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Friday, October 4, 2002

It's a shame that so many left-wing wackos, liberals, many democRATs, enviro-wackos, homos, sleazy lawyers, libertarians, illegal aliens and even some severly-misguided Republicans, hate America so much. From the disingenuous behavior of the US Congress in thwarting anti-terrorism legislation to blocking economy-jumpstarting tax cuts, I'm appalled at what I see. From the faux environment crowd, the US Military is blocked at every turn on bases and firing ranges, in the name of "endangered this or that" lies. The homo and lesbian rump-raider crowd also has their deviant agenda of destroying American social fabric, inch by inch, to accomodate their degenerate acceptance as "normal", children-rearing couples of loving "committment", aided and abetted by perverted lib-dem judges, at every step of the process. Sheister lawyers use America's now-compromised Legal System to milk billions from corporations because their clients won't take responsibility for their own actions; tobacco, guns and fast food immediately come to mind. Illegal immigrants and sleeper terrorists gush through our Nation's porous borders by the millions, and the agencies charged with stemming the flow are hamstrung at every turn by the traitorous ACLU filth, incompetent bureaucrats and arcane laws, favoring unregulated wholesale immigration. Gutless, cowardly Republicans like Jeffords, Chafee, Snow, Specter, Hagel — there are hundreds of these scum who should have been turned-out years ago by their constituent voters — wrest control of the US Congress away from The President, and force him to accomodate the democRAT's twisted social agenda, while putting US Security on the back burner. Conservatives watch in horror, disgust and disbelief at the enemies from within, lined-up against America, unable to do anything substantive without control of the legislative process. Well-qualified, Conservative Judges languish while liberal judges do more and more damage with every ruling and proclamation of ILLEGAL!: "Under God". The coming November mid-term Elections will be a watershed: either we can once again get control of events and re-float the USS America, or the American Voter will let the Nation down, and the end of this Representative Republic will actually be within sight. Time will tell. But time isn't on America's side anymore. All of the above, and much more, has happened in the past 50 years or so; I cringe to think of what the next 50 will bring.

Around The Garden Center.
Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, glorious rain! From Thursday afternoon through Friday evening, it rained: a final tally of 2.4" at the Garden Center and slightly more at my condo, 14 miles north in York (PA). Thank you, Isidore! We had some minor flooding in the Susquehanna Valley, but it was worth it for every drop of precious moisture. The rain didn't do much for the reservoirs — heavy, torrential downpours are needed to refill those with run-off — but because it was a long, relatively gentle rain it did soak into the ground and greatly improve moisture levels.
Two weeks ago, I did a piece called Screw The UN; now this week, that same title and a similar graphic appears on's website. Plagiarism? No, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks, FReepers for coming to John's Journal and lounging about.
Ouch! There goes my IRA, once again. I guess I'm living out of a 50gal Hefty® Trash Bag, in Penn Park. Hmmmmm, forget retirement; I'm working 'til I die. NOT!
What kind of Talk Radio do I listen to? After receiving tens dozens hundreds thousands lots of email requests, here's my daily regimen: I leave the condo at 5:45am, listening to WITF-89.5FM Harrisburg (PA) or WSBA-910AM's The Gary Sutton Show, from 9am-12noon; Rush Limbaugh, from 12noon-3pm; and The (Michael) Savage Nation, from 7-10pm. Conservative Talk Radio at its best. Hoo-yah!
Digital dating? Ummmm, no thanks; I've been propositioned many times, but have always refused. I'm a "solitary creature", thankyouverymuch.
Glad to see that I'm, we're not the only Nuke Plant Victims that the US Gummint GooberMint is worried about. Here in Pennsylvania, we have 5 nuclear plants to worry about; nothing else is much of a target of value.
I get a lot of emails about what I say here in The Journal; some of it from frustrated libs and dems who are offended at what I say and how I say it. Too bad folks; I make no apologies, herein, for my honesty. No "PC shit" here.
Yeah, I'm a gourmet coffee lover, but I'll never try this marsupial poop coffee, at $600/lb. Ummm, never.
Like this guy, I am also tired of what's going on in our government, as well as what's not going on. The helplessness to change all the archaic laws and dangerous immigration policies is ruining America. It'll be the downfall of this Nation.
One of my Journal regulars, PhiePhieCat and her husband, stopped by the GC&N Complex on Saturday to purchase and have us install some trees at their home, in The Peoples' Republik of Maryland. It was a pleasure meeting them, as it is with all good Conservative Journal Regulars. I've met some great people over the 6 years that I been putting the Journal online, who've stopped by when they're in the area, and a greater number living in the region, who've become close friends.
I've been saying for weeks that the West Nile Virus isn't just a fluke, and is something to be very concerned about, despite what the CDC and NIH have said. Here's more grist for the mill. There's a lot more to this than we're being told. Surprised?
Please, say it ain't so! I love fries, chips, breads etc. Do I think smoking Marlboro®s for 40yrs has less of a chance of inducing cancer? Who the hell knows?
With no moving parts, Metal Storm weapons can lay down a million-plus rounds per minute. I want one!
The local paper, York Daily Record, interviewed me last week for a gardening article on Hollyhocks. Yawn.
I'm still getting hit 2-10x per day with Klez virus variants, but haven't seen the new BugBear virus, as yet. And my Symantec Norton SystemWorks 2002 Pro AntiVirus software keeps all my machines well protected.
Reason #7756 why I don't fly anymore.
Bring it on, Lili girl! Our still-parched Mid-Atlantic and NorthEast regions are waiting for some more serious rain!
With the advent of Winter only a couple of months away, the regional refineries have switched to major production of home heating oil (kerosene A1) and gas prices are beginning to rise. I'm now paying $1.33.9/gal for 87 octane, as opposed to $1.29.9/gal just two weeks ago. Many of the smaller stations are at $1.36.9/gal and much higher in The Peoples' Republik of Maryland.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Muslim garbage and Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100 stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". Here's another very moving tribute; worth the wait to load in your browser. And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11.
Surprised that the lowlife, subhuman male Muslim filth commit 75-80% of all the rapes in Europe? Not really, the Islamic boys are routinely buggered by Muslim "men", from a young age, and taught to hate and revile all women. Islam is a false religion cult of perverts, degenerates and deviants, who hate and despise the rest of the world, and worship the false moon god, Allah-the-homo-scumbag-punk.
So, Sodomy Insane has a few "body doubles"? whack them all. WTF, who cares? Personally, I think the "original" Sodomy Insane is dead, from diabetes, heart attack or something. His two fag boy punk sons have been running the country since '98. Care to disagree?
33 lbs of weapons grade uranium seized by Turkish authorities? Can you imagine what's gotten through to Iraq? And the morons Dass-hole, GoreBore, Kennedy, Bonior etc are arguing that we shouldn't wipe that Sodomy Insane off the map. They're obstructionists and traitors.
The case against the 6 Lackawanna Muslims takes an unexpected turn.
Big mistake by Israel in allowing the subhuman terrorist, pig-sucking Arab filth, Yow-sir Ara-homo, to live. They should have whacked him and all the PA terrorist scum.
Throwing Marxist money at lowlife subhumans, is going to stop terrorism? Don't freaking think so. But Killing all the terrorists, will.
Oooooops, false Dead Bin Laden Alert. Sorry; knew it the minute I posted it.
Make me puke: American Taliban John Walker Lindh enjoyed secret gay sex romps with his Muslim "mentors", a new report claims. Execute the homo Muslim scumbag.
About time the INS started fingerprinting and questioning Islamic garbage from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Yemen, plus Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Libya. If I ran the INS, I'd not allow any more of them in, and begin rounding-up all who are here illegally, and deport them immediately. Then, I'd go after any suillegal alienious Muslim filth in the mosques, inter them and begin military tribunals with summary executions. End of the problem.
End of problem? Ummmm, not freaking hardly. They're not checking the 200,000 subhuman Arab-Muslim-Islamic lowlife filth who come in from Canada each year? What gives with that, INS?
This Muslim homo, Rabih Haddad of Global Relief Fund, is a terrorist supporter with the false front "charity"; keep him in prison where he belongs. No sorry, the Islamic shitfilth should be dead; whack him.
Just in case the deviant Islamic subhuman filth do sneak a nuke into the US, and detonate it, go to Map Blast and compute the destruction to your area. There are also tips and proceedures for dealing with the aftermath. Duck and cover!
No, it's not over; it's only just begun, according to this traitorous Walker scumbag. Arm yourselves, and stay safe.

GOPers & RINOs.
The Euro-weenies are whining again, about the growing gap between The Bush Administration and their own irrelevance. F**k 'em.
I hope you've laid-in a good supply of creamed corn, as the Left Coast longshoreman's strike could empty all the stores' shelves, and sink the economy even further. W&Co better get involved quickly and invoke the Taft-Hartley Act's 80-day clause, and get the lib-dem union bums back to work.
It's hard to believe that the lib-dem commie socialist Ed Rendell scumbag is leading Mike Fisher in PA's governor race. He ran Philly into the ground, and now the lib-dem garbage wants to unleash his commie politics upon the rest of us. Dammit. I'll be there on November 5th, as with every election, voting a straight GOP Ticket.

Libs & democRAT Lowlifes.
Hey US Sen (D-NJ) Bobby "The Turd" Torricelli, you lowlife greaseball scumbag criminal, you're toast: this memo is now released and exposes you as a criminal and liar. Hey, he's gone from the US Senate and on his way to obscurity and, hopefully, criminal prosecution. Good riddance, greaseball boy!
The lib-democRAT meltdown continues: US Sen (D-ND) Tiny Tommy "The Dwarf" Dass-hole and fat, alcoholic, drug-addicted US Sen (D-MA) Teddy "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy are cowering liars, and are being seen as such by all of America. They're traitors and scumbags.
US Sen (WVa-D) Robert Byrd a KKK Grand Wizard back in the 30s? He's responsible for many murders and lynchings of blacks. Sure, it's common knowledge and he's still a US Senator? Once again, the party of slavery is defending their racist, bigoted members and criminals. Torricelli, Kennedy, Klintoon, Dass-hole...this list is long.
Martha, Martha, Martha, you're going to prison, you lowlife lib-dem bitch. I'm anxiously awaiting to see what you do with gray prison walls, pink nylon jumpsuits and nasty mattresses on steel beds. BWWAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAA! Do it, they'll film it. Toilet plungers, broom handles and all! LOL!
The brainless, talentless idiot twat Babs Streisand, strikes again: she can't spell and she can't think rationally. She's a braindead bitch.
With Hawaii being one of the most left-wing wacko liberal democRAT states in the US, losing this lowlife lib-dem bitch is no loss. Good riddance, US Rep Patsy Mink. Rot in your lib-dem hell, scuzbag.
DemocRATs who took murderous, radical Islamic & terrorist campaign $$$: CYNTHIA McKINNEY, ex-DemocRAT Congresswoman from Georgia; DAVID BONIOR, DemocRAT Congressman from Michigan, House Minority Whip; RON KIRK, DemocRAT nominee for US Senator from Texas (open seat), also former mayor of Dallas; HILLARY ROTTEN KLINTOON, DemocRAT Senator from New York; TED KENNEDY, DemocRAT Senator from Massachussetts; CIRO RODRIGUEZ, DemocRAT Congressman from Texas; ALBERT WYNN, DemocRAT Congressman from Maryland; NICK RAHALL, DemocRAT Congressman from West Virginia; DENNIS KUCINICH, DemocRAT Congressman from Ohio; JAMES MORAN, DemocRAT Congressman from Virginia. These lowlife lib-dem scumbags are terrorist sympathizers, traitors and America-haters.
Poor AlGoreBore, he's trying so hard to be coherent and relevant, but he's still just a pathetic joke of a man left-wing wacko lib-dem scumbag.
David Hasselhoff who? The lowlife alcoholic, drug-addicted lib-democRAT lowlife scumbag homo from "KnightRider" and "BayWatch" infamy? Yep, same punk turd-boy.
More lib-democRAT filth self-destructing? Of course, they're subhuman garbage, dontcha' know? Former US Rep Edward Mezvinsky and his slut-bag wife, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, were a power couple in democRAT Party circles and on suburban Philadelphia's swanky Main Line. Philly is a sewer, thanks to the blacks idiots, as are most all major US Cities. The blacks have all left and joined the whites in the 'burbs. Have at it in there, scumbag scum.
Lowlife, lib-dem scumbag US Rep Jim McDermott McDirtbag (D-WA) is predicting that the White House will falsify evidence against Iraq in order to win support for the war. How freaking pathetic is this shithead and his traitorous coward lib-dem buddy, US Rep (D-MI) David Bonior, the courageous David Bonoir who spent 4 years in the Air Force as a cook in California during Vietnam? Scumbags, both.
Don't think Rosie O'Donut, the fat, drug-addicted, nasty alcoholic, lesbian bull-dyke lib-democRAT whale is a certifiable left-wing wacko? Read the actual lawsuit complaint against her by G+J, her former publisher of the now gladly defunct, Rosie. She belongs in a cell with Martha; I'd pay to see that.
Five people have been shot to death since Thursday evening, within a one-mile radius in the Washington suburb of Montgomery County, MD, and police said this morning they are searching for two men who witnesses saw driving around in a white van near several of the shootings. Hmmmm, The People's Republik of Maryland has dis-armed their citizens, and now only the criminals have guns. The cops are overwhelmed. Arms yourselves, people.

Scumbags, Lowlifes & Other Garbage.
Magic Johnson's latest checkup confirmed that he is free of AIDS symptoms, 11 years after he first tested positive for HIV. Geee, that's nice. But what about all the women he infected through sex. How many of them are dying? What a lowlife idiot scumbag. Ummmm too bad, I was hoping this lowlife, other-people infecting idiot scumbag, Magic John-scum, would be dead by now.
"Conference Against Racism Expels Non-Blacks". More black racism and bigotry. Them colored folks is funny!
DC cops should be cracking some heads of this demonstrating anti-capitalist filth. Go get jobs flipping burgers, punk trash!
Yoko Ono, the wacked-out, mentally-ill, talentless whoredog scumbagette slut of John Lennon, wins a bogus lawsuit? Puuuuh-lease. Send the slope bitch back to Jap-land. She and her half-breed offspring are dogshit.
Further proof that Holly-weird lib-democRATs are mentally-sick, morally-tortured and very immature lowlifes: “Sweet Home Alabama”, with a cast of degenerates, homos and slimeballs.
Oh Jeeeez, the lowlife, alcoholic, drug-addicted, lesbian-dyke scuzbag (No, I'm not talking about Hosie O'Donut, the 350lb dyke bitch) Paula Pound-shit is back in the news. She endangered her "adopted children" — homo scum and lesbian filth should never have any contact with any children — and is trying to regain her pathetic, AIDS-riddled life and now perverted, kids.
Poor New Jersey; they've got the greaseball criminal lib-democRAT ex-US Sen Bobby Torricelli and now, Amiri Baraka, the poet laureate of New Jersey (whose original name was LeRoi Jones, was a central figure in the Black Arts Movement in the 1960's), and who blames Israel for advance knowledge of 9-11. And the lib-dem bonehead moron governor, Jimmy "The Mick Dolt" McGreevey, can't do a thing about it. Pathos still reigns supreme in The Garden Garbage State.
Why is this liberal lesbian alcoholic pig, Paula Poundstone the child abuser, back in the news? Why isn't she in prison, where she belongs?
Why is this idiot scumbag garbage, MOVE, still around? I thought the FBI whacked them in Philly back in the 80s? Time to finish the job.
Subhuman homo filth, engaging in deviant public sex acts, ruining a city's park for the families? If a couple of the degenerates homos turned-up dead, head-shot, that'd end the problem. Where's a good vigilante whacker when the residents really need one?
Nelson Mandela, the racist bigot commie-socialist, who should have been executed 30 years ago while in an African prison, is arguing that the US is ignoring the UN because the dwarf turd-boy, Kofi Anon-ymous, is black? BS; it's because you're both morons, racist filth and socialists, lowlife subhuman garbage, that we despise you, Nellie. Do us a huge favor? Die, irrelevant old man, and make the world a much better place!
Time to close seal the US-Mexico border and keep this murderous illegal alien Mexican filth — Arturo Tapia Martinez, 27, — out of here, plus get the damned illegals out, who are already entrenched here, in varied community life.
Oh, I'm sure Mother Teresa did a lot of good in the Streets of Calcutta — which I'd have nuked to rid the world of that subhuman filth — but is she a Pope-i-fied Saint? Ummmm, no way. Hell Heck, I could cure a "stomach tumor" (malignant or benign? they don't specify) with various voo-doo thingys, too.
The former chief financial officer of Enron Corp, Andrew S. Fastow, 40, voluntarily surrendered to FBI agents on Wednesday as prosecutors were expected to file charges related to his role in the company's collapse. Off to prison with the lowlife scumbag white trash.
Illegal immigrants died in record numbers while crossing the international border into Arizona during the 2002 fiscal year, most of them succumbing to the savage heat of the southern deserts. Cry me a freaking river. Boo effing hoo!
Ahhhhh, the PM of Canada, Jean "The Cretin" Chrétien, has almost completely unilaterally disarmed the country and its citizens. He's a commie, socialist, left-wing wacko scumbag, like his lowlife predecessor, the (thankfully) late Pierre Trudeau, and he hates his own Nation and America. He's garbage, a traitor and a coward. Typical liberal piece of shit.

Terminate This Subhuman Filth.
This illegal alien/idiot rapist, Matias Reyes, needs Killing, for beating and raping the female Central Park Jogger, back in April 1989, for the assault on the jogger, which left her near death and in a coma for 12 days. illegal alien boy needs a bullet in the head. Rape should be a capital offense.
Starved 18yr old teenager dies seeking his Dad? The people who did that need Killing, for sure. I volunteer!
These four illegal alien trash, who murdered massacred four bank employees and a customer in a Nebraska bank robbery. All the more reason to seal the damned Mexican border and keep this illegal alien garbage out of America. Are you listening, Bush? If you don't do something soon, America will take the matter into her own hands.
Although no fan of Iran's pork-sucking brand of Islam and its twisted politics, they do get something right once in a while: hanging rapists at dawn.
This murderous Ira Einhorn filth was duly convicted and sentenced to death back in '81; now whack the subhuman piece of shit. Or give me and Mr Glock® a shot at it. I'd be happy to oblige the dead victim and her family. Time to cleanse the gene pool.
A mob of nearly 20 idiot punks kids beat a black man brain dead Sunday night, after he confronted them for throwing an egg at him and punched one teen in the mouth. All 20 should be executed, regardless of age. Time to take back the streets. He died a day later. Burn the punks for murder one.
A rapist is brutally beaten and raped in Riker's Island (NY) Prison? Cry me a freaking river. Boo effing hoo! Should have been whacked.

You could say that dog lovers are a different breed — and you'd get no argument from me. Forming an attachment with their canine that borders on obsessive, dog fanciers love each and every thing about their precious pup, from doggy breath to bellowing barks. A certain subsection of these rabid hound lovers is devoted to dog noses, and that's where this site pokes in. Filled with galleries of "all the dog noses you could dream of", this site offers a spectrum of doggie snouts in all their glory. From the proud Pug to the dazzling Dalmatian, from the ridiculously tiny to the fascinatingly large, all varieties of pooch proboscises are cataloged. I suggest you cuddle up to your monitor and fall in (puppy) love.

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