fresh air, finally
Friday, January 26, 2001

Cogitate, for a mere moment, on the empty and tranquil beach, totally devoid of the touristas. It's so serene, so utterly desirable, so accessible, so attractive without all the intruders; why the hell go during "tourist season"? I can drive my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD right onto the beach, park some beach chairs or stay in the vehicle if the weather's inclement uncork a well-aged cabernet sauvignon, and watch the World change, grain-by-grain of sand, wave-by-wave of ocean. All's right with that. Smells clean and fresh, without the sweaty fat bodies, suntan oil, blaring radios and screaming kids. Smells kinda like The White House after the scandal-plagued Bubba Jeffy Clintoon Scumbag & Co have vacated The Presidency. Unfortunately, both Clintoon scum are still in DC, and that town reeks as bad as ever, for a number of "other" reasons, too. But I digress. Yet their scandal-plagued legacy remains to be cleaned-up. Now that W has restored dignity and honor to the Office of The President, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, now that the disgraced ex-president is gone. Arkansas was visibly relieved last week, that Bubba won't be moving back there anytime soon. But wait: we still have 6 awful horrid terrible evil criminal years of Hitlery Rotten Clintoon to endure. No actually, that's New York State's problem. Those lib-democRAT morons voted the bitch in; she's their onerous problem. Well, she's really everyone's problem now. She's a US Senator and can readily turn that already worthless body of liars, criminals, hypocrites and morons into a hellhole of an unfathomable dimension. Whoa, bad news: BJ Clintoon's getting off from legal prosecution. Bummer, man; ruined my week. The stench of DC is coming back to the beach. Let's saddle-up: I'm moving further upwind.

Around The Garden Center.
Happy 6th Anniversary to and John's Journal! Friday, January 26, 1996, saw the website go on-line as the first garden center-nursery site on the Net. Here's a "few" of our awards over the past years. My Journal had already been a "work in progress", in anticipation of the site, and was incorporated within a few weeks, although entries went back to Friday, January 12, 1996, during The Blizzard of '96. Seems like only yesterday.
I enjoy this time of year; Winter is a serene, quiet period of rest and relaxation from the rest of the year's frenetic and wearying pace. Our Spring Schedule for both Landscaping and Landscape Maintenance is full; we're now booking jobs for the Summer and Fall months. Many first-time people are incredulous that we're booked so far in advance; high end, quality places always are, but the shitpy operations can do the work right away. After the upcoming 8th York Flower Show, March 1-5, we'll be booked for the year.
Gas prices have jumped back up to $1.52.9/gal (89 oct) from a low a few weeks ago of $1.37.9 at my regular Getty station, on the way in to work. These wildly fluctuating prices are surely playing havoc with many people on fixed and lower incomes; fortunately my fleet of trucks and equipment sits idle during the Winter months.
Saturday, January 20, 2001, 12:01pm: W takes the Oath of Office as 43rd President of The United States. I watched it live via Windows Media Player at the office, while working on landscape estimates. After it was over, I walked outside into the snowy day, took a deep breath, and already the air smelled better now that the degenerate Clintoon filth are gone. Laura Bush rules. (I'm looking for a woman like her, but that's another story.) But the lib-dem orchestrated lowlife subhuman filth "protestors" remained to mar W's Inauguration. If I was in charge of DC security, thousands of skulls would have been split open, and blood would have run freely in the gutters, where the lowlife garbage belongs. Ummm, we'll handle the messy stuff, W; you take care of The Nation's Business.
Last Thursday and Friday, the stormy weather changed from snow to rain, and we got a ~3.25" dousing; almost what we needed to maintain ground moisture levels. More is always better after a 3-year drought. I'm not complaining, mind you; I'll take what we can get. It mostly rained, frequently snowed and occasionally sleeted for almost 3 days, as a huge Nor'Easter rushed up the east coast Saturday evening and dumped some serious snow on the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.
I awoke Sunday to 10-12" of blowing, drifting snow at my condo, and in the bright sun, it was almost blinding. By 11am, the condo complex was plowed and shovelled by a contractor, and I was enroute to the Garden Center to do the same. The roads were passable by midday; PennDOT's trucks were out in force. I couldn't even get up the front driveway, it was so deep from 3-4ft drifts. So I went in through the "secret back way", got the John Deere 675B SkidLoader out and spent 3hrs plowing the roads and parking lot, and hand-shovelling steps and sidewalks. Pickles was out of food and was glad to see me. Everything else was okay, but the birdfeeder area was buried and I promptly dug that out and refilled their daily rations. Tired, I headed home at 3pm to warm-up and rest. I spent a couple of hours for the next three days plowing, shovelling and clearing the place. My sprained ankle is healing nicely, thankyouverymuch.
Another shocker: my condo's monthly gas usage increased from 80.9ccf to 185.1ccf (12.8.2000 - 1.11.2001) and jumped from $0.4523/ccf to $1.0442/ccf. Other than doing some serious roasting and cooking on my gas stove, I haven't kept the condo temps any higher than last year, or used the gas fireplace logs at all this year. I don't have a problem with it it's the artificially inflated market price now but I imagine some low-income families and folks on fixed incomes are feeling the pinch already. At least Pennsylvania has some "consumer assistance programs" available for those who do need the help. If you think that's bad, you should see the monthly LPG costs to run my Garden Center & Nursery's Main Building & Retail Display Greenhouse. Fuggedaboutit, you don't wanna know.
Having done 90% of the plowing and shovelling on Sunday, I spent 2hrs on Monday re-plowing and widening the Garden Center's Roads and parking lot areas. A lot of drifting had occurred overnight Sunday and the areas needed to be re-opened and widened for LPG Gas delivery trucks during the week to re-supply the 3 x 1,000gal tanks. Additionally, our phones have been on the blitz since last Friday due to a "major short on the line", according to the good folks at Verizon (aka GTE). Well, duh. They're working on it.
Uh oh, now the medical industry is backing off on their claims a couple of years back that 2 glasses of red vino per night is beneficial. Make a statement; backpeddle later. Make a statement; backpeddle later. Make a statement; backpeddle later. Make a statement; backpeddle later. Why don't those morons keep their loudmouths shut until they have some definitive, empirical evidence? No sweat; it isn't going to affect my daily vino consumption. Please fill my glass.
At least this animal shelter fire tragedy had a partially-happy ending. Lucky puppy and heroic fireman.
Over the years, I've been targeted by lib-dem morons who think they can "ruin my business" and "destroy me". I luvit. They always either, 1) can't handle the pressure, 2) fold like a limp dick, 3) can't walk the walk, 4) are usually the most vapid and inane creatures I've ever encountered. Net net: they're psychotic sociopaths. Lock and load. Read the latest laughs on these poor, pathetic, subhuman lib-dem shitheadss.
Read why John's Journal isn't a hate site or racist in the least little bit.

Liberal DemocRAT Lowlifes.
Allright, W, time to blow the lib-democRATic shitfilth lowlife subhuman garbage outta the government. Screw common ground with the stinking lib-dem slimeballs. Take revenge, destroy and annihilate the filth. Show no mercy. Take no prisoners. Destroy the garbage socialist dems and lib-slime trash. I'd do it in a heartbeat. I would have never subjected my Cabinet Nominees to that lib-dem trash; I'd have waited the 17 days until the GOP (cowards) had the rightful "majority", and then held the confirmation hearings. This was your first mistake, W.
And last Thursday, the Clintoon sonofabitch moron gave us a "thank you" speech? Not to me, you lowlife piece of shit scumbag lying redneck. My apologies to rednecks. (I've met a couple here in the York County area.) President Liar-Rapist-In-Chief Clintoon gave his last Oral (Sex) Office address, saying he'll never hold a position higher than president, but he'll never wear a title more proudly than that of "citizen." Ummm, how do you feel, Bubba Jeffy, about "prisoner" or "inmate"?
Once again, BJ Clintoon gets a pass on The Rule of Law. There are multiple sets of laws in the US for all of us, depending upon "who" we are. Some qualify, and some don't. It's lying, not evasive, misleading, falsehoods. Lying, pure and simple. If you or I had done what Bubba Jeffy Clintoon did commit perjury, suborn perjury and obstruct justice we'd still be rotting away in a federal prison, not being living the high life in the f*cking criminally-stained White House. What's the matter with that picture? This is not about "getting it over and behind us" (W's term, not mine); rather, it's about Justice, a commodity in short supply for the past 8 years. I'm outraged and disgusted.
As a last act befitting the Criminal-In-Chief, Bubba Jeffy Clintoon pardoned 100+ other criminals, after he received his "pardon" from the wimpy, cowardly, spineless OIC (Office of the Independent Counsel) Robert Ray, an moron in his own right. But David Kendall, the president's lowlife ambulance-chasing personal lawyer, said Clinton's statement was not an admission that he lied or obstructed justice. Incredible! The filthy piece of white trash lied to the American People and to the Courts, on numerous occasions. Just f*cking incredible he gets away with this. You or I would still be in prison if we'd done what he's done. This is a "fine tribute to BJ Clintoon", See ya later, moron.
Okay, enough is enough. I'm getting chest pains from being so pissed off at what "passes for Justice" in this Nation. Done deal. It's over. Case closed.
Aw shit, the Alec Baldwin lowlife moron and his slut-bag wife, Kim "I f*cked Prince" Basinger, are still here. They stink. I thought they were leaving the country. Cowards.
I've hated CNN (Clintoon News Network) and Wolfie Blitzer, an avowed lib-dem piece of shit, from the beginning. They're both so liberally-biased and partisan, their view of reality is affected and terminally-diseased. But in this interview, Wolfie is actually coherent. Perhaps he took his medication that day?
Bimbo slut lib-dem lesbian lowlife Babara "Babs The Slut" Streisand, the two-dollar hook-nosed scuzbag who could make the dead laugh at her outright lack of character, has said that, "Bush didn't win anything. He didn't get the votes, and he has no mandate. If only the Miami Herald could have finished [recounting disputed Florida ballots] in time for the inauguration. Then maybe everyone would know that Bush really didn't win." This is the twisted logic of a empty-headed twat who couldn't find her own tits with both hands. Her neutered eunech hubby, James "Babs is my bread winner!" Brolin, carried her luggage and dildo cases to the hotel rooms; separate, of course.
This is sad, anytime, but Nature will clean it up thousands of times better than the moron mortals who spilled the crude oil could. Does the Exxon Valdez in Prince William Sound ring any bells? Initially, horrible; eventually, preventable. Shipping crude is tens of thousands of times more risky than drilling at home and using a pipeline. W's plan to carefully explore and drill Alaska and the coastline, is sound. I hate being at the mercy of a bunch of fanatical, moronic, lowlife scumbag, towelhead Arab slime. Hey lib-dem scumbag: do you enjoy that camel's head up your ass?
I don't care if California's economy is the 6th largest in the World. The lib-dem morons f*cked it up all by themselves; they can wallow in the mess. Power crisis? Nah. Besides, they voted for AlGoreBoreLiar, and f*ck 'em all. (My sister, Becky in SF, excluded.)

Clintoon's Legacy.
The success of a mostly sympathetic media in portraying his administration as "centrist" notwithstanding, it has from Day One been way out on the left wing. Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's "legacy", in part, is as follows:
 Jettisoning his 1996 State of the Union assertion (which he never believed to begin with) that "the era of big government is over," his fiscal 2001 budget, by one estimate, he called for $1.3 trillion in new discretionary outlays over the next decade in 83 new programs and 155 spending increases.
 He sought to vastly expand the Family and Medical Leave Act with the use of unemployment-compensation funds to make it paid leave.
 He acquiesced in Mrs. Clinton's massive health care plan, which would have nationalized one-seventh of the nation's economy.
 He proposed expansion of Medicare to lower the age of eligibility from age 65 to 55 - when the program is financially insolvent with its current caseload.
 He has sought to expand Medicare with a prescription-drug benefit, another costly new entitlement.
 He has called for and signed the largest-ever income-tax increase (one that included a retroactivity provision) amounting to $280 billion over five years.
 He proposed early in his first term both a BTU tax and a $50 billion pork-barrel "economic stimulus" package.
 He vetoed bills that would have ended the marriage tax penalty and whacked the estate tax.
 He created AmeriCorps paid "volunteerism" at a cost estimated at $26,000 per "volunteer."
 He sought Senate ratification of the unverifiable Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
 He has shelved deployment of a true national anti-missile defense.
 He opposed constitutional amendments to balance the budget and to prevent flag desecration.
 He appointed to office such card-carrying liberal slime as Joycelyn Elders, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Andrew M. Cuomo, Donna E. Shalala, Carol M. Browner, Bruce Babbitt, Bill Lann Lee and many others.
 He negotiated the Kyoto global-warming treaty, a pact so extreme it wasn't sent to the Senate, because it had no hope of ratification.
 He unilaterally took hundreds of millions of acres of lands in Utah, Arizona and elsewhere for national-monument designation, without consulting local elected officials.
 He slavishly opposed private-school vouchers at the behest of teachers unions - even though he and Vice President Al Gore sent their own kids to private schools.
 He vigorously defended affirmative action, and despite his claim we should "mend it, not end it," has done nothing to "mend" its inherent unfairness to non-minorities.
 He continues to call for allowing open homosexuality in the military, which was one of his first acts as president.
 He placed the Stonewall Inn, a New York shrine to homosexuals, on the National Register of Historic Places.
 He issued a presidential proclamation declaring June as "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month."
 He pushed through one minimum-wage increase, and demanded another, threatening to veto it if accompanied by compensatory tax cuts for the businesses that would have to pay it.
 He admitted he'd like to see the registration and licensing of all guns. He's pushed for more federal gun laws, while those already on the books have gone unenforced.
 Despite his vow to make abortions "legal, safe and rare," he has done nothing to reduce the number, and twice vetoed bans on partial-birth abortion.
 He lifted the ban on fetal-tissue research on his third day in office.
 He was dragged kicking and screaming to welfare reform. He vetoed it twice before signing it during the 1996 election year.
 He was dragged kicking and screaming to a balanced budget, proposing in June 1995 a 10-year plan to do so.
 He integrated the sexes in military basic training, and has pushed to open more combat-related jobs to women, despite the documented adverse impact on preparedness.
 He has deployed the military for numerous nonmilitary purposes, like "nation building" and "meals on wheels" programs in Haiti, Somalia and elsewhere.
 He deep-sixed a bipartisan proposal to strengthen Social Security through partial privatization.
 He sought to sharply increase funding for the communist Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the perverted National Endowment for the Arts.
 He came into power with the lib-dem filth controlling both houses of Congress. He leaves with the lib-democRAT slime completely out of any power, controlling nothing.
 Finally, if he's a "centrist," why is there only a "vast right-wing conspiracy," and not also a "left-wing conspiracy" vast or merely half-vast out to get him?

More Legacy Lies.
Thanks to the enlightened and caring leadership of Bubba Jeffy Clintoon: the sun rose in the East across this great land every morning for the last 2,200-plus days. Without the Clintoon-masterminded Reinvention of Government, inclusion of minorities, and slaying of the federal budget deficit, the sun would not have risen crops would not have ripened and more than 200 million Americans would have starved to death.
This is the basic formula for much of the drivel gushing out of the White House these days regarding Clintoon's legacy. It is difficult to flip on C-SPAN without seeing tape of a speech of Bubba Clintoon pounding some audience New Hampshire or Nebraska into submission with an endless recitation of his great achievements. On Thursday evening Clinton will make a special farewell television speech to the nation. As a preview of sorts, Clintoon's aides earlier this week did a document dump on the American people a 110 page tome entitled "Eight Years of Peace, Progress and Prosperity."
This was, according to the most recently updated count, the 257th victory lap that Clintoon has run in front of the American people. Unfortunately, most of the media is blindly accepting many of Clintoon's achievement claims proving once again that the press corps has learned nothing since 1993.
The more statistics the government collects, the easier it becomes for politicians to lie. There are so many different statistical measurements out there and so many different time lines that Clintoon can pick and choose which data series, which baseline, and which spin to apply to any area about which he wants to crow.
To read a Clintoon White House document requires the same skepticism that statisticians brought to the analysis of Soviet economic data. Clintoon's report on his "eight-year" plan contains startling assertions. For instance, it claims that "in 1992, home computers were rare." (Move over, Al Gore!) Actually, home computers were about as rare in 1992 as white picket fences were in 1952. But claiming that computers were rare in 1992 allows Clintoon to take credit for the millions of home computer purchases since then.
You'll also be stunned to learn that "in 1992, the technology revolution was just about to hit." Silicon Valley was a hotbed long before 1992 and the United States had led the world in computer production for years before Clintoon took office. But the White House wants Americans to think that Clintoon's inauguration unleashed the modern age.
The report concocts other laughable claims. To pick another at random, it declares that, prior to 1993, there had been "no significant new investment in community service in a decade. Previous generations of Americans had answered the call to service of their country through programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Peace Corps and VISTA. However, it had been more than a decade since the federal government challenged the energy of Americans by putting significant resources behind a meaningful effort to expand community service opportunities."
At the time that Clintoon took office, roughly 90 million Americans were volunteering their time each year to aid some charitable activity. But for Clinton, the only efforts that are "meaningful" are ones that are politically ordained top down-controlled service. Since politicians could not claim credit for the efforts Americans made to help their neighbors, townsfolk, and others, those efforts did not exist at least, not by Washington's calculation.
Some of the claims in the Clintoon report are so petty or trite that they defy parody. "In July 1999," it brags, "the President visited the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to encourage investment in Indian Country, making him the first sitting President to visit a reservation since Franklin D. Roosevelt."
Maybe the report should also have mentioned that Clintoon was the first President ever to attend the opening day of the annual Sheep Shearing Festival in Boarhawg, Idaho.
Besides, Clinton's visit offered the Indians little more than another reminder that 'white man speak with forked tongue': he promised them 300 new HUD-financed homes a promise that HUD quickly defaulted on.
This week's barrage is only a prelude to a concerted effort by Clintoon and his supporters to spin out a legacy. Evidently the fear is that without the hype there's nothing there. The battle over the Clinton record has barely begun.

Lowlifes, Scumbags & shitfilth Subhumans.
Fat, stupid, alcoholic Teddy "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy, murderer and liberal democRAT lowlife, led the partisan inquisition against Hon John Ashcroft, but Ashcroft was unflappable and laughed at all the morons trying to persecute him. I wouldn't have had the patience; I'd have gone over the table and ripped the fat f*cking alcohy-murderer Teddy Kennedy's head off. No shit.
I rejoice when a lowlife piece of shit subhuman filth liberal democRAT dies, of any cause. Another so-called Beat Poet Poet Gregory Corso, a degenerate who couldn't hold a real job and was relegated to sucking lib-dem dick for a "living" has expired. Hey, I'm once again dancing in the streets! Dead from prostate cancer? Nah, probably from too much diseased dick up the ass. Good riddance, subhuman filth scumbag. May the rest of your perverted ilk go the painful, horrible death route.
Two black hypocrite morons have been identified nationally: Mayor of San Francisco Willie "Da Mayor" (for life) Brown and Race-Baiter and Misery Profiteer Bigot Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum, both with illegitimate half-breed mulatto bastards. Both are race-baiters, lowlife subhuman filth, discord-profitting blacks. Both are discredited in, and ostracized from, The Mainstream, from now on. You're next, Sharp-scum, you black homo. Good riddance, morons! The IRS needs to look at Jack-scum's illegal finances. The corrupt Rainbow-PUSH lowlife race pimps and misery profiteers should be audited by the IRS for paying for Jack-scum's whore. This article puts it in good perspective. Net net: Jack-scum's a black, pure and simple. Oh big news: the philanderer criminal Jack-scum black's back. Rejoice!
What's the "hold" that the lowlife race pimps and misery profiteers have over Black America? This sums it up, nicely.

Richly Deserving of Death.
Count on the wonderful state of Texas to make my week: one more subhuman piece of filth executed and removed from society permanently. Still, many to go and lots to do to clean up death row. 3,700+ at last count.
Hey, lookeey here: the white trash piece of shit murderer's execution is gonna be televised. Timmy "OKC Bomber" McVeigh is gonna have a large audience, and maybe they'll put it up on the Net? Hope so; I'd cherish the video file. Good riddance, moron!
Hey Mary-land: what's to debate about sexual predators? Put a bullet through their sick, perverted, evil, criminal heads! That's what they truly deserve. Whassup liberal filth? You got a problem with that, morons? Send me some email, lowlifes!
Who cares whether this homo's lawyer "dozed-off" during his trial? He's a murderer and deserves death. Fry the piece of subhuman shit.
Why all seven Texas prison escapees of this subhuman shitfilth cabal weren't originally executed after conviction, is beyond me. American Taxpayers uh, that's you and me will continue to pay $60,000-70,000 per year per lowlife to give this filth a place to live and eat 3 meals a day, when there are unfortunate, law-abiding Americans who don't have that. Help me out; explain it to me, liberal morons.
And now, the piece of lowlife shit who executed the five Wendy's employees in Queens, NY, is deemed "retarded" and won't get the death penalty, merely life in prison. Refer to the previous paragraph about the upcoming costs to you and me. Not to mention the total lack of closure for the kids' families. Unbelieveable that this society keeps locking-up murderers and other subhuman filth, when execution is called for by any rational standard. Personally, I think being a retarded murderer is a compelling reason to execute the piece of shit.
Just why the f*ck is everyone so concerned about a murderer's "rights"? Seems to me that after s/he murders someone, the criminal has no rights, and should be executed. This subhuman piece of shit, Russell Weston, sorely needs to die, schizoid or not. Don't waste the medication; waste him.
Here's another murderer Buford O. Furrow Jr who gets "life in prison", at US Taxpayers' expense. He rightfully deserves death and we shouldn't be paying our hard-earned tax dollars to keep such filth alive.
True to its word, Oklahoma executed another subhuman piece of dogshit for a 1985 triple murder at a grocery store. Made my week.
Here's another murderer who gets "life without parole"? Why? All murderers should get the death penalty for such a crime. The US Legal Sysytem is truly f*cked up.
And no, I don't have a problem with executing a 13 year old boy who beat a 6 year old girl to death. None whatsoever. He knew better.

California Deserts.
Nine diverse state and federal agencies from Caltrans to the National Park Service have collaborated on this guide to the desert wilderness of California and southern Nevada. Modern visitors need not face the hazards and hardships that confronted early travelers in a ruggedly beautiful, landscape, but they should come prepared for a hostile environment. Just in time for the Winter wildflower season, the site describes three distinct desert ecosystems: the Mojave (hottest and driest), the Colorado (lowest), and the Great Basin Desert (higher and colder). Much like the region it describes, this is a trip planner that's easy to get lost in.

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