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Friday, September 8, 2000

just the sight of oscilloscopes, gauges, dials, lights and meters blipping and blinking makes me giddy. I've always loved lights, dials and LED (Light Emitting Diode; thank you, Ned.) read-outs, as a sign of action from inert machines. (Okay okay, so I'm easy to please and entertain, like a kitten or toddler.) Usually, I "hide" the drive unit of a computer it sure isn't a work of art right "out of the box" but what if lots and lots of "thinga-ma-jigs" could be added to flash and blink? And the more, the better. Then, it would be worth looking at. If you're of a like mind and as "easily entertained" as I am here's where to go to get some unusual modifications done. I'm corresponding with them right now to get all kinds of doo-dads added to my PC case. They'll either sell you the parts and you can do it yourself, or if you're like me I'm "hardware challenged" without a workshop and tools these days and would rather have a pro do the work correctly, ship the case to them and they'll "modify" it for a reasonable fee. That's my preference.

Around The Garden Center.
I slept in last Friday, the start of the 3-day Labor Day Weekend, and the traditional end of Summer/ beginning of Fall. It rained and thundered all Thursday night and Friday morning, but the landscape crews got their work completed, despite the mud. The roads were packed with people in cars heading "somewhere else", out of York; I haven't seen this much traffic since July 4th and Memorial Day, of whose knows what year?
I received a letter from both Firestone and Ford, telling me that none of my dumptrucks were affected by the recall of defective tires; my trucks' tires being ultra-heavy-duty, not SUV or off-road units. Being a trusting person, I checked all vehicles anyway and confirmed what they said. It looks like this maybe be the end of Firestone in the US, and maybe worldwide. Heck, I use BFGoodrich All-Terrain TAs on my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD; Firestone has never made a tire which could compete with the BFGs. Why the hell would Ford ever put such cheap pieces of shit on their Explorer SUV? Ah ha, "cheap" is the operative word.
Labor Day Weekend was cloudy, very rainy (3"+) and very, very miserably humid. We had a bare bones crew in for Saturday, as customer traffic was light, though Sunday was surprisingly busy. At 5am on Sunday, while feeding my two condo cats, I read on the Net that northern California was hit with a 5.2 earthquake; I tried to call my sister, Becky, in San Francisco, but all phone lines were apparently down at that time. I got through about 3:30pm EST and left a message on her answering machine. She called back within 2hrs; all was okay in SF, just a jolt, no damage as in further north.
Sunday evening, Jeff & Denise stopped by for dinner: chef's salad, asparagus with freshly-made hollandaise sauce, homemade meat and cheese ravioli in a tomato, basil, wild shitake mushroom, roasted pepper, wine and garlic sauce, they brought freshly-made Italian garlic bread and dessert. As always, I provided an '96 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon. Jeff & Denise brought a '92 Allegro Cadenza, a locally-produced wine which was very delicate in comparison to the Sebastiani, but also very good. Awesome five-course meal, and with Denise's help, it went smoothly.
On Monday, I closed for the first time in 10 years. Nursing a receding mild Summer cold, I slept in 'til 11am, then Tammy stopped by and we made French Toast w/ peaches & cream and French Roast coffee something I haven't done for a while and went food shopping. The stores were crowded; damn, I thought we'd be alone in the Giant, Weis and Shur-Fine supermarkets. Elbow to elbow; saw a few clients, customers and competitors. Glad to get outta there. In the evening, I grilled filet mignon on my new Char Broil Patio Caddy Grill; the cats loved it. Dolly called Monday evening, inquiring about landscaping for her and Don's new home outside of Pittsburgh. I bent her ear a bit about a couple of landscape things.
Warning: if you receive an email detailing a scam such as this, immediately foward or cut& paste the entire message into an email to the FBI's offices. I've done so with 3 of them which I've received this year, and have gotten a follow-up email from the FBI letting me know "they're looking into it". Uh-huh.
A couple of weeks ago, I said that heating oil and natural gas prices were going to quadruple, so get out the long-johns for a cold Winter. Well, crude just hit a 10-year all-time high and the price is still rising.
Gas prices continue to "fluctuate" find their own level in Mid-state Pennsylvania, rising from $1.46.9 to $1.54.9 (89 oct) in a week. What a roller-coaster it's been around here all Summer. I'm getting a tad nervous about Winter supplies and prices.

Boy Scouts v Homosexuals.
I was incensed when I read about the cowardly United Way and many major corporations Killing funding for the BSA at the behest of the lowlife gay "cabal", simply because the US Supreme Court ruled in the BSA's favor in July, in a suit which re-affirmed the Scouts' right not to admit gays as leaders.
I just can't imagine US corporations knuckling under to activist homo scum, and treating the venerable BSA as a pariah. It's inconceivable to me that bottom-feeding, fudge-packers and rump-raiders can wield such influence; they're fringe lunatics and scumbags. And now the filthy, slimy, criminal Clintoonoids are "reviewing" the US Gov't relationship with the Scouts, to see if it complies with Bubba's illegal Executive Order banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or, as I read it, "sexual perversion".
Many people are coming to the Scouts' aid, from all quarters. I got so pissed off that I wrote a Letter To The Editor of York's daily paper, The York Daily Record, but the lib-dem editors quashed it. It would have definitely ruffled some feathers in this area. And well it should have. The intolerance of Left Wing Lunatic gays is stifling and needs to be portrayed as the hypocrisy it is, for all to see and publicly deride.
Meanwhile, membership in the BSA continues to grow and set all-time enrollment records. Nice going, Scouts.

Bravo, W!
I've thought long and hard about it, and still I can't weigh "major league moron" by Bush over or with "f*cking Jew bastard" by Hitlery Rodman Clintoon. No comparison, eh? Yet the liberal homosexual, fascist, socialist, communist media scumbags are obsessed and possessed with it. It's everywhere. Obscenity. Vulgarity. Expletive. Fascinating what the bottom feeders do actually feed on, eh. Actually, the NYTimes reporter, Adam Clymer, is a piece of shit, lowlife liberal who has bigger tits than most women; he's a transvestite, cross-dresser homo scumbag. Typical liberal filth. And it seems that most of the press corps agrees that the Clymer homo is an moron.
Right now, the race is a yawn. Hopefully, later it'll heat up and W will get moving.

Clintoonista Scumbags.
Independent Counsel (OIC) Robert Ray's (he's a registered Democrat) plan to divulge his Whitewater conclusions just weeks before voters decide whether to elect Hitlery Rodman Clintoon to the Senate is good: the voters of New York need to know that the First Bitch is a liar and a criminal. Most people know she's a congenital liar and a scumbag, but the lib-dems don't care and won't be persuaded otherwise. It's the Democrats and Independents who really need to know the truth, so they can vote Republican and send the filthy lowlife bitch packing back to her slimy rock in Arkansas with Bubba.
Indeed, the American Public are very, very, very stupid people. They'd vote for AlGoreBore-The-Liar in a heartbeat over GWBush. GoreBoreScumf*ck is a reknowned LIAR MUTHERf*ckER. Hear that, Karenna? Your daddy scumbag is a lowlife liar! You dumb f*cking bitchess.
Though I though the "Elian Gonzales Case" was a fluke, go get 'em,! Rip Attorney General Janet Reno, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and INS Commissioner Doris Meissner new morons for their criminal acts.
It's Labor Day and by Newsweak's pathetic lib-dem poll, GoreBore is 10pts ahead of W. Tradition has it that the candidate leading on this Holiday usually wins the General Election in November. I sure the f*ck hope not; I'll be going to vote straight Republican Ticket on November 7th, no matter what the idiot polls say.
So, the First Daughter Dogface Chelsea Clintoon is privy to state secrets and is playing Bubba's "confidant" these days, now that Hitlery Rodman isn't around. This ugly little bonehead scuzbag should be in school, trying to overcome the ignorance, stupidity and criminal tendencies she's inherited from her bottom-feeding mother and father. What a pathetic joke American foreign policy is.
The stinking, lying GoreBore and his urine-hair-colored LIEberman slimeball coward are telling paid-for audiences on Labor Day that "he's for the working people; that's what this campaign is all about." GoreBoreScumf*cker lies again, just as he did about inventing the Net, Love Canal, Love Story, Buddhist Temple illegal campaign ('96) financing, no controlling authority and a thousand more instances. Bush, on the other hand, is way understating GoreBore's lack of character as his handler, Bubba Clintoon has none whatsoever as his major flaw and obvious lie.
Here's a humorous take on Bubba Jeff Clintoon.
Know anyone who is a union worker? Here's how the Clintoon-GoreBore criminals steal their money with the assistance of the corrupt union scumbag bosses.
shit for brains Clintoon still hasn't figured it out: there will never be peace in the Middle East. Never. What there will be is a tactical nuclear war, devastating and contaminating the world's known oil supply, within 5 years. And if the US doesn't start drilling for oil at home, we'll all be captive to other third world countries, when the Middle East ceases to be.
In the past 5 years, contaminated meat problems have been headline news almost every week. People getting sick and dying, millions of tons of meat recalled and destroyed. Why? The f*cking stupid Clintoon's new (5 years ago) laws for the USDA inspectors which relaxes laws regarding fecal matter, vomit and metal shards, as well as requiring more paperwork rather than inspection be done. Another instance of our tax dollars at work in the most corrupt administration in US history.
Say what? You don't think Clintoon's a f*cking traitor? He's giving away the store on US Military secrets to the stinking red goddamed Chinese commie filth! Read this and get pissed off, like an American Citizen and Patriot should! The Bubba Clintoonista filth is a f*cking rat bastard traitor.

Femi-Nazi Bitches.
The hagged-out, decrepit old scuz-f*cker dyke, Gloria Steinem, who uttered not a word about Bubba Clintoon's immoral behavior with the Monica slut in the Oral Orifice, got "married" at 66. By now, her you-know-what must have "healed and sealed up", so sex is definitely out of the question with her "partner", some white trash chump from South Africa. Some feminist: terrified of the Clintoon scumbags and afraid to speak the truth. What a pig; just like the traitorous cowards at NOW, who endorsed the First Liar's actions by their silence.
And thousands of dyke dogs are sobbing on their "Mr Wigglys" about the Steinem pig. I say get all those sorry bitches out of the gene pool so they can't breed.

So f*cking What?
For the Clintoon idiot to make AIDS in Africa a "national security issue" is ridiculous. No one I know gives a flying rat's ass about that shithole continent. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to let the plague run rampant and clean out the filthy shithole. Onward!
Dennis Miller, the most un-funny moron on TV, next to the stupid fat very un-funny shit for brains, Al Franken, is about to ruin Monday Night Football on ABC. The ratings have tanked because of Miller's idiotic comments he's supposed to be the "color commentator" and ABC's worried. Get rid of the moron, ABC! Where are your f*cking brains?
Of all the communist, socialist organizations trying to tear down America's values and morals, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is the most fascist and evil. Comprised of liberal filth and degenerate lawyers, they've done everything they can to overturn values, morals and ethics in this Nation, on behalf of a lunatic left fringe element. If I was "dictator for a day", they'd all be executed ex post haste.
Why is all this fuss being made about Mikey "Wacko Jacko" Jack-scum and his half-breed mulatto bastard scum kids? He's sterile from all the hormones, had artificial insemination in his lowlife white trash slut bitch wifey, resulted in an offspring which ain't his in any way, shape or form. He's a f*cking child molester and he should be in prison. "Money talks, bullshit walks." He's a true lowlife piece of shit.
Aw gee whiz, Arabs singled out and targeted at airports? Well f*cking right, since the towelheaded filth are the most frequent terrorists nowadays. If it was my airline, I wouldn't even let the scum on my planes.
Aw double gee whiz: the slopes from North Korea are pissed off that they were searched before boarding planes to the US. Searched for things like vials of deadly anthrax? Or a bottle of sarin nreve gas? Sure, you bet: search that commie filth thoroughly. Send the scumbags back to their famine-ravaged shithole of a country if they don't like it.
Wanna vomit? Errr, be sick? Read about the sad, pathetic state of blacks in America today. Most important is the list of lowlife idiots not blacks or African Americans who "lead" them blindly into servitude. Did I say idiot? Fat stupid Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum comes to mind right away. As does the Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum, race-baiter and bigot. Makes me sick.
Our government's legacy to America: widespread contamination of people, land, air and water in the 40s and 50s during the nuclear weapons program. And the USA is still stalling action and denying claims as thousands die from hundreds of types of cancer. Yep, our tax dollars at work: deny, delay, lie.
Once again proving that money can't buy happiness, here's the moron idiot nerd tech scumbags spending millions for fine wine, when they should be drinking Boone's Farm and Ripple. These dolts can't even find their own asses with both hands, let alone recognize and consume fine vino.
My opinion of the United Nations? Glad you asked: It is a global criminal enterprise determined to shift power away from individuals and sovereign nation-states to a small band of unaccountable international third world elites. Read this. Communism, socialism and nazism, pure and simple dictum of the UN. Ponder what meaning these words have for our future under "global governance": fascism.
Why stupid ignorant white trash kids would want to look and sound like idiots is beyond me. The "hip hop" shit is shit, as is (c)rap and gangsta noise. Stupid f*cking white punks should be moved into the military and taught what life is all about. And the idiots? Hell, they'll either whack themselves and each other or get AIDS and die, anyway, so who the f*ck cares?

Deserving Of Death.
Killing for the thrill? Hate crime? Black on White murder is what it is, and no national media will report it, because they're gutless and ball-less. Well hell, boys, my Glock 9mm would like to put a bullet through each of your empty idiot heads. And shit for brains morons like Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum and Fat Al "Interloper Jew Scum" Sharp-shit wonder why the prisons are filled with blacks?
Here's a lowlife piece of subhuman shit who needs death: the same lowlife who almost beat trucker Reginald Denny to death during the LA Riots. He's a criminal and richly deserves execution.
Fidel Castrate coming to the UN in NYC? Great, get the snipers out and practice. Here's a real good opportunity to waste the commie criminal murderer. No jail, waste him.
Yesssireee, Saudi Arabia is my kind of country: instant execution for murder, rape, drug trafficking and armed robbery, in a public square, by large sword. If the cowardly USA had the same policy in place, very f*cking few criminals would engage in capital punishment intensive behavior. In other words, they'd f*cking behave, or commit paltry crimes, instead of the shit that goes on today, and gets a legal pass due to endless appeals and technicalities.
Just how f*cked up is the US Legal System which allows felons to wander the streets and frees murderers, rapists and child murderers, while keep marijuanna offenders in prison for 30-50 years? Read this.
Anyone who says life is unfair is correct. Why is it that innocent children get sick and die without getting a chance at life, when murderers, rapists, child molesters, murderers and traitors live long lives, albeit in prison?
Huh? Keep this stinking Israeli spy, Pollard, "safe" in prison? Why? He should go to the most dangerous facility we have and become a "girlfriend" to 4-5 600lbs life cons; I'd love to hear his late night screams here in Pennsylvania after they've had their way with him. Perhaps he'd commit suicide, just what he deserves: death as a traitor.
Another lowlife subhuman piece of shit, the scumbag who murdered John Lennon 20 years ago, Mark David Chapman, is about to be released from a capital murder sentence. Hopefully, some of Lennon's fans will find him and whack him; exactly what US Law should have done, rather than spend $60,000 of taxpayers' monies to "rehabilitate" him. Bullf*ckingshit useless US Laws, anyway.
Five punk kids whack an immigrant deliveryman for a Chinese dinner? For a free meal? Well, Sherlock, they deserve the death penalty. Forget the age; if the can do the crime, they can be executed. Oh BTW, the article "forgot" to mention the kids were black while the deliveryman was a Chinese immigrant. Forgot to mention it's a hate crime, too. Liberal media scumbags are afraid to report the facts.

Kenny G's Popular Guide to Unpopular Music.
Don't let the name fool you. The real Kenny G is a popular DJ at New Jersey's cult radio station WFMU. In addition to being a noted experimental poet, Kenneth Goldsmith is steeped in the world of avante garde music: John Cage, Erik Satie, Steve Reich, Harry Partch, and many other little-known musicians. Browse Kenny G's favorite records of 1999 or click around his list of avant sites. Kenny G's links are great places to get lost when you're looking for something new and different.

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