welcome to the depression

friday, october 9th, 2009

the Recession is over; Hyperinflation and the Depression have just begun, The second collapse will be worse than the first.

Read this article. Agree or disagree?

Is the next bubble unavoidable? The Federal Reserve is now faced with a challenge that is akin to threading a needle by throwing a spool of thread across a football field. It is attempting to keep loose money and quantitative easing policies in place long enough not to stymie the nascent recovery while pulling them back in time to avoid massive inflation. It's a Hail Mary pass with an impossibly small target while facing a blitz.

The dollar at the precipice. If you’ve seen the movie, "Thelma and Louise, you’ll never forget the ending: In the last scene, the two main characters head down a dirt road in their top-down convertible. (Waste of a car, IMO!) The road dead-ends at a very high cliff. The last picture of the movie shows the car in a dramatic free-fall off the cliff. That ending is a perfect metaphor for the fate of the United States dollar. Our currency is headed for a free-fall off a cliff in the international foreign-exchange markets. Why is this almost a certainty? Consider the following: At no other time in our nation’s history has the federal government ever attempted to embark on a borrowing binge like the one about to unfold; not during the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, or even World War II.

The US Dollar is under attack from Russia, China, Middle East, the EU and South America, as it's pegged to oil prices. Also, bet that George Soros, who needed killing years ago, IMO, is behind it. If it happens, *hyperinflation* will turn the USA into the 1939 Weimar Republic, where a loaf of bread costs $900.25, and ammo is the only viable currency. Then, comes the Real Depression.

Watch some of these Peter Schiff videos, to find out what's really happening. Especially, this one. And here's another one to ponder of the Dollar Implosion.

Around The Garden Center™.

The search for final, season-closing LSCP-HDSCP Jobs continues, as we try to make our "break-even numbers" for 2009. As I once said going into the 2009 season, I wouldn't be turning down any worthwhile jobs, no matter how distasteful. And I haven't. Every little bit helps my Sub-S Corp bottom line, by Dec 31st. The search continues.

Saturday was a nicely busy retail day, with good tree and shrub sales. The weather was delightful and my re-damaged back was feeling good because of it. Jennifer & Charlie were in to help Dad & I with the day, so everything went smoothly.

I have one of 12 hydraulic lifters 'going south' in my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo's 6-cyl/ 4.0-ltr engine, and it's making a clicking noise that's driving me nuts. It'll cost me $1,000 to have the head removed and 12 new hydraulic lifters installed; just damm. I watched History Channel's "Holy Grail In America" and "Tombstone", both great films. Made a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup for a late-night snack, and called it a day.

Sunday was one of the most beautiful and comfortable Fall days, so far. Jennifer baked pumpkin muffins for breakfast; warmed-up and slathered with butter, life is good once again. We had a few customers through in the 5 hours we were open, but Sunday sales are definitely nothing compared to Saturday. Three more Sundays to go until I re-close on Sundays, and put up the *Winter Hours* signs.

More and more cornfields are coming down, and soon the beanfields will disappear from the countryside landscape. Since yield is appreciably up this year, cost-per-bushel (of corn) and cost-per-pound (beans) will be down. Natch; supply & demand. Net: Farmers get f•cked, once again.

Reason #4 why I don't raise and sell Orchids — my favorite flower — anymore at either my home or my Garden Center. Who needs that 'Federal Jackbooted Thug' crap?

Over the past 2-3 days, I've been plagued by an employee who stole $45 of gasoline on one of my trucks' company credit cards, and saddened by others who can't get along with fellow employees at the company. In a greatly-downsized company of >10 employees, such as mine is this season, that's unusual, and I hate it. We should be a well-oiled team — lean and mean — and working to a common goal: profitability as in 2006: $1 million-plus sales. But we aren't. And major changes are coming January 1st. I have no other choice if I want to keep my 20-yr old company intact and profitable.

A PA Dept of Ag Dept Inspector showed-up at my Nursery on Wednesday, and found 44 Hemlocks infected with 'Elongated Hemlock Scale', and quarantined them, until I complete the various chemical treatments, into August 2010. Fortunately, I had 2-3ft natural seedlings which were unaffected, and we substituted 16 of them for 4 x 6-7ft trees, in a woodland setting. Workaround!

I also had a 3hr meeting with our new corporate accountant, who's helping to meld Intuit Quickbooks with Radiant-Synchronics CounterPoint POS. I have to buy a new HP laptop w/ Win-7 OS, for the financials, and get them off my and Dad's computers, and onto this dedicated server. We'll both use this one unit to do both payroll, vendor payments, year-end accounting etc, with daily back-ups on flash-drives. I installed the new replacement Dell 17ES0 F-P Replacement monitor on Computer #2, and we're back to full-strength at the Front Counter.

I took Thursday off, got up at 6am to feed and water to cats, and then slept-in until 11:45am, went food shopping, ran some errands, washed/vacuumed the Jeep, played with the cats, did some chores, checked the cold, short-range weather coming our way and hope that we can get all of our work done before Winter gets here. There's a lot to do to get all the LSCP jobs finished-up, and the GC&N Complex "Winterized".

NO, I won't won't get either the H1N1 Swine Flu Shot or the regular Flu shot; not at gunpoint! And f•ck Gold and Silver! They're scams! Buy guns, ammo, water and canned food!

Some People Just Need Killing™.

Execute Polansky, IMO!

Kill these murderous, subhuman filth — Lawrence Reynolds Jr., Darryl Durr and Romell Broom — with a .45cal ACP to the skull, if fucking needles won't work! Rid society of this garbage! Hasten the meeting with God; let Him be their Judge!

Pimp That Snack.

It's hard out here for a snack. Just as the KitKat, the Toblerone, or the M&M thinks it's making it, along comes Pimp That Snack, flashing "The Mother of all KitKats," "The Everest Toblerone," and an M&M 1,000 times the size of those puny things you find at the corner store. Each entry in this catalog of fabulousness boasts meticulous recipes, detailed photographs, and from-the-stove accounts of how each confection was cooked up—and came out so colossally huge. The gallery displays lavish color portraits of tricked-out sweets, and the most popular list may lead you down the path of no return. My story? Once I caught sight of the Monster Jammie Dodger and the King of Rolos, I was intrigued. But it was the Pop-tart the size of a cookie sheet that hooked me for good.

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