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Friday, May 8, 1998

All things change with time's relentless and unyielding influence. Things that were new, soon get old. Things once treasured, are sooner or later discarded. One man's ceiling is another man's floor. And on it goes. The secret is to become accustomed to the change, appreciate it for what it is, and not fight it too much. Take grey hair, for example. I found my first couple at 37; by 48, I'm almost all grey must be from owning my own business and can't fix that situation. Sure, I could get a bottle of what President Reagan used remember the black liquid that ran down his face when it rained, until the Secret Service guys got an umbrella over his head? but I'm not vain enough for that shit. Hmmm, I haven't seen my feet in two years.

Boomers Getting Older.
Those of us called Baby Boomers, born in the late 40s to the early 60s, are passing milestones with great alacrity. First, during the 60s hippie era, it was don't trust anyone over 30. Now, we're into our late 40s and early 50s and it's been reshuffled to don't trust anyone without grey.
To recapture that lost youth, many Boomers (but not me) are undergoing nip-and-tuck plastic surgery, lyposuction, hair transplants and all kinds of other degrading procedures designed to return them to a period in time which they can never recapture. It's disheartening to hear about it and see it happen. Many of my friends are showing signs of the aging process, either hereditary or acquired. When asked what I'm going to do to fight it, I simply say that life isn't a dress rehearsal; we get one chance as we go through it. We might as well accept it gracefully. Fighting it too much reduces the enjoyment factor.
I still remember, with great clarity, the milestones in my life, but I have no wish to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, anymore than I wish upon a star. I don't have the excess brain cells necessary for the sacrifice.

Execute The Scumbag.
The US legal system screws up again: allowing another whacker to live on, while his innocent victims remain dead. Yep, still dead. What's wrong with this society's laws? Our national view of justice is truly warped when we allow a murderer to live in a comfy prison, paid for by our tax dollars, for the rest of his/ her unnatural life, tie up the legal system with endless appeals and demand rights. It's especially wrong to allow mentally-ill whackers to stay alive in prison. They should be terminated immediately upon conviction. Instead, the lowlife liberals who think they run the legal system, want to rehabilitate the whackers and re-introduce them back into society. The only thing whackers need to be re-introduced to is a lethal injection or 40,000 volts.
How did our nation get so messed up? The idiotic view that it's better to let 10 guilty go free than whack an innocent is truly wrong. Better to whack all of them than to allow the guilty to go free and commit more crimes. Third world nations like Iran et al execute guilty people on a daily basis. As much as their religious views and politics are abhorrent to civilized peoples everywhere, their justice system is way ahead of ours.
As long as filthy liberal scum have any say in our legal system's activities, this country will continue to preserve and protect the rights of murderers, rapists and child molesters over the innocent, and usually dead, victims.
One reason our legal system is so screwed up is that we spend inordinate amounts of time, money and personnel pursuing ludicrous anti-trust cases, instead of terminating criminals. The DOJ is a waste of time and money, staffed by liberal moron filth, as is the worthless ACLU.

whack This Faker, Too.
Too crazy to execute? Huh? What? A murderer who is too crazy to terminate? I don't f*cking think so. All murderers are insane; it's just a matter of degrees. Not in my book would a murdering piece of shit be kept alive with my (and your) tax dollars ($40,000 - $60,000 per year) and fed and clothed and treated for the fake insanity he's feigning to get a pass on the electric chair.
I'd burn this scumbag's sorry ass in a heartbeat. f*ck the worthless, commie-liberal-shit-for-brains-ACLU and his stinking, crooked doctors and slimy, garbage lawyers. No amount of fakery would prevent me from pulling the switch, or pushing in the plunger on the needle. None. He'd die in a split second and wind up in a pile full of maggots, where the garbage belongs.
The 1986 decision by the Supreme Court was utterly devoid of any logic: f*cked up people deciding something they had no business deciding. Sane or insane, a murderer must die for the crime(s). But the part about then-Gov Bill Clinton signing a murder faker's death warrant in '92 actually gives me renewed respect for Slick Willie The Bubba. I'm impressed with Clinton, but sickened by the Supreme Court's failing to protect the nation's citizens, while putting a criminal's rights above an innocent person's rights. Bad move.
Why not use an insane criminal for medical experimentation, and then put the scum to death? That's a proper way to use the filth to benefit society before death is exacted.

Trial Balloons.
I get so tired of hearing the military and government super-secret agencies doing classified business in public. What the heck ever happened to in secret?
The CIA floats ideas and concepts read trial balloons about covert, classified operations, and data, all the time. Are they looking for some kind of ABC News Poll approval of a majority of respondents? Just get it done, guys and gals. Don't let the world or US know the details. Just the oversight committees of congress, okay? They're the ones charged with keeping it under control.
I don't want to read about military superbases or the latest detailed plot to capture someone for world trial; just plan it, implement it and then issue a press release after it's over.

No Loss At All.
One of the worst pieces of shit from the 60s and 70s is finally dead and gone: Eldrige Cleaver. A lowlife moron who murdered, raped, robbed and committed crimes against humanity, Cleaver is credited with helping to form the so-called Black Panthers, a group of black criminals.
During my hippie period of the 60s, I heard Cleaver speak twice, read Soul On ice and was impressed with the anger and frustration of his message. Of course, we all were very stupid and naive back then, weren't we? Those moron Panther scum fooled everyone into thinking they stood for something; but they didn't. They were simple criminals in the guise of community activists. Years later, I learned the truth about the evil, criminal activities of the Panthers and the scum who comprised that group. For all the rhetoric and crime they dumped on this Nation, they accomplished nothing. Except hurting blacks even more by spreading drugs and more crime in the ghettos. It was all a smoke screen of lies.
Fearing what blacks will think about his life, Cleaver's family and doctor won't release the cause of death. It's probably AIDS from IV drug use, or something ignominious that would reinforce his pathetic life of crime and hate. Truly, he leaves a legacy of crime and lies.
Another piece-of-shit, subhuman lowlife is Marion Barry, who also needs to be removed or, better yet, die; seems that's the only way the political arena will ever rid itself of his corruption and sleaze.
Why do blacks knowingly elect criminals and other corrupt scum? It only makes their lives worse. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the criminality and racism of a Cleaver or Barry. There are so many successful, ethical and morally straight blacks to look up to; why does the black national community dwell on the criminal element for their heroes?

Once Again.
Another of Clinton's criminal cronies has been indicted. For the second time. And he deserves it. In fact, the fat, stupid slob should spend the rest of his unnatural life in a prison, rotting away.
It's amazing that so many of Slick Willie The Bubba's criminal friends are being investigated, indicted, prosecuted and going to prison. Let's see: Hubbell, Hale, McDougal, Espy, Cisneros, Tucker and the list goes on. But Clinton is the biggest criminal of all and seems to escape the fallout. He'll probably get a pass rather than what he deserves: impeachment and disgrace.
It's not so much that Clinton screwed some lowlife bimbo in the Oral Orifice; it's that he's actively involved in a coverup and perjury. That's the crime. We all know he and his scuzbag wife have no morals or ethics. That didn't seem to bother the millions of idiots who voted (not me, either time!) him into office. A sad commentary on American values and ethics.
Hubbell has said enough to lay some real blame at Hitlery, the First Bitch's smelly, squalid feet. It's time Starr squeezed the fat slob and got a real confession as to what the First Bitch actually did to break the law. Instead, it looks like he'll do some more time for her crimes. Maybe Bubba will pardon him to continue keeping his fat mouth shut about the Whitewater crimes of both Clinton scumbags.
Indeed, with what he's said so far, Hitlery is open to further investigation and possible indictment for her many crimes at the substandard Rose Law firm, a two-bit shithole of incompetents and morons. Hubbell deserves whatever he gets; he's a lowlife scumbag.
Even Bubba His-Own-Self has now bought into publicly speaking about The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Inc. against him. Previously, he has allowed others to do the accusing. Usually, when the rhetoric level is rising at The White House, something big is about to happen to Bubba & Hitlery's cadre of lowlife, liberal filth associates.

Grand Juries.
If one doesn't have anything to hide, one doesn't need a lawyer at a grand jury hearing.
I've appeared and testified before three (3) US Federal Grand Juries as a friendly witness and never required an attorney to cover my ass. The US Constitution did that when I told the truth. Only the guilty have reason to worry. That would explain why all scummy Clintonites have retained attorneys, and have huge legal bills and possible prison terms ahead of them.

Nuke The Stinking Scumbags.
It's time to quit the political and diplomatic bullshit and nuke the lowlife Iraqi dogs. They're subhuman filth; fit only to be used as compost on the world's gardens.
And while we're levelling the playing field on a world scale, nuke the commie scum, who've aimed missiles at US cities.

Liberal Democrats.
In the past five weeks, I've received a lot of mail from liberal democrats taking me to task rather soundly for my ...cynical, jaded, and right wing nut views on the world. Not one's had the courage to ientify him or herself so far and I really don't want to know or ask for a coherent conversation on the subject. No matter.
Liberals and democrats are cowards, pure and simple. They're afraid to debate the issues, merely wanting to advance their perverted agendas in any way they can. I spit on their communistic and socialistic issues. None have the guts to debate or discuss their transparent philosophy.
One of the reasons I've baited liberal scum here is to draw them into a dialogue; easily proving what paper tigers and cowards and punks they are. Hundreds have responded, and I've saved every email and letter, aptly exposing them for what lowlifes they are. I'm working on a set of pages with names and addresses which details their false philosophy and their cowardice. After I find some time, look for it to be posted and reveal those liberal lowlifes to the online world.

Good Reading.
Although the online magazine's graphics really need some help, go to The American Spectator magazine online for the truthful content about the subhuman Clintonite filth's scummy activities.
Evolving into a moderate as I have over the past few years, I still enjoy reading both Conservative and Liberal points of view. Such opposite ends of the spectrum perspectives on the very same facts is most enlightening. Liberal scum are afraid to put their views into print or on a site; then everyone would know what socialistic, commies they are.
Bookmark it and stop by weekly for some eye openers on many topical issues.

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