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Friday, November 26, 1999

sure, I love gourmet cooking of all sorts, and especially enjoy preparing multi-course meals for others. I spent some very memorable weeks at the Culinary Institute of America back in the early 80s, learning the fine art of cheffing. But I also enjoy junk food: burgers, fries, pizza, chili, turkey club sandwiches, subs et al. There's just something about all that grease, sodium and fat that's hard to resist. Screw my mitral valves and other such shit: I ardently subscribe to the four main food groups, which are salt, grease, fat and sugar. If there is a tomato and lettuce and onion on the burger, well then, I've had my veggies for the day. Same for pizza and turkey clubs. Heck, I'm still stuffed from the wonderful Thanksgiving turkey dinner yesterday at my parent's home; it and the leftovers are something I look forward to every year. Vive la stuffing!

Around The Garden Center.
Bareroot nursery stock is arriving weekly now from Sherman Nursery in Iowa and one of my GC&N workers is busy getting it potted up in a special soil mix. Plants are gown in the ground and when they go dormant from frost and cold, they can be dug, soil washed off, dried and shipped. They just wake up in the Spring in a "new neighborhood", ready for the public to purchase in pots. Although it's labor intensive, it's less costly than having large plants shipped across country and paying for the shipping weight of the soil in pots.
There are 8-9 landscape projects left on the books for '99, depending upon how the weather holds. So far, it's been cold, but dry and sunny. They're mostly small ($10,000-15,000 range) jobs and should go quickly. Everyone's tired from a long, hot, drought-riddled year and would like a few months of rest until we re-start in the Spring. But there are many jobs needing to be done at the 20acre complex, over the Winter; the three main priorities are 1) replace the timbers and bricks in the front steps, 2) replace the doors on GHs 1-4, and 3) add more irrigation systems for the field-grown and greenhouse-stored trees. No small feat for 3mos.
Despite showers and cool temps, last weekend was mildly busy. Using the John Deere 675B SkidLoader, I loaded three large trees which customers had purchased during my annual 25% Off Fall Nursery Stock Sale. The sale ended last Sunday, so quite a few people came in at the last minute to take advantage of it. Always glad to help.
Here's an interesting use of evergreens for nurserys and farmers, but since we don't use pesticides anymore, it'd just be a cosmetic effort, and a deadly one at that.
The shit's hit the fan in adjacent Adams County with the first ever in North America appearance of the plum pox virus. It attacks fruit trees which I don't stock or sell anymore and there's plenty of fruit orchards just to the south of my business. On a recent visit to a residence, for a landscape estimate in Adams Cty, I noticed bulldozers clearing and bonfires raging on a large orchard farm. Now I know why.
35 days to go until the next century not the millenium; that's in 2001 and we're in good shape here at the Garden Center. The 5000watt generator is almost ready to be hooked up into the power grid and I'll be certain to be here when the clock rolls over at midnight, in case GPU or PECO fail. Lynetta's coming in from Portland, OR, to spend New Year's with me, and it looks like we'll both be at the 20 acre complex celebrating and holding our collective breath at midnight.
The Poinsettias, Cyclamen and Christmas Cactus for Thanksgiving-Christmas arrived this week from a supplier in Lancaster (PA) County. They do a fine job of producing quality seasonal houseplants. Each year, I get upwards of 100 calls and emails, asking the dumb question about keeping and re-propagating the Christmas Poinsettia. Hey: don't waste your time and money. It's a very complicated process and it's cheaper, in the long run, to buy a new Poinsettia each year. And no; the leaves aren't poisonous: it would take 30-40lbs to even get sick, let alone die from poisoning. Same for the berries on hollies and pyracantha et al. Doesn't happen.
I slept in on Thanksgiving morning until 9:30, then went down to the Garden Center to feed Pickle and do some paperwork and billing from the week's landscape jobs. It was quiet on the roads and at work; just the way I like it. At 2pm, I went to my parent's home in York for Thanksgiving Dinner and to do some much-needed Y2K remediation work on Dad's computer. Mom doesn't use those crazy things; she's smart. My sister, Becky, called from San Francisco in mid-afternoon to wish us a Happy Holiday; she and Bob were having dinner there. Mom's a retired RN (registered nurse) and took my blood pressure (BP). It was 206/134; not good. I'm gonna have to rethink all that junk food, and get my weight and BP down. Maybe quit smoking. Exercise. Nah... I'll just take two more aspirin, daily. Actually, I'm gonna get Dad a new SAG Electronics P450 next week, instead of mucking around with his old P100; it's not worth the time.

November Checklist.
With the growing season winding down, there are only a few things left to do until the temps drop, snow comes and it's soon time to curl up with the ubiquitous gardening catalogs and plan the Spring garden:
» Start fall compost pile.
» Plant winter- and spring-flowering bulbs .
» Divide and replant crowded fall-blooming bulbs after leaves yellow .
» Buy winter- and spring-blooming bulbs.
» Cut back on feeding houseplants (do not feed dormant houseplants).
» Protect roses for winter.

Flight 990.
Despite all the bullshit theories being bantied about in the media, and the towelheaded Egyptians screaming their lungs out about the American theories conspiring against their sick islamic religion, the final verdict will be that a bomb brought the plane down. And it will be another group of towelheaded muslim terrorists who did it. The shit for brains NTSB wants to blame a co-pilot for what obviously was an internal or external explosion, same as they did with concealment and whitewash of TWA Flight 800 in '96.
Just as with TWA Flight 800 in '96 which was brought down with 1 or 2 missiles the incompetent and conspiratorial NTSB and FBI will try to cover up 990 for fear of not being able to exactly identify the terrorists and take retribution, as the public would demand.
In all, 26 airliners have been brought down worldwide by shoulder-fired Stinger or MANPADS missiles, and the mainstream media has acted as the government's shills, parroting whatever they're told to say. The eyewitnesses and physical evidence is overwhelming on the side of a missile hitting TWA 800.
Skeptical? Like your facts "filtered" by the government? Spend some eye-opening time here and read. And here. And here, too.
I just can't believe that the US Government would go to such lengths to cover it all up and put everyone through such bullshit. What little respect I had is now utterly gone.

Clintonista Scumbags.
Worth noting: 20,000 NY Post readers wrote in, repeat wrote in Bill (#2) and Hillary (#6) Clinton in "The Top 25 Most Evil People of the Millennium". That speaks volumes.
Once again, the both Clinton filth lied to this Nation about the quasi-criminal financing of their $1.35mm home purchase in New York. Surprised?
True to form, the fascist-commie Clinton and leftish European country leaders met and discussed how to spend billions and trillions of our money on the poorer nations, such as giving them cell phones and computers with InterNet connections. Huh? What good is that hardware going to do for people who are dying by the millions from AIDS and are too stupid to use condoms, let alone handle the technology of the InterNet? None. They can't even get enough to eat without outside help. What a f*cking joke.
Well, well, well: the criminal Hitlery bitch is going to run in 2000, or so she claims. I still don't believe it. I still think that she'll withdraw and take the funds for use "somewhere else" barely legally like paying off her and Bubba's $6 million debt of legal expenses. Take a look at her qualifications. Her only plus is that she's a lying criminal, same as the rest of the US Congress; heck, she'll fit right in with those other criminals. Here's some interesting reading about her campaign history, lack of ethics and immoral character. Well, gee whiz kids: she's a two-dollar criminal and an congential liar.

Not only are the Teamsters, and all unions for that matter, corrupt, but the AFL-CIO is also tied into criminal acts on behalf of Clinton-Gore during the '96 election. The fraud, embezzlement and other criminal acts which permeated the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and AFL-CIO is still unpunished; this slimeball is just one of the main cogs.
Twelve dead students resulting from a dumb log-building stunt for a moronic bonfire at Texas A&M. Next time, use heavy machinery to stack those logs and save some lives. No one ever accused Texans of being smart.
Jail this terrorist SLA bitch from the 60s, regardless of what her whining liberal lawyer says. She needs to do some serious hard time for her crimes of attempted murder.
The homeless belong in job training and eventual re-settlement into homes of their own; if not able to handle it, they need to be exterminated for the good of society.
When homeless filth start hitting citizens with bricks, it's time to reign them in and get them out of society, until they learn to take responsibility and get a job and live like human beings.
Bullshit. One does what one has to in their little corner of the world. Right, DuPont? Unfortunately, I bury more dead animals than I save, as I drive the roads. I predict they'll drop all charges and make her a heroine, since natural disasters void all man-written laws. The pet owners' outcry against her "criminal intent" should be thunderous. I'd love to be within 35 miles to hear the roar.
Huh? Me pay reparations to descendants of African slaves? Something which happened 200-300 years ago? Something neither I nor my ancestors had anything to do with? Money out of my pocket? No f*cking way, pal. All they want is another free government handout. Hey scumbag: get a f*cking job and earn a living like the rest of us do.
50 millions people infected and dying from AIDS. Well, it's far better than a nuclear war, but a too-slow way to get rid of all the filth worldwide.
Yes! If that murdering commie illegal alien scumbag Castro attends the WTO meeting in Seattle, arrest and imprison and execute the piece of filth.

Execute These Scum.
So what if minor errors were made at her 1980 trial? The bitch murdered her two year old daughter in a restaurant's bathroom because she slopped some food on herself. Now she's being set free? Where's the justice for that two year old victim? The murderous bitch, Precious Bedell, should have been executed many years ago.
Two years detention for three men for kicking and stomping a teenager to death? Then release back into the community? Not in my country, that wouldn't happen. They'd be executed. No wonder the brits still live on a laughable island.
Another slow week for executions; hopefully, society will execute more lowlife scumbag filth next week.

36 Years Ago.
Like most in my generation, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news that JFK had been assassinated. I was 13 in 1963, sitting in geometry class in my freshman (7th grade) in high school. The news over the school's PA system caused a national panic and a five day mourning period.
School was immediately dismissed, as were most businesses, and everyone rushed home to their TVs to find out what was going on. My family spent 3-4 days in front of the TV watching a national spectacle unfold. Political labels didn't matter anymore; the Nation was united in grief.

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