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Friday, October 6, 2000

it's taken some time for me to finally figure out that there's very little — in fact, there's nothing I can do — about the outcome of the General Election 2000 in a few weeks, except vote my choice on November 7th. And I shall do that, as I've done in the recent losing efforts in '92 (Bush Sr) and '96 (Dole). All the diatribes, screeds, ranting and raving, denigration, teeth-gnashing, screaming, hair-pulling, huffing and puffing, whining and carrying-on in my Journal entries won't change a damn thing. (Perhaps it all makes for interesting reading, perhaps not; anyway, it feels good to let it out.) And neither will Rush's daily radio show and occasional emails of encouragement to me. Global forces and events, much larger than you and I and all of us combined, are now in motion and controlling the players and situations in the political arena. We're just spectators, not participants. Since the popular vote, which we as citizens participate in, matters not at all, the electoral vote is now all but decided by nameless and faceless people who shouldn't even be involved in the corrupt process. No, I don't have a clue, but I have a sickly feeling about it already. I hope I'm wrong. This Nation and its People can't endure four more years of the embarrassment of the Clintoonista Criminals or the GoreBore Liars. The Nation's moral fabric is stretched to its limit; something's gotta give. And something will give if we don't get rid of the left wing wacko, socialist, commie, lib-dem filth.

Around The Garden Center.
The Amish construction company from Lancaster, PA, who was contracted to recover my one 50ft x 100ft Main Retail Greenhouse and six 30ft x 100ft Production Greenhouses with new poly (plastic), is still AWOL; they're bogged down on another job, due to rain delays and personnel problems. The foreman called over the weekend to let me know they should be in next week to get started. We'll see. I've got almost $6,000 in 6-mil poly and wood furring strips sitting around collecting dust. I don't have a problem with people being late, as long as they call and let me know what's happening.
Last weekend was a zoo. The once a year 25% Off Fall Nursery Stock Sale brought hundreds of people in to get their trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses etc, and especially people looking for large — 3-5" caliper, 16-20ft trees — now that Fall is here. I had several landscape meetings at customer's homes both Saturday and Sunday, so I was swamped with helping other Garden Center visitors each time I returned from a different off-site meeting.
Although I'm more partial to cats, here's a story that brought a smile to my face. Those firefighters are the heroes of the week and I'd buy dinner for all 100 of them in a heartbeat for saving those little puppies. Kudos, guys.
Gas has jumped from $1.56.9 to $1.59.9 in just a short week; it cost me $33.00 to fill-up the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD with 22.64gal (89 oct). With the sudden and dramatic drop in temps over the past two weeks, home heating oil delivery trucks can be seen making deliveries everywhere. I sure hope some of those folks were smart enough to "lock in" their Winter fuel prices when they had the opportunity.
The interNet Economy crashing soon? That's what some idiot is predicting, but I'm not rushing out and selling off my portfolio anytime soon. Hell, since the early 90s, some moron has predicted that dire scenario at least twice yearly. I've been on the Net since November '95 and have been stock trading since early '97; all the junk companies are dropping off and going belly-up. The quality outfits will be around a long time. Just ignore the morons who are naysayers; it ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
On Tuesday, a lady reporter for The York Daily Record stopped by the Garden Center and interviewed me for a rather lengthy story on prepping gardens for the coming Winter. I covered a lot of ground; she wrote furiously. The photographer arrived Thursday and we set-up numerous pictures illustrating how to dig, divide and replant perennials, deadhead perennials, collect seed, houseplant care, winterizing container gardens and many other chores needing attention in the Fall. It's scheduled for the York Sunday News edition and if a copy is posted on their website, I'll grab it and post it here next week.
Sure, I watched the 1st Presidential Debate on Tuesday evening — the last 30 mins anyway — and fell asleep twice en route to considering it a draw. AlGoreBore was his usual lowlife liberal tax and spend self, wanting Big Government to do everything for everyone. GW Bush didn't screw up and got his points about less government interference across nicely.
Here's an eye-opener: why the US Senate democRATS didn't want AlGoreBore as president if Clintoon was impeached, and voted to keep a wounded Bubba rather than let the radical GoreBore in for a possible 10 years. It gives me pause; it should you, too.
The calls are coming in hot and heavy: "why are my pines (Eastern White, Pinus strobus) turning yellow and dying? Do they need fertilizer?" The answer is NO, they aren't and don't. They're going through their cyclical needle cast", as all evergreens/ conifers do in either Fall or Spring. Like a snake shedding its skin, or aa woman menstruating. Very natural. First the white pines, next the Norway and Colorado Spruces, then the Canadian Hemlocks and Doug Firs. I'm getting close to 100 calls a week now; as has happened for the past 10 years. Probably the same people each year. Maybe it's time for me to write another ad and explain it to people who are concerned.
Still no sign of the Amish work crew who is supposed to recover my seven large greenhouses this Fall. They must still be "stuck" in Lancaster on the previous job. I'll look for them next week.
I took Thursday off, slept in through the thunderstorms, did some long overdue errands, cleaned-out the garage so I can get the Jeep in this Winter, transferred boxes of documents and hardware from the office to my basement for storage, and finished a couple of projects around the condo.

Chores In The Garden.
Finally, it's Fall and here's a "list of things to do" in your garden(s) this month:
»Start Fall compost pile,
»Plant Winter- and Spring-flowering bulbs,
»Divide and replant crowded Fall-blooming bulbs after leaves yellow,
»Buy Winter- and Spring-blooming bulbs,
»Plant container and balled-and-burlapped fruit trees,
»Plant permanent ground covers,
»Cut back on feeding houseplants (do not feed dormant houseplants),
»Plant and aerate lawns and loosen thatch,
»Sow seeds for frost-tolerant perennials,
»Divide and replant Summer- and Fall-blooming perennials after bloom,
»Plant container roses,
»Protect roses for Winter,
»Plant container and balled-and-burlapped trees, shrubs, and vines,
»Plant Summer-blooming shrubs and vines,
»Plant frost-tolerant trees,
»Plant needle-leafed evergreens.

Stupid People.
I would like to think that we'll never hear anymore about all the lawsuits filed by idiotic people who have been burned by coffee, but I can't help but think that there will never be a definitive statement that will be emphatic enough to speak to those who find the lure of claiming a big settlement from a beleaguered food service industry just too tempting to resist. I'm sure you've heard these stories, but they're worth repeating.
Back in 1995, Mr. Lane Holmes pulled into the Turtle Stop in Las Vegas, Nevada to buy a cup of coffee. When he got back into his car, the cup somehow crimped and the coffee seeped out over Holmes's fingers. The remainder of the coffee was then spilled on his leg, which caused second-degree burns.
True to the politically correct form of no situation ever being too ridiculous or embarrassing to translate into litigation, Holmes sued the Turtle Stop for having the nerve to make their coffee hot; H&O Foods, which is the supplier of the restaurant's coffee brewing equipment; and the Wilbur Curtis Company, which is the manufacturer of both the disposable coffee cups and the brewing equipment used by the Turtle Stop. The contention in the latter's inclusion in the lawsuit was that the coffee cups should have had a label posted on them, warning an unwary consumer that the beverage therein might cause injury if spilled.
Mr. Holmes's lowlife ambulance-chasing lawyer, Algimantas Bruzas, stated that the company had a "duty" to have a warning label printed on their cups. "Even though the plaintiff testified the coffee was hot and he saw steam, it doesn't mean he was aware of or warned that he could suffer second-degree burns," said Bruzas, and added that the danger of being burned by the coffee "was not obvious" to his client.
You'd like to think, wouldn't you, that Holmes would have heard that statement and thought to himself, "Whoa....Wait....My lawyer is making me sound like a complete idiot. I'd better drop this whole thing and apologize to the court for wasting everybody's time and taxpayer money with all this nonsense."
Holmes apparently didn't think that because his lawsuit progressed until District Court Judge Gene Porter made a pre-trial summary judgment against him, making the exasperated statement that "the danger [in a disposable cup of steaming coffee] is open and obvious." He also added that if warning labels were required to be placed upon coffee cups, they'd also have to be placed on such items as eating utensils.
This ruling didn't phase the Holmes idiot or the Bruzas moron one bit: they continued bloody but unbowed on their quest for the Unholy Styrofoam Grail and appealed Judge Porter's decision to the Nevada Supreme Court. The Supreme Court summarily dismissed the case in July 2000 and ruled that it would not require restaurants to print warning labels on coffee cups.
If I lived closer to Nevada, I'd gather Judge Porter and the members of the Nevada Supreme Court together and take them all out for a cup of coffee to thank them for their good sense and for not allowing the politically correct notions of, 1) no one's ever being responsible for his own actions; and that 2) accidents are always somebody's fault to be decently laid to rest, in their state at least. I'd even be willing to spring for a piece of pie each. I could eat my own pie with a clear conscience, secure in the knowledge that there would be no need to lean across the table to snatch a fork out of an august hand and admonish, "Don't you know that if you poke yourself with those tines it could make you BLEED?"
The Las Vegas Sun paralleled Holmes's lawsuit to the one filed in New Mexico by octogenarian Stella Liebeck, the unfortunate lady who burned herself when she pulled the lid off the cup of coffee that she held clamped between her knees as she pulled away from a McDonald's drive-thru window. Mrs. Lieback was originally awarded a $10 million judgment, but this amount was later reduced to $2 million and the McDonald's Corporation settled with Mrs. Liebeck out of court for $480,000. McDonald's now posts warning labels on their cups to warn customers that the beverage inside is HOT and poses a burn hazard.
Both of these cases beg this question: If you don't have enough sense to know that steaming coffee can burn you, should you even be allowed to drink it? Instead of putting warning labels on the coffee cups, I think that the people themselves should be required to wear labels: "Warning! I am a filer of frivolous lawsuits. I do not want to take responsibility for my own actions, and I refuse to admit that accidents can happen. Do not give me anything that is hot, sharp, or capable of breaking the crowns on my back teeth or I'm liable to sue."
I admit that this is a somewhat lengthy slogan to print on a label, so I'd like to propose an alternative, along the lines of The Scarlet Letter. Hester Prynne had to wear a letter A embroidered on her bodice so that everyone would know that she was an adulteress; I suggest that all litigation-happy citizens should be monogrammed with the letter D, to stand for the word "Dumb-shit-head". I personally prefer this term the more politically correct term "intellectually challenged."
It's either this or all the rest of us have to look forward to is a country that is completely plastered with warnings. A simple trip to the local park could be fraught with wary advice on all sides: the picnic basket bears the label "Warning! Do not slam lid on fingers!" The ham sandwiches come with their own tiny stickers to alert you to the dangers of not chewing each bite one hundred times: choking can be hazardous to your health. There's even a little picket stuck in the turf to remind you that grass cuttings and wildflowers are a common allergen and often harbor biting, stinging insects: the park cannot be held responsible for an anaphylactic allergic reaction caused by a careless bee sting. Is this what it will take to nudge the intellectually and morally lazy into taking some personal responsibility?
I don't think that the ACLU will allow us to monogram stupid people so that the rest of us can stay away from them and thus avoid being drawn into their vortex of punitive legislation. And the sheer effort it would take to get every manufacturer in the United States and abroad to label every single product they produce with sufficient warnings to alert even the most relentlessly thickheaded to every danger they might encounter in, say, a bottle of soda pop ("Warning! Do not shake this container and then point it at your face while opening. Didn't your mother ever tell you that you could lose an eye doing something like that?") makes me want to take to the couch with a migraine. All we can do is put our trust in the common sense of people like Judge Porter and the esteemed members of the Nevada Supreme Court and hope that the liberal-thinking java drinkers of the nation will finally concede that coffee can cause painful burns.
With luck, they'll probably just move on to drinking hot chocolate and choke to death on the floating marshmallows. And good riddance, liberal scumbags.

You'd think that with her ability to raise millions for the campaign and con others for a private plane ride, Hitlery Rodman Clintoon wouldn't try to defraud the US Taxpayer — that's you and I — out of over $300k so far for political airplane rides for her pathetic NY State Senate run. But she has. Tsk, tsk, stupid us. Here, get some relief: BITCH SLAP HILLARY!
It's amazing and scary how politicized the once-vaunted and awesome FBI has become under Clintoonism; they're untrustworthy and on a mission to destroy any and all opposition to the Gummint's agenda. Instead of getting to the job of solving a crime and ridding society of another piece of shit criminal, they actively "re-make the crime" to suit the ending event, nicely coinciding with Clintoon-ism and/or Reno-ism. Same entity, actually.
And why is it every time AlGoreBore opens his filthy, boring lib-dem mouth, another lie emanates forth? Two, last week alone. Here's the GoreBoreLiar resume; impressive? And now he's trying to explain the lies, but digs himself in deeper.
The new RU486 Abortion Pill pretty much negates Roe v Wade now, but the fight to replace liberal US Supreme Court Justices will continue. I wonder what the mortality rate will be with the pill versus a physical medical abortion? We'll soon know.
Here's the evidence proving AlGoreBore is Big Oil, and not a "protector of the people", as he's claimed all along. There's 3 or 4 more lies in this evidence alone. Again, tsk, tsk, stupid us for believing him.
Remember the scene in Little Havana in April? Jackbooted US Gov't INS stormtroopers smashing into a private residence and kidnapping the 6-year old Cuban kid refugee? I love it: the Miami family's suing the Clinton scum and Reno slime and the Miami-US Gov't for egregious violation of the Fourth Amendment, plus lots of punitive damages. I hope the courts give those people hundreds of millions and find all Gov't people and entities fully liable.
Well, here we are more dependent upon foreign oil than ever before in our Nation's history, and the GoreBoreLiar wants it to stay that way. Bush doesn't and knows there's more oil and gas in Alaska than in Saudi Arabia. Time to open up Alaska to responsible exploration and drilling. f*ck GoreBore and the lib-dem slime.
The extremist homo filth is still trying to punish the Boy Scouts of America for doing the right thing in keeping human homo garbage out of Scouting. I and millions of other Americans are ready to write checks to supplant the cowardly United Way and other corporations and municipalities funding. The fags don't realize that soon they'll awaken a sleeping giant in America and the backlash against homo slime will be swift, horrific and deadly.
And speaking of extremist "PC" shit scum: injun-scum and illegal aliens have almost whacked Denver's Columbus Day Parade, by calling him a racist and murderer. How the f*ck does that scum know? Answer: they don't; in fact, none of the slime can even find their own asses with both hands, without gov't help. They're welfare filth, both the injuns-redskin-scum and the illegal aliens. If I was an Italian-American in Denver, the parade would go on and anyone who gets in the way winds up floating face down in the nearest river.
To say that the democRATS have an edge in perceived moral values is absurd; only a lib-dem rag like the WashedOut Post or the NewYorkSlimes would venture an idiotic statement like that, and the Post did. Even adding Joe "not such a pious Jew" Lie-berman to the ticket exposed his hypocrisy and two-faced statements on many issues he was once thought to be solid on. He's a liar too, like AlGoreBore. The democRATS are the very party of hypocrisy and lies.
Are we better off today than we were eight years ago? I think not. Definitely not.
Good riddance to the moron, Joe Lockhardt, the fat lardass lying shill, aka White House Press Secretary, for Bubba Clintoonista. For two years, this scumbag has lied, stonewalled and denigrated honest people to protect the Liar-Rapist-Cokehead-Draftdodger In Chief. I'd rather see him get AIDS and die a slow death as punishment for his criminal activity.
Speaking of fat, sutpid lardasses, the so-called Energy Sec'y Bill Richardson-of-a-bitch fatally compromised the FBIs investigation of that traitor Wen Ho Lee, by publicly disclosing his name to a mainstream reporter, to lessen the political fallout. Typical of the Clintoonista traitors, who all should be in prison.

Government Intrusion.
It started with legislation against so-called Big Tobacco, and then progressed to MicroSoft antitrust persecution, the Gun Industry and now the Automobile Industry. In each instance, it's a person's choice to use or own one of the products, leading one to take responsibility for one's actions. Instead, liberal whiners and bed wetters have led the way in attacking each of the industries' on the financial liability of multi-state class action lawsuits.
Idiots from the Dept of InJustice parade into US Courts all year long at US Taxpayer's — that's you and I — expense to present evidence to criminalize each industry and occasionally, the end-user smokers or owners.
Yet it has never been clearer that antitrust is exactly what the libertarians and Austrian School economists have always claimed: a political weapon that accomplishes no social good and imposes much social harm. Exhibit A is, of course, the absurd Microsoft case, in which the government is attacking a wonderful company on technical issues now two years out of date. It was a revolting display to see the bureaucrats at the Justice Department cheer so-called Judge Jackson's decision. Many of these people didn't even know how to navigate the Web 12 months ago, and now they are making decisions for millions of consumers and threatening to smash the company that democratized information. The government, driven by power-lust and fueled by the envy of Microsoft's competitors, is happy to jam a crowbar into the wheel of commerce.
Just as revealing, however, is another antitrust case that has been ignored. The same state officials who have caused so many headaches for the tobacco industry and the software industry are considering a frontal assault on the gun industry. The twist is that the newest issue isn't liability for violence inflicted (but not prevented) by guns. States are now seeking to prove that the gun industry itself is a cartel that needs to be broken up. The reason is that antitrust is applied selectively to those industries and firms deemed to be threats to the Clinton regime. As with all economic regulation, it is passed and used by political interests to effect a certain political result.
Our tax dollars at work. And if AlGoreBore gets elected president, the trial lawyers will get the lion's share of those dollars. It'll be litigation instead of legislation.

Junk, shit & shit Dep't.
Good riddance, Pierre Trudeau, the lowlife commie-socialist-liberal scumbag has finally expired. No loss; he's the moron who singlehandedly destroyed Canada and created a split unhealed today. With a small bit of help from his two-dollar whore wife, Margaret, who was singlehandedly f*cked by most of the 60s & 70s Rock 'N Roll Community.
Think cell phones in vehicles cause accidents and deaths? Just wait 'til cars and SUVs and trucks get fully wired; you ain't seen nothing yet. It'll be slaughter on the roads on a scale we've not imagined.
If the US InJustice Dept can't get him, maybe cancer can. Good riddance, John Gotti, you scumbag.
And good riddance to the hook-nosed lib-dem slut whore, Babs "BS" Streisand, or whatever the hagged-out old dyke's name is, this month.
Another worthless dyke bitch scumbagette who can't handle fame or fortune, Whitney Houston and her lowlife hubby should get adjoining cells in doper's prison.
Jeeeez, I hate racists. But the racists are at it again: calling a tanned Mr Potato Head statue a "idiot". Can you imagine that? I thought he looked like the racist bigot Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, that loud-mouthed scumbag from NYC. A pretty darned good likeness, if you ask me.
Peace in the Middle East? Nope, it'll take a tactical nuclear war to establish the Jew's or Arab's dominance over the opposing religion, and there will never, never, never be peace in anyone's lifetime. Too much water under the proverbial bridge.
Why should the generation be any different than us Baby Boomers were in the 60s a& 70s? Nope, they shouldn't.
If parents aren't responsible for their children's action, then who is? Apparently, Clintoonism has pervaded the cowardly parents of Columbine High School whacker Dylan Klebold. They have asked a judge to throw out a lawsuit filed against them by families of victims, saying they are not to blame for their son’s actions. What a crock of shit.
Jeeeez, here we go again: our idiot Gummint in Washington wants to add 50 million people to the Net so they can become literate and rich and advance their miserable lives. Close "the digital divide". Huh? The way that's done is through education and working at a job, not through surfing the f*cking Net. What the hell's wrong with this socialist, commie, lib-dem, left-wing wacko shitscum Gummint in DC? They're more f*cked-up than I thought. The Net isn't gonna make any of that happen. Hard work and education does. The stupid moron Bubba Clintoon thinks the Net will make all the ghetto rats rich and smart. It's just another Gummint giveaway, at Taxpayer's — that you and I — expense on the Federal Tit. Would someone please bitch-slap all those morons in DC for me? Thanks, I feel better now.
I'd have to agree, after watching only a few of the so-called Olympic events: the Americans acted like morons. it made me ashamed that those punks were from the USA.
Proving once again that Sodomy Insane (Saddam Hussein) is a f*cking psycho, he had the 336,000 word Koran written in his own blood. More likely it was his victims' blood; little children starving to death from his idiotic actions of not allowing UN inspections for weapons of mass destruction.
More blacks and hispanics getting AIDS than homos? Too bad, more fag filth should be dying from that disease since they introduced it to the world 20-plus years ago. Misery and death should be equally divided between all the human garbage.
I used to think New York State was a sophisticated place; I worked in Midtown Manhattan for 17 years, once upon a time. But with Hitlery Rodman Clintoonista running for NY Senator — and the stupid f*cking residents giving that arrogant bitch the lead over Lazio — I'd have to reconsider that position. Now, fat stupid lardass race-baiting bigot Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum wants to be mayor, so I'll definitely never ever go back to visit the Rotten Apple. Never.

Zap The Subhuman Filth.
Executing five employees in a car wash just because he was fired certainly merits the death penalty. But why is the scumbag only charged with three murders when he whacked all five?
Another egregious example of the f*cked-up lib-dem "PC" shit: a murderer's death sentence overturned because a psychologist told the jury during the punishment phase that the defendant's race could indicate a propensity for violence. Well, f*cking A! That's so damned true it flies in the face of liberal stupidity. Blacks and hispanics are far more likely to commit violent crimes, and the prisons are filled with them as proof. C'mon lib-dem slime: refute the facts.
Hell, I'm bummed: it's been a slow week for executions. With 3,700 pieces of subhuman shit sitting on death Row, you'd think they could free up a couple and terminate the filth. Hopefully, we'll get a double or triple execution next week. To me, a week without a good lethal injection is like starting a day without gourmet French Roast coffee.

Tempus Fugit: Time Flies.
Take a few moments to explore this beautiful exhibit from the Nelson-Atkins Musuem of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, and you'll be rewarded with a in-depth view of the interconnectedness of time and art. Browse the illustrated 20th-century timeline, featuring the work of noted artists such as Pierre Dumont, Edward Hopper, and Mark Rothko, or just travel the seven continents investigating different cultural views of time. Either way, the art is both beautiful and beautifully presented, and the curators' notes are detailed and thought-provoking. Make sure you catch this collection before time runs out.


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