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Friday, November 7, 1997

it's been said by several of the regular visitors to this weekly Journal, that I use vile language in describing less-than-honest people; instead, why not write eloquently? Gosh, I had no idea. Eloquent is easy and is very, very commonplace throughout the mainstream and web-based media. What and how I write is not. And that's why many come here to read these entries; they simply can't find this frankness anywhere else. It's not that others can't write this way; their prudish editors require eloquent and elegant verbiage in lieu of the truth. I don't hesitate to call someone what they are, if they warrant it. I speak what's on my mind. Eloquent is soporific and tedious these days, and it's all over the place. Go to The New York Times and read William Safire or Maureen Dowd if you want elegant. I do read their takes on a daily basis. You'll find that their language of eloquence tiptoes around the truth, invokes ambiguity and misses the heart of the matter every time. I go for the jugular and take no prisoners.

The Criteria.
When a so-called public figure gets into trouble, either through their own machinations or an evil conspiracy with others, they're fair game for my words. As far as I'm concerned, they've given up the right to courtesy and civility, and need to be called what they are. It sometimes seems that if I don't do it, no one else will be either.
Outright lack of honesty and truthfulness raises my anger immediately; subtefuge and and conspiratorial actions outright makes me mad. If an honest person gets caught up in a situation or situations that seem to take them to dishonest places, then that person isn't honest after all if they don't bail out before getting there; merely portraying and posturing oneself as such to a now-deceived and let-down group of supporters is shameful. Let the vile missives rip: you do the crime, you do the time.
Betraying the public trust as Nixon did in the Watergate debacle is tantamount to a capital crime. He and his fellow criminals should still be in the slammer, if most of them weren't dead, that is.

The Freedom.
At the risk of sounding Pinko, or, worse yet, clear-eyed and comprehending, I'd like to point out that there are a great many things wrong with this country. Too many guns, too much corruption, not enough jobs, basketball players who miss half their free throws while making 30 times as much money as the President, etc. The list goes on and on. It's gotten to the point where fellow Americans, beaten down by the never-ending, daily hypocrisy, seem incapable of truly speaking out about what pisses them off. I don't have that problem, but then again, I've given myself a forum as an outlet on my Website.
One of the true few freedoms we have left that either the unethical liberals haven't sold or the IRS hasn't yet decided to tax is free speech. I thoroughly believe in using it to the maximum, pushing hard until I hear from the Feds.
I haven't heard from them yet, so what I'm saying here is closer to the truth than a slap at honest, innocent people. If these people were honest and hard working, their actions would speak for themselves. It's quite obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that they aren't honest or deserving of our respect. Many deserve jail time.
I wouldn't trade this country, even with all its inherent problems, for any other place on earth, for that matter. That said, on to the specifics.

The Forum.
Several people have castigated me for mixing business and politics in the same place: my Website. Kind of makes me sound like a liberal (nasty word, isn't it?) democrat (another bad word)? No, not at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. I laughed at their missives and told them to get a real life.
I keep my Garden Center & Nursery business well separated from my personal views; although they're both on the same site, one must choose to go there to read. I don't inundate visitors up front with my views and rants either, unless they go there and choose a topic.
I did start another site once just devoted to topical subjects covered in my Journal, but abandoned it after realizing what a full-time job I had in just keeping things together at, which somehow I manage to do on a daily basis. Besides, the views are mine and are not even remotely connected to what I do in the business. I treat all people with respect until they show me otherwise.
On a seasonal basis, I meet with several thousand people at their homes and at my Garden center & Nursery, to discuss landscape projects. A huge number, maybe 80% are connected to the Net, and another surprising number of maybe 65% of them have been to my Website and read the Journal. They agree with the attitude I've taken about such shit that plagues our daily lives. Although I don't write these things just to get agreement, it's nice to know others do feel the same about such issues.

The Herd Mentality.
In last week's Journal entry, I took to task three groups of public phonies: The Million Men Shufflers, The Promise Keeper Crawlers and The Million Women Waddlers for the pseudo-spectacles they employed in getting their causes some national ink and air time.
It was a pathetic display of the herd mentality gone wrong. Safety in numbers. No individual responsibility where it's needed: with the individual. Not only did it make laughing stocks out of all three lowlife groups, it clearly demonstrated where the truth lies with each. A political agenda was on display for their so-called degenerate leaders; we'll soon hear more from them in misguided efforts to gain more welfare dollars, unemployment benefits, lawsuits; anything but get a real job and take some responsibility for their lives. Anything but.
Have these idiots been billed for clean up yet in the two crime-riddled, shithole cities - DC and Philadelphia that they dirtied with their leave-behind trash? Of course not; that's not politically correct. You and I paid for the clean ups. With our tax dollars, while millions of unemployed scumbags went home to more cheap booze, drugs, familial abuse, welfare payment checks and unemployment monies - once again, paid for by us.
What sense does that all make?

The Rains Cometh.
Finally, we're getting some much-needed rain this first weekend in November. Over 32" down from last year's moisture total, everything has suffered in this mid-atlantic region.
I read with great amazement a story at ABCNews site, in which the short-sighted author happily declared that the atlantic coast has been spared the usual hurricanes by El shithead Nino. What he doesn't realize is all the suffering and crop failures that have resulted in bankruptcies and widespread animal and plant death. He didn't even report on that aspect of it all. Some myopically nearsighted people truly have shit for brains. Screw the hurricanes: bring on the rains!

Several weeks ago in another Journal entry, I detailed what's needed to get conifer and perennial gardens ready for Winter. But you should see what we have to do in a 20-acre operation just to get things ready around here.
In between landscape jobs, which are getting larger in scope as Fall progresses, the 4-5 man crew works at various projects to Winterize the nursery stock. I have a man on full-time just to work on projects until manpower from the landscape crews can be re-allocated to help.
In addition to two new 40'x100' greenhouses being constructed just behind the four existing houses, hundreds of thousands of pieces of containerized nursery stock, perennials, hardy cactus, alpine perennials, miniature and dwarf conifers et al need to be watered and put into the houses after getting a heavy frost, which sends them into dormancy. All container stock 1 quart. 1-2-3-5-7-10 and larger gallon sizes must be stored away from the harsh Winter winds. Larger B&B (balled & burlapped) material stays heeled-into the ground in their respective location within the Nursery Areas.
Watering systems must be drained each night before freezing temperatures; otherwise, repairs become a daily occurrence and nuisance. Trucks, skidloader, backhoes et al must be Winterized so they'll be able to withstand the bitter cold each night and still start the next morning, as the jobs continue. Gardens must be Winterized against cold and prepared for next Spring's recovery from dormancy.
Spring orders for additional tens-of-thousands of new pieces of nursery stock and perennials must be reviewed, adjustments made, and signs, tags and labels prepared after pricing each item. The paperwork is stupefying, sometimes. I used to enjoy the outdoor, physical work; now it seems that I spend an inordinate amount of time at the computer and with hardcopy files just checking and re-checking everything. Fortunately, I have the omnipresent Lynn to help several days a week and it all gets done.
Upcoming Flower Shows must be carefully planned and material scheduled for re-entry into warm greenhouses for use in the shows. Careful timing is a critical factor but doesn't always work perfectly, depending upon the severity of the Winter. Suffice it to say that we all don't go to Florida for the Winter; many hard-working people work right through those months with little or no rest, just getting ready for Spring.

It's Back.
After not watching TV for almost 3 years, I finally broke down and replaced the 27" Sony Trinitron I've had since 1980. It worked great until 3 years ago; then it quit, I got divorced and the workload got much heavier. 18hr days don't leave much time for channel surfing.
Watching TV was nice; I saw a few of my ads on The Weather Channel; the technology for special effects has progressed noticeably in three short years.
Finally, the site's up-and-running on a host server in southern New Jersey, after a week of trying to work out some glitches with the new ISP.
Stop by and see a first-class dwarf conifer growing nursery Blue Sterling who we do business with for the finest in conifers.
Use their email address at the bottom of the pages and send a nice congrats! note to Jim & Barb Smith about their new Website.

A Salient Reason.
I've always wondered why American cities are in such bad shape, even after all the stinking liberal programs spent billions to bail them and their disadvantaged people out, beginning in the 60s.
Here's the reason: liberal programs which have destroyed the individual's incentive to take responsibility for their own lives, welfare handouts, limitless unemployment benefits and whatever else is needed to keep people dependent upon government largesse. All addictive and ruinous.

The Ugly Americans.
Jealousy doesn't become the rest of the world, it seems today. Everyone's got a bitch and a gripe about the USA: arrogant, bully, insensitive, overbearing, unilateral actions, etc. Bitch, bitch, bitch...
How many times has the US saved the sorry, so-called Allies' asss? Innumerable times, in world wars, economic matters, regional conflicts and many more instances. But all the moaning, bitching and groaning from dozens of substandard, shithole countries doesn't matter at all. We're damned if we do, and damned if we don't. Go figure.
Now the Brits are at it, too. They're all pissed off about the au pair being convicted of murder. Everyone's blaming the US Criminal Justice System for that verdict. It's the moronic defense attorneys who caused that. The System is screwed up enough as it is, without blaming it for the idiotic actions of a few lowlife, liberal lawyers. I hate whiny, snivelly people who complain because we're raising the bar. They want to lower the playing field and make things more even. A higher roof is always preferable to a lower floor. Get a life, world.

Violent Rock Lyrics.
The Senate is spending several more million of our tax dollars to determine whether the shitty, so-called rock music of today prods young teens into Killing themselves.
But whether it causes suicides is another matter. I think the potentially suicidal person is more than a little disturbed or, as we used to say in the 60s and 70s, f*cked up. Again, who cares? At least they're not going postal and wasting anyone other than themselves.
That kind of outright censorship is already practiced by the Wal-Marts, in deciding what music they will sell. It's evil, wrong and unconstitutional; but on the other hand, it's their store and they can decide their own course of action. The Supreme Court will soon be involved.

They got it done. Let the reverse inquisition begin.

A Sad Day.
The heat is now off of Slick Willie The Bubba & Co. The Senate Committee on Campaign Finance Reform has suspended its hearings, for lack of interest in the truth. It seems Congress and the American public really don't give a damn.
The White House criminals are dancing in the halls since the Committee has announced its termination at or before the expiration date of December 31st, 1997. The so-called, inept Dept of Justice is supposedly continuing their investigations, but with the myopic Reno's overriding preoccupation in protecting the Clintons, nothing of substance will ever happen there without honest people watching her every non-move.
Everyone said Reagan wore suits made of Teflon for the way crises slid off of his back without tarnishing his image; hell, Clinton is Teflon. Nothing seems to stick to that criminal bastard.
There is one hope left alive to probe the scummy Clinton crimes. Although he's spent $30 million so far and really turned up little of substance on either Slick Willie or Hitlery, it seems that Starr's investigation will go down the drain next Summer, too.
It's a very sad day for this country when the public turns a deaf ear to numerous crimes by politicians from all sides and much-needed investigations die an unnatural and premature death. But no one seems to give a shit anymore.
The moral fiber of this country has been further eroded in favor of expediency and the almighty dollar. The slide continues on both sides of the aisle; Republicans and Democrats won't change anything if left to police their own actions. It must be forced down their lying throats. The few honest politicians still an oxymoron have left the arena or are planning to leave the political scene, in favor of big business and real money. What we'll be left with is an unprecedented collection of crooks, degenerates, lowlifes and scumbags.
Genius Veep Al - I didn't do anything wrong, and I won't do it again - Gore and his criminal friends are now out in the open. It's amazing how this guy went from Mr. Boy Scout to Dept of Justice (DOJ) investigation of the year for several stupid actions. Clinton's on the back burner for a change; Gore's getting gored by special prosecutors, the media and his old cronies. How can anyone be so stupid as to funnel government contracts to a lousy, low tech company in return for campaign donations? Gore apparently was and still is.

Next On Deck.
This guy's nuts. With the Thompson Hearings down the tubes, the Dan Burton Show is about ready to roll, and not rock much. He's about a quart low in the judgment department, and quite an embarrassment to the Republicans. There should be some real entertainment on tap here for the Winter months.

The Clinton & Gore Whores.
For the $50,000-plus fee, anyone can have Slick Willie The Bubba and many others for a weekend in Florida. It's pretty sad and very surprising what a little money can buy these days. By that, I mean very little money. I'd have thought the presidency was for sale for at least a million bucks plus.
But with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is such financial trouble from the 96 Election's financial excesses, both Clinton and Gore have again prostituted themselves for the greenback and spit right in the American voter-public's collective faces.
What these pseudo-political dilettantes have paid to acquire a few silk-screened memorial trinkets and two days of bullshit is more than most Americans earn in a year to house and feed their families. And it's not endemic to the sleazy democrats (note small cap 'd'); the Republicans do it on a much larger scale, but not with a sitting president and vice president. That's unprecedented and very, very sleazy. There's a marked difference between the two actions.
Read the quotes by the hypocritical scumbags Titelman, Rose, Romer and others. It makes me laugh and feel ill at the same time to listen to that kind of pathetic excuse and justification for their actions. Just saying they came to have some fun would be honest; justification on the basis of good citizenship is an outright lie and affront to everyone. And read Slick Willie's closing comment; typical of the degenerate lowlife he really is.

Teen Education Tips.
Growing up, I had to learn all this stuff on my own. Now kids have a repository for the questionable things in life, courtesy of the Net.
Whatever happened to trial and error and experiencing things for yourself? I guess those days are over now. I feel sad for their deprived psyches.

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