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Friday, October 20, 2000

it is wrong to imply that the Liberal Left has some sort of built-in natural advantage in the way history plays out, as if the universe were somehow more friendly to the Left than the Right. Why then, are more people Right-handed than Left-handed? George Bush's campaigning style casts the goals of the Right as mere ideals to be approximated while Leftist projects are realities to be achieved. As a Rightist, I am unwilling to concede that the Left is somehow more consonant with the natural unfolding of human history. The Left may hold power and have the advantages of incumbency, but that is no reason to say that the Right is at a disadvantage. Consider that one hundred years ago, those on the Left were considered idealists, nave at best and dangerous at worst. Yet they engaged in systematic political activism, undertaking efforts to change the culture as well as public law piece by piece, until their ideals were achieved. Because of that, we live in their world today. Our task is to make their world ours again, and the recovery project will likely take as long for us as it took them back then.
The Conservative Right must take vigorous exception to the idea that it must settle for what it can get. Pragmatism should not be enshrined as a philosophical touchstone, as the neoconservatives have done to do so would be tantamount to conceding legitimacy to the Left. The Left has never had to settle; it has been able to achieve its goals completely. Those on the Left will never admit that of course, they claim "there's still a long way to go toward a progressive (socialist) society," but it is the nature of the Left to endlessly pursue change for change's sake. Contrary to the Left, the Right does not have some ever-receding, unattainable ideal like "equality" the Right has a specific vision of a society. Implementing the programs and policies of the Right is not a hopeless ideal, it is fully achievable by passing certain laws and repealing others, and then holding the line. To do this, all we need is to get an electoral majority that will pass those laws, which of course is not an easy task because we on the Right seem to have the same level of credibility that the Left did a hundred years ago. But that too can be changed.

Around The Garden Center.
Seems that Indian Summer has settled into the Mid-Atlantic region. Daytime temps in the 60s; nite-time temps in the 40s. I could get used to this. Spring and Fall are my two most favorite seasons: Winter and Summer my favorites as a kid are too extreme, now. At almost 51, I much prefer "the gentler seasons". Heck, I've been saying that, based upon all available evidence year to year, it's going to be a wetter and colder Winter than we've had for many years.
For just over 11 years, I've used Microsoft Works spreadsheets to do my landscape estimates and billing, having built very extensive and complicated templates many years ago, and improved/ updated them on a regular basis. I'm currently using Works v4.5, so when I saw that v6.0 was available, I ordered it from MS' website. What a huge mistake. The new version is far less powerful as a spreadsheet but rather is a complete suite of tools for beginners; sort of like a watered-down Office 2000. And of course, MS-Excel doesn't work with any version of Works; never has, though I'd rather convert all my data to the Excel format, the two spreadsheets won't cooperate. So after installing and using v6.0 for 2 days, I had to uninstall v6.0 and re-install v4.5, so I could get some work done. So much for software "progress". I'm sorely disappointed in Microsoft for an obvious failure to seamlessly integrate the two products. I was looking forward to a newer, more powerful version of Works. Nope, I couldn't and wouldn't do that. I can't even imagine/visualize/act upon what "hackers" or "crackers" do, let alone use the software. No mas!
If weird dreams are just the body's way of clearing out the mental "in-box", I must have a ton of backlogged items waiting for the filing procedure to be completed. My weird dreams have become more dis-jointed and more vivid over the past few months, notably since starting the use of the anti-hypertensive drug, Atenolol, 100mg. My physician says there "probably isn't any correlation"; at least, he's never heard of any such instance. Sure thing, doc.
Last weekend was moderately busy in the penultimate week of our once-a-year 25% Off Fall Nursery Stock Sale. Many new people visited from Maryland and Pennsylvania, having been attracted by the sale ads. The weather's been very dry for the past several weeks, as compared to September's rainy weeks. Strong high pressure cells have pushed all the measureable rainfall to the north of the York, PA, area. Even with only a mild frost on one night, Fall foliage colors are spreading throughout the forests and mountains. Glorious colors here in the mid-state.
Still calling for a snowier, colder Winter than what we've experienced in past years in the Northeast, so-called weather experts raise the prospect of significantly higher heating bills for consumers even as oil prices have already been rising to record levels.
In just the past few days, the large Copper Beech (Fagus sylvatica v atropurpurea) just outside my office window has started to change leaf color, even without the benefit of frost. The unrelenting cool weather and rains have caused many plants to turn color prematurely. No complaints, though, we need the moisture and the color is a bonus. I do more color watching than I should when I'm driving to meetings around the region.

MidEast Bullshit.
Why didn't someone in the US Intelligence Community a true oxymoron catch this primitive terrorist attack on the state-of-the-art USS Cole Destroyer, before it happened? Of course, the shit-for-brains Clintoonista military haters ignored the advice and allowed the damage to occur. This is merely Step One in Clintoon's October Surprise. And just another step in Photo-Op Diplomacy.
Surely, if they didn't see the attack coming through all their myriad intelligentsia operations, how could they see the end of the Peace Process and the beginning of World War III?
Want to see for yourself what kind of stupid f*cking towel-head sand idiots the US is dealing with in that stinking shithole called Yemen, where the USS Cole Destroyer was bombed? Read this moron gov't official's account of "no terrorist act; it was a ship malfunction". Then, look at this picture: the outside the hull blast blew the 1/2" metal plates inward. Some "internal malfunction" that was, stupid islam scumbag. Time to blow all the stinking Arab shit-filth back beyond the stone age, into Hell where they came from.
A new peace summit? What a f*cking waste of time. The only thing the lowlife muslim slime understand is a thermonuclear weapon obliterating them and the region. Let the US or Israel waste the subhuman cowards and rid the world of so much shit.
Or, better yet, unleash the Ebola Virus on to the Mideast filth and let it whack millions. Wow!, what a solution to the subhuman islam filth. A fitting and perfect ending.
Once again, the criminal Clintoon Administration the most corrupt administration in US History lies to the American Public saying they can defend the cretinous decision to port at Yemen, a terrorist haven. Seventeen US Soldiers sacrificed. Pitiful, Bubba J Clintoon, you moron. No, I don't like, " Coulda, shoulda, didnt."

Clintoon-GoreBore Criminal Scumbags.
Is Sen. Lieberman a Good Choice? Yes. As did the traitor, Judas of Escariot receive thirty pieces of silver to betray Jesus, Sen. LIE-berman figuratively has accepted "thirty shares" of Big Oil and Big Tobacco stock from the multi-million dollar TRUST FUND AlGoreBore will inherit from his mother. Where he was once an honest and respected man, he has turned one hundred and eighty degrees in his convictions as a Senator just to go down in history as the first possible Jewish president in the history of America. Joseph LIE-berman, has sold his good name and reputation just for the sake of "fifteen minutes of fame" with an individual whose integrity is now being questioned even by his Democratic followers. Sorry Joe, but YOU HAVE GOT TO GO.
So desperate for any kind of so-called legacy, Bubba Clintoon's idiot aids illegally tried to hire an overseas PR firm to lobby Bubba's bad name for the Nobel Peace Prize, just awarded to the South Korean leader who's being duped, tricked and set-up for an invasion by the North Korean dictator. Another highly unethical, semi-criminal action by the most corrupt administration in US History, the Clintoonista scumbags.
That there is a so-called "backlash" against the Boy Scouts for standing up to their 90 year old ideals, is outrageous. As a card-carrying Eagle Scout ('63), I am incensed that even the most liberal slime in US Congress would try to revoke its Charter.
Could it truly be that New York's Jews are finally starting to wake-up and realize what an arrogant lying criminal the First Bitch Hitlery really is? This crowd gave her the royal raspberry; now all New York voters should do the same and send the stinking lib-dem slut packing back to Arkansas.
It's long past time to get all queer, dyke and homo scum out of positions of legal and moral societal responsibility, such as judgeships. Get this: a lesbian judge's order allows a 15-year-old boy to wear wigs, tight skirts, padded bras, high heels and other women's clothing to class because the stupid dyke said the punk had a "gender identity disorder" that makes it "medically necessary" for him to wear women's clothes. Really? Put the lowlife into the military basic training and let the DIs "persuade" the homo that he's a man, not a woman. I f*cking guarrantee the kid will straighten out, or die. And if he/she/it does die, good riddance; the world doesn't need anymore f*cked-up people. We have the dysfunctional Clintoonista slime to deal with and rid this Nation of their perverted influence.
Here's another example of how unions have f*cked-up America: the LA Transit strike. And now, the racist bigot Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum has joined the melee on the union side, against the people of LA. he's filth, scum and trash. Take a hike, scumbag.
Speaking of racist, bigoted scum and that includes Irrev Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scumbag would be incomplete without Calypso Louie Farra-con-man, chief cretinous-moron idiot of the nation of Islam, the false religion of morons and bigots. He's back, dumb as ever, and leading a "Million Family March" in Washington, Dis-ease. Where's james Earl Ray when the country really needs him?
When the US President (Clintoon) should be at ceremonies receiving the dead sailor's bodies from the USS Cole at Dover AF Base, shit-for-brains Bubba Clintoon is at a $200k fund raiser in Denver. What a scumbag, always avoiding responsibility and cozying up to terrorist nations who should have been nuked into oblivion.
Many US high school students lie a lot, cheat a lot and many show up for class drunk, according to preliminary results of a nationwide teen character study released Monday. Just as the Clintoon-GoreBore administration has corrupted US society, those teens are a reflection of the criminality which has beset and plagued America since Clintoon took office in '92. Some legacy the most corrupt administration in US History will leave, right?
What a joke: the Million Family Munch-Out in DC really turned out to be a laughable joke, with lowlife racist bigots like Calypso Wacko Louie-Louis Farra-con-man, Moonie trash and Irrev Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum and other race-baiting garbage filth. The Clintoonista criminals love this shit and consider it "very PC". Speaks volumes, doesn't it?
A dead lowlife liberal DemocRAT governor? Who cares? That just one less scumbag on the corrupted political scene. Good riddance, Carnahan!
Well, chalk one up for parenting: spanking is again allowed after 30 years of timidity by liberal socialists and commies like Dr Spock, the lowlife scumbag who got America to stop disciplining children. That's why so much crime occurs: not enough parental values imposed upon growing kids. Now, I greatly opposed to child abuse, but spanking is just fine. It worked well for my generation and should be applied to all kids. I applaud Oklahoma and Virginia.
Sickening, but not unexpected, considering the number of AIDS-riddled homo scumfilth in Hollywood, is the prevalence of subhuman fag-dyke slime on TV these days. The TV shows should be showing the perverted, demented, deviant behavior of queers, not trying to bring those lowlife scumbags into the US mainstream. It's one more reason why I don't watch TV anymore. Millions of normal people should quit watching homo TV in protest; with viewer numbers way down, advertisers would stop backing such slimy programs and send the deviants packing back to the bath houses, where they belong.
The fat, stupid, bald-headed son of thankfully-dead criminal Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, William Daley, has f*cked-up the Commerce Dept security even worse than it was when he took over 3 years ago, when Chi-Comm agents penetrated the US Government. He's taken millions appropriated by Congress and spent it on posh retreats and trips, doing nothing to beef-up security. Typical lib-dem slimeball.
Another Clintoonista lib-dem lowlife is leaving office after doing nothing and spending billions for the past 5 years. Barry McCaffrey, a retired US General, is looking for a "job" in the private sector. Hey Barry, you worthless piece of shit, there's a minimum wage job you qualify for in my greenhouses picking weeds and gathering slugs. That's more in-line with your qualifications, scumbag.
f*ck you, commie socialist Russian filth scumf*cker. Billions, not millions, ended up in your corrupt pockets, Commie Chernomydin scumf*cker. Bush Jr was right; you're a lying motherf*ckers' moron. C'mon, Red-Comm liar cxriminal lowlife scumbag filthf*cker, sue me!
She's a whore, a stinking congenital liar, two-bit slimeball bitch, cum-sucking twat lesbian bitch slimer. Hitlery Rodman Clintoon is a very, very poor choice for New York State, despite and instead of her criminal record. C'mon Jews, don't vote that criminal whore-bitch into office; it'll be tough to get rid of her.

Software Fun.
Whether friend or foe of the criminal Clintoonistas, you should enjoy this ploy on Bubba's new "Nov 7th" software:


TECH SPT - "Good Morning, 3rd Term Technical Support, My Name Is Judas, How Can I Help You?"

CLINTON - "Hello Judas, I'm having some trouble getting this 3rd Term Software to install...!"

TECH SPT - "Not a problem Sir, we'll see what we can do. Could I have the serial number on the software package?"

CLINTON - "Sure! Let's see here, it's 9296-2000-2010"

TECH SPT - "Oh I see, and the program won't install?"

CLINTON - "Well it tries to install itself, but it keeps aborting! (mumbling "ordinarily, that would be a good thing!")

TECH SPT - " you have a program running called "CONSTITUTION.EXE" ?

CLINTON - "Oh THAT damn thing!! Yeah, that miserable program has been screwing me up for years!"

TECH SPT - "You need to disable that program."

CLINTON - "Hey fella, I'm there! Let's get to it!!"

TECH SPT - "OK! Let's start with the first Constitution program module, click on "1st Amend", tell me what it's doing?"

CLINTON - "Alright, clicking it now, whoa! Guess what? That module is hardly running at all! You see my team of conspirators here at the White house have been throttling that module for a while now, "religion.exe" is being purged as fast as we can, "freespeech.exe" is being monitored and recorded for future reference, the press function 'mainstream.exe' is ALL under our control, but there is a damn feisty little sub-program called "alternatemedia.exe" that's giving us fits, but we're going to try to tax the hell out of it and see if we can get it under control that way! Let's see now, the "right2assemble.exe" sub-program isn't fully under control, but we can sure use it to OUR advantage, we ran a "MOM.COM" utility a while ago (note - "MOM.COM" stands for "Moronic O'Donnell Massive.Communist") that really kicked ass after we fudged the numbers a little bit! Now on the petition-the-government sub-program, our lawyers keep that tied up in knots, no problem!"

TECH SPT - "Sounds good! Now click on the second module, "2nd Amend", what is it doing?"

CLINTON - "I just KNEW you were going to ask me to do that!! Son-of-a-bitch! That damn module causes us more problems than any other module!! And we've tried installing 20,000 patches to disable it, but it just won't stop running! And lately, it's launched another sub-program called "Heston.exe" that is increasing it's strength day and night! It's a damn virus I tell you!!"

TECH SPT - "3rd Term Software will definitely not run with 2nd Amend still active. I'll make a note to see if our "FNEML" utility might help"


TECH SPT - "Fake National Emergency Martial Law - the beta test results look very promising!"

CLINTON - "I'm there fella!! Definitely put me on the mailing list for updates on THAT utility!!"

TECH SPT - "Gotcha. Click on "3rd Amend", what's up with that?

CLINTON - "Nothing. Some software engineer left a note about not housing soldiers during peacetime - it's no big deal, I send soldiers any damn where I want to, we disabled the "" with a little blackmail patch and just ignored that "warpowers.exe" a long time ago!"

TECH SPT - "Good deal. Let's move on to "4th Amend", click on it and tell me how it looks?"

CLINTON - "Lookin' GOOD!! We've just about polished that module off with a custom program called "DOIJ_RENO", it's a little shaky, but when you push it hard enough it can crash Windows 98 and Doors 2000 like a freakin' bulldozer!! We were afraid it was toast after we tested the Waco Game Fun-Pak , but the last program run in Miami was excellent!"

TECH SPT - "I'm impressed, that used to be a tough module to get under control, and you've just about aborted it!! NICE!"

CLINTON - "Thanks fella! What's next?"

TECH SPT - "Let's take a look at that pesky "5th Amend" module, what is it up to lately?"

CLINTON - "Let see, we're letting that module run as is for now, our own staff might have need of it sometime, once in a while that "" manages to start itself up, especially those pain-in-the-ass programs, "Burton.exe", "Helms.exe " and "Barr.exe", but that "5th Amend module" comes in handy there, now on the 'private property taken for public use' sub-function? It's dead, REAL dead - I've been turning the whole country into one big national monument, in fact we're now the largest real estate owner in town, we're thinking about a website of our own, "FedLand.Com", you can see pictures of it, but you can't do anything there. Save fuel, see it on our Webcam!! Ah-ha! ha! ha!"

TECH SPT - "I have to admit, you know your computer swhacks! Very impressive!! Let's move along to "6th Amend", have you considered running that "DOIJ_RENO" (Dept InJustice Reno) utility on this module?"

CLINTON - "Consider it done, son! "DOIJ_RENO" has already been hard at work not only on the 6th, but also on the 7th and 8th Amend modules too!! We've installed our own "judges.exe" program that works very quietly alongside "" and except for an occasional hiccup from that old 'Lamberth.exe' program, we've got the whole judicial operation singing our tune! And THAT was one helluva programming job!"

TECH SPT - "I'm beginning to think I should be working for you guys! How about clicking on "9th Amend", that can be a source of trouble sometimes...."

CLINTON - "I'm on it!! Hmmm...."rights not mentioned in the Constitution also belong to the people" - no problem there, most of the damn sheep who voted for me don't even know about that, we'll just pull that wool down a little further! Ha!"

TECH SPT - "Finally, what about that "10th Amend" module?"

CLINTON - "Clicking on it now - "powers not given to the government in the Constitution belong to the people, uhh I mean the "sheeple", ah-ha! ha! ha! No problem there pal, if any of those 50 "State" modules get out of line, we just turn loose the "FEMA.EXE" or "NATLGUARD.EXE" on 'em, and it's federalization mode! So how does this all sound? Can we get that 3rd Term Software installed?"

TECH SPT - "It looks very promising Sir!! But before you can try the installation again, you might have to blow up something!!"

CLINTON - "Hey, that's no problem!! If it's in Arkansas, I can arrange it inside of 15 minutes!!"

TECH SPT - "That might not be quite enough, you may need to blow up something right there locally!"

CLINTON - "Say!! How about the casing that houses that aggravating "" ?"

TECH SPT - "Now THAT might be just the ticket!!" But you have to blow it up when a majority of program routines are inside and running, and it has to be sometime before November! Can you do that?"

CLINTON - "Well if I can't, I can just go on TV and claim there's a plot to do just that, would that be enough?"

TECH SPT - "Very possible! THEN you just double click on the "Martial Law" icon, our "FNEML" utility goes to work, and before you can say "these steps are regretfully necessary to preserve the fabric of our democracy", your 3rd Term Software will be up and running, and the automatic "Elections Fraud Executive Order" is active along with all the other Executive Orders!"

CLINTON - "Now THIS is what I call 'technical support' whooo-hoooo!"

TECH SPT - "There IS one issue you should be aware of, running "PRESIDENT v3.0 (3RD TERM) Software" may require you to also run it's companion program "3rd Term FirstBitch"; are you prepared to do that?"

CLINTON - "Got it covered!! I've already loaded "NYSEN.EXE" to negate such a godawful prospect, and if for some reason it doesn't run right, I've got a program called "UNAMBass.EXE" that will save the day!"

TECH SPT - "But what about the effects on the NY State Module?"

CLINTON - "Ahh screw 'em!! Just like the other 49! Ah-ha! ha! ha! ha!"

TECH SPT - "Do you have any plans on what to do with "CONSTITUTION.EXE"?

CLINTON - "Well, not really. Although we ARE getting low on toilet paper here at the White House!"

TECH SPT - "Ahhh Mr. President, you're such a kidder!"

CLINTON - "Who said I'm kidding?"

Terminate The Subhuman Scum.
Why murderers merely get "life in prison" when they so richly deserve death, is beyond me. Am I that nave? Read what these criminal bikers did; is it worthy of keeping this subhuman filth alive at our expense? No f*cking way.
This is sad: Virginia is changing its speedy re-trial procedure in capital execution cases. Now, the convicted and sentenced to death subhuman slime get 21 days to file an appeal. That's 21 days more than they should have; they should be put to death immediately; hey, their victims are still dead, aren't they? Giving murderous criminals any leeway is an abortion of justice.
Death penalty protestors marching outside GW's residence? f*ck the lowlife, bed wetting, hand wringing, liberal scumbags. They're garbage and shitfilth: I'd machine gun them all in a heartbeat.
Here's a subhuman piece of shit who raped and murdered 10 women, buried their bodies and now is receiving "life in prison" because he's "remorseful" and showing authorities where the bodies are. Bull-f*cking-shit! Execute the murderer. He richly deserves to die, just as his victims are still dead and unable to continue their lives. Now the US Taxpayers remember, that's you and me have to spend $60,000 to keep that lowlife alive. Hopefully, another inmate will whack him in prison. What a f*cked-up judicial system we have.

The Man from H.U.N.G.E.R.
Chappy Hardy is the man from H.U.N.G.E.R. (Helping Uninhibited Nibblers Get Exact Results). Besides having an unbelievably great name, Chappy has a very healthy appetite and enjoys frequenting out-of-the-way eating spots throughout the South. Mr. Hardy has a very simple rating index divide the cost of the meal by the number of bites it took to eat. The lowest number wins. From the Hopkins House in Pensacola, Florida, to the Boudin Shop and Country Store in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, Chappy has put away some serious food. He's also a great writer who's not afraid to take the occasional tangent. Dig in.

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