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Friday, August 10, 2001

i heard that term when I got my first job in The Summer of '63, at 13, back in Arlington Heights, IL. It was being applied to several "old timers", who were actually schoolteachers on Summer layoff vacation furlough, and it was as apropos then, as it is now. Since opening my own business in '90, and employing hundreds and hundreds of people through the years, I can spot the "clock watchers" apart from those who are focused and truly work at their jobs. The differences are stark and quite obvious; much like the gap between enthusiasts and purists. The more I "spot-checked" the older guys during that first job of mine, the more I noticed them glancing at their watches or the clock in the landscape truck. I calculated they actually worked 1-2 hours less per day; the rest of the "clocked time" was leaning on a shovel or against a truck fender until a supervisor came into sight. NOT ditto in all the the jobs I've had, since I can remember. There were always a few people who spent way too much time watching the clock instead of focusing in on the work. I always remember there not being enough time for me to get all the assigned jobs done, even during the 15-18 hour days I used to put in on a regular basis, since opening my own business. 110 hour weeks didn't help either; I was just more tired from trying to do too much. There are two types of "clock watchers": one, who watches in order to do less and get by; the other, who watches in order to get so much more done in a greater amount of inputted time. I learned my lesson after 11 years: I now watch the clock and come and go at a reasonable hour. Martyrdom just doesn't become me.

Green Industry Extremist? Me?
I'm still chuckling about the obviously mixed-up and very badly-informed Garden Center Magazine editor, Carol Miller, who wrote that "I have a hate mongering section on my website" and labeled me an "extremist", on a par with the eco-terrorists, ELF (Earth Liberation Front), who are very much wanted by the FBI. Read her sickeningly putrid "pc", lib-dem, misguided screed; I'll wait.
She took my words way out of context; here's the original rant about the US Sub's recent accident with the Japanese finshing boat. Bears no resemblance with her "selected" comments, does it? What a pathetic bimbo. Amazing what happens to a bad gardener and inadequate soccer mom when someone gives her a title, a double cubicle and a computer. The disputed copy was all about the Japs wanting demanding a US apology for a mere accident, when they refused to apologize to everyone for massive worldwide WWII atrocities. Hey bimbo editor: wake the f*ck hell up. BTW, Happy Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day! And gee whiz, she's all upset about my use of "profanity" and that I ramble from thought to thought, like a six year old? Sometimes I write about one thought, but more often than not, I pick and choose from hundreds of events and comment/rant on each. My choice, my site, Ms editor.
And she obviously missed this brazenly-correct entry of mine about Hate In America. She didn't do adequate research and wrote an ill-considered opinion. She should be fired and sent back to socialist-liberal mommy school. She urged her readership all 12 to 35 of them on a good day to boycott my business and ruin me. According to my attorney, that's a "legally actionable felony", most worthy of a lawsuit and millions in recovery for conspiracy. Cool; I'm thinking about it. Already have the millions, but I'd like to decimate the lowlife lib-dem hag and the laughable mag for slander, libel and whatever else applies.
Point is: this isn't a hate mongering site by any stretch of a rational person's imagination. It's a private website located on my domain's server, and expresses my personal outrage at what passes for civility in society, today. Outrage at what has happened to our morals and mores. Outrage at what's being done to the Boy Scouts in the name of "diversity". Lots of Uncountable miscreants, race-baiters, misery-profiteers, lowlifes, scum and scumbags, degenerates, politicians, deviants, the putrid left and liberal filth are tearing America apart. No one in the timid, old time media calls them on it, no one investigates and prosecutes the charlatans; society turns a blind eye toward their crimes. Someone and I guess that's going to be me needs to be so ignoble as to wake them up, with whatever impetus it takes. Nothing's off limits, as far as I'm concerned. So, Ms editor: if you can't take the heat, stay the hell outta my kitchen. Go lay on the porch with the puppies, if you can't run with the big dogs. Like I said: my choice, my site.

Around The Garden Center.
Thunderstorms rumbled through the mid-state Friday evening and early Saturday morning, dumping only 3/10th" of rain. The farmers' corn and beans will respond to that moisture level nicely both crops are serious moisture scavengers but the storms did little to relieve the 14 week drought and put moisture back into the ground. We'll need several weeks of steady rainfall to accomplish that, and it's just not in the cards now. On both Saturday and Sunday, temps were back into the low 90s with very heavy humdidity. Yeah, yeah, The Dog Days in the Mid-Atlantic Region are in full force. Sure would have been nice to get some of this storm.
From last Saturday through the following Thursday, it was so hot (95°F+) and humid called The Heat Index that I closed early and sent personnel home to avoid any health problems, like heat stroke and death. Either can ruin one's day. Air temps reached 93-99°F+ all week in York (PA). The Heat Index in this area was around 110-117°F, a very unsafe level for outdoor work. On Monday morning, I also had a short talk with the landscape crews about heat exhaustion and stroke; what to look for and how to treat it. Safety first.
Bummer. I went through some random, past ('96-'00) Journal entries and found almost all of the links pointing to articles are now 404 Not Found. Apparently, the news services have either archived or deleted them to save space and costs. Can't blame them, but had I known, I would have made "other arrangements" so the links would still work, or not used links at all. Well, who knew way back then?
After getting the week's landscape jobs reviewed with my Foreman, and all site visits and phone calls taken care of, I took Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off. I put Pickle into the Main Retail Building for the evening away from the sun and heat, instead of letting him roam outside as he likes to do; he's 11 and not able to take the combined Heat Index as he was in past years. Yes, he has a "kitty door" in the Main Greenhouse, so he can come and go as he pleases. At least the building is shady and cools down for him. shit Heck, W gets a month off; I get 3 days. There's more 3-day breaks to come in September and October; bet on it.
I thought about driving to the shore for a day; nah, too polluted. The mountains? Maybe in October when the leaves are changing. Heck, there's stuff to do around here.
On Tuesday, I slept in until 11am, made French Toast, Eggs Benedict and French Roast Coffee for breakfast, and did some food shopping in what was left of the morning. New BFG Comp T/As for the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD ate up the rest of the day.
I spent half most of Wednesday traipsing around to Sears, JC Penny, Lowe's, Target, Bon-Ton, Boscov's, K-Mart, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart and a couple of smaller stores in the York (PA) area looking for 4'x6' washable, relatively-loosely-weaved cotton area throw rugs, in 97°:F heat. Back in NJ-NYC, I could have found what I was looking for in the first 1-2 stops; not so in Pennsyl-tucky. Drenched with sweat, and getting more and more progressively pissed-off weary after 5+hrs of a frustrating search, I turned to the Net. wasn't working, either.
I grilled filet mignons and thick-sliced onions, peppers and fresh sweet corn for dinner. Since I haven't drank beer in years, a glass of '97 Sebastiani Cab went well with the meal. I could almost taste a cold beer with that grilled fare; maybe I'll pick a six up tomorrow and treat myself to a cold Rolling Rock.
On Thursday, I headed out to Shelly Jewelers (no relation) to get my Rolex GMT Mariner watch crystal buffed, but ran into police roadblocks where a cyclist had been whacked by a mototist. Cars win every time vs bicycles. Completely crushed bicycle, smashed windshield, lots of blood. Police investigating. Sure ruined several peoples' day.
I drove north to Williamsport, PA, just to look at the heat-scorched (sorta) mountains, deep (sorta) river valleys and bucolic (yep) scenery. On the way, I started to think about all the Freedoms we've been losing over the last 50+ years, and haven't said a damned thing about. We've acquiesced to all kinds of government "infringements" on our Fourth Amendment "secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures," and that this restriction "shall not be violated" and we're "used" to the gradual withdrawl of Guarranteed Freedoms. So "used" to this loss, in fact, that we don't bat an eyelash, don't speak a word, don't really care. One day soon, men in brown shirts no, not UPS will be at (y)our doors with papers to "interview and relocate" us. Sound familiar? Yep.

Here's one area where the State of Maryland GOP could make a huge difference: saving the Chesapeake Bay from dying, and without sounding too lowlife Green wacko, especially for Conservatives. As the lib-dem shitfilth whine and moan, as they are wont to do, have the Federal Gov't step in and do the "deed". If this study and report is indeed accurate, then immediately ban all fishing in the Bay until 2010; re-train all fishermen into other vocations at gov't expense; offer interest-free loans to Bay-dependent businesses to diversify, until the Bay regenerates; increase Bay-monitoring ten-fold. The ecological and PR value is immense. Klamath Falls, OR, is a Clintoonian plan gone awry. W should publicly fix that, immediately. Again, "the right thing to do", and immense PR value for 2002 and 2004.
The Kyoto protocol on global warming, a flawed piece of shit. Glad WE (USA) dumped the f*cker.
Hmmm, this neatly sums-up the differences between the lib-democRATs and the GOPers.
It's my clear and well-considered opinion that Israel should be given the green light to waste/destroy/murder/whack all towelhead, pork-sucking, lowlife, subhuman Palestinians. Millions of 'em. All of 'em. No? Don't think so? Look at these pics.
Finally, some sanity in the Big Gun lawsuits: the eft-wing wacko California Supreme Courtl says, by 5-1, the shooter and not the gun manufacturer, is guilty of any death caused by illegally using a weapon.
Sorry evidence that W's InJustice Dept is just as blind and stupid as the criminal Clintoons, was. Neither wants to admit that TWA800 was shot down five years ago, and both are sticking to the FBI-NTSB coverup and public line that the CWT (center wing tank) exploded on its own, even though it was physically impossible. So much for Truth & Justice America will never hear.
RIP, contentious & wayward daughter of Ronaldus Magnus.

lib-democRAT Morons.
Little "Dickie The Skull" Gep-fart, the House minority leader, soiled his Depends™ Undergarments last week, as did Puffy "Tommy The Twerp Who Sits On Phone Books" Das Traschle, when W& Co blew their socialist, lying communist asses outta DC right before the Summer Recess, with wins on taxes, patients' rights legislation, farm-aid and an energy program. And let's don't forget Killing the Kyoto junk, UN Small Arms shitpola, '72 ABM Treaty garbage and whatever else the GOP can take honest credit for.
Hmmm, this neatly sums-up the differences between the lib-democRATs and the GOPers.
Not even able to grow a 13 year old child's beard, AlGoreBore "The Lowlife Loser" is baaaaaaaaack! He's coming back to f*ck-up sabotage trash ruin many a lib-dems's candidacy. Great going, Al The moron.
Like corrupt criminal father, like lowlife piece of subhuman shit son: Another scumbag Kennedy. RFK Jr is a lowlife lib-democRAT wacko scumbag who sticks his nose into things which don't concern him. That's how RFK got himself whacked in '68, by messing with people and things he shouldn't have; but that's another story and I digress. Like all the Kennedy alcoholics, criminals, murderers, rapists, child molesters and inbred degenerates, he's got a closet full of ghosts he needs to excise, so he's on a "help the helpless & needy kick". Hopefully, Sirhan Sirhan has a brother/son somewhere who'll take over and rid the US of another Kennedy embarrassment. Sooner is better, towelhead.
With racial profiling being a very valid police technique, this is what has happened to police departments all over the country and in Cincinnati, OH, and in Prince George's County, MD, specifically since lowlife, bed wetting, hand wringing, lib-democRAT filth have hamstrung the Law Enforcement Officials: blacks are being murdered, robbed and harmed in huge numbers. Although they commit 44% of the violent crimes, but only account for 13.79% of the overall US Population, they deserve what they get. Coppers: racial profile until the cows come home. Otherwise, I'll have to shoot some in the commission of crimes; merely serendipitous.
In The Condit Murderer Category: Chandra Ann Levy is quite dead. She's been dead for 90+days. She's a f*cking freakin' skeleton. End of search.
Why any book publishing company would pay either of the criminal Clintoons a dime let alone $7-8 million to Hitlery Rotten Clintoon and probably twice that for Bubba Jeffy is beyond me. Nothing they have said or can ever say, is true. Who needs two books full of lies? Certainly not the same country which has been f*cked jerked around by those two lowlife pieces of subhuman lib-dem shit.
Three aides to the corrupt, always lying, disgraced ex-First Bitch, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, D-NY lowlife, have established legal defense funds that could defray costs connected with a federal inquiry into disgraced, impeached ex-president Clintoon's pay-for-pardons scandal. Seems everyone who comes into "contact" with either of the stinking Clintoons is either murdered whacked dead or has major legal troubles.
Like his criminal, disgraced, impeached ex-president liar BJ Clintoon, half-breed brother Roger "Gimme Some More Cocaine" Clintoon is back in the news for another criminal event: a DUI and sentencing. Yet he's claiming "political profiling" because he's BJ's half-breed sibling. Tsk, tsk, Roger boy. Stand up and take your medicine punishment like the man you aren't, you lowlife scumbag ciminal drunk.
The ABA (American Bar association) has overhauled their shaky legal ethics rules, allowing lawyers more leeway to disclose client confidences to prevent fraud, injury or death. These ambulance chaser trial lawyers' I don't use the word, attorney; I save that term for the more ethical ones first update of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct in nearly 20 years, is significant because it means that lawyers who may know of a defective product may now warn potential victims, lawyers said. The current rule allows disclosure only "to prevent the client from committing a criminal act that the lawyer believes is likely to result in imminent death or substantial bodily harm" a more stringent requirement because it is limited to disclosure related to criminal actions by the client. The delegates also backed a new rule that would prohibit a lawyer from having sex with a client unless a consensual sexual relationship predated the professional contact. Gee, that's nice; otherwise it'd be called rape.
Proof that the lowlife Kennedy filth will do anything: they've had the prime witness against one of their own family murderers, Mikey "Come Here Little Girl So I Can Bash Your Head In With A Golf Club" Skakel, whacked with an overdose of heroin. One of the Kennedy operatives made sure witness Gregory Coleman OD'd on some bad stuff in Rochester, NY. That's probably the end of Skakel's murder trial, for a brutal Killing he did to 14 year old Martha Moxley 25 years ago. Find Skakel guilty and jail the fat slob.

Racism In America.
I've often said in this Journal that Black Racists are far, far worse than White Racists. I've cited them on a regular basis Jack-scum, Sharp-scum, Nfume, Bond, the whole NAACLP crowd, the United States Civil Rights Commission's Mary Frances Berry, Louis "The Nutcase" Farrakan, the whole Nation of Islam crowd, Black Panthers, Randall Robin-scum and dozens more race-baiters and misery-profiteers, too numerous to mention and accused them of living as "victims" under the protective custody of liberals and democRATs for 50+ years. They just don't want to give up all that legislative comfort of set-asides, racial preferences, affirmative action and weekly welfare checks; getting a job or two and taking responsibility for themselves and the 70% of the Nation's black bastard children, would be too much to handle. Welfare is almost gone, for all but the very, very needy, as it should be, so the blacks want slavery reparations for something which happened hundreds of years ago, and to which none of them and none of today's whites are related.
Now comes another cabal of Black Racists: the United Nations will convene a "World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance", merely a socialist monomer for getting Whitey all over the world to fork over some cash so they can "live large". It matters not that slavery has long been gone everywhere in the world except in African nations such as the Sudan, Ghana (the homeland of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan) and elsewhere throughout that continent. The facts and reality don't concern the UN morons and racist bigots.
Toyota sucks, big time. Toyota Motor Sales USA, in response to boycott threats from the race-baiting, misery-profiteering lowlife, Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum, announced a multibillion-dollar commitment to enhance its "diversity program". The criminal charlatan Jack-scum scores another win against a corporation; blatant and obvious blackmail that the InJustice Dept overlooks. Afterall, Jack-scum is merely a idiot taking care of his own and a few scummy friends' welfare. He cares nothing for his fellow blacks. He, like Sharp-scum, is out merely for himself. MLKs memory means nothing to this scumbag. What a piece of lowlife dogshit.

No Sympathy Here.
Mariah Carey, 31, a hagged-out, has-been, grossly-overpaid and untalented wretch, was admitted to an undisclosed New York-area hospital on July 25, as she was poised to headline MTV's 20th anniversary show, and as release dates approached for a new album on a new record label, and two movies featuring her as an actress. For the time being, Carey has canceled all public appearances. Scum like her and Hollywood's full of such human trash don't deserve public adulation; rather she should be scrubbing floors in a women's prison for minimum wage. She's a pig, a dirty little half-breed whore.
The fat stupid wildebeest lib-dem lowlife dyke Rosie "Strap On The Vibrator, Ellen!" O'Donnell, has depression. Aw gee whiz, kids, shed no tears for the pig. Hopefully, she'll whack herself after missing a few days of meds. The world would be so much better off without that sweathog.
Read the "public" list of broken bones and injuries Prince "The Idiot" Charles has gotten over the years from falling off of horses. Stupid he is, and damned lucky he didn't wind up like Christopher "The Rutabaga" Reeves, who should have been mercifully allowed to expire. Look at the pic; he doesn't even look human anymore. Calling Jack "Dr Death" Kevorkian.
Aw gee whiz, another piece of Hollywood lib-democRAT garbage Ben "No Brains Or Talent" Afflect going into alcohol rehab. His so-called name kinda sounds like a prostate disease, doesn't it? Let's hope his liver gives out and he dies a painful death, as befitting a lowlife scumbag.
And yet, another piece of lib-dem Hollywood filth 16 year old Robert "I'm A Really Stupid moron" Iler of "The Sopranos" on charges he and two teen-agers robbed two other teen-age boys of $40 on Manhattan's Upper East Side. An indictment announced Friday by Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau charges the teens with second-degree robbery. If convicted, they face up to 15 years in prison. Now that's something worth going to prison for: $40. $40? Don't bend over and pick-up the soap, boys.
UN Racist Filth: Zimbabwe? Racist, bigot hotbed of white murderers? Yep, that's those very same idiot subhuman filth, who richly deserve to die. Any white idiots who still live there surely deserve to die for abject stupidity. And the idiot filth? Execution upon sight. End of problem.
I've said for the past two years, Israel needs to wipe the arab filth in the Middle East, off the face of the Earth, with tactical nuclear weapons. Now it's looking more and more like the towelhead scum are recognizing that they'll have to go to war with Israel, and most likely, get their stupid sandidiot asss kicked badly, once again. Israel should have wasted all of them in the '73 Yom Kippur War. Apparently, Israel's getting ready too.
One of, if not the lowest life pieces of shit in so-called pro sports Pete "Charlie Hustler" Rose doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of ever getting into The Baseball Hall of Fame. Read what a former teammate says about him now, after refusing to testify against Rose and going to prison for it. Rose is scumfilth; always was and always will be.
f*cking Freaking A! A good hit on the towelhead scumfilth. freaking cool! (Too many damned exclamation points, already.) Yeah, sure Hemmingway; put the shotgun right next to your forehead, scumbag. Splash.

Execute This Filth.
This is truly f*cked-up an abortion of Justice: a man's confession at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to two Killings was constitutionally protected and shouldn't have been used against him, a liberal-democRAT federal judge in New York ruled in overturning a 1995 manslaughter verdict. Huh? Since when does the US Constitution protect murder?
This is wrong. North Carolina's governor Gov. Michael F. Easley, a lowlife DemocRAT coward plans to sign legislation that bars the execution of the mentally retarded. Is executing the mentally retarded really "cruel and unusual punishment" in violation of the Eighth Amendment? I don't think so. Where's the Amendment protecting the innocent? We as a Nation seem to have forgotten about the victims and their families; we're far, far too concerned about the guilty subhuman filth.
The lib-dem lowlife ABA (American Bar association) ambulance chaser scumbags are claiming the US death penalty system is "broken" and "unacceptable"? That's shit. It's that way because it isn't used enough to make it viable: 3,700+ pieces of subhuman filth murderers, kidnappers, armed robbers etc are sitting on death row for anywhere from 5-25 years, at a mammoth cost to US Taxpayers, instead of being executed as they were sentenced to be. The stinking lowlife lawyers have tied up the US Court System with endless, worthless appeals for their scum "clients". What about the victims and their families? Where is the Justice for them?
Here's another murderer getting out of prison Yahweh Ben Yahweh a subhuman who has served 11 years in prison for a 1980s reign of mutilation murders. He should have been executed. Hopefully, he'll be assassinated soon. What's wrong with the US Legal System which allows filth like this to ever go free? Something's terribly wrong. Hey anyone: put a bullet through this emtpty-headed lowlife idiot filth's head.
Kiddy porn operators and purchasers should be executed for their perversions and degeneracy. No questions asked and no quarter given. Track them down all around the world and execute them on the spot.

Who The Hell Knows?
Cattle Killings and mutilations? By UFOs? Okay. Maybe. Possibly. Ummmm, but until I see it personally, I doubt it. You see, I'm the only one I trust implicitly. You?

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