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Friday, September 18, 1998

there's a good chance that we, as a Nation, will soon be caught up in a series of impeachment hearings and the economy will begin to take a dive. A dark day in our Nation's short history. Does Watergate '73-'74 ring any bells? Does for me. It was a very uncertain time. All this courtesy of Slick Willie The Bubba and Hitlery, of course. Although they deny any wrongdoing — if it ain't eating, it ain't cheating — it is truly their collective fault and representative of their lack of morals, ethics and willpower. The Independent Counsel's Report detailed his crimes of perjury, obstruction and tampering; then the lying White House scumbag lawyers tried to deny the facts. But the Clintonite crimes are obvious to anyone with a fleck of common sense. Except to deny and lie to us again, what can Clinton say when he's caught with his willy exposed, in front of the world? The national assessment of his fitness to remain in office now begins in earnest. I emailed my state stooges in Washington, DC, and voted in no uncertain terms. I vote NO: throw the bum out!

Who Cares?
The rest of the world doesn't understand that this whole moral morass isn't about sex. It's about the crimes of perjury, obstruction of justice and tampering with witnesses. Plain and simple. The sex problems and long history of infidelity that Clinton has are his and Hitlery's in-house nightmare; his penchant for lying is ours (collectively speaking) as a Nation.
As far as the international community is concerned, many have written him off and all but buried the corpse. Since he's now internationally known as a liar, who in their right mind would even want to deal with Clinton, let alone trust him to keep his word. I wouldn't.
"We know no spectacle so ridiculous as the American public in one of its periodic fits of morality." was the way one European editorial phrased it. Others claimed America had lost its pride and respect, and couldn't lead the world anymore until Clinton resigned. Still another opined, "It telescopes two previously separate universes of sexual intimacy and the constitutional order - affairs of the flesh and of state wind up under the same sheets". Sage observations, all. The Europeans just don't understand the Law and put sex above all else. That's why America will always be a morality-based nation and culture; Europe is mere moral trash.
It's difficult to believe that there are so many amoral morons on this side of the pond who aren't angry at what Clinton did to this Nation. Bubba is a lying scumbag; Rep Dan Burton (R-Indiana) certainly had it right the first time. Apparently, others are outraged, too; some of them will sit in judgment of Clinton and hopefully, do the right thing.
Here's a garbagew heap of ignorant morons who support the lying Clinton bastard. Just shows the world where their morals and sense of responsibility and law is at.

So What?
I admire Clinton's lawyers' tenacity and chuzpah, but their motives are evil: protect the lying Clinton scumbag from self-destructing — with more lies and manipulation of US Law. They've also claimed that he didn't perjure himself, but if he did it wouldn't be an impeachable offense. Huh? Isn't perjury a criminal offense for us mere citizens? Then it should be for Clinton, too.
Clinton's lead lawyer, David shit-for-brains Kendall is the moron responsible for the lying, doubletalk legalese shit that Bubba's been spouting for the past four years. Kendall should be disbarred and jailed for his conspiratorial policies, rather than let Clinton tell the truth.
Clinton brought this entire situation down upon his own head. He and Hitlery have an Agreement-Arrangement: he gets to play, she doesn't care — as long as she goes for the ride, too. She'll do anything to save him from himself, including invent vast right wing conspiracies and Arkansas haters as the convenient enemies of her lowlife husband.
Both Clintonites — Bubba and Hitlery — play the victim role very well. Their attack dog lawyers also do their jobs well, but for all the wrong reasons. The very idea of a easily re-directable, non-stop legal offense is inspiring in its audacity: when attacked, go on the offense. The once liberal and very supportive Press has also turned against Clinton and is having trouble dealing with the reality of the revelations since the arrogant non-apology of August 14th. They continue to squirm.
Polls both worry and scare me. No real meaning can be attached to anyone ever taken; yet the data is rolled out as absolute fact and, by God, we'd all better believe it. Coming from a marketing background as I did, surveys, focus groups and intercepts were the three modus operandi for the advertising crowd. I just saw an NBC-TV live people survey where it was split between liberals and democrats who didn't give a flying shit, and those with ethics, morality, responsibility and a backbone who were angry at the lies and other crimes. The angry crowd make good interviewees. The so what crowd has a rude surprise coming since they'll be in a smaller-than-usual minority this time through the gates. There's no traction for Clinton on this issue anymore. His past has finally caught up with him. Clinton is doomed.
Once again, the amoral, immoral and just plain f*cked up American Voter speaks his/her mindless thoughts: oh golly, we don't really care if Bill's committed crimes, justdon't get rid of Bubba; he's our meal ticket and hero. These must be the very same scumbags who voted the criminal Clintonites in for '92 & '96. Can't these stupid f*cking people read? It's in plain language in Starr's Report. Crimes. Those Clinton loving morons are as corrupt as the Clintonoids and deserve a piece of shit like Clinton; the rest of law abiding America doesn't. I'd really appreciate meeting some of the lowlife scumbags who say Clinton did no legal wrong; that it was all politically motivated and that he should stay in office. I'd rip their f*cking heads off and shove them up their asses so far, that they'd fart when they burp.
As of Monday, the major media polls looked like this: An NBC poll showed that Clinton’s job-approval rating actually rose slightly, to 67 percent, in the immediate aftermath of the release of Starr’s report. And 66 percent of respondents feel he should serve out his term. But 60 percent said Congress should go forward with its investigation. The findings echo those of other surveys. A CNN/Gallup poll conducted Friday, after the independent counsel’s report appeared on the Internet, said 62 percent of the 631 adults surveyed approved of the way Clinton was doing his job, a rise of 2 percentage points from Thursday. In the latest poll by Newsweek, Clinton’s job approval rating stood unchanged at 61 percent and 50 percent of respondents said despite the sex scandal he was still up to the job of leading the country. An ABC News poll of 510 adults on Friday showed that 56 percent approved of Clinton’s performance in the White House, down one point from a survey taken two days before. And a CBS poll conducted after the release of Starr’s report found that a majority — 56 percent — believe that Clinton should be subjected to some sort of censure or official rebuke.
Clinton has stated that he'll never resign the presidency. The impeachment hearings are going to waste a lot of our time and our money. The honorable thing for him to do is to commit suicide and be hauled out in a body bag. Ditto for the Hitlery bitch. That's how the Japanese and Germans handle it in an honorable fashion. I'd vote for that choice. But then, Clinton never did anything honorable in his pathetic life.
Even the shit-for-brains AlGore doesn't know what to make of all this. He's keeping a safe distance from Clinton; political shit seems to rub off and stain one's official, pink lib-dem undies. Al already has skidmarks in his BVDs, according to Tipper.
At least the Nation's newspapers aren't afraid to call a piece of shit, a piece of shit. Here's a list of those who call for Clinton's resignation, joining the chorus of millions of citizens who are morally responsible.
Net, net: polls don't mean shit. What counts is the Rule of Law. The House Judiciary Committee must do their job since evidence of multiple crimes are present and will be proven during the Hearings.

Reading The Sad Details.
Like many millions of other Americans, I've spent the past several days reading The Starr Report and am sorely disgusted by Clinton's actions with a girl his own daughter's age.
Diddling a younger woman isn't the impeachable offense — many middle aged men do that to temporarily reclaim their youth — the impeachable offenses are the several instances of perjury, suborning or perjury, coverup, obstruction of justice and tampering with witnesses in a criminal investigation. Civil matters don't really count. These areas are very, very black and white; not much room for debate here.
But diddling and dumping Monica the psycho cost Clinton dearly, as the Nation will see in the coming months.
Although I've disliked Clinton and his liberal policies since day one, and did not vote for him in either '92 or '96, I would have forgiven him back in January if he'd have told the simple truth. It's way past that point now and much, much too late for any kind of reconciliation. He has to go.
As if it'll do any good or even f*cking matters, Bubba brought in some sleazy, lowlife adulterous religious fanatics to help deflect some of the shit he's taking. It's all a scam, designed to influence public opinion and help him keep his job. No substance; all form.
It's all George Wallace's fault that we have Clinton to deal with. At least Wallace won't do that to us again.

Stupid Medicine, Continued.
I've railed against these supposed cures before: a study is done with lab mice and immediately it's extrapolated into a cure-all for humans. After the initial story is released, millions of people run for the stores to buy such shit as green sand enemas, parrot piss nasal drops, cow shit cereal ... well, someone makes millions and lots of people continue to be disappointed and bilked out of their monies.
The latest scam is about tea curing all kinds of cancer and why everyone should include it in their regimen on a daily basis. Huh? Whazzat? Drink tea because it tastes good; it doesn't cure a f*cking thing until I see empirical evidence of 20 year tests on 10,000 people. All I see is the tea industry selling more teabags and millions of people still dying from cancer.
The irresponsible media play right into the hands of any company funding such a flawed study by also sending out blanket press releases; increased product sales, people ripped off and still dying by the thousands. Caveat emptor, baby!

Back To A Sense Of Normalcy.
Jeeez, I'm already sick of this whole Clintonoid debacle. Enough, already.
The ongoing and once-a-year, Fall 25% Off Nursery Sale is generating lots of business, as usual. This is the only time which I discount or put any reduced prices on any of my products. Unlike most other nurserys, garden centers and mass merchandisers who discount everything all the time and severely cheapen their images, I hold the line. I've gotten the reputation as a hard ass and tough businessman, and that's just fine-and-dandy with me. Making a profit while delivering top quality product is what's important. Those who deride that philosophy can go to KMart or Wal-Mart and buy their shit.
I've been noticing some warning signs of an approaching bad Winter: larger than usual acorns and other tree nuts dropping early; squirrels and chipmunks gathering them at a more frenetic pace than usual; plants getting their Fall colorations much earlier than usual. Plus, the ubiquitous Farmer's Almanac is also predicting a much worse Winter than we've had here in the East since The Blizzard of '96. I guess I'll dust off the Winter Over ad and get my snowshoes out, too.

MS Outlook 98.
I've heard the horror stories of those poor unfortunates who've tried to install a recalcitrant copy of MS Outlook 98 on to their Pentium and Mac machines and who've had a nightmare.
Instead of doing that and making a mess out of my new Dell P333, I called my friend and Win95 Wizard, Pete Barry, Certified Microsoft Network Engineer and he brought an Outlook 98 CD by to give me a tour.
The copy of Outlook 97 which was already installed on my unit didn't work at all; in fact, it locked-up the unit each time I'd tried to start it. Outlook 98 went in and performed flawlessly. So far.
It is such a powerful and complex app that it'll take me a while to master its intracicies completely. More detailed reports as time goes on.

Big Changes Coming.
Since I built this Garden Center & Nursery Complex in '90, we've used a DOS-based Point Of Sale (POS) systemn at the front register. It is called RealWorld, but I've re-named it Un-f*cking-Real-World for all the problems we've had with corrupted files and lost data over the years.
For the past two years, I've been researching various available POS systems and have upgraded all of our in-house computers to Pentium units running Win95. This will now allow us to run a new version of RealWorld — still in DOS — but under Win95 auillegal alienes.
We have an 3 year old demo copy, which isn't very inspiring. The software representative is coming in two weeks for a hands-on, fully-operational demo; if it works for my Retail Division personnel, I'll buy it. Then I'll have to start moving computers around again.
My home P-233 will come in to the front counter/ cash drawer and will run the new software; the P-100 will either go to my Mom & Dad's for their word processing use; I'll keep my current P-333 in the office; get a new P-450 to replace the home unit. Either way this all nets out to a lot of work migrating files and installing new apps. Then all product data and pricing must be installed in the new POS system over the Winter. Everything must be in place for Spring '99.

File Mishap, Part 19.
When I f*ck up — which is almost never — I truly f*ck up. I accidentally erased and finally deleted hundreds of GIFs and JPGs from the server's files, while working at home, during a thunderstorm. The WS_FTP-32 utility was beginning a transfer from the server down to my JPEG Optimizer folder. A few survived the download.
At the office, the Dell PII-333 has an APC 6000 Surge Protector & BackUp Unit; the home unit, still the Duracom PII-233 — the Dell PII450 will replace it shortly — has a crude surge protector ,plug-in strip outlet for defense. I also have a 500kbps Cable Modem at home and if ever it goes down, a Dial-Up for back-up, each from different ISPs. Neither ISP reommends surge or back-up protection, but I will alter this when the 450 is installed.
In the meanwhile, I'm trying to find remnants of the graphics files wherever I can. Some of the artwork I did is still up; most are lost forever.

How Does That Work?
Ever wonder how stuff works as it does? If so, then go here to find out. What they say makes perfectly good sense to me.

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