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America, Hangs In The Balance
Friday, October 29, 2004

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With only four days for America to decide which direction to go, it's scary that very few seem to realize that, without The War On Terrorism, all else means diddly-squat. If we're not safe and secure as a Nation, the economy, social security, stem cell research, tax cuts, minimum wage, homo marriages, employment, outsourcing, et al mean nothing as relevant issues. There are actually millions of people who can't grasp the simple, salient and succinct point that, if you're under attack or dead, little else matters. Once-reliable news reporting organizations, like the corrupt AP, CBS, BBC, NBC, CBC, ABC, CNN and others, are now very highly suspect in their left-wing, pro-terrorist, liberal-demokkRAT agendas, let alone their highly-questionable participation in US Elections. Rabid, anti-Bush, hate-America, Kerry supporters are actively trying to destroy America, from within. Our borders, language and very culture are compromised. The once-proud, once-patriotic Democrat Party, is a mere shadow of its former self, and is controlled by fanatics who would compromise America's safety and sovereignty. Freedom and Liberty are notfree; they command a very high price by the blood of Patriots. In four days, we will make a momentous choice for our national leadership, which will resonate for the next 100 years. Lock 'n load; I fear it's going to be a very, very bumpy ride, from here on in.

Around The Garden Center©.
With Winter just around the corner, we're rapidly cutting back all perennials in the three 30ft x 90ft retail quonset greenhouses, consolidating the pots, and bringing the containerized nursery stock, from the retail display areas to the massive greenhouses for storage, this week. My sister, Becky, is in town for two weeks and is working with my 3 Garden Center Staffers to get it done before we get some of the snow that the Plains and Midwest has gotten, while my landscape crews work to finish-up the remaining projects. Winter is coming quickly.
Yikes, oil is up to $55.67/ barrel, with pump prices again climbing to over $2.0899/gal for 87 octane, $2.1399/gal for 89 octane, and $2.1999/gal for 92 octane premium. The folks who use home heating oil are paying over $1.6199/gal; the highest I can ever remember. But I'll bet even money, that oil is back down to $34-35/ barrel by Thanksgiving.
One of the premiere Nature Photographers anywhere, Sue Alden, and her beau, Patrick, visited my Garden Center & Nursery a few weeks ago, and took some local pictures of her green frog, which she's photographed all over the world, during her extensive travels. Stop by her website, and enjoy her beautiful work.
Never forget what the lowlife, dirtbag, subhuman Muslim murderers did to America, on 9-11. Here's the live thread, that terrible September day. Read post #89. Never forget, dammit!

Here's why George W Bush will be re-elected to a second term. I predict 65% for Bush; 33% for Kerry. Okay, I'm dreaming.
President Bush is opposed to the GOP's platform, opposing homo unions? News to me.
The White House, this past week, asked Congress to reject an attempt in the House to place illegal-immigration measures in an intelligence reform bill. Un-freaking-believeable.
Believing that Democrats are poised to engage in massive vote fraud in key battleground states, the Republican Party is planning to deploy thousands of monitors to challenge questionable voters. In a page one story in the New York Slimes, Saturday, the paper said the Republican party in Ohio alone has identified about 35,000 new voters who they believe to be fraudulent or questionable. The Republicans claimed that 35,000 new voters were sent a mailed notice confirming the registration. The party said in every case the U.S. Post Office returned the notice as "undeliverable." Multiply by 50 and the scale is huge.
The dumbass Euro-weenies still can't figure out why Americans are voting for Bush, so they're sending reporters to interview Americans as to why we are.
When you're in the neighborhood, be sure to visit Banagor's Blog, for a daily dose of Conservatism, as I now do. I found him on's boards, and he's well worth a read.
Riots coming in Seattle if W&Co wins, on Nov 2nd? Probably all over the US, as well.
The NY Times lies which Kerry has been spreading about the 380 tons of explosives being "looted", were actually moved by Russian special forces units to Syria, prior to the US invasion of Iraq. Also confirmed, here. Class act that President Bush is, he hasn't refuted it yet. Is it strategery?

John Flipflopping Kerry Is A Pathological Liar™.
John Flipflopping Kerry is all things, to all people, all the time. (That link is really worth a listen!) He has no firm position on anything. He's a flip-flopper on every issue, all the time.
Did you see John Flipflopping Kerry's goose hunt pics the other day? Here's what really happened.
Everything about John Flipflopping Kerry and what he says, is a lie. He's a fraud, a fake, a phony, and an inveterate liar.
Did you get your flu shot yet? A shortage? Really? Dirtbag, trial laaaw-yer, ambulance-chaser scumbag John Edwards is the reason for the shortage. Hadn't heard that? Read this. Edwards is a piece of subhuman shit for destroying the healthcare industry in North Carolina.
Here's why NOT to vote for Kerry: Kerry met with the Communist NVA enemy in Paris in 1971, while still a commissioned Naval officer. Kerry lied in his 1971 testimony to congress regarding the actions of U.S. troops in Vietnam. Kerry voted against the 1st Gulf War when all of the pre-conditions for war, that he now says are required, were, in fact present. Kerry believes that higher taxes to fund government programs are good for America. He is unable to acknowledge that lower tax rates result in higher tax receipts, due to the increased economic activity it encourages. The "multiplier effect" is real, in spite of attempts to trivialize it by renaming it "trickle down economics". (Per Charles Krauthammer - himself trained as a doctor and a victim of paralysis) "Claims of impending miracle cures based on embryonic stem cell research are simply false. In fact, no such hope exists anywhere in the foreseeable future. The science involved doesn’t support the marketing campaign." It is nothing more than a lame attempt to assign a benefit to abortion. Kerry supports late term abortion, which is clearly murder, as anybody who has given the procedure a second thought will immediately recognize. Kerry supports all abortion, which is the cornerstone of our “no consequences” culture. Kerry consistently votes against defense and intelligence programs because they compete with funding for his pet social programs, which inevitably undermine a productive society. Kerry would prefer that the U.S. not be a world power. He believes the U.N. is able to resolve world conflicts without ever firing a shot. Kerry has demonstrated no core values and is happy to adjust his position based upon popular opinion at the time, even as the audience changes. This is the sign of an opportunistic follower, not a leader. Kerry has no understanding of domestic or global economics. He prefers pandering to the lowest common denominator for the sole purpose of gaining and maintaining power. Kerry has no understanding of energy policy. While claiming to support "renewable energy" he voted to whack a "wind farm" within sight of his precious Cape Cod coastline. Kerry is a psychopathic liar, a phony, a fraud and a fake.
Think I'm being too hard on poor John Kerry? Go here and learn the truth about John Kerry.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
Fat, Bloated, lying, crooked Penna Gov, Eddie "I Hate America" Rendell, is at it again: disenfranchising PA's military overseas, from voting on Tuesday, along with the filthy demokkkRAT bitch, US District Judge Yvette Kane (WHORE-PA), a Clinton appointee. He's refusing thousands of late ballots, to be counted, with a 2 week extension. I curse the lib-dem filth in Philly and Pittsburgh, who voted the piece of subhuman shit in, in '00. A recall is in the offing.
Mentally-ill, fat, stupid lowlife, Lawrence O'Donnell, is typical of the unhinged liberal-demokkkRAT scum inhabiting the Kerry Kamp.
I am shocked, just shocked I tell you! Subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT filth bullying Republican early voters?
The AARP is a poor excuse for an organization, supposedly dedicated to helping America's Seniors. It's loved high taxes, "death taxes", Big Government, gun control and bureaucratic boondoggles since the first day it opened for business, in the 1950s. It's a socialist, liberal-demokkkRAT group, which hates America, capitalism and Liberty; instead preferring a commie philosophy of total government control over every facet of everyone's lives. I will never join the corrupt AARP; I'm sorry to say both of my Parents are already members. I'll be joining USA NEXT's senior program.
Ugly, skanky, untalented Ashlee Simpscum caught lip-synching? Oh, the horror! Headline news and lots of interviews! Something's really wrong with this country when a nothing bitch like this is headlines news.
The NY Slimes is still partisan, left-wing, wacko, liberal-demokkkRAT-socialist-commie-nazi garbage.
Charlie Brooker, a Slimey Limey UK Guardian fascist homo, wants to have US President GW Bush, whacked? Hey, subhuman, liberal-demokkkRAT-commie-nazi deviant, degenerate, ass-boy: c'mon over here and I'll drop you like a 50lb sack of shit, on a 20-mile hike. Any questions, subhuman filth?
Here we go with the voter fraud in Flori-duh!
Disgraced, plagiarist and liar, disgraced US Sen Joey "I Hate America" Biden (PLAGIARIST-DE), can't find his own ass with both hands.
ass-boy Barry Seltzer, 46, of Sarasota, a subhuman, lowlife, scumbag, liberal-demokkkRAT-socialist-commie-nazi-fascist, who was jailed early Wednesday on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, for aggravated assualt after he was accused of trying to run down US Rep Katherine Harris (CONSERVATIVE-FL). Barry The Rump-Raider needs prison-for-life, as do all lib-dem, hate-America, traitorous filth. Try to run me down, lowlife garbage!
Yes, trial laaaaw-yers are parasitic, subhuman filth, and have single-handedly destroyed healthcare and medical liability insurance for hospitals and doctors, in America. Dirtbag, trial laaaw-yer, ambulance-chaser scumbag John "The Breck® Girl" Edwards, Kerry's VP choice, is the one who's destroyed North Carolina's medical liability insurance industry. He's scum, filth and should be arrested, duly tried, convicted and sentenced to life in a cell with a 450lb, sweaty, smelly homo, child molester inmate.

Islam, The Cult of Pigshit®.
Ahhhh, the subhuman Muslim garbage show their true colors, once again. Mohamed Elmasry, the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress has ignited a storm of criticism by saying all adult Israeli citizens are legitimate targets for suicide bombers.
Any Fifth Column®, America-hating™, liberal-demokkkRATs® who like to watch beheadings of innocents, by subhuman Muslim pigshit filth? Here's the motherlode of beheading videos and stills, baby!
CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), a direct financial supporter of terrorist groups, notably the subhuman Islamic filth at Hamas, and is now SLAPP suing American Patriot, Andrew Whitehead, for libel. CAIR's leadership — Omar Ahmad, Nihad Awad, Ibrahim Hooper and Dr. Ghazi Khankan — should be duly charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed for treason, sedition and terrorism, under The Patriot Act. I call upon DHS Secretary, Tom Ridge, to begin the proceedings against these subhuman, terrorist-aiding, hate-America, Muslim filth. Nothing less is satisfactory or acceptable to America.
Canadian subhuman Muslim scumbag, Younus Kathrada, is calling for Muslim filth to whack Jews. He needs a long stay in prison, or a quick bullet to the head.
More rioting, looting, death and destruction from Islam, The Cult of Murder®.
One sane voice out of 1.2 billion subhuman Muslim pigshit filth: Sheik Muhammad Hisham Kabbani.
Here's exactly why the subhuman pigshit Muslim filth at Gitmo, should be tortured for intel, and then whacked.
Remember American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed on Nov. 12, 2001 in Queens, New York, shortly after 9-11? It too, was terrorism, as I suspected, back then. Muslim should not be allowed on airplanes, anywhere, anytime.
I'm shocked! The subhuman Muslim pigshit terrorist filt at GITMO, are suing the US for torture and other human rights violations, aided by the liberals and one-worlders.
whack the Yow-sir Arrid-fart subhuman murderer! whack him! whack Him! whack him! whack Him! whack him! whack Him! whack him! whack Him! whack him! whack Him! whack the dirtbag, pigshit filth garbage.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Thank you, Texas! You once again made my week. Dominique Green was put to death Tuesday night despite a Houston judge's decision to postpone the execution until recently discovered evidence at the Houston Police Department has been catalogued. Good riddance, subhuman.

Mustard Gas Party.
Haunting screenshotand mysterious. These photographs, mostly in stark black and white, capture the mood of desolation and despair in abandoned modern ruins. With their pealing paint, crumbling ceilings, and shattered glass, these buildings may offer a message — if so, it's a cryptic one. The anonymous photographer of this site offers no explanations, just enigmatic titles. (What is the meaning of "Lights out, Hum on — Six Spoke Delight"?) Maybe we're just supposed to appreciate the beauty in the geometry of "Macy's Narrow Access" or wonder at the technical swhack of the creator of this site. If you find the ravaged ruins a little too unnerving, cycle through "Portraits - 2003 to 04" for some unusual portraits of real folks. They're just as mysterious.

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