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my regrets?
friday, october 12th, 2007

yes, I have more than a few of those, about the recent "non-sale" of my GC&N Complex, as detailed in last week's "Journal", but "it is what it is", and there's nothing whatsoever, which I can do about it. I've told my Key GC&N Staff about it, at this Friday's regular 3pm Key Staff Meeting, because I have nothing to hide from them. I value "transparency", in most everything — though "some personal things" are better left unsaid, IMO — and since a sale would affect them in myriad ways, I would not hide that process' result, after a certain point, when I'd know the outcome and final result. As I said last week, "I value and cherish my loyal Employees and Customers, and love my Family Partners far more, than I "lust after such things", (such as a 2006 Ford GT, or an Empyrean Dwell Home etc)." But, at a $2-3m sale price, after I got my 2 partners, the CPAs, lawyers, realtors and corrupt US Gov't paid-off, I'd have about $150,000 in-hand, as my 'profit' after 17yrs of much "blood, sweat & tears", and would have to get a job, within a year. What a deal! A "Faustian Bargain"? Perhaps, but I'm opting to stay put, at my 20ac, hard-earned business, instead of "taking a beating for the buyout". It's not going to happen, dammit, at this stage (57) of my life. I'm truly angry at the US Gov'ts' (IRS) 10-40% "tax-levy, off the top". They did nothing, except to impede me over the years, and would then re-tax me, and penalize me for success, as they so wantonly-do, to every small business owner/entrepreneur in America, IMO. The IRS shoulod be disbanded, and a "Fair Tax" or "Flat Tax", implemented, IMO. Think of The Death Tax/The Inheritance Tax; is that really "getting-screwed", six-ways-to-Sunday? What's the difference between the two taxes? Bend-over and grab-your-ankles; in that "position", you'll quickly understand what I'm talking about, BTW. If you've never owned, run and managed your own small business, you have no damned idea of what I'm talking about. After speaking to several multi-millionaire friends, who've been through this convoluted and twisted process, and have netted millions after the painful negotiation process, I'm almost feeling thankful that I didn't have to go through what they did. "Almost", perhaps. But netting several/many millions would, IMO, "ameliorate" those feelings which I now have for not going through it. (((sigh))) Perhaps not; I just don't know at this point.

Around The Garden Center™.
Summer weather returned with a vengeance, last week, with upper-80 temps and very uncomfortable (95%) humidity, at 15-20°F above normal, for this time of year. Combined with no rain, for the past 6-7 weeks, plants are rapidly going dormant, not from the Fall weather, but rather from "The Unending Drought From Hell", and I'm predicting that there will be many 'casualties', in Spring 2008. The last meaningful rainfall we had, was in early-August; 5 days of 3-4-5" in a much cooler setting, but within 2 weeks, all the moisture was "cooked-out of the ground", and we were back to "zero ground moisture", and the plants/animals began to suffer, once again. We're looking at 6-7-8 weeks, wo/meaningful rainfall, now, and there's nothing in the mid-to-long-range forecast, as I can see. I predict massive losses in Spring '08, BTW. I truly hope I'm wrong.
My early/mid-60s high school (1963-1967), Prospect HS, in Mt Prospect, IL, had its Class of '67 Mini-40th Reunion, on Sept 28th Homecoming Game, and Sept 29th Lunch at "Mrs. P and Me Restaurant", in Mt Prospect. No, I didn't go, as I did to the 20th Reunion, back in '87, but I will definitely (try to) make it to the 50th Reunion, in 2017. In 1971, I went to Drake University, Des Moines (IA), but can't remember when my Class of '71 had their 30th Reunion, as I've just gotten-on their mailing list, and bing informed of such events.
My Sister, Becky, arrived in Harrisburg (HIA) last Friday, from SF, and came to visit Mom & Dad, and help out at the GC&N, for a few days. She's going to some of Mom's doctor appointments, to make sure what needs doing, will get done. She'll also be help us with cleaning-up much of the potted plant material, in preparation for storing it in the 6 massive 30ft x 100ft quonset GHs, for the Winter months.
The "Drip Irrigation" Ad is up on the corporate advertising page, and it's already working. I've had 6 calls on it, since it made the search engines, from people in the area asking about our retrofitting their existing gardens with Drip Irrigation Systems. Before I have it converted into a *.PDF file, and run in the local newspapers, probably for next Spring's 18th Open House, I'll do some tweaking and editing on it.
No, we didn't have the Columbus Day Holiday off, on Monday, as usual. We get Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day, as company-paid holidays. Only the state and federal workers have a dozen-plus of so-called "holidays" off, when *America's real workers have to work*. Temps reached 89°F with very high humidity, and it was just plain miserable to even be outside.
The 20-25°-above-normal temps (88-90°F)/oppressive humidity (90%+) continued through last weekend and until Wednesday, when a cold front passed through, and we finally got some relief. Now, if we could just get 1-2 weeks of slow, steady rainfall, to put some moisture back into the ground soils, we'd be in a whole lot better shape, IMO.
As I said in a previous "Journal" entry, our season is essentially-over, and I've started making plans to trim LSCPers, GC&N Staff and get tens-of-thousands of pieces of potted nursery stock, put away in the 6 massive 30ft x 100ft GHs, after heavy frost, and leaf-drop. The large, $50k+ hardscape jobs are winding-down, while the small ($5-15k) and medium ($20-40k) LSCP jobs, have all disappeared weeks ago, due to "The Unending Drought From Hell". People are afraid to contract for new material installations, regardless of the fact that I require Drip Irrigation Systems to be installed, along with any LSCP job, of any size or complexity, or I'll decline the job. Many are on drying-up wells, and they aren't concerned with doing that work, right now. They'll wait until Spring 2008, and see what conditions are, at that point-in-time. I can't blame them, actually.
T-storms blew through the area, on Tuesday evening around 8:15pm, and we got about ¼" of rain and a 15°F temperature drop. All that rain did was to take some of the "fluff out of the dust", which is everywhere. Fortunately, it wasn't a downpour, so much of it soaked-in. I'm sure the lawns will benefit and begin to green-up once again, but little else benefitted. We still need 4-5 days and nights of steady, soaking rainfall, to put the 10-11" of moisture we're down, back into the ground. It doesn't look like we're going to get it.
Wow, what a difference a day makes! It was 46°F as I went to work on Thursday morning, at O-Dark-Thirty (0700hrs), and rain moved through the area around 10am. We got ¼"; woo-hoo! It only made it to 64°F, all day! From 94°F on Tuesday; imagine that.
Realistically, our 2007 Season is over, for all intents and purposes. We've completed all of the medium and large jobs, and only a few small jobs remain on the books, although people are still calling-in and asking if they can get on our lscp schedule. I'm already starting to put some of the GC&N Staff on partial days, but will bring them all back full-time for the 3-4 weeks it will take to put away and store the tens-of-thousands of pieces of nursery stock, in the 6 massive 30ft x 100ft GHs. We'll soon be doing a complete physical inventory of everything going into the GHs for storage, and comparing it to the quantities in the Radiant-Synchronics "CounterPpoint v7.9" database, to update our front counter/register files. More on that, as it develops.

The Glen Rock Murders™.
Once upon a time, there was a filthy shithole, substandard junk operation, called "Blossom Valley Nursery", in Shrewsbury (PA), owned and run by a lowlife dirtbag, arrogant, mentally-ill, piece-of-shit, genetically-defective subhuman, White trash®, named Todd Franklin Sachs, 39. He's also a loud-mouthed punk, a liar and an inept, incompetent business failure, IMO, who directly-contributed to the murder/homicide of a mother and her young child, as well as the serious injury to several other area residents and their children.
Sachs is charged with two counts each of homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter, eight counts each of simple assault and reckless endangerment and 11 summary motor vehicle violations. IMO, he needs summary-execution.
I once had an occasion to "meet" this punk and his wife, at The York Flower Show, almost 10yrs ago, when he tenatively-approached me, and said he was offended by my truthful advertising, saying that it "offended him". I told him to "f*ck-off", and that if he couldn't handle the truth, he should get-the-hell-out-of-the-business. And if he wanted to f*ck with me personally, that "I'd drop him like a 50lb sack-of-shit, on a 20 mile hike". He sheepishly and wisely backed-down, with his fugly wifey, and quickly-left my show booth, as my customers stopped by to visit with me. Sachs is a "bobbing turd punk, which just won't flush, in a toilet bowl", IMO.
Unfortunately, it's taken the deaths of two innocents and the disruption of scores of other innocents' lives, to get rid of that asshole and his junk operation, from the Nursery Industry. IMO, he's 100% responsible for the murder of two people, and should be summarily-charged, tried, convicted and executed. I'm sorry to say, that the corrupt US "Legal System" — not the "Justice System", in any sense of the word — thinks other wise, and is willing to bargain-away the worst of the charges, and let a subhuman, piece-of-filth like Sachs, skate and plead to lesser charges. The murdered victims are still dead, and their families get no justice. Nice "justice deal", huh?
So, the Criminal Trial begins, to be soon followed by the Civil Trial, where Sachs&Co will be excoriated to the maximum degree, financially. Traumatized victims and witnesses cannot remember much about that most terrible day, in their lives, so real evidence building toward a true and just verdict, is sorely-lacking for the prosecution, and are now in the defense's favor. Deals, pleas and other bullshit arrangement are made and cut, always favoring the criminal bastard, Sachs. And the victims — Michelle Moser, 33, and her daughter, Amber McArdle, 11 — are literally "thrown under the bus/dumptruck", just to make the proceedings go smoother and reach a "mutually-agreeable" conclusion. Bull-freaking-shit, IMO!
The defective dumptruck, knowingly-overloaded (by Sachs) with topsoil and operating with faulty brakes, which killed the mother and her child, and injured all those other people and children, was Sachs' direct responsibility, and he made the statement, "If the vehicles aren't on the road, I'm not making money." (Chief Deputy Prosecutor Timothy Barker)
Instead, the dirtbag, lowlife filth, Sachs, has blamed the truck's driver, Jaysen N. Newton, and the filthy, substandard, shithole nursery manager, Jerry S. Snedden, but both have already pleaded guilty. Charges against the now-defunct company were dismissed. Sachs is 100% guilty and needs to be tried and imprisoned/executed, as such, IMO.
Shit-scumbag Sachs' lowlife, ambulance-chasing lawyer, maintained Wednesday that Sachs did not know the rear brakes on his Blossom Valley Nursery dump truck were badly out of adjustment.
As this criminal/murder trial progresses, I'll detail it here, and add my comments, as I see fit. Scum and filth like the Sachs punk, give the hort/ag industry a very bad name, and those who do, need "complete and total removal" from the face of the earth, IMO. The Sachs garbage/shit/scum/trash/filth, especially do, IMO.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: duly-charge, arrest, try, convict, sentence and hang the piece-of-shit, disgraced lowlife filth, ex-president, Jimmy Carter (TRAITOR-GA), for treason, sedition and sabotage, in a time of war, IMO. He needs killing, IMO.
I also call for the traitor, seditionist and saboteur, US Rep Tom Lantos (TRAITOR-CA) to be duly-charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and hanged, for treason, sedition and sabotage, in a time of war, IMO. He needs killing, IMO, for getting the "Turkey Genocide Bill", passed by the House Foreign Affairs Committee by 27 votes to 21 — the first step towards holding a vote in the House of Representatives. This untimely, partisan, liberal-demokkkRAT political bullshit, has now caused Turkey to recall its ambassador to the USA, and directly-endangers America's 150,000+ troops in the middle east. Turkey, a NATO member, has been a key US ally in the Middle East and a conduit for sending supplies into Iraq. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday that good relations with Turkey are vital because 70 percent of the air cargo sent to US forces in Iraq and 30 percent of the fuel consumed by those forces fly through Turkey. Turkey is/was our strongest muslim ally there, and the relationship is now seriously-damaged. Lantos is subhuman filth, and needs "prompt removal from the earth", IMO. "The Turkish government will not act against the United States because that would be against their own interests," he told CNN. "I'm convinced of this." Think again, you treasonous asshole!
If it comes down to choosing between GOP candidates, Rudy Giuliani or other pro-homo-sodomite candidate, I will definitely vote for a third party, and throw the gutless, RINO-GOP scumbags "under the bus", in 2008. Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (CRIMINAL-NY) will most likely win The White House, and America's decline into commie-socialistic hell, will accelerate markedly. Rudy is a lowlife, piece-of-socialist-liberal-shit, IMO.
No one home in the UK to welcome home the heroic, valiant British Soldiers, from Afghanistan? Pathetic, isn't it? The UK is in the toilet! Got any duct tape? My head is exploding!
Bullshit! It's Southwest Airlines' RIGHT to determine what they want their customer-fliers to wear, or else throw the sons-of-bitches off the flight manifest, dammit!
Topps' Meat Co, the nation's largest producer of frozen hamburger patties, is now defunct. Topps shut its doors for good Friday after an E. coli outbreak that infected at least 30 people in eight states was traced back to its Elizabeth, NJ, plant. The allegations are 'alleged', for the 21.7 million pounds of hamburger. What wasn't all that beef cooked to 160°lF, and used in chili? Why was the corrupt/criminal federal gov't allowed to destroy that company? The US Gov't destroyed that company, hundreds if not thousands of jobs, and is preparing to outsource that function to the subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag chink-gook-slope-dink, yellow-dog trash, garbage, dammit!
One of the most vile, lying pieces-of-lowlife-subhuman-shit, dirtbag SF mayor Gavin "Any Twosome" Newsom (HOMO-CA), attending Fleet Week festivities on the Marina Green today, lashed out at conservative critics who mocked San Francisco's consideration of a measure to ban the flight of the US Navy's Blue Angels over the city during this week's celebration. Newsom should be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and stood against a wall, and shot, IMO. Newsom is a traitor, seditionist and saboteur.
The treasonous, sedition liberal-demokkkRAT saboteurs are not the only *liars* in the US Government; the GOP-RINOs are full of *liars*, too. Lowlife, dirtbag Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte (LIAR-US), on behalf of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), or "LOST", is corrupt and a blatant criminal, and should be summarily-tried and hung, IMO, as all traitors, seditionists and saboteurs should. One of the most obvious lies was that, despite the fact that the treaty carries the name "United Nations" in its title, it is not a UN treaty. It is to be administered by newly-created "institutions" of corrupt scumbags, on a more criminal scale than the massive, fraudulent , with Sodomy Insane and millions of muslim-islamist-arab terrorists, around the world. The UN is even more corrupt and criminal than scumbag, John Negroponte (LIAR-US). Read the article and the list of their corruption, incompetence, criminality and lies, on a worldwide scale hard to imagine.
The population of this country is 300 million. 160 million are retired. That leaves 140 million to do the work. There are 85 million in school. Which leaves 55 million to do the work. Of this there are 35 million employed by the federal government. Leaving 15 million to do the work. 2.8 million are in the armed forces preoccupied with killing Osama Bin-Laden. Which leaves 12.2 million to do the work. Take from that total the 10.8 million people who work for state and city Governments. And that leaves 1.4 million to do the work. At any given time there are 188,000 people in hospitals. Leaving 1,212,000 to do the work. Now, there are 1,211,998 people in prisons. That leaves just two people to do the work. You and me. And there you are, sitting on your ass, at your computer, reading jokes. Nice. Real nice. (Email, 10.10.2007, BTW...)
"24's" 'Jack Bauer', aka Kiefer Sutherland, is serving 48 days in a CA prison, for a DUI, when the subhuman, lowlife dirtbag Lohan, Hilton, etc bitches, can't serve 48mins? IMO, that's "way beyond pathetic".

Global Warming Bullshit™.
Have you seen this video: "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was banned from leftist, hate-filled, dirtbag lowlife scumbags, Google.com's and YouTube.com's websites, by the mentally-ill dirtbag, subhuman, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be informed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.
Global warming is an entirely natural phenomenon and its effects can even be beneficial, according to two leading researchers.
Have you taken "The Global Warming Quiz"? It's a simple 10 questions, right here. I got 9 or 10, on my first try; missed the one on temperature measurement methods. How did you do?
Gosh; another video which completely-refutes and destroys the shit-for-brains, mentally-ill asshole, AlGorBore's crap PowerPoint slideshit-show, "An Inconvenient Idiocy". Watch it, and be informed about Gore's lies and bullshit.
Want a good laugh? Here's the leftist, wacko, liberal-demokkkRATs', mentally-ill morons' "Top 100 Ways Global Warming Will Change Your Life", list. It's hilarious!
Speaking of wackos, here's mentally-ill Robert Wack's easily-refutable article, still claiming that CO2 is the reason, when it's almost zero — 0.023% of the total so-called greenhouse gasses — and contributes nothing to earth's overall warming. ***Water vapor*** and natural cycles of the sun and earth, are the reason, and it has been happening for millions and millions of years, and Mankind is totally, utterly and completely powerless to influence anything on such a scale as is happening. Bobby Wack, is a wack-job and a wacko, and seriously needs psychiatric help. I sent him an email and told him to watch the BBCs' film, "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle", but he responded that he was just too important to be bothered with the truth.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Oh gee whiz; another lying corrupted, criminal piece of nigger®-bitch, shitfilth? For years, nigger®-filth, Marion Jones "angrily denied" she was a drug cheat, swearing she was clean and daring anyone to prove otherwise. Seven years after her triumphs at the 2000 Olympics, the three-time gold medalist has admitted in a recent letter to family and close friends that she used steroids before the Sydney Games, The Washington Post, reported Thursday. Shoot the subhuman sambette nigger®, IMO!
Speaking of lowlife, subhuman nigger® filth, liberal-demokkkRAT "presidential candidate" Barack Hussein Obama-Osama, Jr, (TRAITOR-ILL), said he will no longer wear an American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for “true patriotism” since the Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Barack Hussein Obama-Osama Jr, is a lowlife, piece-of-shit dirtbag nigger®, America-hating, US-Military-hating, traitor, seditionist, saboteur, lying sambo, tar-baby, scunmbag, shitfilth, jungle-bunny, porch-monkey, nigger®, subhuman garbage/shit/trash/filth/junk/crap/nigger®/ Liberty-hating, Freedom-hating, NIGGER-CRAP-SHIT! Obama-Hussein-Osama Jr needs summary trial/killing, IMO! Purge America of such NIGGER garbage, IMO. Where's James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald or John Hickley, when America really needs them? BANG!
Speaking of "where's James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald or John Hickley, when America really needs them?", there are not too many subhuman, treasonous, lowlifes, seditious saboteurs, like the ugly, rat-faced piece-of-shit, lying, disgraced, commie-socialist US Rep Henry "Nostrilitis" Waxman (TRAITOR-CA), who richly-deserves hanging. As do 69% of the corrupt US Senate, and 78% of the US House of Reps, IMO. Hang the bastards, IMO! I support Blackwater USA Corp, 100%! The 6th century, tribal subhuman filth Iraqi garbage, who've accused the Blackwater Heroes of killing 17 subhuman sand-nigger® trash, need to be stood against a wall, and SHOT to death, IMO. Look at the two pieces-of-subhuman-muslim-islamist-shit, in that article's pic: ignorant 6th century trial failth, dripping with gold baubles and bangles, totally devoid of morals, mores, values, liberty, societal loyalty, freedom and any semblance of national self-worth. They need killing.
Really, lowlife sambo, treasonous, seditious Nigga® saboteur filth, disgraced, lying, hate-America, hate-US Military, commie-socialist, rat-bastard scumbag, muslim-islamist-nigger®, US Sen Barack Hussein Obama-Osama Jr? Where's Sirhan Sirhan, when the Nation really needs him?
Sooooooo, DHS-ICE is now "revising their estimate of illegals" up to 38 million criminal, illegal alien filth, from 8-10 million? I've been saying for years, that it's more like 20-25 million, instead of that lousy 8-12 million. What moronic asshole came up with that pathetic number? S/he needs to go back to school, and take Math 101, until s/he "gets it", IMO.
Stand the treasonous, seditious, saboteur gook/slope/dink garbage, Army 1st Lt Ehren Watada of Hawaii, up against a wall and shoot him, IMO. He's lowlife subhuman garbage/filth/trash/shit. A liberal-demokkkRAT, so-called "federal court judge" — US District Judge Benjamin Settle (TRAITOR-WA) in Tacoma — has temporarily blocked a court-martial scheduled for an Iraq war objector based at Fort Lewis (WA). Watada is charged with missing his unit’s deployment to Iraq in June 2006, and with conduct unbecoming an officer for denouncing President Bush and the war.
Traitor, seditionist, saboteur, muslim-islamist, terrorist-supporter, lowlife dirtbag, US Rep Keith "I Hate America" Ellison (TRAITOR-MN), needs to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and hung, IMO. He is part of The Enemy Within™, and should be dealt with, as all traitors, seditionists and saboteurs, are.
Lowlife, dirtbag, half-breed, mulatto, scumbag, liar, Nigga®, US Sen Barack Hussein Obama-Osama Jr's so-called "minister", Rev Jeremiah Wright Jr, of the badly-named Trinity United Church of Christ Racism/Hate; there, fixed it, is a black racist and bigot, who hates America, Whitey, Freedom, Liberty, and spews lies about how "America has more young black men in prison, than in college". Hey, Wright and Obama-Osama lying niggers®, that's a f*cking lie! Here are , you racist assholes!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
No, subhuman murderous criminal have no right to a painless death, by any execution method. IMO, they should be slowly tortured, in great pain and blood, and killed slowly and exquisitely, with a "variety of instruments" (blowtorch, pliers, screwdrivers, stainless-steel wire etc), as they did to their painfully-tortured, raped, mutilated and murdered victims. Fair's fair, IMO. And the subhumans, of all stripes, deserve a terrible torture and death. IMO! Go f*ck yourself, if you disagree, liberal-demokkkRAT filth!
Good riddance, perverted lowlife subhuman pedophile, John D.R. Atchison (PERVERT-MI), a federal prosecutor who was arrested in an Internet sex sting after he allegedly traveled to Michigan from Florida, to have sex with a 5-year-old girl, hanged himself in a Michigan federal prison Friday morning. Rot in hell, you subhuman asshole!
Niggas®, Niggas®, Niggas®! Three subhuman, lowlife pieces-of-nigger® scumbag filth, have been arrested and charged with murder in the shooting death last week, of a University of Memphis football player, who was black. Try them and sumarily the subhuman niggaz, IMO! What a waste of O2!
A neighbor of a 6-year-old girl found hanged in her family's garage, has been charged in the sexual assault and death of the first-grader. Shaun Earl Arender, 19, is charged with capital murder in the death of Hanna Mack, whose body was found hanging from the garage rafters before sunrise Sept 10th, by her mother. Look at the murderer's pic. That's a piece of subhuman, wWhite trash® shit, who NEEDS KILLING, IMO! I'd headshoot that filth, in the blink of an eye!
California residents, gooks, chinks, slopes, dinks, subhuman shit filth — Yuefei Ge, 34, of San Jose and Lan Lee, 42 of Palo Alto — have been indicted under charges of conspiracy, economic espionage and theft of trade secrets, a new indictment filed yesterday claims the men obtained funding from China's 863 program and The General Armaments Department (GAD) of the People's Liberation Army. Kill the subhuman, yellowdog filth! I volunteer to kill the chink-gook spies!
Also, these Folsom Street Fair subhuman homo-sodomite filth, need summary-killing and permanent-elimination from American Society, IMO. Go to Gallery 1 and then Gallery 2 and finally, Gallery 3, and tell me that you want this garbage/trash/scum/shit living on this earth? Tell me that you do! Grrrrrrrr.

For Jews who like to rock — or just enjoy ethnic parlor games — thank Moshiach for Jewsrock.org. The brainchild of "New Yorker" writer Jeffrey Goldberg, XM radio executive Allen Goldberg (unrelated, as far as they know), and Washington Post style reporter David Segal, this site is a celebration of Semitic contributions to American rock 'n' roll. But don't let the lolling tongue of Gene Simmons (aka Chaim Witz) scare you. Jewsrock.org isn't all Bar-Mitzvah Boy bluster and tales of groupie glory. The site's comprehensive Challah Fame is an Aaronson to Zorn compendium of Jewish artists and groups, from the tenuously connected (Courtney Love?) to the wholeheartedly Hebraic (all of J. Geils Band, except J. Geils). It's great ammo for the next time your know-it-all cousin tries to tell you that half the Knack was Jewish. (Wrong! The whole band was—Sharona, too.) Or that Mama Cass choked to death on an unkosher sandwich. (Wrong! It was heart failure that killed Cass, not ham.) With a Jewish-themed tattoo gallery, a Steely Dan d'var Torah, and close ties to an organization that helps sick children and their families, this site most definitely rocks.

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