back to basics
Friday, September 26, 2003

It's long past time to get back to basics: remembering America for the reason it was founded: Liberty and Freedom For All, as opposed to Special Protection Status for the perverted, demented, deviant special interest groups America-hating-black racist-bigots, tree-hugging enviro-wacko scum, assorted trivial latinos, assorted sundry hispanics, murderous Muslim filth, moronic and cretinous white supremacist haters, male-hating demonic NOW-NAGS lesbians, traitorous America/Bush-hating-ACLU garbage, pedophiles, duplicituous liberal-demokkkRAT trash; not to mention the microscopic special special interest groups rather than what the limp-wristed, leftie-wackjobs, lowlife moron, environmental wacko-terrorists, liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag filthies have to offer. Red Diaper Doper Babies™, all. There's no co-existing with any of that subhuman scum; they must be defeated at the ballot box, have their protectionist programs and agendas overturned in the courts, be exposed for the socialists and commies they are, and embarrassed publicly and shamed into retreat. Time to get dirty with the lowlife DNC scum, and its minions of vermin, and exact revenge for their past 45 years of criminality and treason against America, in trying to thwart and stop participatory democracy. Yes, I said revenge. They've sold America out, and are nothing but pandering political whores. DemokkkRATs and liberals are deeply mired in the delusional past; they're garbage. And the RINO Republicans aren't much better. They're both on the criminal, corrupt, lowlife Saudi payroll. Neither give a flying rat's rearend about America and her Citizens. The demokkkRAT Surrender Monkeys have become The Party of Islam. We're in a culture war; make no mistake about it. This is a fight to the death against those who would destroy Christianity.

Around The Garden Center.
I don't care what the local weather talking heads say, we didn't get just 30-40mph winds: there were 50-60mph sustained winds and gusts over 80mph, in last week's Hurricane Isabel! No friggin' way, based upon the widespread damage I witnessed on the way into work, on Friday morning.
Thousands of trees, powerlines, phonelines were down across the region, and roofs, siding and other house parts were strewn everywhere. Towns and villages without power, CATV and cable modems out, sewage substations running on back-up diesel generators, gas stations inoperable, convenience stores with spoiling foodstuffs, large supermarkets with rotting groceries, cars and trucks crushed by falling trees, leaves and branches everywhere... I wasn't stunned, but didn't expect such pervasive damage from "30-40mph" winds. BS; once again, they lied obfuscated and downplayed the impact.
I lost power, phones and the cable modem/ CATV Thursday night around 11pm at home, packed it in, and went to sleep. At 10am, power and phones were active, but I still had no internet connection, so I couldn't FTP the Journal files to my webserver, so I carried them on a Zip disk to work. I was headed to my 20ac Garden Center & Nursery Complex, to survey the damage, and passed many others in the survey and clean-up modes. Although we'd laid much nursery stock down before leaving on Thursday afternoon, everything was blown down. Shadecloth was ripped off of the greenhouses, and some large plant specimens were ripped out of their terrestial homes, for the past 13yrs. Overall, it was moderate, with structural damage to 3 of the 30ft x 100ft greenhouses, and many trees snapped-off at ground level or pulled completely out of the field.
On Saturday, the phone started ringing off of the proverbial hook, and it continued through Thursday. I took almost 100 calls from customers who had trees uprooted, blown over completely, and some who found recently-installed trees across the street. I took names and numbers, and promised to get to each site, beginning Monday, to assess and estimate the cost to fix what Isabel had wrought.
Tuesday was the First Day of Fall, and we got another unneeded 3-5" of rain (depending upon where you live in York County, PA), on top of the 3+" from Hurricane Isabel. Here's the state-by-state recap of the damage and carnage from Isabel.
I'm now (once again!) down to 190 lbs, from 249 lbs in April, on a "modified" Atkins Diet. BTW, all the natural sugars in all the fresh peaches, plums, nectarines, 'lopes, melons etc, have caused a "modest weight gain" over the Summer, but I'm not giving all that seasonal goodness up just for a few pounds. I can always lose the extra pounds. Is the Atkins Diet deadly? Is there an Atkins Diet economy? Hell if I know. (((sigh)))
Fall weather is truly here, it's going to be an early Winter, and I'm looking forward to a quiet 3-4 months with "banker's hours", getting ready for Spring '04. Are you ready?

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit (my apologies to pigs) terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day in September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100+ stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "embrace the rage". And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11 horror.
Here's the live thread, on, and the ongoing posts that I caught on that terrible morning, as it happened.
Here's a 9-11 News Site, which covers it, superbly. As if we needed reminding.
Here are the 2998 Victims of The Massacre of September 11th, 2001. As of 6.19.03, only 1,500 of the innocent victims have been identified; the rest were vaporized. Are you getting angry, again, as I am? Here's Blue Man Group's 9-11 Tribute.
After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which whacked six and injured 1,000; President Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which whacked five U.S. military personnel; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which whacked 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which whacked 224 and injured 5,000; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which whacked 17 and injured 39 US sailors; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. Maybe if Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton had kept his promise, an estimated 3,000 people in New York and Washington, DC, that are now dead, would be alive today. The Criminal Clinton lowlifes Klintoon Kriminals; ahhhhh, what a pair!
For those of us who regularly visit's boards, here's the 9-11 Archives. Never forget that terrible morning. And here's the formidable's MotherLode of 9-11 Links.
Need to keep up your anger, hate and rage quotient, for The Massacre of 9-11? Go to Toby Keith's site, or Darryl Worley's site; here's the video to that song.
We need more American Flags and more anger, hate and rage against the Muslim terrorist assault on Our Civilization. whack the murderous Islamic terrorists wherever they are. whack them! whack them! whack them! whack them! whack them! whack them! whack them!
Here's that horriffic day in pics and movies. And where are the pictures that the left-wing, hate America, socialist elitist media don't want you to see?
I don't want justice; I want revenge! Never forget.

Islam, The Cult of Death™.
Two stinking pigshit-filth (my apologies to pork) Muslim lowlife scum, in the US Military, arrested for espionage, so far. Hey, Rumsfeld and Bush: get all the Muslim shitscumbags out of the US Military, NOW! They're all traitors, liars and subhuman filth. Sounds like a "terrorist cell" to me.
Whoa! It's up to 5 Muslims now, caught for espionage against the USA! It is a terrorist cell, at GITMO, being picked apart. More to come, I'm sure.
Time to declare war on the evil filth that is Islam.
Yes, I firmly believe bin pigshit-head (my apologies to pork) is dead; I've been saying that since Tora Bora in Dec '01, when the USAF brought millions of tons of rubble down on his stinking Muslim ass, and turned him and the other Islamic terrorist filth into piles of goo.
The fat, turdboy terrorist, Yow-sir Arrid-fart, needs to be whacked by Israel, ASAP.
The US plans to attack 7 other Muslim countries? Sounds damned good to me. Let's whack as many of the subhuman pigshit (my apologies to pork) Islamic terrorists as we can.
Islam means whack anyone and everyone who isn't a brainless, stinking, pigshit-slurping (my apologies to pork) Muslim.
A US Army "Islamic Chaplain" arrested on treason and spying charges? whack him.
al-Queerda withering or getting stronger? whack all of them, before they whack us. I don't give a shit about "justice"; I want revenge on the goatr-humping subhuman Muslim pigshitters (my apologies to pork).
What kind of horrors do Muslim children have to endure? Right here.


Our Porous Borders.
Mexican officials are strongly protesting a new US program that flies illegal immigrants caught in the Arizona desert hundreds of miles to Texas, where they are returned to Mexico. Awwwwwwwwwwwww! SSSu. (shoot, shovel & shut-up.)
We can seal the Syrian-Iraq border, but we can't control illegals coming through the Mexican or Canadian borders?
Illegal aliens have NO RIGHTS, you liberal-demokkkRAT morons!

Have you seen the comic strip, The Leftersons, from the website?
Punished for success; what a pity.
Yeah: screw PBS socialists and commies!
Yes, I agree 100%: 1) End Affirmative Action now, 2 Close the Borders now, 3) Deport all illegal immigrants now. 4) Eliminate bilingual education in all states now, 5) Require health tests for all recent foreign born immigrants now, 6) Make tax cuts permanent now, 7) Reduce the number of Federal Employees now, 8) Tort Reform - Stop Class Action Lawyers now. I could add several categories of Red Diaper Doper Baby ™Lawyer Filth, who need to be whacked/ executed.

Ex-general, disgraced, fired, retired-early-for-incompetence, Wesley Clark is truly, mentally-ill. He's a coward, liar, scumbag and a Klintoon-financed liberal-demokkkRAT lowlife, who can't keep his lies straight. He's lowlife dogshit, as are all the socialist-demokkkRATs who "want to be president". Comical, pathetic characters, all 10 of The liberal-demokkkRAT Dwarfs.
The march of the liberal-demokkkRAT "Nanny State", continues. It's all about P-O-W-E-R.
The pro-abortion lobby has their panties in a bunch, over these pics of babies smiling in the womb. Good; let the lowlifes stew about their murdering ways.
A "Caucasian Club"? Heck, I'll join.
Ed Nelson, chairman of U.S. Border Control, has asked Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge to ban the use of California driver's licenses as identification for boarding airplanes. "Since it is now so easy for anyone, including illegal aliens and terrorists, to get a California driver's permit, it is clear that such a document no longer provides any assurance that the holder deserves to be allowed a seat on an airplane."
The fat, stupid, alcoholic, drug-addicted murderer, US Sen Teddy "Chappaquiddick swimmer" Kennedy (SOCIALIST-MA) just can't keep his blubbery mouth shut, and blames President Bush for everything. What a drug and alcohol-addicted turd, Kennedy is. Check out these two liberal turdboys.
First, Kalifornicate passes a "law" allowing illegal aliens to get state drivers licenses; now, Taxachusettes is doing it. This is insanity, and a threat to national security.
No, America will never get past race, as long as liberal-demokkkRATs like these bigots and racists, keep playing the 'race card'.

Scumbags, Wackos and Lowlifes.
Inner-city, subhuman, lowlife, degenerate, garbage vermin punks, kicking and stabbing a defenseless dog? Wish I'd have been there, just then... BANG! Just damn!
The lowlife, left-wing wacko, ass-boy, Tim Robbins, is back out from under his slimy liberal rock.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Another painfully slow week in The Death Department. With almost 4,000 subhumans on Death Row, you'd think Ol' Sparky would be glowing white hot. Nope, not even a crackle or fizz. So many dead victims, and the murderous filth are still languishing in their cells, waiting on The grim reaper, who never seems to arrive on time. Just dammit!

City Creator.
There is something oddly therapeutic and addictive about this fun little site. Here you play part overlord, part urban planner without worrying about recriminations or bureaucratic red tape to hamper your grand plan. With a simple-as-pie UI, the site lets you drag and drop pieces of your city onto a blank canvas. Choose from medieval, modern, and winter wonderland motifs, then pick from a toolbox of all the architectural goodies you'll need turrets and gables, paved roads, and even igloos to build your municipal masterpiece. Placed a wrong turn in the road? No problem, drag and drop your mess into a dump truck and start all over. Turn night into day, mountains into molehills, all with a point and click of your almighty index finger. When you're satisfied, save your city and show it off to friends. Now how's that for a power trip?

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