminal, dirtbag, lowlife, subhuman islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamist-arab UN (Useless Nations)!
The ACLU is one of America's Enemy Within™, and must be utterly and completely destroyed. This action is a small start.
Can you say, "Schadenfreude"? What goes around, comes around. The Weyco Inc, executive who gained global attention earlier this year for his tough anti-tobacco workplace policy — a lowlife scumbag Smoking Nazi — is under fire again. Howard Weyers, founder of the Okemos-based benefits administrator, has been accused of sexual harassment.
Bob Dougherty is a liar, and should be in prison for fraud.
Quit having sex with other homo-sodomites, faggot filth, and your AIDS problems will disappear, scumbags. No more money from my pockets, subhuman queer filth.
Michael Jackson will come back to the United States, but it's unlikely the King of Pop would ever make it his home again, says his father. Good riddance, pedophile, child molester. Please do the world a real favor, and KILL YOURSELF, ASSHOLE!
The almost all-black sheriff's department in Atlanta, is a disastrous, festering pile of incompetent, equal opportunity sambos and sambettes. Fire them and get some real LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) in to handle things. Reminds me of the almost all-black NOLA police department, who looted stores, stole cars and abandoned their posts during Katrina. EO is dogshit.

French Toast™.
Hmmmmm, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Now, 9 nights in a row: riots in the "suburbs" of Paris, by the subhuman, lowlife, pigshit-drinking, camel-humping, boy-buggering, throat-cutting, islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamic-arab filth. The stupid, shit-for-brains islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- trash are burning everything in sight, fouling their own nests.
Why is anyone surprised? The French idiots let all that worthless, immigrant islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- garbage in, over the past 40-50 years, and now they have a "problem". Better start killing them, Froggies, because they want to take your shitty country over, and convert or kill you. No shit, I ain't kidding. Forget the negotiation and appeasement crap; it won't work. Didn't work for you cowards in WWII or VietNam. No, that won't work, either.
Oh sorry, Frogs, I forgot: you are gutless and powerless to stop it. The barbarians are inside your gates, morons.
Wake-up, and kill them! Kill them all. Deport the rest of the islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- filth. Ooops, 10 nights in a row, Froggies. Happy, now? Get ready for lots more, French idiots. Hey Denmark and the rest of Europe: your turn is coming! Will you stick your heads up your asses, like the Froggies are doing?
Whoooops, now the islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamic garbage have killed someone. Heck, I've lost count on the nights of rioting; approaching 15 by now, I'd guess. BTW: they're disaffected youths islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamist filth and need serious killing.
Yeah France, that's the ticket: order a freaking "curfew". That'll do the trick and get the subhuman, verminous islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- filth to stop rioting. Pathetic Frogs just now declaring a state of emergency, after 12 nights of riots.
I like the average French People, but the cowardly, socialist, commie, fascist, lying, criminal scumbag, President Jacque Chirac, is a bobbing turd in a toilet, which just won't flush. And he gets a pass, after 10 days of doing nothing about the islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- filth rioting. President Bush caught a raft of shit, from the terrorist-sympathizers in the US media, for taking 2 days to get federal help into the welfare shithole of New Orleans.
Hey, France: don't fine and jail this stinking, pigshit-drinking islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- filth, KILL THEM! If you have to, kill all 6 million of the subhuman shit and clean out your pathetic, filthy country.
The stupid, little, effeminate puke, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, Chriac's dauphin, doesn't "get it", at all. He's blaming the French People. It's the pigshit-gulping, lowlife f*cking islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- filth, dumbass Froggies! You are being overrun and conquered from within, as the subhuman islamist trash have done to countless other countries over the past 1,000 years. You're weak and unarmed; their kind of targets. Am I the only one who sees this? Wake up, France!
The horror which is islam, is directly responsible for France's riots.
The cowardly, gutless, appeasing, surrendering French take less rioting than the previous night, as a sign of progress? Stupid assholes. Kill the islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- filth, morons! That'll end it. Deport the rest of the subhuman islamic garbage.
Shoot and kill all rioters, looters, rapists in France, New Orleans, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany; wherever they are. Compassion is a byproduct of the disease, liberalism, elevating criminals to victim status, and degrading the true victims to mere collateral damage. I guarran-freaking-tee you that I will kill every one of the murderous, subhuman, islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- rioter filth, if they ever try to pull that crap near my house or business.
The only chance Old Europe has to survive the subhuman islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- onslaught is to get them to assimilate, as America has done with its immigrants. But that's much worse than even a longshot; too late for them now.
I remember reading French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen's remarks, several years ago, about the turd-world, islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis-immigrant filth, and what would happen in Froggieland, if they weren't deported. He was 100% correct. And it's spreading to Old Europe.
'Tis the Season of Jihad, Old Europe. Get out your guns and buy more ammo to kill the rioting, pigshit-drinking, dirtbag, subhuman muslim trash. Shhhhhhhhhh, don't use that "m-word", darnit.
Hey, Froggies: put Le Pen in power and he'll clean-out the subhuman muslim rioter garbage.
No, I don't agree with French cops beating rioting, subhuman muslim filth. KILL THEM!

islam Is A Murderous, Terrorist, Criminal Organization™.
A fired college professor — Sami Al-Arian and three co-defendants — acted as a "crime boss" for Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a murderous gang that operated like the Mafia, a federal prosecutor told a jury Monday. Al-Arian, a former University of South Florida computer engineering teacher who was fired after he was indicted, "was a professor by day and a terrorist by night". They need killing.
Where is terrorist-supporting CAIR, on all of this subhuman, pigshit-drinking filth, islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamic-arab pigshit garbage? Nowhere, that's where, dumbass Froggie scumbags.
Bullshit, poverty and racism have nothing to do with the subhuman, pigshit-gulping, camel-f*cking islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- filth rioting in France, and soo, in the rest of Old Europe. Zero, EU morons. You're weak, you've let in way too many subhuman islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis-islamic-arab garbage, and you have few guns to kill them with. We have plenty of weapons here, and will take special delight in killing them by the thousands.
The funeral of London suicide bomber, pigshit-gulping, dirtbag, scumbag, subhuman islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis-islamist-arab, Hasib Hussain. The 18-year-old, from the Halfback area of Leeds, killed 13 people when he blew himself up on a double-decker bus in Russell Square on July 7. According to the York shire Post, Hussain was buried on Wednesday at a ceremony in a West Yorkshire graveyard at dusk as a number of police officers patrolled the grounds. He should have been buried face-down, in a pit of liquid pigshit, facing west, with Christians and Jews urinating on his filthy corpse, before the grave was filled-in.
Track down and kill, all of the subhuman, pigshit-gulping, boy-buggering, women-chattelling, dirtbag islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamic filth in the cowardly Tablighi Jamaat terrorist cells. Kill them all.
Here's a short clip of subhuman islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- filth impaling someone for some unknown reason; probably because he smoked a cigarette or had an adult beverage. Nice, huh? Americans are just too soft on islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamic-arab prisoners. We should be torturing them and killing them, instead of letting them live the good life at GITMO.
Ooooooooo, Denmark has a islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- problem? Kill them, Danes. Kill them all. They're subhuman filth.
No, I don't advocate or recommend killing any "peaceful and moderate" islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis, but then again, I've never met one. All are angry, arrogant, murderous, throat-cutters, boy-buggerers, women-chattellers, liars, insecure in their lack of manhood, abject failures in life, vile, pathetic subhuman creatures, unworthy of wasting any of the world's oxygen supply. And yes, I do appreciate and admire the Iraqi Kurds. Always remember: islamics want to kill you; muslims just want you dead.
No, the rage of French Youth islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- scum isn't a fight for recognition; it's subhuman islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamist filth initiating their pigshit jihad to overthrow the Frogs.
Is the word, islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis-, a dirty word in Hollyweird? It's a dirty word in my world; I spit upon islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis-s (pigshit be upon them), mo-ham-head (pigshit be upon him) and allah (pigshit be upon it). I fart in their specific direction.
Track down and kill all of the cowardly, subhuman islamo-fascist-muslim-nazi Brotherhood.
Another reason why the UK will lose the War On Terrorism, IMO.
Three pigshit islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis-islamic brothers have lost a bid to have their sentences reduced for the 2002 gang rape of two teenage girls in Sydney. The three brothers, who can only be identified as MSK, MMK and MAK, were convicted of gang raping the girls at their family's Ashfield home, in Sydney's inner west. MMK, 19, and 27-year-old MSK, are each serving 22-year jail terms for raping the teenagers in July 2002. Kill them.
An Australian islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis- cleric who said Osama bin Laden was a "great man" has been named by police as the spiritual leader of a group of 16 men charged on Tuesday with planning a terrorist attack in Australia. Abdul Nacer Benbrika, also known as Abu Bakr, has long been monitored by Australian authorities and grabbed headlines in August after he praised bin Laden, blamed for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. Kill the subhuman, islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis--islamic-arab garbage.
Abu Yusuf, a member of the terrorist islamic organisation headed by controversial Melbourne Sheikh Muhammad Omran, has called for those arrested during raids in Melbourne and Sydney to be given a "fair trial". F*ck "fair"; kill the subhuman islamo-fascist-muslim-nazis-islamic filth.
Piece-of-garbage, subhuman filth, Tassaduq Hussain Jillani is full of pigshit; islam is a cancer on the world.
Gee whiz, three simultaneous bomb blasts in Amman, Jordan, with many deaths and injuries? I think it might be *Angry Amish*, or *Mad Methodists*, or *Crazy Catholics*, or *Pissed-Off Presbyterians*, or *Lurid Lutherans* or *Egregious Espicopalians*, don't you? (((Major sarcasm)))

More Welfare "Political Pets"™.
NOLA was and is a huge liberal-demokkkRAT, welfare shithole, exposed to the world when Hurricane Katrina hit the area, located 12-20ft below sea level.
Dirtbag, do-nothing, lowlife, scumbag, incompetent, disgraced NOLA "mayor", Ray "Schoolbus" Nagin said New Orleans is seeking federal aid and new loans to ride out a $204 million budget shortfall caused by the expected loss of all property tax revenue in the short term. Sambo, porch-monkey asshole Nagin did nothing to help his welfare constituency.
Any questions, folks? Kill the subhuman filth.
Mexican authorities were still assessing the damage from Hurricane Wilma as they worked to get aid to the storm-ravaged Yucatan Peninsula, but the country's tourism minister said the region stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars. So freaking what? Let the Mexican shithole die.
Now, we have Flori-duh welfare scum yelping for federal aid. F*ck 'em. Deal with the gas lines, folks.
Hey, black lawmakers: f*ck-off, assholes! You're the freaking problem.
NOLA is a freaking shithole; bulldoze it. Re-build the ports and oil refineries, but dump NOLA. The levees are like putting bricks on Jell-O™.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Thank you, Delaware, for making my week! Piece-of-shit Brian Steckel, 36, was executed early Friday for raping a woman and burning her to death in her apartment 11 years ago. Rot in hell, subhuman filth.
Oh, be still my beating heart: two executions in one week! A Texas subhuman convicted of strangling a schoolteacher during a sexual assault in 1993, was finally executed by lethal injection on Wednesday. Charles Daniel Thacker, 37, was the 17th person put to death this year in Texas, which leads the nation in capital punishment. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Texas.
For years, I've said that all child molesters and pedophiles, aka homo-sodomite-faggots, should be killed; zero recividism. Now, I call for every member of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) to be rounded-up, duly tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, immediately. No appeals. They're subhuman filth, and richly deserve death. The liberal MSM garbage have their own homo-agenda, and readily ignore reality to promote their perversion.
No, I don't agree with Mayor Oscar Goodman, of Las Vegas, who suggested that people who deface freeways with graffiti should have their thumbs cut off on television. I think they should be executed and buried in a pit of maggots, or liberals, whichever is handy. Kill them. Over in Singapore, they cane people for such crimes.
I've been saying it for years and will continue to do so: kill all virus writers, senders and spammers. Lowlife, scumbag punk criminal, Jeanson James Ancheta, is no exception: kill him.
Subhuman, piece-of-murderous filth, Charles Victor Thompson, is "charming, articulate and well-spoken"? He's a f*cking murderer, convicted of capital murder in April 1999 in the shooting deaths of his former girlfriend, Dennise Hayslip, 39, and her friend, Darren Cain, 30. Kill him!
Subhuman, piece-of-murderous filth, Jeremy Bryan Jones needs immediate killing, for this.
Sandy Berger needs execution, for this.
Subhuman, piece-of-murderous filth, Chester D. Turner needs killing, for this.
Subhuman, piece-of-murderous filth, Johnny Brewer, a convicted murderer, and Jimmy Causey, a convicted kidnapper, need immediate killing.
Subhuman, piece-of-murderous filth, BJ Kirk, 35, of Saybrook Township, needs killing for this.
Subhuman, piece-of-murderous filth, Melvin Wayne White needs killing, for this.
Subhuman, piece-of-murderous filth, Sundiata Basir, 34, needs killing, for this.
Donald Washington, 42, needs to die immediately, for this.
Killing the subhuman wetback garbage of MS-13, is a good thing. Kill more, joint FBI and Houston police. Kill many, many more of the lowlife, murderous trash.
Chai Soua Vang, who killed six Wisconsin deer hunters and wounded two others last fall, was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of release. He's subhuman, American-hating, piece-of-shit, filth. He needs killing instead of wasting US Taxpayers' monies on imprisonment, dammit!
Are you freaking kidding me? The murderous bitch — Andrea Yates — the Texas woman convicted of drowning her 5 children in a bathtub, will receive a new trial on capital murder charges after an appeals court refused to reinstate her murder convictions. She needs to die, not be put in a mental hospital, at US Taxpayers' expense.
A couple held a runaway teen captive in a hollow bed frame for weeks and forced her to have sex for money with people they found on the Internet, police said. The 15-year-old girl managed to call family members for help while 18-year-old Matthew Gray and 19-year-old Janelle Butler were sleeping Monday night. Matthew Gray and Janelle Butler need serious killing.
Joseph Larre is a lowlife, subhuman, piece-of-shit ambulance chaser lawyer, and needs execution for this.
Pedophiles? Child molesters? Here's a boatload of them, all of whom need killing. I'd volunteer to head-shoot every one of them.
Michigan police don't know the whereabouts of more than 2,400 convicted sex offenders. Another 6,000 may or may not be staying where police think they do. My solution? Find them and KILL THEM, dammit! No more tracking the subhuman filth. Zero recividism.
The subhuman, piece-of-shit, Stanley "Tookie" Williams, should have been killed many years ago, but I'll gladly wait for his Dec 19th date with the needle. Rot in hell, sambo.
A 16-year-old admitted drug dealer calmly told jurors Wednesday that he watched John Mosley Jr strangle a woman, but he broke into sobs when describing holding open a plastic bag while the man stuffed her screaming baby into it. Bernard Griffin's testimony came on the opening day of Mosley's trial on two charges of first-degree murder in the deaths of 40-year-old Lynda Wilkes and her 10-month-old son, Jay-Quan Mosley. These people truly need killing.
Violent sex offender, subhuman piece-of-shit, James M. White, 54, needs killing, for this.

White House Tapes.
Lyndon Johnson's speech, which might charitably be described as "folksy," is caught on tape as he orders six pair of pants in language that is downright crude. Offering actual recordings made in the Oval Office over the course of 33 years and six administrations — from FDR to Nixon — this site lets you overhear the conversations surrounding minor and major events in our history. Listen in as Nixon and Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman discuss Donald Rumsfeld, then counselor to the president. ("Rummy is tough enough. He's a ruthless little bastard," according to the president.) Eavesdrop on JFK and the head of NASA as they discuss the importance of landing a man on the moon. Although the Nixon tapes are the most numerous and famous in this vast archive, there's much to be learned about our presidents, our history, and the machinations of our government. It's "The West Wing" for real, without all those whining, moaning, crying liberal-demokkkRAT garbage actors mucking reality up.

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