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Friday, October 27, 2000

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right now, I don't give a flying rat's rearend about the whole so-called Presidential Debate & Election Process. I've always appreciated and supported the Election Process, since '60. Bt many of you readers evern't even born then. Grind, grind, grind. It's a bogus and rigged process, but yes, it's all we've got. And it takes far, far too long to resolve. We're just along for the ride; everything's pretty much been decided by the illegal and corrupt Electoral College. The prized and much-vaunted Popular Vote doesn't mean diddly; but then, you knew that. Still, I dutifully show up at the Voting Booth and enthusiastically cast my pathetic little vote for the lesser of two evils. All the debates et al are just so much window dressing. Watching and hearing all those political clowns and concomitant pundits pontificate and posture is positively awful. I'd rather be tied to a chair and forced to watch re-runs of Gilligan's Island. Are we having fun, yet?

Around The Garden Center.
After grinding-out 5 landscape estimates in MS-Works v4.5 and 2 more responses to requests for "donations" on Wednesday, I took Thursday off. Got lotsa stuff done: shopping, both food and clothes, cat dr appointments, my own dr appointment and lab bloodwork (diabetes, glu-co-lytes,et al shit) re-scheduled, Jeep 145k service plus minor issues — at least I don't drive a faulty Ford Explorer, Ranger, Contour or Focus, with all those lethal tire, brake, ignition and engine recalls like my friends Dolly and Lynn do — and still had time to get caught up on some sleep.
Fuel prices are again hovering at the $1.56.9 (89oct) level, after several more weeks of bouncing all over the place. The 87oct grade has shown the wildest swings, now pegging at around $1.49.9, but I don't use that swill. No one in their right mind puts that shit into any kind of V8, let alone my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 (318ci) LTD; it'll cause pinging and misfiring all day long. Home heating oil and natural gas have both increased a few cents per gallon and per cubic foot, respectively. It looks like a costly Winter ahead for a lot of people.
I don't care how high gas prices go, I'll never be caught driving one of these "SWATCH Watch" things. It's a death trap in any kind of accident. I wear a $7,500 Rolex GMT SubMariner, with accoutrements (Black Onyx Bezel, Stainless Steel Jubilee Bracelet, Black Onyx Face, so price is irrelevant; only quality counts. But I wouldn't drive one of their (Rolex) "vehicles", whatever type they should decide to build. Watches are watches; vehicles are vehicles. Can I borrow the Timex to go for a spin around the block? Nah.
In addition to beautifying ones garden, it's always nice to find another use for certain plants. Phytoremediation, the use of lead-sucking plants, has been used for several years to help clean up contaminated industrial sites, though it is still considered somewhat experimental and results in many cases are not yet known, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These plants are also called hyper-accumulators, that research has shown can suck toxins from contaminated soil.
Sure, I started my company in my condo basement in Princeton, NJ,, working and planning on a '82 IBM P/S2-50 (DOS v2.0) 'puter, way back in '87. Not quite as glamorous as those Silicon Valley Start-ups, but the process was the same. Going through hundreds of iterations for name, business plan, advertising, marketing, operating budgets et al, it morphed into the multi-million dollar industry it is today. Wonder if I should go back to the people living in my old condo and offer to buy the basement or garage for posterity? Nah.
The Fall Foliage Show is at its peak just now; a few more hard rains like we've just had and it'll be over 'til next year.
As I've said before, major regions of the world are going to go to war over fresh water within 10 years. Now, according to a report released last Saturday, fresh water systems around the world are so environmentally degraded they are losing their ability to support human, animal and plant life. Grim news, indeed.
In my Netscape v4.75 and IE v5.5 browsers, I have almost 3,100 standing bookmarks (URLs), dating back to 1997; all the previous bookmarks (files) from November '95 to current have been lost due to buggy browser versions and reformat-reloads of various machines. So I spent a lot of spare time — okay okay, so I don't have a real life — going through each URL and seeing if it was still valid. Surprise: almost 500 BM's were "404 Not Found" and were deleted. It's amazing/ not amazing (check one) how so many websites come and go from just a few short years ago.
Nope, I didn't see the First Game; I'm not much of a NY Mets/ NY Yankees or MLB fan, anymore. Mom is, and she watched all 4hrs and 51mins of it (bless her heart!); Dad testified to that. Didn't see the Second Game, either. Nor Game Three. Nor Game Four.
Since I work weekends and, for all practical purposes seven days a week, I took Thursday off and slept-in all morning. There were some chores to be done, leftover from last week's day off. Thursday is also the day I do a lot of grilling and cooking for the rest of the week, since I'm too tired during the week, and usually eat out at local restaurants. I also like to spend some "quality time" with my two condo cats, Murphy and Mama Kitty, giving them a nice buzz with some freshly-harvested catnip (nepeta cataria).
We're so deluged with tree installations, as a result of the once-a-year 25% Off Fall Nursery Stock Sale, that I've allotted Thursdays and Fridays since September 1st through mid-December, to getting caught up. Normally, we'd be landscaping five days per week, but the Fall Sale volume mandates that we cut back to three days per week and get all customer's plant material installed before Winter arrives and the ground freezes. It sure puts a dent in the weekly schedule, but with only four landscapers left from the original ten, there's not much choice.

The Third Term.
For those just tuning in, my last Journal entry was a parody treatment of Bubba Clintoon calling Tech Support for help with installing an imaginary software program called "President v3.0 (3rd Term)", in which our infamous Liar-In-Chief went through step-by-step procedures for "disabling" the U.S. Constitution in order to remain in power. I was amazed at the number of email responses I received from people who usually made one of two points, "if it weren't so likely, it would be funny", and "it's funny, but I have a real sick feeling about it".
Hey, join the club. It seems that many Americans have been getting that strange queasy feeling about whether or not we're going to really see an end to the criminal Clintoon-GoreBore regime. I believe that there are too many variable factors to allow us to believe without doubt that, (1) November elections will really take place, and/or (2) that IF elections take place, that Bubba Clintoon will actually surrender power on January 20, 2001.
Now understand something very basic: the Clintoonistas view the election of AlGoreBore as a vital objective, because they know that if they can't control or influence substantially, the next White House administration, that there is more than a remote possibility that there will be REAL investigations, indictments, trials, and possibly even imprisonment OR WORSE (Execution for treason? The penalties are still on the books!). Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) has already gone on the record stating that IF the present Attorney General and her cronies are gone come January 2001, that he fully intends to push for investigations into the criminal activities of the Clintoon Administration. IF the Clintoon/GoreBore machine is not in power, I believe that Congressional Representatives and/or Senators will be no longer be subject to the political and personal blackmail that has no doubt been taking place over the past eight years, and if there is full disclosure of the treasonous behavior of the Clintoon Administration, Congress will have no choice in the matter. If Americans should become fully informed of how the Executive Branch of our government has become criminalized under Clintoon, they WILL demand that those criminals be brought to justice, without exception.
Now if it looks like AlGoreBore might have a reasonable chance at being elected in November, it will most likely be "corrupt business as usual", and Bubba Clintoon will continue to run the Executive Branch from either Little Rock or Chappaqua, just like Huey Long ran Louisiana by remote control through his appointed cronies when he was a Senator in Washington. AlGoreBore is NOT his own man, he is owned lock, stock and barrel by Occidental Petroleum, by the Russians with their historical influence over Al Gore Sr., and now by his latest master, Bubba Clintoon. But: if it appears that Gore's presidential bid is going to crash and burn, you can bet that the Clintoon Machine is going to look at every possible way (as they say in the game of checkers or chess) to "tip the board".
Here are some scenarios for your consideration:
I. Presidential Declaration of National Emergency - Domestic Terrorist Threat
This is the easy one. Clintoon goes on TV during prime time, announces that rogue terrorists are believed to be in the United States, possibly armed with small tactical nuclear weapons and/or biological agents. Janet Reno will announce that all security around federal, state and local law enforcement has been ratcheted-up, the INS will begin rounding up any and all foreigners they deem to be in the slightest way, "suillegal alienious", and hospitals and health care facilities will be federalized, all in the interest of keeping a close eye on any person who presents symptoms of possible contamination by biological warfare agents. The CDC will supervise the strict quarantine of anyone considered to be a "national security health threat", and look for a partnership of FEMA and the BATF, as they will begin organized raids on homes, churches, schools, you name it, with the stated objective being "searching for nuclear materials smuggled in by terrorists". The 4th Amendment is already dead, with the post-Elian wreckage in Miami, so you can bet they'll have no problem with a mass search, door-to-door if need be, for anything that can be construed as "tools of terrorism". Needless to say, you can bet that will also include all privately owned firearms.
Here's one such example of domestic terrorism: Osama Bin Laden threatening to free the World Trade Center bombing terrorists.
And another example of Clintoon & Co cozying-up to terrorists, while obstructing justice for American families who have won monetary claims against Iran, in order to get GoreBore elected.
Sound plausible, based upon what we've learned from the Clintoonista slime? Read on.
Don't expect much in the way of details to be reported in the media, because the Defense Communications Agency will be working hand-in-hand with the FCC to absolutely control the flow of information to the public. The Internet you say? Don't even expect it to work, or if it does, it will be highly restricted, monitored and controlled by federal communication "hubs". Remember that DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) engineers designed what we now call the 'Internet', and if you don't think they included features to let them seize control of that network, you probably think Hitlery Rodman Clintoon is just a misunderstood housewife. If significant public unrest should develop, you better plan to do your shopping during the day, because a dusk to dawn curfew will very likely be imposed. If such a scheme as this "fake terrorist plot" is attempted before the November elections, don't be surprised to hear that a major number of Republican candidates, Congressional Representatives and Senators were "exposed" to deadly microbes and have been "interned" in secure facilities while doctors "work around the clock" to save them. I suspect that even before there is a medical "roundup" of the few Republicans left that have spines, we will see a very rapid seizure of people like Pat Buchanan, Harry Browne, etc., who now operate outside either of the two political establishment parties. And it will look all very neat and proper, because after all - you can't take chances with an epidemic, now can you?
II. Fake Military 'Coup d' etat' Maneuver
It is a matter of historical record that Bubba Clintoon "loathes" the United States military. He pays lip service since he is officially the "Commander-in-Chief", but the Clintoon Machine has done everything in it's power to disarm, to demoralize, to compromise, and render our military forces a shadow of their former readiness and ability that they enjoyed during the Reagan/Bush years. And if you talk to career members of the military, and if they think they can trust you, they will frankly state that Bubba Clintoon is despised and disdained by nearly everyone in uniform. He is a coward and a liar, and has no honor, not to America's armed forces, not to the Constitution, not even to himself.
Here's how much disillusionment permeates the US military today.
We all know that Bubba Clintoon has orchestrated lots of photo-ops with U.S. military forces during the past eight years which look like he's highly thought of and admired. But remember that even in Nazi Germany, there were officers within the German High Command that recognized the monster that was Hitler, even while saluting him and shouting "Sieg Heil!". They had seen their country overthrown by criminals not unlike the ones we see in the White House today. And when the opportunity presented itself, more than just a handful of those German officers gave their lives in a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler. Don't think that Bubba Clintoon hasn't considered all the historical parallels: he knows what the overwhelming majority of American military professionals think of him, even if they cannot publicly (or even privately) speak their true feelings.
For these reasons, Clintoon might well attempt to orchestrate what looks like a military "plot" to take control of the government, such a plot would be designed to fail, but it could very well accomplish what Clintoon still seeks, which is a complete and total purge of all military leaders that he cannot personally trust. He has consistently attempted to appoint and install a typical "political cadre' " of military officers who will do as they are told by the President, regardless of whether or not such orders are in violation of the U.S. Constitution. He has placed our military forces under the command of the U.N. on more than one occasion, and few have lifted a finger to stop him. If Clintoon chooses this scheme to seize absolute power, (and I suggest this at the risk of sounding like the most extreme conspiracy theorist) don't be surprised to see an official invitation from Clintoon to the U.N. to send their "peace- keeping forces" into America to help "preserve Democracy, and restore the public order". Does this sound impossible? Under any other American President, I would say yes, it IS damn near impossible. But under THIS desecrator that is currently inhabiting the Oval Office, anything, and I do mean ANYthing is possible.
III. Hostile Extraterrestrial Invasion
Don't laugh now, I've saved this scenario for last, not because I think it outlandish, but because it is frankly just audacious enough to have a chance of working. In survey after survey spanning the 50s to the present, the majority of Americans have stated that they believe there is a possibility of extraterrestrial life existing, and that such life may have visited our planet. Among those Americans, there are millions who have at some point, seen an object or objects in the sky that they could not explain or understand, and those Americans believe that they very likely saw a U.F.O. which could be (among many things) an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Our popular culture has been inundated with science fiction films which portray various ways that Earthlings might come into contact with extraterrestrial life.
From the classic "The Day The Earth Stood Still" in '51, to the recent "Independence Day", which suggested what many have wondered, that U.S. scientists have been studying alien technology at "Area 51" for many years. The alien abduction phenomena is one which cannot be simply dismissed, not when substantial research has been undertaken by scholars like (to name just a few) Dr. John Mack, Professor David Jacobs, nuclear physicist Dr. Stanton Friedman and even those working in non-scientific fields, like Bud Hopkins and Whitley Strieber, which strongly suggest that something very odd is going on with millions of Americans who believe they have had, and continue to have, unwanted encounters with not-so-friendly aliens.
So how does this play into Bubba Clintoon's hands? Very nicely. If Clintoon were to make a nation-wide address in which he states that he is going to "open the books" and provide full disclosure to the public of what the "truth" is concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life, such a disclosure can easily be tailored to suggest that we have been confronting a hostile (yet secret) alien invasion since the 40's or 50's, that humans all around the globe have indeed been abducted, have had inexplicable "implants" placed within their bodies by the alien intruders, and all Clintoon has to do is to feed the fears of those who have pondered this issue, it's not unlike the way they (the Clintoons) have sought to feed on the fears of those who think that guns are evil and should be outlawed. It isn't hard to manipulate the public, especially when you control so much of the media already.
In such a nightmarish development, Clintoon announces that in order to "protect the children" (I can see Hitlery grinning like a shark smelling blood in the water already), that by executive order he is directing that all of the many millions of America's children have microchip tracking implants immediately placed in their hands, so it will be possible to know if our children have been abducted by alien visitors. The parents, and all adults for that matter, will be strongly encouraged to follow suit so that they too, might gain a measure of protection from what has previously been an unseen threat. This scheme can work both ways too: Clintoon can then direct that any number of Americans be taken into "protective custody" on the basis of their being suspected of already having alien implants within them, and as the extraterrestrial threat to our planet can no longer be understated, any of those individuals must be removed from mainstream society to prevent them from being used as any sort of "remote controlled agents" by our 'new' alien adversaries.
It is now the stuff of legend, the factual reports of how former President Ronald Reagan once spoke publicly of how he believed the entire planet would pull together if we were faced with a hostile extraterrestrial invasion, we can only guess what prompted him to make those statements, whether it was limited knowledge of a secret so dark and ominous that we have all been in mass denial, or whether it was simply his own personal desire to one day see human beings put aside their personal differences for the common good. But no matter why President Reagan (or any President) spoke to such a controversial issue, this is something which could very well be put to use by an unscrupulous Chief Executive, exploiting deep-seated fears in the fabric of our society in order to achieve an unbreakable iron grip on political power for as long as they desire. Could be done. Yep, could be.

Clintoonista Scumbag Filth.
That the Nation thinks Bubba Clintoon is a lying scumbag with zero morals, and AlGoreBoree is a serial congenital liar, is no secret. Now, the liberal New York Times runs a story about how the two lowlifes hate each other. Wow, what a story, and it was "planted" by Clinton to get his so-called "legacy" back on track.
Ol' shaky, the alcoholic bull-dyke, lesbian traitor Janet "Waco" El-Reno is truly f*cked-up in calling for hate crime laws; there are enough laws already on the books to take care of any crime. We simply don't need to protect one class of American citizen more than another. All deserve protection; equal protection under existing laws. Hey Janet: take your pills, drink some more vodka, get a female prostitute for your weekend fun, climb into your leather outfit and party!
Another lowlife white trash US Senator, Chuckie Robb, the liberal democRAT from Virginia, is losing his seat due to his sickening support for homo filth, tax increases and other pork projects which would nearly bankrupt his state. The voters are about to send him packing; too bad he couldn't die in a plane crash, the way the lib-dem governor of Missouri did last week. Good riddance anyway, scumbag.
The lying white trash rapist Clinton still can't take responsibility for his crimes. He still blames others and considers himself the "victim" for his own perjury and suborning of perjury and obstruction of justice problems. He's a scumbag.
Still in search of a "legacy" — other than a perjury conviction and semen stains on a blue dress — shit for brains Bubba Clintoon's flack Sandy "the fudgepacker" Berger actually believes the most corrupt administration in US history had something to do with averting a war between India and Pakistan. They didn't, since they've had no foreign policy for the past 8 years.
Wow, here's a surprise: the ultra-liberal rag NYTimes endorsing Hitlery Rodman Clintoon and the ultra-liberal rag Washington Post endorsing AlGoreBore. Never woulda guessed it. Read this critique of the twisted and tortured NYTimes endorsement of the criminal Hitlery Bitch. Amazing.
This is a set-up: North Korean commie socialist scum slime "making nice" with the US to get huge infusions of business capital and IMF loans to "modernize" their 17th century economy; then launch an invasion of the South Korean state and take back the peninsula from the "capitalist dogs". Of course, the desperate-for-a-legacy Clintoonista scumbags will go along with the initial stages, then dump the mess into GWBush's lap.
Yes, I know I haven't mentioned Ralph Nader yet; he's doing to AlGoreBore what Perot did to Bush Sr in '92: siphoning off the winning votes. Go Ralphie!
Here's one responsible, solid community who told the lowlife homo filth to lay off the Boy Scouts, reinstated the Cub Pack's Charter and took back their community. Bravo!
Like the writer of this column, I can't figure out why the citizens of New York State haven't told Hitlery Rodman Clintoon to get the f*ck outta our state! What's with you people, anyway? Don't you know that she's an unindicted criminal? For the past 30 years, according to the NYTimes, who actually endorsed the filthly lying bitch, despite acknowledging her criminal activity. f*cking amazing!
Speaking of liberal scum, the Philly teachers Union — socialists and communists opposed to working or doing their required jobs — are still on strike and should be taken over by the state. The union should be dissolved and all teachers fired and jailed. They're all morons.
Even when liberal lowlife scumfilth are dead — as is the ultra leftist lib-dem Mel Carnahan of Missouri — they cause problems. Total incineration is the only answer.

Political Criminals.
Not only is AlGoreBore a liar everytime he opens his foul mouth, the stinking Hitlery Rodman Clintoon is a serial perjurer, just like her congenital liar, semi-husband, is. If you or I had lied to federal prosecutors and grand juries and federal judges, we'd already be rotting in prison. She's the First Bitch and free from prosecution. Equal justice for all? Hardly.
Our Country has sure come a long way: first we had George Washington, who couldn't tell a lie. Then we had Bubba Clintoon, who couldn't tell the truth. And now we have AlGoreBore, who can't tell the difference.
Think I'm being too hard on America's criminal class in the US Congress and in government in general? Nah, I don't think so. Here's some more about the US Congressional lowlifes, dicking around on our nickel.
The Vermont subhuman garbage filth homo-dyke slime who think they're entitled to "equal rights" as marrieds, are vastly mistaken. You're entitled to AIDS and a painful death, only. Time to sweep the homo-lover-filth sympathizers from office, disinfect and clean-up the StateHouse.
Once again, it looks as if one of the liberal white trash Kennedy filth will literally get away with murder. Fat Alcoholic Teddy did back in the 70s; do the names Mary Jo Kopechne and Chappaquiddick ring any bells out there? It always seems to be a woman whacked/ murdered/ raped, yet women continue to flock to the Kennedy slime and support them. What's wrong with that picture, ladies?
Here's another racist, bigot idiot named Paul Parks — not an Afican-American or Black American, but a real idiot — who claimed all kinds of white-on-black atrocities during WWII, but they've turned out to be lies, as have his lies about liberating Jews from Dachau concentration camp. Still, other racist bigots like Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum are honoring him with awards and keeping silent about Parks' racist lies. Committing suicide would be the proper thing to do, Liar Parks. Okay, he got the award, but journalists will be following up on the lies; more to come on this lowlife scumbag.
Think I'm sounding like a racist? Hell no; read this and rethink your direction. I'm holding Blacks to the same standard as Whites. Got a problem with that, liberal moron?

More MidEast Bullshit.
Aw gee whiz, the lowlife towelheaded muslim shitfilth are considering cutting ties with Israel? Sounds to me like the best deal yet for Israel: not having to deal with millions of sand idiots. Short of using tactical nuclear weapons to obliterate all the islamic garbage — my preferred option — Israel would be so much better off isolated from the scumbags.
I just love the fat, little, rump-raider punk, scumf*cker, lowlife Yow-Sur Arid-Fart (Yasser Arafat). Isn't s/he/it a real "leader"; a cowardly traitor to his gutter-prone people. May they all die a ultra-quick radiation-burst death.
Osama bin Laden, that dirty little muslim towel-head piece of shitfilth sand niger, was behind the USS Cole suicide bombing. Why the f*ck hasn't the US gone after him and wasted the lowlife filth? How many more US lives need to be lost until we take some action?

So What?
Subhuman inmates suing because they were used as medical experiments? Bullshit: that's what should be done to them. They're lower than lab animals and should be freely used in medical experimentation.
Now we see what's clogging up bandwidth on the Net. Lotsa scumbags who don't belong there and who haven't paid their way; more government handouts of our money.
Speaking of lowlifes: Darryl Strawberry still can't keep his flat nose out of a coke bag and his sorry idiot ass out of jail. He's a worthless piece of shit who richly deserves prison, yet is continually given additional chances to reform because he used to be a baseball player. He's a criminal.
Think I'm sounding like a racist? Hell no; read this and rethink your direction. I'm holding Blacks to the same standard as Whites. Got a problem with that, liberal moron?
Another waste of US Taxpayers' monies: $50 million paid to stinking injun redskin filth so they can continue their drug-addled, drunken alcoholic ways and run gambling establishments, instead of taking responsibility for their miserable lives and working like the rest of us. It would have been better to exterminate them back in the 1800s, thus avoiding sych welfare scenarios.
Offending some more Limpers? Aw gee Nike, though I despise you for pouring money on moron atheletes, too f*cking bad! I'll side with you against the Limper shit, for now.

Execute The Subhuman Filth.
The racist bigot who slashed an 8 year old white boy's throat and whacked him, is acting up in court. He punched out one of his court-appointed attorneys. Man o man, you just can't take a idiot murderer out in public these days. Of course, murdering the white kid wasn't a hate crime, since the idiot did the Killing. Equal justice? Hardly.
How does a white trash murderer of 13 women — forget the fact that they were prostitutes and other assorted filth — merit life in prison? Is there something wrong with our legal system when serial and mass murderers are not executed? You bet there is. Under no circumstances should "deals" like what Yates got, be cut just so some odd cases can be closed.
Well, well, well; a former US Army Sargent and current lowlife towel-head muslim filth, pleads guilty to conspiring with terrorists to murder Americans — and that he had a close relationship with suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. This islamic shitfilth scumbag should be executed, not imprisoned, for treason and murder.
Making any life v death deal with a serial or mass whacker is wrong; all should be executed so that there's absolutely no chance s/he gets back into society and harms any more innocents.
Here's why a murderer shouldn't be allowed any kind of insanity defense: this lowlife has murdered two families and got away with the first one. I can't believe our legal system is that f*cked-up. Ummm wait, yes I can.
Think I'm sounding like a racist? Hell no; read this and rethink your direction. I'm holding Blacks to the same standard as Whites. Got a problem with that, liberal moron?
The two lowlife subhuman shitfilth scumbags who tortured and murdered and whacked a toddler in 1993 are now eligible for parole, a British court ruled today, reversing a politician’s decision to nearly double their minimum term.

Slow Food.
Yep, Slow Food is the name of an international movement dedicated to defending "the right to pleasure" -- the preservation of gastronomic diversity, traditional cuisine, and local agriculture. From its beginnings in Italy in the 1980s, the movement has spread to some 35 countries and tens of thousands of members, who support the slow food manifesto's commitment to savor life at a snail's pace. We nibbled and browsed at a richly laden table of articles on cheese and chestnuts, osterie, and ostrich meat. Want to stop and smell the coffee in your own backyard? Consider creating a grassroots convivium in your culinary community.

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