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Friday, June 7, 2002

It hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks birdpoop in the face, a few days ago: that I'm on a treadmill and the future's looking a lot like yesterday did. Seems to me I went through this same scenario about 15 years ago, when I was working in NYCs advertising jungle for the 17 previous years. I decided to get out and do something I enjoyed. Now, after 12 years, I'm feeling as if I have the dreaded Green Industry Burnout; I thought the same thing once back in '99 and again, just last year. I don't look forward to getting up at 4am to be at work by 5:30am; used to be one of my favorite times to be productive and get work done. I've cut the evening hours back from 9pm to 5pm, and thoroughly enjoy getting out and home; also used to enjoy staying late, helping customers and making sales. I don't enjoy working Saturday and Sunday anymore, even though record retail sales are recorded every weekend; used to not mind working 7 days a week, back when it was mission critical to build my business. Now, with all the quality people and systems I've put into place over the years, the business almost runs itself. I sometimes feel like an vestigial appendage, ready to be excised on the operating table. Maybe I just need a vacation, or a few days off? Too much whine.

Around The Garden Center.
A crucial ingredient in the economy's long-term vitality productivity turned in its best performance in almost two decades during the first quarter of the year as hard-pressed companies produced more with fewer workers. Yes, I'm noticing this, even in my business. For the first time in 12 years, we're doing more with fewer people, no thanks to the shit-for-brains US Congress, who passed a 13-week unemployment extension bill, thereby Killing the labor pool this Spring. I can't understand why anyone with a functioning brain would stay home, drink beer and watch The Jerry Springer Show all day long. Hmmmmm, actually that doesn't sound too bad... Nah, don't drink beer.
Last Friday evening, we got hit by high winds, horizontal rain and overall damage was moderate in the York area. But nothing compared to what these folks suffered in Western Pennsylvania. The 1/10" rain was nice, but that kind of deadly Spring storm we all can do without, thankyouverymuch.
I've halted the landscaping projects for this week, in favor of getting some of the almost overwhelming amount of plant replacements, in customers' landscapes, done for Spring. As I've said previously, there is an inordinate amount of damage nearly all of it weather-related unlike previous years, and with our 5 Year Warranty, we're obligated to repair it at no cost to our customers. The sooner we get them done, the sooner we can get back to the profitable landscape jobs.
Some very violent thunderstorms raced through the York (PA) area on Thursday afternoon, dumping over 2.5" of horizontal rain in less than an hour, with 60-70mph sustained winds, but it was "nothing" compared to what the Midwest received. 8" of rain in under an hour? We had power and phone wires down, trees and phone poles snapped in half, and heavily-flooded roads everywhere. The trip home Thursday evening was an adventure, at the height of the storm.
I love this stuff; pieces in the Puzzle of Life.

Conservatives question Dubya's direction? Well sure, he's acting like a liberal moderate democRAT a non-Conservative, so far.
I've always been a fan reader of Billy Bob Safire; never a fan/cheerleader. God knows, this blowin'-in-the-wind RINO assumes the position on a minute-by-minute basis. BEND-OVER!
Rudy for VP in '04? Nope, I don't think he'd want that job. FBI Director would be a better fit.
It's about time. The CIA has created a new super secret paramilitary unit to target whack known terrorists and their leaders abroad, a US government official said. The CIA already has several paramilitary units trained for the conduct of covert operations, according to the official. But the new hit team will operate directly under the command of the agency's counter terrorism centre, the brain trust of the US-led war on terror that seeks to eradicate whack terrorist cells around the world. Ummmm, how "super secret" can they be, if we're reading about it?

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit filth did to the US on 9-11. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents.
This ludicrous ban on racial profiling, promulgated on America by the stinking lib-democRATs in the name of "PC", is what's going to lead to another massacre. Every Arab or Muslim man between 17 and 50 ought to be "visited" by the FBI or CIA or police depts. Screw PC.
So we think we in America much safer in airports, and that the nuclear plants are being guarded well by military troops? Even if they have empty M-16s? Here is Pennsylvania, the brilliant RINO (Republican In Name Only) Governor Mark "No Bullets For You" Schweicker has decreed that all troops' weapons shall be empty, when guarding the 3 nuclear plants and at all airports. Are they in the "BFS Barney Fife Syndrome" "SSS Sgt Schultz Syndrome" mode? Words fail me just now.
The U.S. government has alerted airlines and law enforcement agencies that new intelligence indicates that Islamic terrorists have smuggled shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft missiles into the United States. Oh joy, shades of TWA 800 are returning. Here's a discussion on shoulder-fired missiles.
Think I've been too hard on Muslims in the past 8 months of Journal entries? Here are some kindred spirits who hate the deviant evil Islam cult, subhuman Muslim filth and lying Arab garbage as much as I do.
We should be heavily racially profiling instead of screening for weapons, at airports and everywhere else in America. Israel screens for terrorists, not weapons. It's going to take another massacre to wake America up, kick the PC shit out of the way, and find and whack the terrorist cells; arrest and deport Muslim sympathizers and sympathizers. Hundreds, thousands, hundreds-of-thousands or millions may die in the next conflagration before the US Government finally gets a hint of the true danger within our borders. And Rush agrees with what I've been saying for 8 months; guess I must be right, then. Heh, heh, heh... NOT! We're slowly screwing and Killing ourselves, by allowing the US Gubmint/Goobermint to offer American Citizens up for sacrifice, to subhuman Muslim shitfilth. We've morphed into "sheeple", instead of people. Are you ready for the coming carnage? Hey, here come the first lawsuits for racially profiling the sandidiot, pork-sucking Allah shithead, Muslim filth. Bring it on, diaperheads!
If the FBI was inept and incompetent in the mis-handling of the pre-911 events, the CIA was too; this article details a small part of the bumbling and stupidity. The filthy stinking Clintoon holdovers are obstructing at every turn; get rid of the garbage, clean house!
Why the f*ck hell heck do we have lowlife Muslim shitfilth agents in the FBI if their attitude is: "Muslims don't record other Muslims"? Get rid of the stinking, pork-sucking diaperhead lowlife scumbag, Director Mueller! Get rid of the traitorous piece of shit! Muslims and Arabs are subhuman terrorist traitorous filth; whack them by the millions!
Operation Garden Plot? Sure, read it and quake.
New York City Mayor shit-for-brains Mikey "The RINO Idiot" Bloomberg, scumbag GOP lowlife lib-democRAT, says: that the FBI shouldn't use its newly expanded surveillance powers to monitor mosques even if such a move would help stop another terrorist attack because it would amount to racial profiling. Hey Bloomberg moron: racial profiling is a valid police technique, you lowlife idiot! Hopefully, you'll die soon from colon or prostate cancer, or lack of a functioning brain.
I have no problem wasting 60 terrorist-supporting "nations"; actually, they're backwater shitholes which truly deserve annihilation and non-existence. Go for it, W; nuke the Muslim filth. whack the sandidiot Muslim garbage subhumans; all of them and everyone of that deviant religious cult.
This traitorous, fat liberal pig bitch Lynne Stewart should be executed for smuggling messages to stinking towelhead Muslim filth, Abdel-Rahman, 63, who was jailed for conspiring to bomb the World Trade Center in 1993 under the noses of the police. whack the ugly lib-dem whore.
Hmmmm,two of many terrorists we let escape; we should be finding and Killing them with assassination teams, as the Israelis do, daily. whack them all.
Don't think Muslims are deviants, degenerates and lowlife subhumans? Read this.
Think Muslim scum have had an "historic and glorious civilization"? Not so; they're dogshit. Read this. Arab garbage are a full two steps below that level.
Look at this subhuman, deviant ugly, stinking Muslim shitfilth lowlife Mo-ham-head Islamic terrorist homo; time to whack him it.
This is exactly why the Robert S. Mueller Moron of The FBI shouldn't be in charge: he's saying that the US has no plans to profile the Muslim mosques, where Islamic scumbag pervert terrorists gather and foment death. Every stinking Allah-moron mosque should be bulldozed, right after every pork-sucking Muslim executed. End of damned pest problem.
Why won't someone whack Arrid-fart and rid the world of a festering sore?
If the boy-buggering homo Muslim, deviant, degenerate, pork-sucking Allah lowlife moron Mo-ham-head Atta had walked into my office as he did with this woman loan officer and said the things he did, I'd have whacked the diaperhead on the spot. Mr Glock 32/.357sig would have "spoken" to the Muslim filth in terms he and other terrorists would quickly understand: instant and permanent death from a head shot.

Scumbags, Lowlifes & Garbage.
No, I don't necessarily mean liberals or democRATs here, but they'd all sure fit under those three adjectives very nicely. Here come the lib-dem food-Nazis with their "we know what's best for you" routine. What garbage. Let the marketplace work; period. If families decide they don't want their youngsters eating "happy-meals" let them say "no". Fast-food companies will develop and sell what works in the marketplace. It's that simple. The fast food industry fights back.
The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) just won't rid itself of all the deviant, perverted, degenerate homosexual filth and try to earn back its constituents' faith; they keep obfuscating the truth to maintain their perversions. If all Catholics in the US would stop giving to the RCC-USA, then it would go broke, and rightly so, until it purges all the subhuman homo filth from its ranks.
A $24,000 sofa, an $1,800 pillow and $45,800 in silver and china etc? Sure looks like our hard-earned tax dollars at work for the military, once again.
Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, a sleazy lowlife lib-dem whore, who has faced accusations of plagiarism over a 1987 book, has resigned from the Pulitzer Prize board, Columbia University announced Friday. Good riddance, bitch.
The NAALCP (Nat'l ass'n of Liberal Colored People) is a racist, bigoted organization, wanting black American students to fail, and thus, receive all kinds of lib-dem "aid". The lib-dems have kept all minorities their prime constituents down for the past 50+ years. By "down", what do I mean? In freaking poverty and stupidity, that's what. Although a few have "escaped": Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sewell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, JC Williams, Juan Williams et al, but are called "Uncle Toms" and "idiots". Julian Bond and Kweisi Mfume (aka Tyrone LeRoy Jack-scum) are racist bigot scum.
John F. Kerry (lib-democRAT shitfilth, D-MA) is a liar, murderer, homo-appeaser, liberal spend-and-taxer, piece of dogshit scumbag pol, and richly deserves a fatal, brain-stem accident with his "boyfriend's" dildo. And He Wants To Be Our Next President In '04. Can you even rationally imagine the horror and capitulation of this stupid, cowardly, ignorant punk-scum? Brrrrrrr.
The irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum has accepted an invitation to visit the Middle East and will be making the trip sometime between June 8 and June 14, Palestinian Authority Spokesman Hassan Abdel Rahman said Friday. One can only hope that a stray bullet will find Jack-scum's criminal head.
Are blacks really this stupid to believe this outrageous shit. Read it and decide for yourself. Amazes me every time. The people who do, truly belong back in the jungle.
I agree: most lawyers are lowlife, ambulance-chasing scum. As Shakespeare said: "First, whack all the lawyers". Hmmmmm, I have several close friends who are same; let me get them to change to an honorable profession, first. Hold that "whack" order; I'll get back to you on "when".
The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) is in big, big trouble if they adopt this perverted policy on deviant homos, child molesters and perverted priests. Allowing any subhuman homos to remain as priests is a huge mistake, and allowing any queers "who only molested one boy" will be catastrophic to the RCC's future in America. No, I'm not Catholic.
Just 35 miles to the northeast, Hershey Foods is plagued by the stinking lowlife socialist union scumbags, who've shutdown 2 major plants for 5 weeks. Now, Hershey's management has grown some balls cajones and are bringing in some temp workers to restart production. Unions have ruined much of American industry and business, and are one of the primary reasons we don't manufacture much in America anymore. Unions suck.
Dwight Gooden? Yep, he's a lowlife druggie scumbag piece of dogshit. Rot in jail, scumbag.
McDonald's Corp. has agreed to donate $10 million to Hindu and other groups to settle lawsuits filed against the chain for mislabeling french fries and hash browns as vegetarian. What the hell heck are raghead Dothead-Hindu scumbags doing eating at McDonald's, anyway? Another US corporation shakedown.
Oh, here the wackos in Oregon go again: the Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday reinstated a $79.5 million punitive damage award against Philip Morris in a lawsuit brought by relatives of a man who died after smoking Marlboros for four decades. 40 years he's been smoking and couldn't read the package warning labels? What a load of shit shit. Hmmmmm, my brand.
Another idiot scumbag behaving badly, multiple times with underage girls, while living. Chart-(s)topping R&B star moron R. Kelly was arrested on child pornography charges Wednesday based on a videotape police said shows Kelly having sex with an underage girl. Someone, shoot this scumbag. He's dogshit and deserves a .223cal in his empty head.
The disgraced, impeached, lying, raping, lowlife ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, has a "replacement" for Buddy, The First Dog. Seamus The Puppy, is his name. How long before the Clintoon lowlife whacks this one, too?
General Electric Corp caved-in to the lowlife criminal shakedown artist, Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum? I've sold my stock in that wimpy company and have moved on to better things.
Another cogent reason why unions are democRAT scum.
Bravo! Another lowlife piece of white trash shit shit junk band noisemaker Dee Dee Ramone of The Ramones bites the big one, from a drug overdose. And good riddance, scumbag; hope you drowned slowly in your vomit. May you rot in hell with the stinking music noise you foistered upon this Earth. It stunk, scumbag.

whack This Subhuman Filth.
Listen to the lowlife, scumbag, lib-democRAT slime whine about "executing children" the murderous degenerates under 18 and are then executed when they reach the legal age of 18. It has nothing to do with "children"; it's about a perverted and demented socialist agenda to abolish the death penalty, which should be applied 10x 100x 1000x more than it is now.
New statistics from the Justice Department suggest that most inmates in state prisons have been anything but scared straight by the prospect of going back behind bars, with more than two-thirds of ex-convicts released from state prisons in 1994 rearrested for new crimes within three years a rate that increased by 5 percent over the previous decade. Well duh, that's been fact for many years.

Smithsonian Jazz.
This Smithsonian site aims to preserve and promote one of America's greatest art forms: jazz. For an excellent overview of the music, begin at the What Is Jazz? page. Next, peruse the jazz classes to learn about and listen to performers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Benny Carter, and enjoy an interactive feature on Duke Ellington. The Jazz 365 page offers a snippet of jazz history for every day of the year. You can also research the extensive Smithsonian music collections and exhibits. There's enough jazz here to keep you be-bopping all night long.

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