Y2 chaos
Friday, November 19, 1999

frankly, I'm not not too worried about the end-of-year date changeover affecting any of my computers when the century rolls over. I'm more worried about what'll happen in both the government and private sectors. Just 42 days left, ya know. I certainly won't be flying anywhere, much less driving around New Year's Eve. If disruptions the politically correct term for chaos occur, I want to be near either my condo or my business, so I can take care of important matters. I hope it doesn't happen, but if it does, don't stop by my place with lies: tell the truth and you'll live. I've got an adequate supply of 5,000 .178gr hollow-points (anti-personnel rounds) for my .357 Magnum Colt Trooper Mk III. (Unless you've been to 'Nam, you havge no idea of what these rounds do to bones and flesh. It's scary.) I've also got a three day stockpile of food and water set aside, same as I do for Winter blizzards etc. I bought a 5,000 watt portable generator to keep my business complex running in case PECO-GPU (Penna Energy Co & General Power Utility) takes a dump. No sireee, now I'm just worried about running out of Marlboros, or finding hell.com around midnight.

Around The Garden Center.
Landscape work continues at a feverish pace around here, since we'll be losing the weather sometime soon. We're trying to get all the current jobs on the books completed; the bookings stretch to the end of December now. Many landscape jobs were moved into Spring 2000, due to the severe Drought of '99, joining an already crowded list of new projects and maintenance jobs for customers.
Work, too, continues in putting away all of the container plant material B&B (balled and burlapped) material stays in the ground into Greenhouses 5 and 6 for Winter storage. It'd sure be nice to not have to go through that 2-3 week ritual, but bitter cold can readily whack containerized nursery stock or perennials if left exposed to the elements. With the huge investment that I have, nothing can be left to chance.
One of my pieces of equipment, a John Deere 955 Tractor, slid down the hill Friday behind Greenhouse 4 with a heavy load of dormant Jap Maples in the farm trailer, and crashed into one of the two 5ft x 5ft cooling fans mounted on the backside of the greenhouse. The structural integrity of the rear wall is now compromised and will have to be repaired before any snow or ice arrive. Luckily, none of the three workers was onboard, in the way or hurt. The damage can be repaired; an injury to one of my employees would have been very serious.
A Irish lady and her two young daughters stopped by last Saturday and dropped off a large bowl full of Praying Mantises, just hatched from their chrysalis (cocoon). I left them in the Main Greenhouse and rewarded the ladies with several nice houseplants. The Mantises will eat any bugs on the houseplants all Winter as well as provide Pickles with some company. I much prefer IPM (integrated pest management) to chemicals, any day.
Just a few miles to the northeast in Lancaster County, is a maize maze. Amazing.
A cold front blew through Sunday evening and made the rest of the week feel like Winter. Snow was falling and sticking north of Harrisburg. Brrrrrrr. We had the heaters running throughout the complex all week, but the 40+mph winds and 30s temps combined to give us wind chill shivers all week. So much for Fall; Winter's here.
In between phone calls, landscape estimates and walk-in customers, I did a quick search on Google.com and found hundreds of link listings to gdnctr.com, amazing even me. I periodically check every search engine and see what other sites have linked to me. This one had 577 links to my name alone. A couple of hundred more here, too. about.com featured one of my ads Big Trees vs Fast Trees in their Gardening Section on October 7, 1999. I'm also quoted (but don't remember the interview) in suite101.com's April 1999, Y2K and The Gardener article. Ooops, another about.com gardening story about another of my ads, Deadly Things, this past October. And yet another on Water Gardens.
Wow, no wonder I get 200-300 emails a day during the gardening season.
On a happy note, Lynetta emailed me that DuPont, the little 2.5lb male kitten we'd rescued two weeks ago is doing fine and adjusting well to her other 12 cats, and they to him. Good news, indeed.

Bullshit Dept.
There are so many stupid, ignorant things happening in society and the world that it boggles the mind that they're allowed to occur. Many happen in the name of "politically correctness", another bullshit term for liberal stupidity.
That a disabled 9 year old using a walker should be allowed on a soccer field is absurd; the judge in the case should be remanded to idiot island for 10 years. The kid would make a great goalpost, but not much more. He's a detriment to the team and the game.
First it was Cabbage Patch Dolls, then Tickle Me Elmo, then Beanie Babies; now it's this stupid f*cking Pokemon shit. Parents are pissed off, kids are getting hurt, hurting each other, fighting with teachers, becoming criminals for stealing Pokemon cards one child has just died and it's getting worse by the day. All this madness over a movie, idiotic dolls, trading cards, t-shirts and junk promotional items. What's wrong with America that we allow this insanity to take place and proliferate?
What's the big deal about a white supremacist wanting to become a lawyer? The world knows what a coven of scumbags all ambulance chasing lawyers are anyway.
Finally, a poll I can believe in. What's so amazing is that both the criminal Clintons were write ins; the others were listed for the 20,000 responding voters to rank. I'm sorry I missed voting in that one.
Read what the criminal son-of-a-bitch, lying rapist Clinton has done to this Nation by signing Executive Orders, because he can't get anything done in Congress. I sure hope the next president reverses all of Clinton's EO crimes. "Stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool", said one White House staffer. Criminal is what it is. Here they are; read 'em and weep about the loss to our Freedoms.
Another example of the Clintonistas treason: the sale of supercomputers to the stinking Chi-Comm filth without proper end-use checks. The Clinton criminal traitors have sold over 600 units to the murderous devils in Chinkland and are being told no inspections. And it continues, thanks to all the campaign contributions the Democrats received from the criminal Riady Lippo Group, another front for the Chinks.
So much for the image of Camelot II; the truth be told.
True to form, the Catholic Church is still dabbling in miracle cures, witchcraft and hokus-pocus. Wake up Popey and get a life: Mother Teresa was nothing special.
Proof that liberals have f*cked up our Nation's schools: giving children rewards for learning what they're supposed to learn in school. It's going to be terribly harmful in their later lives. The old fashioned "gold stars" are a lot less damaging than Pizza Hut, McDonald's or FAO Schwartz "bribes".
With Israel stabbing the US in the back by selling AWACS technology to the Chi-Comm filth, it's time to cut Israel off and quit the $3.5 billion yearly funding, and make the scum finally stand on their own feet. Doubtful they can, the country would collapse without US monies. The gutless liar known as Clinton allows this to happen; Reagan or Bush wouldn't permit it.
Why should this perverted piece of shit get a f*cking dime from the school board for resigning, just because he was having a sex change operation? He shouldn't. He would have been better off to get a brain transplant instead of having his nuts cut.
Talk about a f*cked up mindset: shit for brains liar and rapist Clinton is trying to shape the way history will view his crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice, the two he was impeached for. He's a sick and perverted little man who really needs serious psyciatric help.
Why can't these incompetent people get the Nation's business done?
Minor drug offenses are wasting valuable prison space and costing US Taxpayers extra billions, when the entire problem could be better handled on an "outpatient" basis. Prison should be used only for violent criminals.

Execute The Filth.
I hate racists and bigots white, black, brown, red, yellow or any other color especially when they murder someone because of hatred and fear. All these scum should be executed without delay. Same goes for rapists, child molesters and traitors: execute them.
The three white racists who dragged a black man to his death in Texas last year should all receive the death penalty for that horrific crime. Life in prison shouldn't even be an option.
This 13 year old, murdering piece of shit needs to spend the rest of his crime-riddled life behind bars, where he can do no further damage to society's innocents.
The worst form of crime I can imagine: molesting and murdering a child. whack this subhuman scumbag without delay. All child molesters should die.
Since there's no statute of limitations on murder, these white racist murderers should receive the death penalty for Killing a black sharecropper 29 years ago. And good riddance, boys.
Mental illness is no excuse for not executing a murderer; why should US Taxpayers foot the bill for his treatment? He should die for his heinous crimes.
I disagree with a sentence of 360 years for murdering 6 elderly people. The male nurse should be executed instead of making taxpayers spend $60-80,000 per year to keep the subhuman filth alive. Another stupid sentence.
Nice job, Texas. once again, you're leading the way in executing the subhuman filth housed in death row. It's too bad some of the other states don't have the guts that Texas does; there are 3,700 scum nationwide on death row awaiting their just reward: DEATH.
Bull f*cking shit. Who cares about a "humane" death for murderers? They deserve to die and die hard for such crimes. And so f*cking what if they suffer in an electric chair? What about their victims? Were they whacked humanely? Most likely not.
More proof that the fascist, commie UN wants to rule the world: they've backed off on the so-called death penalty ban. What's needed is more frequent application of the death penalty to rid the world of the filth, vermin and subhuman shit that plagues every county.
When the NYC cops catch this deranged brick thrower, they should execute him and dump his carcass in a dumpster. I would in a heartbeat.

Jail The Scum.
I hate to know that criminals, child molesters and perverts are running loose, doing damage to others. Hopefully, every one locked up will be whacked by other inmates. End of problem. This old fag Brit rocker queen is safely away from harming any children.
The worst racist in America is Jesse Jackson-of-a-bitch, with the fat, stupid Pommade-loving idiot Al Sharpton, a close second. He can take a nothing incident and make a federal racism case out of it, all for his own publicity agenda. Jack-scum is a lowlife idiot racist who has perverted Dr King's dream of an equal America. Where's James Earl Ray when the country needs him? Decatur School District should send that idiot packing.
Typical of corrupt and perverted liberals running unions, this decrepit scumbag was removed from power after 40 years, way too long for anyone to hold the reins. All unions should be broken up and forbidden to further harm America's business.
It's tough being worse than Billy-Bob Clinton, but this child raping scumbag, Roman Polanski, is. He should never be allowed back into the US for what he did to a 13 year old girl in '78. Never.

Yum, Yum.
This encyclopedic feast was created by two women who share a passion for the colorful, savory, and varied foods of Italy. You'll find an abundanza of recipes in English, Italian, or Japanese including an aphrodisiac entre of Casanova's illegal alieny macaroni and classic desserts like tiramisu and zion. Check out recipes from notable regional chefs, useful kitchen tips and terminology, and intriguing dishes inspired by the movies (like creamed canapes from "Casablanca" or "Titanic" caviar on toast).

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