swiss cheese security
Friday, October 5, 2001

First, we crippled the CIA. Then, we blamed it. Our counterintelligence has been systematically corrupted for more than 25 years. It all goes back to the Church Committee in the Senate and the Pike Commission in the mid-seventies. Ever since, the counterintelligence units have been penetrated by foreign agents over and over again, most recently the FBI with Hanssen, DIA with Montes and the CIA with Ames. And we the timid Conservatives allowed it to happen, without so much as a squeak. TWA Flight 800 was shot down, our embassies and military installations were bombed worldwide, and just now in NYC and DC on September 11th the Nation was attacked by terrorist Islamic fanatics. Spies and moles are turning up in the FBI, CIA, DIA and God knows where else, and our Nation's intelligence apparatus is leaky, shaky and taking on water, as other government agencies debate about the size of Swiss Cheese holes, America is listing. Scary stuff, once again. I fear chemical and biological attacks on the Left Coast, with toxins drifting across America, are next. I'm worried, for once in a very long time, that we're on the cusp of a precipice to oblivion, if we don't act militarily and mightily against terrorists and the nations which encourage their heinous, cowardly acts. The body count continues to climb. Let's get to the business at hand, America: So much Killing to do, and so little time. America's ready, W.

Around The Garden Center.
Fall is here and plants are getting their Fall colors. Predictions for a very colorful season are right on track, as the previous 18 weeks of drought will contribute to stunning leaf color, as in previous years. Daytime temps are in the 50s and 60s; night temps in the 40s, with frost soon looming and an early Winter closing in, I predict. We still have many large, high-end landscape jobs on the books and I'd like to get them done before the ground freezes and the snows arrive. Spring 2002 is already filled up with landscape jobs and maintenance, so I'm taking Summer 2002 bookings already.
Dire predictions abound about the US Economy, but I haven't seen a sign of it yet in the mid-state region. One lady's postponed her landscape job until Spring 2002, and a furloughed pilot for Northwest Airlines had to cancel $1,500 worth of trees being installed, because he wasn't sure of his economic picture 6-12 months down the road. Otherwise, business as usual.
Last weekend was unbelieveably busy — as the past 5 weeks have been — and I've extended the once-a-year 25% Off Fall Sale into October. Response has been very, very good. I could have used 5 salesmen; instead I had 3 on site — Dad, Ken and me. Wave upon wave of customers descended on the rare, unusual and hard-to-find, year-end remaining offerings we have here, and with the 25% Fall Discount applying to every purchase, we set a one day, Sunday customers-in-a-5hr-period, record. We were running all day long. We also set a one-month gross sales record, for September, in our 11th year: $195,500. Purrrrrr. I don't see the Recession coming, just yet, based upon my upscale customer base. Crunch some more numbers, guys.
For the past few weeks, I've been having "trouble" with my new HP DeskJet 952c Color Printer; it'd work for MS-Works v6, intermittently work with MS-Word 2000 and refuse to work at all with MS-Excel 2000, especially on Fridays when I do payroll. So I'd have to transfer the Excel files on to a Zip and do the calculations in the templates I'd built, at the front counter machines. I downloaded a new 8.2mb driver file from HPs site and installed it on Thursday morning. On a 52kbps dial-up connection, it was a long wait to get the file transferred.
Jeff stopped by my condo Wednesday afternoon around 5pm to help me install a new Intel motherboard and 1Ghz CPU in my home SAG Electronics 933 SCSI machine, as part of a planned upgrade to both home and office units. The hardware installation went just fine; it's now faster than ever. I made some awesome pasta and opened several bottles of great vino, but the Win98 software re-install bogged down several times; we'd forgotten the 20-letter MS code to activate the Win98 CD, so we left it "in limbo" until Thursday. Jeff left for home and Denise, while I fell asleep on the couch with my two cats, and woke up at 1:55am and headed upstairs to bed for the 4:30am alarm. I met Jeff back at my condo around 12noon on Thursday, and we finished the O/S and hardware upgrade installation at 2:30pm. I'm still reloading and re-installing software apps and data files, and will be for several more days. The office unit is next, but we'll wait until things slow down here, probably in December, before doing the same upgrades and going through a major software re-load.

Tuesday, September 11th, 2001.
As a clearer picture of Tuesday, September 11th emerges, it is clear that there is an incredible evil in this world today, and it is not capitalism or a foreign policy that tilts toward Israel or a failure to recognize global warming. This bellicose evil whacks women and children in the name of God and rejects all humane behavior, and the lowlife liberals in America are sucking up to it. They want "to understand it" and "why America is hated by it". The only thing this extremist fundamentalist Islam evil understands is a bullet in the head. And I say we give them two bullets in every one of their empty heads. The Washington Post summarizes the twisted and murky trail of the subhuman Muslim towelhead filth who murdered 7,000 Americans. And there's another good summary here, too.
The case builds against the lowlife, subhuman, murderous, wacko extremist Osama bin Laden. Time to find him and whack him and his entire network.
Here's how the Clintoon criminals compromised the USA's security over 8 horrible years, and repeatedly turned down key intelligence which would have prevented the massacre on September 11th. "Through the dust clouds of September 11 and during the difficult task ahead, one person hovers over the wreckage - and that's Bill Clinton. His legacy gets darker and darker with each passing day".
Aw gee whiz towelheads, you say you're upset about being detained, questioned and arrested? Tough f*cking shit cheese, scumbags. If I had my way, all of you terrorist sympathizers would be put into internment camps and deported as soon as possible.
This article gives some insight into the warped, twisted, demented minds of the world's entire Arab-Muslim-shitfilth-Islam population and why Islam is a rotting, junk religion. It's not surprising that even towelhead filth who are Americans rejoiced when the terrorist attack took place in NYC and DC; those scum should be deported.
Of course we're superior to Islamic filth and the Muslim garbage; no doubt about it that Western civilization is "superior" to Islamic culture. I love Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian people; it's the socialists and communists in the government I despise. Except, now he's wimping out on what he said. Hey Silvio, get a spine.
Yeah sure, I fell victim to a couple of "net hoaxes". Didn't almost everyone?
Lowlife, idiot, scumbag anti-war protestors in DC this weekend? Gimme 10 (7,600lbs each) Hummers with 2ft wide tires, and we'll run over whack flatten all the lowlife, traitorous scumbag punk multi-f*cked-up "world globalization" agenda filth. End of problem, but what a mess to clean up. Yuk. Oh well, not my problem.
To date, authorities have identified only 238 bodies from the scene, and there are 5,960 people still missing. Although forensic scientists expect that DNA tests will identify most of the bodies and remains that are recovered, it is likely that many of the victims' families will never have any physical confirmation of their loved one's death. All bodies were crushed to tiny bits, or incinerated in the 7,000-10,000°F heat generated by the kerosene flight fuel fires.
There are dozens of extremist Muslim groups operating "legally" in the US, as fundraising units for extremist Islamic-Muslim terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hisbollah and others. CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), Muslim Political Action Committee, the Islamic Circle of North America, International Islamic Relief Organization and the Muslim World League, Rabita Trust for the Rehabilitation of Stranded Pakistanis the Islamic Society of North America, all of which are the most important Muslim organizations and extremist scum who support terrorists worldwide. These people must be rounded up, imprisoned and deported, and all assets seized. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary action. Get 'em IRS, FBI and Justice Dept.
It's rare I agree with this left-wing wacko, lib-dem pinko, socialist-commie lowlife, but this time I do, grudgingly. Yuk.
No wonder terrorists and other subhuman filth can easily get on passenger airplanes: 80+% of the baggage screeners are not even US Citizens. Somerthing's very, very wrong here. Time for an imediate change to US Sky Marshalls and other Americans; get the lowlife foreigners outta here.
Another "peace agreement in the Mideast"? Bull-f*cking freaking-shit shit. Am I the only one who knows there'll never be peace in the Mideast? Jeeez, I hope not. Let Israel obliterate the subhuman Arab-Islamic-Muslim terrosists and whomever resists a full and complete peace, and the issue is settled. Clearly defined objectives and obstacles. Easily targetable.
Islam is a truly sick and degenerate religion populated with wacko extremist murderers. It should be eradicated and the 1.2billion lowlifes who "follow it to the death" should also be terminated with extreme prejudice. Nuclear weapons come to mind immediately. Sounds good to me.
Why did Rudy waste his time addressing the socialist-communist lowlife filth at the UN, the other day? This very den of subhuman third world filth is propped up by the US financially and militarily, and attacks us at every turn. We should throw their towelhead asses outta NYC and target the scumbags for extinction, too.
One bit of bright news amid the WTC horror: a cat survived 18 days and was rescued.
Here's a wonderfully unique way to deal with the pig-fearing towelhead Islamic shitfilth: overdose the scum on pork! Ooooo, those diaper-heads have a thin skin, don't they? Pork-sucking Allah lowlife scumbags have no sense of humor.
Read these statements from the lowlife homos, wimps, scumbags, worthless white trash and subhuman minority garbage who are the next up and coming generation, fearfully afraid to defend their Country, mistakenly believeing "other people" are meant to die and they're not. Pathetic, isn't it?
A must read, fellow Conservatives. And you lowlife, pathetic lib-dem scum who lurk here, too.
On Wednesday, this came across the newswires at 1pm: The United States and Britain yesterday called off military strikes against terrorist targets in Afghanistan at the last minute. Washington officials say today that a severe attack of last-minute cold feet by some key Arab members of the coalition caused President Bush to postpone the operation. I couldn't believe that a bunch of lowlife towelhead scumbags were delaying our National vengence and retaliation; what a load of shit! f*ck Screw the Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and Oman diaperheads!! Launch the operations without the pork-sucking lowlifes, W.
"The largest outbreak in history of a highly contagious disease — Haemorrhagic Fever — that causes patients to bleed to death from every orifice was confirmed yesterday on Pakistan's frontier with Afghanistan." Wow, we may not to even fire a shot.
Hmmmm, rampant homoism and pedophilia in Islamic cultures; that might explain why Arabs in general, and men in particular, are so f*cked up screwed up, angry and fanatical about the gutter religion, Islam.

Scary Stuff.
Back in January of '99, I predicted a terrorist attack on NYC at the World Trade Center Buildings, although with a small thermonuclear weapon; I'm glad I was wrong about that part of it. After working there for 17 years, it seemed a "logical" target for wacko extremists, though I had no idea it would ever come true, as it sadly did on September 11th, 2001.
Take the estimated four to seven million Muslims in the USA. At one end, and clearly this constitutes the majority, you have the peaceful Muslim family living down the street that obeys our laws, pays their taxes and are proud to be Americans. Since September 11th, we have learned that, while we were asleep in this country — with our borders wide open, giving high-technology to our enemies — an unknown number of terrorists also have set up shop in America, along with their supporters, sympathizers, apologists and funders. There are many thousands of Muslim extremists loose in the US and Europe, not just 14 pilots.
Take a deep breath. Of the world's approximately 1.2 billion Muslims, an estimated 10 to 15 percent are of the militant "Islamist" strain. Do the math — that's well over 100 million human beings who, to a greater or lesser degree, are caught up with what amounts to the world's most dangerous cult. When the US attacks the Muslim extremists in the Middle East, tens of thousands will rise up and commit murder and mayhem on a scale we've never seen before, worldwide. The USA will be a target everywhere, especially on our homeland. We American Citizens will have to whack thousands of wacko Islamic extremists, who will be bombing, sabotaging, shooting, robbing, raping every American they come into contact with. It'll make the hellishly-bloody, US Civil War (oxymoronic) pale in comparison.
Think I'm kidding? Wish I was, but I'm not. Here's an article on the Islamic fanatics' "jihad terror manual" detailing how to whack "infidels" and take the war to the USA. The day is coming, and soon, when guerrilla warfare will wrack the American streets and cities, and we'll be Killing wholesale, possibly every Middle Eastern person we see. They'll be bringing the war to us, and we'll have to whack them all to survive.
I also greatly suspect fear that a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) — either biological, chemical or nuclear — will be detonated on the Left Coast in several cities, and the deadly fallout will be carried across the US heartland to the east, Killing millions of innocents. The US must find these extremists and whack them, anywhere they hide.
Locating and finding these wacko fanatics, and bringing them to "justice" isn't the answer; we'll have to whack them on a scale not done before in our history. As we rid the world of one, a hundred will step in to replace him; as we whack that hundred, a thousand will step up to the plate. There'll be millions to whack; internment camps won't be the answer, either. This is how sick, twisted, perverted and demented about the trash religion Islam these wacko fanatics are: setting 3 dogs on fire to represent their 3 enemies — Burhunnadin Rabbani, the ousted Afghan president, Zahir Shah, the exiled king, and George W. Bush, President of the United States. These Those All towelhead fanatics need Killing.

The Clintoon Scumbags.
What a guy. More than 6,000 people die to terrorism, and Bill Clinton still thinks it's all about him. The disgraced, impeached, lying lowlife ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon didn't get the "defining moment" in his pathetic presidency, but he did get Monica and lied to the Nation and US Legal System on numerous occasions. That's his dirty and sullied legacy. Rot in Hell, Bubba, you lowlife scumbag.
Lowlife scumbag that he was and still is, Clintoon was so preoccupied with the Monica whore that he dropped the ball on his responsibilities as The Liar-In-Chief. Natch; now we're paying dearly for what Clintoon did and didn't do. His Dept of InJustice blocked the law enforcement agencies at every turn. Time to root out the Clintoon holdovers, prosecute them and imprison them for sedition and treason.
Finally, the perjuring lying scumbag impeached and disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is disbarred from practising before the US Supreme Court, as he is from practising law in Arkansas, for perjury and suborning of perjury. In April, Clinton’s Arkansas law license was suspended for five years and he paid a $25,000 fine. Billy-Bob Clinton became the first sitting President in U.S. history to face disbarment. Natch, the lowlife lying scumbag pervert is gonna contest the US Supreme Court suspension. shit Heck, the Liar-In-Chief and First Bitch Criminal — that's Bubba Jeffy & Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, to you in Rio Linda and Palm Beach Counties — still owe $6-7mm in legal fees from their 8 infamous and ignominius years in The White House, which they can't won't repay.
You'll be hearing a lot more about TWA Flight 800 being shot down by terrorists, the FBI-NTSB-CIA-Dept of InJustice cover-up and Clintoon's and GoreBore's cash payments from the terrified airline industry. It's a scandal of bone-chilling proportions — I've been pointing to it for years and years since '96 — and will come out in its totality with far reaching consequences for all involved. Hmmmm, the Russians just had one shot down, too, but this one wasn't covered-up and squelched.

Liberal democRAT Criminal Slime.
I truly can't believe that everyone's dropped the twisted, perverted, demented, deviate Gary Condit story. Everyone has, it seems. Kinda like BJ Clintoon bombing the Sudanese aspirin factory and some camels near abandoned tents, Condidit skated, like Bubba, right off the front pages and out of the (s)limelight
Bobby "Gimme Lotsa Illegal Cash and Whoredog Women" Torricelli, US Sen D-NJ, is a liar, lowlife and criminal. Hmmmm, that's why the FBI is investigating the criminal scumbag.
Oh God! AlGoreBoreJrWhoreSlimeFilthScumbag is back in Iowa. Pathetic stuff.

Subhuman Filth and Other assorted Lowlifes.
Good, maybe this lowlife Stone Whore will die, finally, and start the mass exodus of lowlife, lib-democRAT, white trash filth from Los Angeles. Give it and California back to the subhuman garbage. Or, close the borders and deport the human debris. Likewise, this two-dollar, talentless Lopez whore; send the slut back to where she came from. Sure, ask me.
I've said for years that malicious hackers should be imprisoned fpr 3-5 years when caught; now here's a bill that would do that and increase the government's power in wartime. I'm for it.
Oh gee whiz, Donald "The Trump-A-Dump" and Debrah Harry "The Blondie Whoredog Heroin Addict & Prostitute" flee because someone at The Friars Club Roast tells the truth about those two lowlifes? Sniffle, sniffle, moron scumbag degenerate filth. No sympathy here, white trash shitscum. Trump-A-Dump's orange hair and Harry's overly-busy cunt? Yet, both true.
Imagine this: lowlife subhuman garbage liberal homo filth apologizing for America's success? A bad wet dream, you ask? Nah, rather a bunch of worthless life lived lowlifes feeling The Blues, at not being worth a damn in their pathetically drawn-out lifetimes; shoulda died from AIDS, gunfire, drug ODs, domestic violence, stupid minor crimes et al. The World woulda been better-off without their deviant presence; I'd agree to wholesale abortion on their individual or collective cases. Lib-dem filth, all.
The lowlife race-baiting, misery-profiteering, lying scumbag Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum is meddling again; as I said last week, he's a idiot, no other word for it. Where's James Earl Ray when the Nation really needs him?
Here's another piece of shit idiot, no other word for it, race-baiting, misery-profiteering Irrev Fat Al "Interloper White Jew Scum" Sharp-scum, who claims that "Bozo The Clown could have done what NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani did" in uniting the city after the terrorist attack. Where's James Earl Ray when the Nation really, really, really needs him?

No Other Place To Put It.
Jeeez, get this 98 year old man, Strom Thurmond, into a f*cking freaking nursing home, and outta the US Senate. I don't care what his party is, he's way too damned old to even be walking around, let alone sitting in a legialative capacity. he can't understand anything that's going on and he's passing out all the time. Quick, someone change that Senate-issed Depends® before it leaks.

Murderers Deserve Death.
Without exception or regard to race or religion, all subhuman murdererous filth should be executed. This bullshit about "life in prison without parole" is just that: bullshit. The victim is still dead and gets no second chance at life; the victim's family and friends continue their grievance at the horrible loss, and the f*cking lowlife piece of shit murderer gets to live. Unfair? f*cking Grossly unfair.

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